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Back to School: Tech in university times

photo 2As we discussed in our last back to school post, technology continues to play a growing role in the classroom. We’ve learned, for example, that fifty-five per cent of students report using online services to help them write their papers; eighty per cent use social networks to help them study.

We wanted to truly understand the students of this generation, so we quizzed our Rogers social insiders to get their take on how tech influenced their day-to-day university student life. Meet, Cato Pastoll, who studied at the Richard Ivey School of Business and just launched Lending Loop, an online marketplace for Canadians to lend money to growing local businesses took on the challenge. And Rosalyn Gambhir (on the left) who studied Computer Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston,  who shares her for love everything local, pretty, and techy in her blog.

What were the top ways you used your smartphone or tablet when you were away at school?

CP: There are so many examples. From tethering while away from home to do school projects, to watching my favourite sports teams on-the-go, and using the school’s mobile app to check my schedule, grades and any other school information. I also used it to connect with classmates and Google Docs helped us work collaboratively. As I was working part-time, my smartphone was also a great tool to keep on top of work emails and my ever-growing schedule.

RG: Being away for university, I used my smartphone to communicate with my friends back home but I also used it to plan study groups or coffee catch-up sessions. My reliable plan, with unlimited texting was key.

We know accessing the Internet is super important for students. How did you stay connected when at home, away from campus?

CP: I don’t think anyone could survive at university without an Internet connection. I shared mine with a roommate, we had a student package which gave us a lot of bandwidth, and allowed us to easily split the cost.  With Internet right in our home, we never had trouble doing our research, finalizing project stats…in addition of course to gaming and movie watching in our downtime.

RG: Being in university, the first year I resided in dorms while the last three years I choose to live in a house with five other girls. Internet was our saviour to the outside world as it allowed us to stay connected with our friends and parents back home, in addition to letting us be on top of our school work. It was convenient to have one service provider and split the bill every month – this turned out to be the most cost effective.

Cable is also an essential must-have for students. Did you and your roommates or friends have any TV show/movie/sport watching rituals?

CP: I watch Game of Thrones whenever it’s on. I’m also a really big soccer fan so I’d be up at 7:30AM every Saturday morning to watch all the games of the Premiere League. I needed to catch big sports events like the superbowl and playoffs – these games cannot be missed.

RG: In a house with five girls, cable was a must! We were big fans of TV shows - Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill –  we never missed one. Sometimes we went through TV marathons on lazy days and watched Veronica Mars, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls​ and more. We made a point to share evenings together on Sundays, it was our girls bonding time!

Sometimes, your smartphone or your internet connection can be a life-saver. Have an example?

CP: I arrived at campus one day to hand in a paper that was due within 30 minutes! I realized that I had left it at home and was never going to make the deadline. Luckily, I keep all my files in my OneDrive so they are always stored in the cloud. Within minutes, I was able to download the file to my smartphone from OneDrive, correct any last minute mistakes using my mobile office application and then email it to the school printer. Without my smartphone I would have surely gotten an F.

RG: As a student, I sometimes procrastinated, particularly when there was fun and games for distraction. Although school work should have come first, handing in an assignment at 11:58PM, when it was due at midnight, did happen from time to time. With no time to spare, the internet and a fast reliable connection was my life saver, especially during crunch time.

To ensure you’re heading back to school with a new device in hand, Rogers is offering new and current customers up to $100 off the hottest smartphones when activated on 2-year Share Everything plans. Share Everything plans lets students share wireless data between up to 10 wireless devices, like roommates and family members, to maximize data usage and bring down costs,

Students headed back to university or college, can also learn about our budget-friendly internet and cable bundles to share with your roommates here.

Tell us, do you have any tech tips for university or college students?

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Weekend reading: Love poems, the tablet debate and social media Valentines

ValentineThis week, we’re celebrating our sweethearts with a Samsung contest, questioning whether tablets are headed for a boom or bust and finding ways to spread the love on social media. Read all about it in the latest Weekend Reading.

Spread the love

Chocolate, flowers and a heart-shaped card are so passé. In this world gone mad on social media, will your love really believe you’re true without at least a status update? Mashable suggests it’s time to think outside the box, offering nine ways to say ‘I love you’ on the Internet. Whether you coordinate profile photos, send off a flurry of RTs or create a Tumblr-worthy GIF, you can leverage social media to make the day special for your sweetheart.

