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Kick off the Toronto Blue Jays season with Rogers Anyplace TV

Blue JaysI’m a die-hard Toronto Blue Jays fan.

How much of a fan, you ask? Well, for our honeymoon last summer, my husband and I took a road trip to Buffalo to catch a game of the Blue Jays triple-A team, the Buffalo Bisons.

One night later, we were sitting right behind home plate to watch as the Blue Jays took on the Tampa Bay Rays.

Today marks the start of the Blue Jays 2014 season. And while I’d rather be in Tampa Bay catching the game in person (and soaking up some sun), I’ll be able to watch the first Blue Jays game of the season while I’m on the go in Toronto with Rogers Anyplace TV.

Here’s how Rogers customers can watch all 162 Blue Jays games this year:

  • Rogers digital television customers can live stream the games on their computer and tablet with Rogers Anyplace TV and their Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE or Sportsnet 360 subscriptions;
  • Rogers wireless customers can tune in on their smartphone via the Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app.

Sportsnet will also be following the Blue Jays with real-time alerts from the free Sportsnet Mobile app, available for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android. Plus fans can join a live chat with Sportsnet’s team of writers on during key games and find all the latest news and updates for their favourite team.

Last summer, when the Blue Jays were about to win their 11th straight game, my husband and I were on the move.

When the game began, we were listening to Sportnet 590 the FAN broadcast in the car en route to the Burlington GO Station to catch a train back to Toronto. We sat in the car as long as we could.

When it was almost time for the train, we had to figure out another way to listen to the game. Then I remembered we could watch it on our smartphones!

We cheered every home run as the train rolled on – don’t worry, we had headphones so as not to disturb everyone.

By the time we got to Toronto, the Blue Jays were up handily. We turned off the game as we transferred from the GO Train to a streetcar, then resumed watching on the Rogers Anyplace TV app.

The Blue Jays ended up winning that game 13-5.

Here’s to a fabulous 2014 season, wherever you catch the game.

Where’s the oddest place you’ve watched a Blue Jays game using the Rogers Anyplace TV app?

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Weekend Reading: YouTube turns 8, teens get social and a Toronto Blue Jays offer

Weekend Reading: App milestones, LTE rollouts, Google Play and coffee with Tim CookYouTube celebrated its eighth birthday this week by sharing some pretty incredible statistics from inside the video vault. We also learn that teens are sharing more than ever on social media and the @RogersBuzz team spends some time with one of Toronto’s boys of summer in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading.

Inside the video vault

Did you know that there are 100 hours – or four days’ worth – of video uploaded to YouTube every minute? The video-sharing service marked its eighth birthday this month, and to celebrate, it shared some fun facts about who’s watching what online.

More than one billion people visit YouTube each month – which they say is almost one of every two people online – to access new videos as well as classics like Gangnam Style or Hamlet the pig learning to go down the stairs (I cheer that little guy on every time).

The YouTube team also joked that more than 1,000 companies worldwide have mandated a one-hour mid-day break to watch nothing but funny videos. While that fact is made up, it did get me thinking: what’s your go-to video to brighten your day? Personally, when the going gets tough, I’m a sucker for the poor puppy who can’t roll over and anything musical – including John Krasinski’s lip synch off with Jimmy Fallon and that classic Harvard baseball team “Call me Maybe” cover. For more cheer up inspiration, check out YouTube comedy week.

Social sharing

Photos (91 per cent), hometowns (61 per cent) and even phone numbers (20 per cent): modern teens are happy to share it all with their social networks, but they’re also thinking about their online privacy, a Pew Research Center study has found. While nine per cent of teens said they were “very” concerned at the prospect of third parties accessing their data, most are taking some precautions to protect their information. More than half – 60 per cent- have their Facebook accounts set to private, while nearly a quarter (24 per cent) locked down their Twitter feeds. And 26 per cent of teens confessed to posting fake details online to help protect their privacy.

While I’m no teen, I definitely think twice before posting any personal information online! What precautions do you take to protect your data?

