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Weekend Reading: a BlackBerry, selfies and hockey access

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday all!  Check out the Weekend Reading below to meet the latest BB, learn about new form of selfie and more.

 Will you carry a Passport?

 BlackBerry made a splash this week, introducing its latest device – the BlackBerry® Passport. As explored in our post, the BlackBerry® Passport is a smartphone designed with the busy business person in mind. The device rocks a 4.5 inch screen great for reviewing documents on-the-go, an amazing battery life that can keep up with a busy schedule and features like the BlackBerry Assistant that lets you manage emails, contacts and more using voice and text commands.

If you’re ready for a new device, the BlackBerry® Passport is now available with Rogers reservation system and will be in retail stores and at starting on Wednesday, October 1.

What feature has you talking?

Introducing Time-Lapse Selfies

 Attention all selfie-lovers, a new type of selfie has entered the playing field. As reported by Mashable, Hyperlapse,  Instagram’s newest  app for time-lapse videos, has updated to allow for iPhone users to shoot videos with front-facing cameras. Hyperlapse now comes with a small button that toggles between the front- and rear-facing cameras and alerts you when you are switching to “selfielapse” mode. To ensure your selfielapse doesn’t make your friends selfie-sick, the final video is put through the app’s stabilization process.

Tell us, will you be sharing a selfielapse?

Use MyRogers to watch more hockey this season

 12 days until the 2014/15 NHL® season begins and we’re gearing up for the show. This week we shared how to get MyRogers account to access Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™, which lets you watch over 1,000 hockey games this season right from your tablet or smartphone. MyRogers is the fastest gateway to your hockey action and you can sign up today by clicking here. A reminder that Rogers customers with internet or wireless data plans get a free subscription to Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™ until December 31, 2014.

How are you gearing up for the season?

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Weekend Reading: Facebook news, latest smartphones and charitable stats

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday is Friday which means it’s time for our Weekend Reading. Check out below to learn about Facebook’s News Feed updates, the newest devices from Samsung and the generosity of social media users.

Facebook updates its…updates

Yesterday, Facebook shared news that they’re working to update their News Feed in response to consumers’ feedback about getting old posts. These updates will include placing priority on posts that complement conversations and topics trending on Facebook.  It will also be taking into account the rate at which people are liking or commenting on a post to determine how high up it will be placed in a user’s News Feed. The social media platform says it will be rolling out these changes gradually so stay tuned.

What type of content are you looking for in your News Feed?

Exploring the galaxy

 September has been quite the month so far for new phone launches – and I’m excited. For example, Samsung launched the GALAXY S5 Active and GALAXY Core LTE – two completely different devices, catering to totally different groups of customers. If you spend your time outside, on a job site, or are the next Les Stroud, the S5 Active’s rugged design is built to survive the harsh elements and extreme temperatures. On the flip side, the Core LTE is a premium smartphone at an affordable price – great for watching movies and playing games. A little bit of something for everyone from Samsung this week. Learn more about these smartphones, and our latest devices at

Have you checked out these smartphones yet?

 Social media for a good cause

There has certainly been a lot of conversation lately around how social media is being used to garner charitable donations and awareness. As reported by Mashable, a recent SurveyMonkey Audience revealed that in fact, social media users are more charitable than we think. 51 per cent of survey respondents hear about new social good initiatives through social first, and 45 per cent said they hear about social initiatives most often through social media. But it’s not all talk, the survey also found that almost  64 per cent of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Google+ users said they’ve donated $100 or more to charitable causes in the last year.

How do you feel about using social media to support a good cause?

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Weekend Reading: The future of wearables, hockey news and new devices

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday to you. Check out the Weekend Reading below, as we discuss the growth of smart wearables, Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour and how you can check out the latest devices.

 The wondrous growth of wearables

I am a huge believer in the power of the wearables – I really think they’re changing how, where and when we’re connecting. Wearables are not simply a fad, but continue to evolve, becoming more and more innovative. As explored by, a new report by Juniper Research, revealed that the global retail revenue for smart wearable devices are now forecast to be $53.2 billion in 2019! This report anticipates the growth of more premium smart watches and glasses  over the next 5 years.

To see what wearables you can sport from Rogers, check out

What do you foresee as the future of wearable tech?

Our hockey news continues – bringing the game to you

This week we shared the news that the NHL is coming to  a home town near you – or maybe even to your backyard. This NHL season we’ll be introducing Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour, celebrating and broadcasting hockey in 25 communities across the country. Every Sunday night, Ron Maclean will host parts of a pre-game show, intermission, and post-game coverage live from each town. Communities will experience an exciting weekend of hockey, with outdoor game watching parties, local entertainment, food stations and celebration of local hockey heroes. Visit to find out when we’ll be stopping in your town and how you can become a part of the local festivities.