How will you share the love this weekend?

Tablet trend

A little over three years ago, the tech-savvy swarmed for tablets. Sales soared, competitors spurred improvements and app developers rushed to embrace the larger screens. Today, the devices are still popular, but sales are slowing. A guest article on Re/Code suggests our love affair with the tablet is over. Writer Zal Bilimoria says that people expected too much from the device – can it possibly be a constant companion while also replacing your laptop and your phone? Zal says no. In fact, he says, tablets have been hurt by the improvement in smartphones and their apps. With faster handsets, people don’t need a device to bridge their desk and pocket.

But, don’t count the tablet out just yet! Over on Gigaom, writer Kevin C. Tofel counters Zal’s post, offering up his four reasons the tablet market is far from dead. It’s worth reading both their arguments in full, but, for the sake of brevity, Kevin says that we can’t yet pass judgement on the tablet because a) we’re still early in the product life-cycle, b) mobile broadband improvements will put more tablets online c) the app market is still growing and d) phablets and tablets overlap. Essentially, Kevin says that tablets are evolving, and will grow to meet our needs, including, potentially even handling our phone calls one day.

What do you think? Are tablets headed for a boom or a bust?

Sweet sonnets

We had an overwhelming response to this week’s Valentine’s Day poetry contest. Who knew so many RedBoard readers were poets, too? More than 700 poems were submitted, many of them very creative and fun to read. If you need some inspiration while filling out a card for your Valentine today, you might want to give our readers’ poems a glance to help you out. We’re still confirming the winner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3s, but here’s one of our favourite submissions from Todd Greencorn:

Roses are red
Leaves grow on a tree
This Valentine’s day I will ask
Will you Marry me.

Let us know if she says yes, Todd!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 into a remote control

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Connected Rogers teaches you how to transform your tablet into a remote control.

Use the built-in IR blaster to run digital devices including your home-theatre equipment. And if you’re a Rogers Digital TV customer, you can also use your Note 8.0 to view the Interactive Program Guide. Here’s how to get started:

1. Open up the Smart Remote app and follow the simple setup process.

2. Tell Smart Remote the make and model of your various theatre components, and it’ll make the connections.

3.  Then, take control of all your gear with the onscreen buttons. That’s it. Sit back and enjoy.

Check out more great tech tips at Connected Rogers.

I’ve used a tablet for mapping, photo-sharing, emailing, social networking and to catch the latest TV shows – but never as a remote! What innovative uses have you found for your tablet?

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Tips to trim spending in 2014

Money saving tipsFor me, the holidays are about family and overindulging on everything from food to shopping. I love to buy gifts for the special people in my life – and that list includes me. This year, I gifted myself with a powerful new tablet, downloaded Next Issue Canada and scheduled a head-to-toe spa treatment. But come January, I knew I needed to reset my spending. Here are some of my tips for trimming costs in 2014.

  1. Go digital. Where can you get unlimited access to more than 115 of the world’s best magazines, including Chatelaine and Maclean’s, as well as popular U.S. titles for as low as $9.99 per month? Nope, it’s not a trick question. Don’t sacrifice staying in the know just because you’re on a budget. Carry your favourite magazines with you on your smartphone or tablet with Next Issue Canada. Start your free 30-day trial at
  2. There’s an app for that! Stay on budget with the help of a wide array of personal finance and budgeting apps. Sarah recently told you about Mint, her favourite, while I like making colorful charts that help me visualize my spending. My favourites are MoneyWise Pro for Android ($6.99) and Spendee for iOS.
  3. Consolidate. The average Rogers household has six Wi-Fi connected devices. Save some hard-earned cash and the trouble of managing multiple bills by putting up to 10 wireless accounts on one Share Everything plan. And, for a limited time, you can get 50 per cent off a smartphone when you add a line to select two-year Share Everything plans, just in case Santa didn’t bring you the new device you wanted! Plus, if you’re a new Share Everything customer, you can get 50 per cent off your monthly service fee for two months on your first line when you activate an additional line.
  4. Track usage. Canadians have an average of 25 apps on their smartphones and tablets – and we’re using more data than ever before – since 2011, Rogers has seen an 80 per cent increase in data usage year over year. To help you stay on top of what you’re using, Rogers customers can download the free My Account app to check wireless data usage anytime.
  5. Make room for something new. Most of us have a drawer full of pre-loved electronics. Turn them into something shiny and new like a tablet, for example, with the Rogers Trade-Up program. Get your quote here, and we’ll honour it for 30 days. You can use the credit to satisfy your craving for the latest gadget or accessory. 