Win a Toronto Blue Jays jersey

The @RogersBuzz team spent some time with Toronto Blue Jays’ pitcher Brandon Morrow on Friday afternoon. Morrow connected with fans and signed autographs at the Rogers location at 10 Dundas St. E. – and we captured some of the excitement in a live blog. Read our recap of the event and follow @RogersBuzz on Twitter for your chance to win a Blue Jays jersey on Monday. While we only have one prize to give away, Rogers customers in Ontario can get their own free Blue Jays jersey with the purchase and activation of a BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 device on select three year plans. For more details, visit

What technology helps you keep up with the Toronto Blue Jays?

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Toronto Blue Jays’ Brandon Morrow connects with Rogers and BlackBerry fans

Toronto Blue Jays Brandon MorrowToday, we’ll be down at the Rogers store at 10 Dundas St. E. in Toronto, where Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow will be signing autographs for some eager baseball fans.

Starting today, Rogers customers in Ontario who purchase a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 on select three-year terms will receive a free Blue Jays jersey. The offer is available for a limited time, for more details visit

We’ll be bringing you coverage from Morrow’s autograph signing and asking him some of your questions from Twitter, live here on our blog beginning at 11:45. So stay tuned!


Check out the big line!

Picture 1 of 7

UPDATE, May 27, 12 pm: If you couldn’t make it on Friday, here’s your chance to win a Blue Jays jersey autographed by Brandon and a BlackBerry Q10! Be sure to read the live blog for the answer to  the question on our contest at

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Toronto Blue Jays Brett Lawrie shares his social media style

Toronto Blue Jays Brett LawrieWe recently chatted with Toronto Blue Jays™ third baseman Brett Lawrie. He’s a fan favourite on and off the field, having gained an impressive number of followers (175K) on Twitter alone – follow him @blawrie13. After games, he swaps his glove for a device to stay connected with his online community and never misses a moment of the action.

While fans can expect Lawrie to return to the swing of things a little later this season, they can catch all the Blue Jays games on the device of their choice with Rogers Anyplace TV. You can watch the Blue Jays at 1 p.m. (ET) on Thursday as they go head to head with the Detroit Tigers.

RB: If you had to pick just one: Twitter or Instagram? Why?

BL: Definitely Twitter.  I love being able to touch base with my fans online and have the chance to share what I’m up to in real-time.  I really love the support I get on Twitter.

RB: You’re an active Twitter user. What made you decide to start tweeting?

BL: We’ve got lot of Blue Jays fans on Twitter so I thought, “Why not?” Now, I’m hooked. People are also really entertaining on Twitter; it’s a great way to unwind.

RB: You recently joined Instagram, are you enjoying connecting with your fans on a different platform?

BL: I’m having fun sharing my pics and getting to see everyone sporting their Blue Jays gear, especially now that we’re ramping up for a great season ahead. It’s a unique way to connect with the Blue Jays community.

RB: Your family is on the West Coast. How do they watch your Blue Jays games? Does the time difference ever get in their way?

BL: I think my family are my biggest fans; they’re always cheering me on, even if they’re not in the same stadium as me. When it’s game time, they log onto Rogers Anyplace TV on their smartphones to follow along live, wherever they are. Time difference actually isn’t an issue, because I know some of them sneak into the app while they’re at work. Out in the west coast, a lot of the games happen in the morning.

RB: When you’re travelling during the season, how do you keep connected to other live games and scores? Which device do you prefer to watch games on?

BL: I like the ease of watching sports on my phone while I’m on the road. The tablet is also useful because of the bigger screen.

RB: What devices or gadgets can’t you live without? Why?

BL: Without my phone I wouldn’t be able to tweet, share updates with friends and call back home. I also check my email on my phone a million times a day.

RB: Do you have any favourite apps you’d like to share with fans?

BL: I like to keep tabs on the scores of different games, that’s when the Sportsnet app comes in handy.

RB: A recent Rogers survey found more than half of smartphone owners sleep with their phones. Do you think you could go a day without your smartphone?

