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Get the tablet you want for $0 down

Q1_RtlEasyPay_TabletGirlTablets are the ultimate on-the-go device. I bring mine anywhere I go, when a smartphone is just too small for extended browsing and a PC is too impractical. And don’t get me started on how handy it is in the kitchen!

With today’s launch of Easy Pay you can get the tablet you’ve been wanting for $0 down when you add it to your Share Everything plan. But it doesn’t end there! With Rogers, you get access to content that’ll make your tablet experience even better, including Next Issue (Basic) free for 2 years as long as you keep the tablet on your plan.

How does Easy Pay work?

  • Pick a tablet you want from Rogers
  • Add the tablet to your Share Everything plan for $10 per month
  •  Pay $0 down (a $20 connection fee and taxes on the full cost of the tablet will appear on your first invoice)
  • Make equal Easy Pay payments over 24 months
  • Activate your free 2 year Next Issue (Basic) subscription

How are my payments calculated?

It’s easy to calculate your monthly Easy Pay payment:

Cost of tablet ÷ 24 months = Easy Pay monthly payment

As an example, here’s how we’d calculate your monthly Easy Pay payment if you got the Samsung GALAXY Tab S today:

$649.99 ÷ 24 months = $27.08 per month for 24 months

If you want to pay your tablet balance off at any time, Easy Pay gives you the flexibility to do that.

Content at your fingertips – at no added cost

When you add a tablet to your Share Everything plan, you get Next Issue (Basic) free for 2 years as long as you keep the tablet on your plan. That’s almost $240 of value at no extra cost. With Next Issue, you’ll have access to over 100 of the world’s best magazines including Chatelaine, GQ, Vogue, Forbes and more!

But it doesn’t stop there! Here are just a few more reasons to get your tablet with Rogers:

  • Rogers GameCentre LIVE: live stream over 1,000 games on your tablet. Never miss a game again!
  • ROAM LIKE HOME: take your tablet to the U.S. and use the data and features included in your Share Everything plan just like you do at home for only $5 per day.
  • shomi: Rogers internet customers (Hybrid Fiber 60 or higher) can watch their favourite TV shows on their tablet.
  • Rogers First Rewards:earn points for every dollar you spend each month – including your Easy Pay fee – to redeem for rewards of your choice.

And you get the added bonus of always being connected to Rogers LTE – no more searching for Wi-Fi when you take your tablet outside of your home.

For more information about Easy Pay, visit

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Tablets in the kitchen? Yes, please

Cooking with tabletsWe no longer cook meals just to eat them. We get recipe ideas from Pinterest, post Vine videos of our cooking techniques, snap Instagram shots of our dishes and check in to restaurants on Foursquare. We even multitask: our Rogers Innovation Report found that 47 per cent of Canadians catch TV or movies while they’re cooking.

Here are five ways you can put your tablet to work in the kitchen:

  1. Find meal inspiration and recipes: Whether you subscribe to Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesdays or some other routine, it’s easy to get into a meal planning rut. There are tons of great apps to help spice up your answer to “What’s for dinner?” Get your step by step instructions from apps like the free Chatelaine iPad apps, such as Recipe Box and Dinner in 30, and Epicurious, which comes up with suggestions based on what’s in your fridge.
  2. Plan your grocery list. Apps like Evernote let you sync your grocery list across devices, so you can update that forgotten milk from your desktop or add granola bars from your smartphone as you empty the box on your way out the door.
  3. Perfect your cooking technique: Poaching an egg can be hard enough some days. Shucking an oyster or crafting perfect pasta is a whole new skill set entirely. Check out YouTube for detailed instructions, or find quick recaps on Vine.
  4. Work your way out of a pinch. It’s happened to me countless times: opening the fridge partway through a recipe to discover I’m short one egg, or a little light on butter. My grandmother had a chart listing possible solutions in her kitchen, but I’m more likely to turn to a search engine or the chart from Joy of Baking when I’m stuck mid-recipe. Ditto for quickly calculating conversions, like ounces to millilitres.
  5. Stay connected: Cooking dinner is one of the few times I’m staying still in one room, so it’s also the perfect chance to phone or video chat with my family out East. You can use Rogers One Number on your tablet or computer to text or call any Canadian number for free.

And if you are using your devices in the kitchen, consider using stands or wall mounts to free up counter space and protect your device from bumps and spills. And, if you don’t already use one, it may be wise to invest in a screen protector and case – I’ve learned that tumbling bottles and flying icing sugar can do a number on your devices!