What are some of the ways you plan to save money in 2014?

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Welcome ‘Generation D’: 2013 Rogers Innovation Report

InfographicDear Canadians at the dawn of 2014,

What will tech be like in the future? Many will speculate. Predictions will be made. Stock markets will rise and fall in anticipation. But, we’re here with the new Rogers Innovation Report to tell you what Canadians think is really going to go down.

Every year, we survey consumers across the country to reveal their imaginative predictions for technology and innovations for the years to come. The report shows there is a Device Generation – or what we like to call ‘Generation D’ – emerging in Canada. Gen D’ers have an optimistic POV on the future of technology, and live life through always on internet and connected devices. On average, 52 per cent have a smartphone or tablet that is loaded with 25 apps.

Some things about Gen D blew our minds: a quarter of Canadians think apps will allow people to communicate with pets in the next five years! Other findings excited us, like over half (59 per cent) expect their device to make dinner recommendations, create a grocery list and arrange delivery in the future.

Other notable discoveries included:

Looking back:

Canadian smartphone users spent practically every waking minute of 2013 using a smartphone (keeping it within reach on average for 70 per cent of the day).  What were they doing?

-          Thirty per cent viewed Mayor Rob Ford ranting on YouTube; 17 per cent watched Miley Cyrus twerk it to the top, and 15 per cent streamed entertainment on the go with smartphones and tablets.

-          Canadians are glued to their devices; a quarter admitted to tweeting or Facebooking someone while in the same room and over half (52 per cent) confessed they’ve sneaked a peek at their phones during a date.

-          TV remains at the heart of home with three quarters (75 per cent) of Canadians tuning in live in 2013.

-          Out of fear of spotting TV plot spoilers, over 40 per cent of viewers avoided the web as we said goodbye to beloved meth-cooks and serial killers in the series finales of Breaking Bad and Dexter.

Future forward:

No, you won’t be driving a flying car in 2014, however; Canadians do expect to see some major technological innovations in the years to come.

Canadians envision a world where technology will unleash a connected reality

-          Over a third (39 per cent) of Canadians believe virtual communication will replace face-to-face interactions and half (50 per cent) expect to chat exclusively through text, social media and email via smartphones in the next five years.

-          Canadians expect the smartphones of 2019 will have retina scanners (53 per cent), built-in projectors (25 per cent), augmented reality (46 per cent) and 3D screens (33 per cent).

Cards and wallets are so yesterday

-          Over half (61 per cent) of Canadians expect to throw out their physical wallets, replacing them with mobile wallets that include credit and debit cards and personal ID.

-          Next year, nearly half (41 per cent) of respondents expect to tap with a mobile payment app.

-          In the future, shopping in your pyjamas will be the norm, with half of respondents (50 per cent) expecting to spend more money shopping online than in physical stores.

Canadians want their smartphones to help them work smarter, not harder, in the future

-          Over a third (39 per cent) expect apps to become their butler, to draw baths, cut the lawn, vacuum and even do their laundry.

-          Over a third (39 per cent) believe apps will put together an outfit based on what’s in someone’s wardrobe, and 40 per cent think apps will detect knock off designs.

-          A majority (84 per cent) believe that cars will anticipate accidents and provide weather alerts.

Future TV viewers expect to sit in the director’s chair 

-          Today we love Don Draper, and tomorrow we’ll look like him. The majority of Canadians (64 per cent) believe they will eventually purchase products directly from live programming.

-          In the future, almost half (49 per cent) will take to social media to alter a show’s plot by voting in real-time.

-          By 2019, over half (56 per cent) see the entire TV experience replicated on their phones. Sports fans also expect to catch the action in their hands, with 80 per cent believing any sports game will stream live on mobile.