BL: No way. Probably not. It would be like a day without wearing my glove.

RB: What do you wish your smartphone could do to make your life easier?

BL: In a perfect world, I wish my smartphone could somehow make me meals. Now, that would be cool.

How do you keep up with your favourite Toronto Blue Jays player?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend Reading: Charging your device on-the-go, tablet tips & digital sports fix

We’ve all been there – you’re at the cottage in the middle of nowhere, stuck in traffic, or caught in a blackout… and your battery is down to a single bar of power. These days, not only do we rely on our mobile devices for emergency phone calls, we’ve come to depend on them for their Wi-Fi capabilities too. We also rely on them for GPS to instruct the tow truck to our location and apps to find the nearest gas station – the last thing we want toworry about is our battery dying!

Luckily, Mashable has sourced out 6 Clever Ways to Charge Your Devices in a Pinch.

You’re bound to find at least one idea that works for you, even if you’re only emergency is ensuring you don’t miss the next Toronto Blue Jays game!

Once you’re powered up, check out Connected Magazine’s “Tablet Tips” (page 57 in our current issue) for a couple of handy shortcuts. Learn how to insert fancy characters, then master multi-tasking gestures on your iPad. Depending how many apps you juggle at one time on your tablet, learning how to switch between open apps can save you valuable seconds in a game!

According to eMarketer, more and more sports fans are catching the action online, both during and after the games. They recently did an article entitled Sports Fans Go Digital to Get Their Post-Game Fix, in which a study revealed that 61% of the US population considers themselves sports fans. Of that, 19% cited “reading/watching sports content” among activities they did on a daily basis.

The statistics are compiled from a Marist Poll, Deloitte study, and consumer study from Experian Simmons. Find out what else they discovered on social media and mobile aspects of sports fans’ digital behavior and which sports get the most attention in the full report available on eMarketer here.

How often do you stream your favourite sports online? And do you have backup chargers prepared? Share how you stay connected in our comments below!

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Experience live content with the new Samsung Galaxy S III on the Rogers LTE network

Arriving at Rogers locations today, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest LTE smartphone to be added to the Rogers lineup. With intuitive and powerful features that make it easy to share your favourite content, this smartphone is bound to be your new best friend.

Most interesting features? Hands down features like ‘Smart Stay’ are at the top of the list. This feature recognizes eye motion to maintain a bright display so if you’re reading on your device the brightness won’t dim while you’re looking at the screen, so your screen is always optimized for the best viewing experience. There’s also ‘S Beam’ that allows you to share large files such as a 1 GB movie file simply by touching another Galaxy S III device. How awesome is that?

It’s not just what’s under the hood that makes the Samsung Galaxy S III so great, it’s also the hardware.  This device has a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED screen capable of displaying 720 p video. Check out this hands-on video with Stephanie, our data girl, showcasing live-streaming of the Toronto Blue Jays on the Rogers Anyplace TV Live mobile app:

The Rogers Anyplace TV Live mobile app is available on Rogers smartphones through iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry App World. For a monthly subscription of $5 a month, Rogers Anyplace TV Live gives you access to unlimited hours of viewing until October 31st  after which, users can stream 5 hours per month, with $1 per each additional hour. Additional live sports content is also available, kids programming like Treehouse and YTV, and news such as CityNews.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is now available at Rogers retail locations. Check for more details.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy SIII? What’s your favourite feature?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

The information in this post is current at the date of posting and is subject to change without notice.

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Introducing Anson Liaw: Rogers public gallery artist

Rogers Public Gallery artist Anson Liaw

Anson Liaw poses beside his artwork along with members of the staff of the Rogers store located at 764 Yonge Street in Toronto. From left to right is Diamond Osoteo, Mervin Aleman, Matthew Schmidt, Anson Liaw, Chase Crawford and Raya Dikova

Meet Anson Liaw. This Toronto-based illustrator/artist has been doodling, drawing and painting since he was just 2 years old. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in 1989, he’s been involved in dozens of projects ranging from magazine and book publications to corporate and advertising communications.