Does your town have any local hockey traditions?

Fall in love with a new device

With the summer over, the leaves are changing and our t-shirts turn to sweaters. For some the fall brings many changes, so how about a change of  your device? To keep up-to-date on our newest smartphones be sure to check out Here you can also learn when phones are available for reservation – so you’re first to get your hands on the latest device.

Tell us, what are you looking for you in your next smartphone?

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Weekend Reading: Back to school tech, LG G3 reviews and #weddingsocialstats

Weekend readingIt’s Friday so check out the Weekend Reading below, as we explore tech in the classroom, share further thoughts on the LG G3 and learn how weddings are hashtag friendly.

Talking tech for back to school

 Nine days until most students pack their school bags and lunches, tie up their laces and head back to class. Leading up to the first day, many students are searching for their back to school tech that will help them both in and outside of the classroom. This week for example, we discussed how technology, access to the internet and use of a laptop, smartphone and tablet is enhancing our educational experiences. To further share how technology is being used by students, we also spoke with two of our Rogers social insiders, who shared how cable, internet, and mobile devices kept them afloat during their university years.

What folks are saying about the LG G3

The LG G3 continues to make positive impressions across the tech community. We discussed our favourite LG G3 features in a post earlier this month, but if you want to dive into the specs and capabilities a little more you can go two ways. Either check out this LG G3 video review on Youtube by Karl Conrad or read IT Nerd’s in-depth review here. Or if you’re really in the LG G3 mood, do both!

Tell us – do you have any LG G3 reviews to share?

Brides say ‘I do’ to social media

Summer is a busy time for weddings, so I thought we’d share some social stats around the social networking bride. A Mashable and survey revealed brides take to online to share their news; within hours of saying yes, 28 per cent of brides-to-be update their social media statues, while 24 per cent share the news the next day. 70 per cent of brides were already making plans on Pinterest, while 89 per cent use wedding planning apps to assist with making lists, counting down days, browsing gowns and more.

Hashtags are also becoming part of the new age wedding culture, with more than half of couples (55 per cent) using a wedding hashtag. Guests are encouraged to share their photos on social; with 68 per cent of brides wanting them posted in real-time.

Have you, or someone you know used social media or mobile apps to help plan a wedding? Share your experience below.

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Weekend Reading: Facebook Messenger news, Nokia Lumia 635 features and cray new English words

Weekend readingHappy Friday to you. Check out the Weekend Reading below, as we share Facebook Messenger news, discover more about the Nokia Lumia 635 and learn the newest words added to the English language.

Say it out loud with Facebook Messenger

 Attention Windows Phone users! This week, as shared by Mobile Syrup, Facebook updated its Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone with two of their most requested features. Firstly, the app now lets you record voice messages, so you can send a quick hello, vent about your day, or sing happy birthday to your fellow messenger users. The second update now allows for users to share emoticons – :).  Learn more about the new features and download the app here.

Tell us, how are you using Facebook Messenger?

Getting to know the Nokia Lumia 635

Every once in a while there is a device that has me really talking and the Nokia Lumia 635 is no exception. To celebrate its availability with Rogers, this week we explored three ways users can personalize your Nokia Lumia 635. Check out our post to learn how to customize your Live Tiles, start screen, and more.

Care to share any further features or tips for fellow Nokia Lumia 635 users?

Oxford Dictionary Online says YOLO

This week Oxford Dictionary Online announced it has given the stamp of approval to many new words. As shared by Yahoo! News Canada, YOLO, cray and even bro hug have now been added to its online edition. As a tech nerd,  I for one am most excited to see GIF, binge-watch, and subtweet  getting the English language recognition they deserve.

Tell us, what words do you think should be added?

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Weekend Reading: A glimpse at our Rogers Social Insiders, surprising social stats and more

Weekend readingHappy Saturday RedBoard readers. In this week’s Weekend Reading we’re checking in with our ambassadors, learning about social sharing and getting techie with TV.

A look at our Rogers Social Insiders
We’re pleased to have a great group of proud Rogers ambassadors, known as our Rogers Social Insiders. In our post this week,  we shared a Storify to showcase their exciting past six months – from testing out devices, sharing their reviews and attending exclusive events. Let us know, if you’re looking for a chance to share your passion for technology, or if you’d like to learn more about being a Rogers Social Insider.

What technology are you passionate about?

A world of social butterflies
I am an avid social media user; I love reading tweets, updating my Google+ status and sharing photos on my preferred social platform, Facebook. New research from Go Gulf, shared by, revealed what people globally are sharing with their social networks:

  • Top shared content includes:
    • 43% pictures
    • 26% opinions and status update of what and how they’re doing
    • 26% link to articles
  • Number of photos shared everyday via desktop
    • 476.59 million on Facebook
    • 206.74 million on Google+
    • 171.75 million on Twitter
  • Most shared emotions include:
    • 17% laughter
    • 15% amusement
    • 14% joy

Tell us, how do you share your social updates?