This is just a selection of what Canadians are predicting for the future and how they used technology this past year. Check out the full report on Slideshareclick here for the full infographic or view our “Generation D is Here ” video here.

I’m looking forward to an even more connected 2014, where Gen D will continue to unleash the true potential of technology.


The Future

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Weekend reading: Sweet thoughts of passwords, holidays and BlackBerry Q10 news

Could daydreaming about your vacation double as your password? Researchers have found a way to use brainwaves to authenticate your identity, and all you need to make it work is a $100 headset. Meanwhile, three-quarters of high income travellers are taking their smartphones on vacation, teens are coveting the iPhone and the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone (yes, the one with the keyboard) will be rolling out from Rogers in the coming weeks.

Secure thoughts

One uppercase letter. One symbol. Don’t forget the number! Typing passwords could be on the way out, we learned this week from TechCrunch. Researchers at UC Berkeley School of Information have developed a way to think your password, using a $100 headset and brainwaves to authenticate users. Researchers say the so-called “pass-thoughts” could work by simply concentrating on breathing.

Other pass-thoughts included imagining moving a finger up and down, focusing on a dot on a piece of paper in response to a sound, imagining a repetitive motion from a sport, imagining singing a song, counting (silently) objects or focussing on a single thought for 10 seconds.

All these pass-thoughts worked to identify users, and researchers say the brainwave-based passwords could end up being an accessible, cheap and secure alternative to the pricier biometrics, such as fingerprint and retina scans, that are also being tested.

Would you try protecting your email with a “pass-thought?”

Staying connected on holiday

When I’m travelling, my suitcase is always a tangle of cords. I rely on smartphones, cameras and tablets to keep me on track (and from getting lost!) on holiday, while ensuring that all the fun is documented in photos, tweets and more. Not to mention how handy it is to check my flight status, look up restaurant reviews and make sure I’m not missing too much at home. Turns out, I share my travel habits with some high rollers. According to a recent study from Mediapost, 77 per cent of “affluents” – people with annual household incomes above $100,000 –  vacationed with their smartphone last year, while 47 per cent toted tablets and laptops.

These high-income earners are logging on to read (40 per cent), make plans, check the weather (72 per cent) and get directions (66 per cent). Three-quarters use their devices to send personal emails, while nearly 40 per cent are posting updates to social media. And more than a third, 38 per cent, stay connected to their office by checking their work email.

Do you rely on your devices while on vacation?

American teens love their iPhones

Apple continues to win the hearts of American teenagers in the iOS vs. Android battle, according to Piper Jaffray’s 25th bi-annual teen survey. The report – which used classroom visits and electronic surveys to poll 1,600 teens from high-income families and 3,600 teens from average income families — found that nearly half (48 per cent) of teens own an iPhone, up from 40 per cent in the fall. And 62 per cent of teens plan to buy an iPhone for their next mobile device. Less than a quarter, 23 per cent, planned to buy an Android phone. That was a one per cent increase from the fall.

Teens are also choosing Apple when it comes to tablets, with 68 per cent planning to buy an iPad. The survey also found that more than half, 51 per cent, of teens owned a tablet and 17 per cent planned to buy one in the next six months.

What will your next device be? Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows?

Coming soon: The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone

Keyboard fans, rejoice! The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, with its physical QWERTY keyboard and touch screen, will be arriving at Rogers retail locations across Canada in the coming weeks.  It’s now available on the Rogers Reservation System and for new customers on Rogers is the first Canadian carrier to bring its customers the device with support for the blazing fast 2600 MHz LTE spectrum band. Rogers customers will also be the first to get the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone in white. The device is also available in black.

Touch screen or physical keyboard: which do you prefer for typing? Why?

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Weekend Reading: Happy birthday to the cellphone and more mobile moves

This week was all about communicating on the go. As we wished Happy 40th Birthday to the mobile phone on Wednesday, we couldn’t help but marvel at how phones have evolved from being “bricks” to the kinds of devices that 79 per cent of people keep on hand 22 hours a day. And we’re just going to keep getting even more connected, whether we’re loading our summer reading lists on an ereader or tablet or coveting the latest cutting-edge technology we can wear.