His latest project? A giant mural, prominently displayed at our new Rogers store at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto. This piece of art is part of the new Rogers Public Gallery, a community project where we feature the work of local artists on a “public canvas” in three Rogers stores in Toronto and Barrie.

The art is in the form of an oversized picture frame located at the front of the stores. Artists are invited to submit images based on a set of criteria, which changes regularly. If selected, the artist will receive a one-time honorarium and the piece will be displayed in-store for up to 6 months.

For the first image, Anson was asked to submit an image that embodies the core Toronto Blue Jays personality and values such as integrity, passion for winning and teamwork. Anson’s piece, entitled Foundation of Dreams to Reality, is designed to commemorate the commitment of the Jays Care Foundation to communities across Canada . His style is said to have “a graphic, yet painterly style coupled with concept and design thinking.” These qualities, according to Anson, are the key to visually telling a story.

Anson has received loads of recognition and awards for his work including being named one of Luerzer’s ARCHIVE 200 best illustrators. When he’s not designing beautiful artwork for our retail locations, Anson teaches at OCAD. To check out more of Anson’s work, go to

Interested in being part of Rogers Public Gallery?

If you are interested in participating in the program, send an email to requesting  more information. We’ll send details about criteria and technical requirements.

You can also ask the staff at any of the stores that have the public gallery as part of their store design. The three stores are located at the Toronto Eaton Centre, Yonge and Bloor (764 Yonge Street) and Georgian Mall in Barrie.

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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APPealing apps for Father’s Day

fathers day apps from Rogers RedBoardLast month we honoured moms everywhere for Mother’s Day by dedicating a post to showcase 5 essential apps for tech-savvy moms. So with Father’s Day around the corner, we had to pay equal tribute to all the great tech-savvy dads out there too!

For starters, what’s Dad hoping for this year? We found an infographic on Silicon Republic for dads with equally revealing stats that may surprise you – for instance, according to Tech Bargains, 65% of dad’s would rather receive NO gift at all than a tie! Tech ranked high with moms in May, and it looks like dads are no different –48% want tech gadgets, but only 23% will get them. For those lucky 23% we’ve picked 5 more essential apps to deck out dad’s gadgets with – for the other 48% there’s still time,so get shopping!

iHandy Carpenter – $1.99

This app is a staple for any how-to dad for house repairs or remodeling projects. The app includes a surface level, a bubble level bar, a protractor and a ruler for all his measurement needs. For $2, you give dad a 5-in-1 surprise that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, orAndroid

Live sports on your smartphone for only $5/month

We’ve got dad covered this year with our Rogers Anyplace TV Live app for smartphones. Bonus: with this app, your dad can stream unlimited hours until October 31st! Watch live games on the go– your dad’s ticket to every Blue Jays game of the season no matter where he is! Plus we’ll be serving up the Rogers Cup soon, Canada’s premiere tennis event! For more info on this app, check out our post here.

Available on iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry.

Bonus – get the MLB Full Count app for iPhone or iPad

The Home Depot – Free

With over 100,000 products to browse and purchase, the app offers essentially everything the brick and mortar stores do right at your fingertips! Once dad finds an item he likes, he can even check his store’s inventory and scan UPC codes.

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows

Grill-It! XL – $1.99

Summer is many things, but to most men – it’s BBQ season! Featured in Maxim magazine,Grill-It has new recipes added every week. From burgers to steaks to sausages, this app is sure to satisfy dad’s primal instincts.

Available on iPad

Garage Buddy – $0.99

This app is the most basic necessity for any enthusiastic motorist. Providing users with all the tools needed to calculate, measure or convert, your dad will be ready to build cars for sport, or take on basic repairs.

Available on iPhone and iPad

If you insist on getting dad a tie this year, at least show him how to use it with this handy How To Tie a Tie app! Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Keep your eye on the ball this season with Rogers Anyplace TV and the Rogers Live Mobile App

Blue Jays live streaming on Rogers Anyplace TV and the Rogers Live Mobile app

We wanted to let you know that we updated this post on April 13 to help clarify the difference between streaming on Rogers Anyplace TV on your computer and the Rogers Live Mobile app on your smartphone. We also added some new information about a great new promotion offering unlimited hours of viewing on the Rogers Live Mobile app until October 31, 2012.