Direct route to your favourite channel
With help from our friends at Rogers Community Forums, this week we learned how to program our TV to start on any channel we want. Following the simple steps provided in our post, Rogers NextBox 3.0 customers can turn on the tube directly to sports, movies, music, and more.

What channel did you choose?

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Weekend Reading: Nerdy reviews, sporty rewards and Chrome updates

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday, readers. In this week’s Weekend Reading we’re exploring reviews from our friend the IT Nerd, sharing how Rogers First Rewards can put you right in the game and learning about iOS and Android Chrome updates.

IT Nerd continues to geek out with Rogers

As we noted a few weeks ago, IT Nerd, one of my favourite bloggers, is now a Rogers customer. While he has previously reviewed countless Rogers mobile devices, we’re delighted that he is beginning to explore his experiences with Rogers Internet, Next Box 3.0 and Rogers Internet. Within his posts the IT Nerd provides his positive feedback, along with key tips on how to improve our product features.

We look forward to even more posts from IT Nerd, and encourage all customers to share your experiences, reviews and tips with us and fellow Rogers customers. That’s what our community forums and Idea Box are for!

Do you have Rogers experiences or product tips you’d care to share?

Use your Rogers First Rewards points to get in the game

Good news, sports fans – if you’re a Rogers First Rewards member, we’ve got two new rewards in our catalogue that will have you cheering. Right now, you can use your Rogers First Rewards points to redeem for Rogers Cup tickets and Toronto FC VIP experience tickets.

For Rogers Cup, we’re offering members two tickets to watch the action on opening night in Toronto (August 4). Toronto FC devotees have two games to choose for their VIP experience (July 26 against Sporting Kansas City and August 23 against Chicago Fire), including seats for you and a friend in the Rogers Red Zone, watching the warm up at field level, meeting a Toronto FC personality and other great perks.

Visit for more details. Will you be attending the Rogers Cup?

Bugs be gone with new Chrome

Good news Chrome users; this week Google released its latest versions of Chrome for Android and iOS. As reported by Mobile Syrup, Chrome 36 for Android Now is available from Google Play, and includes performance improvements, bug fixes, the return of Google doodles and non-mobile pages look better across all screen sizes and resolutions.

Fear not iOS users, the new and improved Chrome for iOS, available through the App Store received small, but significant updates as well. In addition to bug fixes, the new Chrome for iOS allows mobile sites that have added Cast support to work with your Cast-enabled device, which helps to support a number of video sites like YouTube.

Do you have a preferred mobile web browser?

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Weekend Reading: Vine + Tumblr, roaming wisely and mobile networking

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIt’s Friday, which means time for your Weekend Reading. This week we’re sharing Tumblr news, getting tips for travel, and exploring a new way to network. Enjoy!

6 seconds on Tumblr 

This just in –  you can now embed Vine videos into your Tumblr blog. As reported by Mashable the integration was announced on Thursday and is exciting news for the Tumblr community.

While I’ve never tried to upload a Vine to Tumblr, I’ve heard through blogger friends that the previous experience was not easy. With this new integration, however, you no longer embed a tweet, turn a GIF into a Vine or upload from another service. Instead you can simply add the URL or embed code into the video post box on your Tumblr homepage.

Where/how do you share your Vine videos?

Tech Essentials

I’m planning on doing some travelling this summer – New York, New York here I come. As I want to stay connected on mini trips to the U.S., I like to bring along my smartphone. With tips and tricks from Tech Essentials as explored this week,  I can roam wisely and stay within my data allotment.

Have you visited our Tech Essentials website? Check it out to read more on how to the get most out of your tech.

iOS users can stay ‘LinkedIn’

 LinkedIn continues to grow in popularity with professionals signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second. In fact, there are over 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn, LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic. To ensure its users are always connected on the go, LinkedIn stepped up its mobile game with a new app called LinkedIn Connected.

While the app is only available now to iOS, as reported by Tech Crunch, LinkedIn has said an Android version is on its way.  The new app gives you relevant updates about your contacts, notifying you about job changes, birthdays, work anniversaries and more.  Events like new jobs or mentions in the news will show up as cards that people can swipe through. Then, when you reach the end of a series of cards, the app will recommend to you further people to connect with.

I think this is a great way to stay in-the-know and connect with present, past and future co-workers. Tell us, do you use social media to network?