What apps or websites help you in the kitchen?

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Weekend reading: Cool consoles, tablet stats and staying safe online

Weekend readingThis week, we’re looking into the potential of the new Microsoft Xbox One as an entertainment hub and digging into the latest tablet stats – can you guess who came out on top in 2013? Plus, we’re marking Fraud Prevention Month with a few reminders to help you stay safe online. Learn more in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading.

Gaga for gaming

When I was a kid, my Super Nintendo rocked my world. That admittedly outdated technology followed me through Super Mario Kart marathons in university and all the way to my first few jobs in Toronto, where a friend and I would try to complete the Donkey Kong games (to 100 per cent, natch) in one sitting.

Now, of course, gaming consoles are about so much more than just playing games. The new Xbox One is an entertainment hub – in addition to games, you can tune in to movies, music, sports, TV and even training from Jillian Michaels. You can also stream your favourite shows with Rogers Anyplace TV. For more on the future of the Xbox One, check out our chat with Greg Barber, Vice President, Consumer Channels Group at Microsoft Canada.

What do you do with your console, beyond gaming?

Android takes tablet lead

Android hit a home run in 2013, surpassing Apple’s iOS to become the leading tablet operating system. Android tablet sales made up about 62 per cent of  the global market share, according to research from Garner, as reported by CNET. That’s up from a 45.8 per cent share in 2012.

While Android was the top operating system for tablets, iPads were the top model. Sales for the Apple tablets grew to 70.4 million from 61.4 million. Samsung was the second most popular tablet manufacturer.

Tablet sales across the board soared in 2013, hitting 195.4 million. That’s a 68 per cent increase from 2012.

What kind of tablet do you own?

Protect yourself online

Just how secure is your password? The 10th annual Fraud Prevention Month is a good reminder to evaluate your online security. To mark the campaign, the Competition Bureau has released The Little Black Book of Scams as a free ebook. It outlines how scams work, how to recognize potentially fraudulent activities and how to report them.

Check out more tips to help you avoid fraud traps on RedBoard and check out TechEssentials for everything from creating strong passwords to avoiding phishing scams.

How often do you change your passwords?

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13 highlights of 2013

Year endFrom major NHL and magazine announcements to speedy LTE expansion, travel and tablets,  2013 was a busy year at Rogers! I had the pleasure of joining the RedBoard team in 2013 – but I’m told I’m not allowed to call that a highlight of our year! So, in no particular order, here are 13 highlights of the year that was:

  1. Hitting high speed: We expanded our LTE network to new cities in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia and hit our goal of launching in 95 new markets in 2013 (you can see the full list here). Deploying more 2600 Mhz spectrum than any other provider also meant bringing our blazing fast speeds to more Rogers customers in Manitoba, Ontario, B.C. and Quebec. For us on RedBoard, it was a chance to share our favourite speedy apps, a new infographic and quiz people on the street about what, exactly, LTE means.
  2. Tablet talk: We were all about the portable devices this year. We learned a bunch of fun stats as a result – about one in 10 Canadians currently own a tablet and 33 per cent of all time spent with tablets happens outside the home. Neil Shuart shared how tablets are all about speed, Bob Stein focussed on the content and Duncan Stewart looked forward to hybrid devices. We even polled regular Canadians about how they were using their tablets – watch the video with their answers here
  3. Wanderlust: We gave into the travel bug this year, sharing blog posts from San Francisco, California, Buffalo and even Prague. We also shared all things roaming related, from debunking myths, finding out just how many of you want to keep tabs on your pets, and sharing our favourite apps and how to control your data use to explaining our new worry-free $7.99 rate.
  4. Great gigs: We also celebrated our employees this year, starting a new series featuring Cool Jobs at Rogers – from Shelagh Barrett’s work with the Rogers Youth Fund initiative and Elana Schachter’s role in the digital magazine space to Hitesh Lad’s contributions in customer service. LinkedIn also recognized Rogers employees as among the top five in the world for volunteering – measured by those who added “Volunteer and Causes” information to their profiles on the professional social networking site.
  5. Office perks: Rogers was also named one of Canada’s top 100 employers for 2014. The Mediacorp list recognized Rogers for great office amenities, the employee bonus program and parental top-up payments, among other things.
  6. Get inside Rogers retail locations: Google Street View has mapped New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the White House, France’s Musee D’Orsay, and even Parliament Hill. And, in 2013, we were able to add Rogers retail locations across the country to that list. To check it out, browse on over to your store’s Google + page (click the “See Inside” option) or visit the website for your local Rogers retail location on your computer or mobile device to load the virtual tour.
  7. Tackling TV: Would you skimp on sleep to catch just one more episode? If the answer is yes, your TV viewing habits are in line with 80 per cent of Canadians, according to our Rogers Innovation Report. We learned the longest viewing sessions average more than five hours on a weekday and almost seven hours on a weekend, and we took the opportunity to create a nifty interactive infographic to help you decode your TV persona, from “Marathon TV Viewer” to “Multiscreen Tasker.”
  8. Connected in the community: In June, Rogers announced a new initiative to help provide broadband Internet for youth and low-income Canadian families. Connected for Success, which launched with Toronto Community Housing, offers broadband internet for $9.99 a month, plus the option to purchase a computer loaded with software for $150, thanks to Microsoft Canada and Compugen. We also spoke with educator Neil Price about the importance of digital literacy and what the program could mean for students.
  9. Magazine buffet: Rogers launched the all-you-can-read digital magazine Next Issue Canada in October. Offering unlimited access to more than 100 Canadian and U.S. titles, we were excited to take it for a test-drive and chat with Next Issue Canada President Ken Whyte about what it means for readers and publishers.
  10. Rogers Youth Education Day: We took to Twitter and Facebook in September to ask  you to share your #BrighterFuture stories about how education made a difference in your life. As part of Rogers Youth Education Day, we were able to donate mobile tech units to each of our 52 non-profit partners across the country – a $250,000 commitment! Thanks for joining the conversation and helping us give back!
  11. Digital shopping: Bulky wallets, be gone? In November, Rogers announced the launch of the suretap wallet, which lets shoppers make payments with a simple tap of their smartphone. Using the secure SIM card inside an NFC-enabled smartphone, suretap can be used at contactless payment terminals – the same kind that let you tap to pay with your credit card. For even more smartphone shopping power, we also launched Rogers Alerts, which, if you opt in, sends you location-based mobile offers via SMS.
  12. Tube talk: We hosted parenting expert Kathy Buckworth for a Twitter chat about how she manages screen time at home. She shared her top tips, and love of popcorn, in a noon-time chat that trended in Canada! It was also a chance to share details of the new Rogers Kids Zone, a secure children’s entertainment destination where families can enjoy kid’s TV shows and movies at home, on channel 200, or on the go with on computers, and on the Rogers Anyplace TV application for smartphones, tablets, Xbox 360 gaming systems and LG Smart TVs.
  13. He shoots, he scores! We do love hockey at Rogers, and one of the most exciting bits of news we shared this year on RedBoard was announcing the NHL broadcast deal.  The 12-year agreement, which starts with the 2014/15 season, includes national rights in all languages across TV broadcasts, internet and mobile streaming, as well as all linear and digital highlights including condensed games and video archives. The deal also includes a partnership with CBC for Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts and TVA for French-language coverage. We also started sponsoring the Edmonton Oilers and are excited to start construction on their new home, Rogers Place!

Happy New Year! What will you remember from 2013?

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Canadians want technology to redefine the workplace

Like many of you, I began Monday morning with a full list of things to do. A 45-minute commute, back-to-back meetings starting at 9 a.m., 85 unread emails in my inbox, a long list of articles to catch up on, and somehow I need to squeeze in time for a workout and to plan my annual ski trip.

Sound familiar? Our always-on, connected lifestyles mean our “to-do” lists never stop growing. While our work weeks get busier the lines between our jobs and personal lives are blurring more than ever.

In fact, the new Rogers Connected Workplace report commissioned by Harris Decima shows that more than half of us (60 per cent of Canadians) agree that flexible work hours and the ability to work from anywhere will be top priorities when we choose future employers.

The study also uncovered some surprising things about what we would give up for more flexibility. Over a third of Canadians would take a pay cut, trade in their benefits or give up vacation days for the ability to work from anywhere.

Technology has significantly changed our personal communications but most of our workplaces have been remarkably static. Many of us still work at a desktop computer from the same cubicle, in the same building every day. In the report, over half (60 per cent) of Canadians said they currently use a landline phone or desktop computer for work purposes. But when asked what devices they would like to use in the next five years, mobile devices such as laptops (40 per cent), tablets (15 percent) and smartphones (10 per cent) topped the list.