This year everyone has their eyes on the Blue Jays—with a fantastic pre-season record and optimism that only Spring can bring, fans across the country are gearing up for this year’s baseball season.

And now, if you’re a Rogers Digital VIP TV customer with a Sportsnet subscription, you can stream all 162 Jays games at home, at work and on the go, with Rogers Anyplace on your computer

Rogers Wireless customers coast to coast can download the Rogers Live Mobile app to stream Blue Jays games on their smartphones.

Just picture it: a beautiful Sunday afternoon. You’re watching the Jays game at home, getting ready to head over to a family picnic. Game goes into extra innings. All of a sudden bases are loaded, and Jays are down by 2…but you have to leave! Mom is calling—you were supposed to bring the cutlery! This year there’s no reason to stress. You can walk down to the park, streaming the last few innings live on your smartphone with ease.

Did you know that west coast fans have the added benefit of catching the game, how shall I say it—at work? With over half of the Jays regular season games starting between 9am and 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) it’s never been easier for Blue Jays fans across the country to catch all the action.

How it works:

Rogers Live Mobile app:

  • The app is available on Rogers smartphones through iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry App World.
  • For $5/month, Rogers wireless customers can enjoy unlimited hours of viewing until October 31st, after which, users can stream 5 hours per month, with $1 per each additional hour.

Rogers on your computer:

  • Rogers Digital VIP TV customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE can stream live from their computer at
  • (Streaming on tablets coming soon later this month)

Visit for more information

For the truly die-hard Jays fans, here’s how to add their schedule to your Google calendar:

  • First, you’ll want to sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  • Once logged in, you’ll see “Calendar” as one of your options to view in the top left hand corner. Select it, and scroll to the bottom left hand menu where you will see “Other Calendars.”
  • Click “Add,” then “Browse Interesting Calendars.” Here you’ll find calendars for hundreds of teams in dozens of sports leagues, including the Blue Jays.
  • Simply “subscribe” to your teams of choice and you’re done!

Where do you think you’ll find yourself watching the Jays this season?

UPDATE: (May 4, 2012, 5:30 p.m): If you’re interested in live-streaming Sportsnet coverage of the Toronto Blue Jays on your iPad, now you can with the Full Count app – now available on iTunes.   Rogers TV customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE can watch live games using their Rogers Anyplace TV log-in.  And the best part…the app is free!  Now you can catch the Blue Jays live all-season long on your iPad.  And don’t forget you can also catch the Jays on your smartphone and computer.  Visit for more details. 

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Let’s play ball: Live Jays coverage anywhere, anytime with Rogers on Demand Online

Jose BautistaJose Bautista hit 54 home runs in 2010 and is on pace to do it again. If you can’t wait to watch record-breaking baseball in the highlight reels, we’ve got good news for you. Starting today, you’ll be able to watch Sportsnet’s Blue Jays coverage live, wherever you want – online with Rogers On Demand Online and on your mobile device with Rogers On Demand Mobile.

How do I get it?

Starting today as the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Tampa Bay Rays at 7:10pm EST, customers can visit and register with their account information to begin to watch live Sportsnet coverage.  Blue Jays live streaming is available to all Rogers customers across Canada at no extra charge.

Also, if you’re a Rogers wireless customer, you can subscribe to the Rogers on Demand Mobile app for $5 per month to view Jays on Sportsnet full game presentation, live, as-it-happens.  iPhone and Android customers can visit their device’s app store to subscribe to the Rogers on Demand Mobile App. Rogers BlackBerry customers can text MyApps to 555 to subscribe.

Rogers On Demand Mobile also offers TV programming, news and music videos as part of the monthly subscription.

What’s your favourite way to watch the Jays? Do you think Bautista will break last year’s home run record?

Katie Boland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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