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Weekend Reading: Canadian insights, a selfie record, LG G3 and more

Happy Saturday! Today we’re sharing Canadian stats, celebrating records and introducing the LG G3. Cheers to this week’s Weekend Reading.

True North Strong and Connected

I am very proud to be Canadian – I wear my red and white with pride. In honour of my patriotic pride, I thought I’d share some Canadian tech and social stats:

  • A recent Stats Can report revealed 83 per cent of Canadian households have at least one cell phone
  •  Google found that of those Canadians who have a smartphone, 66% access the Internet every day on their smartphone and 79% never leave home without it
  • According to a report by We Are Social, an hour and fifty-one minutes is the average time that Canadian mobile internet users spend using mobile internet each day
  • We Are Social report also revealed that there are over 19 million Canadian Facebook users. That’s over half of the Canadian population!
  • Top three Canadian twitter handles include: Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, and Georges St. Pierre

Join in! Share with us any Canadian stats you have found. They’re really interesting, eh?

They Selfied to Success

Talking about Canadians, on Canada Day fellow canucks recorded a new Guinness World Record for the most number of selfies taken in one hour. As reported by Mobile Syrup, Skittles worked with Degrassi star Melinda Shankar who posed in Toronto with fans at a rate of 5 selfies per minute.

Are selfies an hourly, daily, weekly occurrence in your life? When is proper selfie time?

LG stirring up some excitement!

LG announced on Thursday that the LG G3 is coming to Canada – and will be available with Rogers early August. The device rocks a high quality anti-scratch body with HD display for ultra-sharp images. Along with a feature lets you adjust your keyboard size and layout, the LG G3 has a one of a kind smartphone camera, a removable battery for super-long use, and more.

Stay tuned for more details. Some would say this phone puts the LG in Looking Good.

Scoring a new Twitter record

 I have been actively following the World Cup, and I’m not alone – the whole World is watching with me. As shared by the CBC, the Associated Press reported during a Brazil vs. Chile game, Twitter hit a new high. After a Chilean player missed the post in a penalty shootout, the World Cup broke an all-time record for online buzz during a live event, with almost 389,000 tweets generated in a minute.  I guess it brings new meaning to the term ‘chirpin’.

Do you tweet during sporting events?

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Weekend Reading: Twiplomacy, a nerd, new Facebook app and more

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThis week we’re celebrating our Canadian presence on Twitter, welcoming a new customer, looking at a new messaging app and seeing gold. Here’s your Weekend Reading.

World leaders hashtag too

While you may think of Twitter as a platform used mostly by consumers and brands, PR firm Burson Marsteller’s annual study ‘Twiplomacy’ revealed that international leaders and governments are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon.

Call me nerdy but I think this is pretty cool! The study showed that more than 83 per cent of all United Nations governments have a Twitter presence. More than 3,100 international embassies and ambassadors are now active on Twitter, with a 28 per cent rise in accounts this year among government users.

The survey placed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Twitter account in 44th spot among 50 world leaders. But fear not – the survey also revealed Ottawa is getting digitized! As reported by the Toronto Star, Canada was actually identified as one of a small group of countries that have Twitter accounts for most embassies and missions.

What world leader are you following or would like to follow? I bet you’ll be able to find them in the Twittersphere!

Welcome IT Nerd!

We are excited to welcome our friend the IT Nerd to the Rogers family. In a recent blog post, he wrote about customer recommendations that led him to switch to Rogers. He said that since switching, his life has become “much, much better.” He shared his positive installation experience, painless migration and gave kudos to our customer service – music to our ears!

IT Nerd: Thanks for choosing Rogers for your Internet, phone and cable services.  We welcome you with open arms and fast internet speeds, and wish you the happiest of surfing, chatting, and PVRing!

New messaging app ‘Slingshots’ its way into Canada

 As of Wednesday, Facebook’s new messaging app, Slingshot is ready for Canadians to download – so… shoot away! Available for Android and iOS devices, Slingshot lets you send photos and videos that self-destruct. As explained by the Financial Post, photos and videos on Slingshot disappear shortly after people swipe them away. Viewed messages which can only be seen once by each member of the conversation, are wiped from servers in a week, and messages that are never opened are deleted within 30 days.

As explored by Mashable, users are required to respond with an image or video in order to unlock the messages they receive. While some may see this as a ‘catch’, I think it adds a little more excitement to opening up a new message.

Do you think you’ll be ‘Slingshotting’ any time soon?

A golden device

The HTC One (M8) in the stunning shade of amber gold is now available in Rogers retail locations and online at This fashion-forward colour is exclusive to Rogers and complements the device’s innovative, sleek and award-winning design. Check out our previous posts to learn more about the HTC One (M8)’s  specs and user-friendly features.

Do you think smartphones are becoming the latest fashion accessory?

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