The workplace of the future is going to be less centralized, more mobile, and more flexible than anything most people outside the start-up have ever experienced.

To read more insights about Canada’s technology at work, visit our business blog here.

Or download the full Rogers Connected Workplace report by visiting Rogers on SlideShare.

What would you be willing to trade in exchange for flexible work hours or a mobile office?

Rogers Connected Workplace Infographic

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Cool jobs at Rogers: Elana Schachter delves into digital magazines

ElanaFrom broadcast news and magazine publishing to smartphones, internet and cable television, there’s always a lot going on at Rogers. All these products and projects also mean our employees have a wide variety of responsibilities – including some pretty cool jobs. So once a month we’re checking in with Rogers employees who love what they do. This month, Elana Schachter, Director of Digital Product Strategy for Rogers Publishing, shares a glimpse inside the world of tablet magazines and apps.

Confession: Until recently, most of my workouts consisted of me sweating to the oldies in my basement using DVDs. As Director of Digital Product Strategy for Rogers Publishing, I knew there had to be a more modern way to stay in shape. I had a vision for an app that allowed you to customize your workout using your iPad. With a little luck (and some sweat of a different kind), earlier this year we made my dream app: the Chatelaine 10-Minute Fitness app.

I’ve been with Rogers for many years and have been fortunate to have held a multitude of roles across Rogers Communications and Media. What I love best about my current role is the ability to consider what consumers are looking for and having resources to deliver that vision, while further expanding our brands into the mobile space.

My role also allows for constant learning. My friends like to joke I have a new smartphone every time they see me – they are kind of right. Plus I get to work with some of the most exciting companies in the mobile space -  Apple, Google and Samsung – on a daily basis.

Early on, Rogers Publishing saw success with the development of our iPad magazine replicas for Maclean’s in December 2010. The first Canadian magazine title to be available on the digital newsstand, it can often be found in the top 10 most popular titles in the country. We quickly realized we needed to add iPhone to the mix and have since launched iPhone magazine editions for Maclean’s, Canadian Business and Hello! Canada. Hello! Canada has remained in the #1 spot since launch at the end of May – impressive, right?

Now all of our consumer magazines are available across multiple digital newsstands including Blackberry, Apple and Google Play. We recently reached a new milestone, with more than 1 million app downloads across all of our titles.

Maclean’s also launched our first eBook on the Shafia Honour Killing Trial in March 2012, and it continues to be one of our top sellers. In July of 2012, we grew our team to better support the development of eBooks. We have since published 69 eBooks on a variety of topics.

Our team has also been experimenting with custom iPad apps for iTunes. We have launched 13 to date, including Chatelaine Recipe Box, Châtelaine Guide Pleine Forme, Canadian Business Retire Happy and Maclean’s Universities Guidebook. (Click to view our full collection of Rogers Publishing apps on iTunes).

But the most successful stand-alone app to date has been Chatelaine’s 10-Minute Fitness app.  I’d been fantasizing about an app that would let you mix and match to build custom workouts that you could play on your TV using Apple’s AirPlay. Given Chatelaine’s amazing health and wellness content, it was a natural fit. The app contains 14 custom workouts which means we had to produce videos for more than 100 moves! It was a lot of work but totally worth it.  The app launched at the end of May and within its first month reached #14 on the overall iPad charts, ahead of some of the world’s most popular games and social networking apps. It’s since been downloaded 100,000 times and ranked #1 in the Health & Fitness category in 49 countries around the world! The app is free to download and includes Chatelaine’s All-Star Workout and a detox diet plan.

Not only did this app deliver on my workout needs but it is also helping drive revenue for the company. Our team is hard at work on creating more apps every day.  Keep checking your favourite magazines’ print, digital and website editions for details.

Did you know?

Rogers recently launched a new Career Zone. Check it out today at to explore how you can build an exciting, rewarding career at Rogers!

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Weekend Reading: Tablets, tweets and speed tests

Weekend readingThis week, we’re feeling the tablet love. Not only are French children embracing the gadget, but it’s also the home of our newly launched all-you-can-read digital magazine subscription service, Next Issue Canada. Plus, Rogers came out a leader in speed tests and Twitter rolled out a new feature for direct messages. Read all about it in the Weekend Reading!

What’s Next for your reading list?

Next Issue Canada launched this week, exclusively for Rogers customers. The all-you-can-read digital newsstand features more than 100 Canadian and U.S. magazine titles. “To have access to all that content at your fingertips for one low price is an incredible leap forward for the magazine industry and for people who love magazines,” says Next Issue Canada president Ken Whyte. Rogers customers can try it free for two months. On December 15, all Canadians will be able to access the newsstand, with a one-month free trial. Next Issue Canada is now available for iPadsAndroid tablets and Win8 devices.

What titles top your reading list?

The need for speed

Whether we’re streaming video, downloading files or loading data-heavy websites, Canadians are increasingly looking for faster download speeds on their computers and smartphones. And this week, Rogers topped the rankings for’s speed tests. Rogers was ranked fastest overall in’s Fastest Internet Service Provider review as well as Canada’s fastest wireless network on a national average.  For more on the speed tests, check out our RedBoard Q&A with Features Editor Eric Griffith and Lead Mobile Analyst Sascha Segan.

Personally, I stream a lot of television shows and radio programs – and I certainly don’t miss the days of waiting for the file to buffer! How do you take advantage of top network speeds?

Tablets tops with tots

Kids using technology is no surprise. From the classroom to the home, children are using a variety of devices for education and entertainment. And the top gadget? In France, at least, it’s the tablet, according to a May 2013 survey. Only 37 per cent of households owned one, but 54 per cent of kids with access used them regularly. Smartphones, meanwhile, were in more homes – 68 per cent of households with kids between three and nine years old – but less than a quarter of children in these homes used those devices. Tablets are also becoming increasingly popular with the population as a whole in the country, with ownership more than doubling from 7 to 15 per cent between 2012 and 2013.

What gadgets do the children in your life use?

Twitter opens up DMs

Is this the end of the @reply request “Please follow me so I can DM you”? Some Twitter users can now get direct messages from any of their followers. Previously, people on the social network could only receive private messages from the people they followed. Users need to opt in to the new feature, which starting rolling out this week, by checking a box under their personal settings.

Will you try the new feature?

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Next Issue Canada: Rogers customers can try it first, for free

The ability to read more than 100 of the world’s top magazine titles with a swipe on my tablet? Sign me up! Next Issue Canada is an all-you-can-read digital magazine service that launched exclusively for Rogers customers this week. We sat down with Ken Whyte, President of Next Issue Canada, to talk about what this Canadian first-of-its-kind platform means for readers.

“Rogers is all about delivering great experiences to consumers, whether it’s Smart Home Monitoring or cable or wireless service. Next Issue Canada is another world-class offering that’s entirely compatible with people’s digital lifestyles today,” says Ken. “We want to be first with bringing new experiences and new ways of enjoying your device and the content on your device.”

One in four Canadians currently owns a tablet, and they expect their media to keep up with them on the go, whether that’s catching breaking news via Twitter, streaming the latest game on Rogers Anyplace TV or flipping through their favourite magazines.

“I’ve always loved magazines and magazine content, and this makes both far more accessible and available than they’ve ever been before,” says Ken. “You can go as deep as you want into one issue of Vogue, just flip through the latest issue of Time, look at the cartoons in The New Yorker or just check out the latest recipes in Chatelaine. To have all that content at your fingertips for one low price is an incredible leap forward for the magazine industry and for people who love magazines.”

In addition to current issues, the Next Issue Canada newsstand also includes digitized back issues, and some titles that may not be on your regular reading list. “It’s an opportunity to expand your horizons and find related content and titles that would lead to a richer experience,” he says.

It’s also about accessing your favourite features as quickly as you would a breaking news story. “The great advantage of the tablet is instant access to the content that you most desire,” says Ken, noting that before digitized publishing, readers needed to make a special trip to the newsstand or subscribe, with a waiting period of a few weeks before the first issue arrived.

“Now, if you’ve got an urge to do some cooking, you decide you want a new hairstyle, you decide that you want to look for a new car, or you want to figure out exactly what’s going on in Syria, you can do it right now on a tablet – and it looks beautiful. It’s a great reading experience.”

The move to tablets has also caused a shift in the kind of content magazines are publishing. “This is a really exciting time to be in the magazine industry, because the tablet has enabled us to move beyond paper, and add interactive features like video, commentary and reader feedback, that simply didn’t exist before. Magazines are becoming a much richer experience.”

Ken gives the example of Wired, which while, “still based in words and pictures, is bringing that reading experience to life in whole new ways” with innovative interactive graphics and additional video content. “It’s a truly multimedia experience.”

How can I get it?

Rogers wireless and cable customers will be the first Canadians to check out Next Issue Canada, with exclusive access for an initial two-month free trial.  On Dec. 15, all Canadians will be able to access the Next Issue Canada newsstand, with the first month free.

Available on iPads, Android tablets and Win8 devices, Next Issue Canada offers unlimited access to all of the newsstand’s monthly magazines, including all digitized back issues, for $9.99. For $14.99, in addition to the monthly titles, customers will also be able to read all the weekly publications (and their digitized back issues). After the free trial ends, if the service is not cancelled, customers will start getting charged a monthly fee based on the billing information provided during the trial period.

Sign up today by visiting and logging on with your My Rogers username and password. If you don’t already have a login, you can create one now.

Has digital access changed the way you read magazines?

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Tech on the street: Talking Tablets

Tablets have become a must-have gadget, so this summer on RedBoard and RedBoard Biz we’ve been chatting with experts and small business owners about the innovative ways they use tablets and where they think the technology is going. (Catch up on the RedBoard series here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). But, we were missing how regular Canadians are using tablets in their daily lives! So, in part three of our Tech on the Street series, we’re talking tablets.

Don’t have a tablet, or looking for an upgrade? Rogers now offers the iPad and iPad mini, as well as the ZTE Lite tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. For more, visit

How do you use your tablet?

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Weekend reading: Smartphones, selfies and more

Weekend readingThis week, we’re bringing you news about smartphone sales as well as the skinny on one of the new devices coming to Rogers: the LG G2. Plus, there are cool new studies about tablets and that photo pose everyone loves to hate, the selfie! Learn all about it in this week’s edition of the weekend reading.

Cool phones

I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest smartphones, so I was pretty excited when Rogers announced the LG G2 will soon be available on our blazing fast LTE network.

The LG G2 “handles like a speed demon,” according to CNET, has a 5.2-inch HD screen and has moved its volume rocker and sleep/power buttons to the back of the device – right below its 13 megapixel camera! Other cool features include “Slide Aside,” which pulls up the most recently used apps and “Knock On” which lets you wake up the G2 with a double tap.

What new phone features excite you?

Surging smartphones

For the very first time, smartphone sales have topped feature phones, that is, devices with limited or no internet access. PC Mag reported that smartphones made up 51. 8 per cent of mobile phone sales in the second quarter.  Based on data from Gartner, Samsung led the charge, partly thanks to the Galaxy S4, and Android topped OS sales, with 79 per cent of smartphones sold. Apple’s iOS represented 14.2 per cent of sales, while Windows Phones made up 3.3 per cent and BlackBerry accounted for 2.7 per cent.

With all the great new devices hitting the market, I’m not surprised people are changing their mobile habits – internet, video and music on the go are practically taken for granted these days! I recycled my last feature phone in 2010 – when did you make the switch to a smartphone?

Tonnes of tablets

We’ve been seeing lots of stats lately about just how pervasive tablets have become – and new data suggests the gadget has definitely hit the mainstream. In fact, one in eight people  are expected to have a tablet in hand by 2017. The Forrester research also predicts that 60 per cent of North American online consumers will own tablets by then, as will 42 per cent of Europeans. The Global Business And Consumer Tablet Forecast Update, 2013 to 2017, also predicts that a significant chunk of those purchases will be for business purposes, with an estimated 18 per cent of the 381 million units sold by 2017 destined for workplace use. These futuristic applications include doctors and nurses using tablets to show patients x-ray results and track symptoms and vital signs. Over on RedBoardBiz, we’ve been talking with businesses about the innovative ways they’re already using tablets – check it out and tell us how you see tablets changing your business.

So many selfies

While the mobile self portrait used to be the domain of teens and duckface, selfies are finding new popularity among the senior set. According to the Telegraph,  nearly a third of those over 65 in the U.K. have now posed for such a shot. Of course, it’s still popular with other age groups: 75 per cent 18 to 24 year olds and more than half, 51 per cent, of all adults reported having posed for at least one selfie. But, while the photos may be prevalent, the language could be slipping: less than a third of respondents to the HTC-commissioned survey could define “selfie”

The study also estimates that Brits create more than 35 million selfies a month! I’m definitely guilty of flipping on the front-facing camera to capture all sorts of key, and not-so-key, moments, from race finish lines and vacation destinations to showing off a new haircut or colour. Have you posed for a selfie?

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