The mobile phone turns 40

Forty years ago, Motorola employee Martin Cooper launched the age of covertly checking your bags and pockets at every ring, ping and buzz.

On April 3, 1973, Cooper made what is widely viewed as the first public mobile phone call, using a 9-inch tall Motorola DynaTAC to call a rival colleague.

This hefty “brick phone” offered 35 minutes of talk-time and took 10 hours to recharge. Things have come a long way since then. My first mobile, nearly a decade ago, was a chunky flip phone. I had a miniscule number of minutes, a voicemail box that held three messages, and it took ages to type out- and decipher – the limited number of texts I sent and received each month.

Now, we take pocket-sized devices – with their myriad apps and data services – for granted as we wait for the next big thing, whether it’s Google Glass or the much-rumoured Apple smartwatch.

What was your first mobile phone?

Keeping connected

Hit snooze, pick up cellphone? Last year, we learned that 55 per cent of people check their mobile before they brush their teeth in the morning. The latest report from IDC Research suggests that estimate might be low, with four out of five smartphone users checking their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. A whopping 62 per cent of 18-to 44-year-olds grab their mobiles as soon as they hear their alarm – and for 44 per cent of these people, their phone doubles as that wakeup call.

The Facebook sponsored report, which polled 7,446 Android and iPhone users aged 18 to 44 in March, also found that 70 per cent of us keep our phones nearby for 22 hours a day, while 63 per cent of us only part with them for an hour, at most. But I identify with that quarter of respondents who can’t think of a time of the day when their phone wasn’t in the same room!

As for what we’re doing with those phones in our waking hours, only 16 per cent of that time is used to make calls – the rest is spent communicating through texts, emails and social networks.

How many hours a day are you separated from your cellphone?

Carrying a phone is old-school, wear it instead

If the number of Nike+ FuelBands spotted around the office are any indication, wearable technology is taking off in 2013. And according to Reuters, Chinese search engine Baidu is following Google’s lead and working on digital eyewear similar to Google Glass. The company’s device, mounted on a headset with a small screen, will allow wearers to search by image and voice and conduct facial recognition matches. Baidu has not revealed whether it will be rolling out the product commercially.

Maybe the Rogers Tuque isn’t so far off, after all?

Get your summer reads on the go

No one wants to run out of reading materials halfway through their beach vacation. Stowing your summer reading list on an ereader or tablet is one way to ensure you always have access to a robust library. And, to help our readers get a head start on the summer fun, we’re sharing our favourite holiday book picks and giving away a Kindle PaperWhite 3G and the new Sony Xperia ZL smartphone here. Leave a comment on the summer reading post for your chance to win.

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Roaming questions? Our Rogers expert has the answers: “Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert” event March 7th

When you have a question, isn’t it great to be able to turn to an expert? We think so. That’s why we’re launching Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert events through our community forum. Spring break’s fast approaching, so we’ve decided to kick off this forum chat series tomorrow with roaming.

What: Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert roaming online forum chat event
When: Thursday March 7th, 1pm to 3pm (ET)
Where: the Rogers Community Forums
Who: Donavan Beth, Director Roaming & Long distance

Tech Essentials is a new program that provides Canadians with a deeper understanding of how to safely and properly use today’s technology. The Tech Essentials website does a great job of answering some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about roaming, but at tomorrow’s Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert event you’ll be able to chat directly with our guest expert, Donavan Beth, Director Roaming & Long distance at Rogers about the specific questions you’d like answered.

Looking for inspiration?
How about asking Donavan for tips to help you maximize your data usage while travelling? Or about the ways we’ve simplified our roaming offerings? If you’re getting ready to roam with your Rogers phone, Donavan’s the perfect person to chat with to make sure you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to for a smooth travelling experience.

Donavan’s looking forward to share his insight and knowledge on these and other roaming-related topics with you, so come check out our first Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert event tomorrow.

About our roaming expert:
Donavan Beth is a 13-year veteran of the telecom and high-tech industries.  Since 2007, he’s worked at Rogers Communication in the Roaming and Long Distance department, where he manages Rogers and Fido retail pricing and travels the world to negotiate roaming wholesale contracts with wireless operators and partners.

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Roam where you want to with Rogers: Introducing worry free Wireless Data Roaming Rates in the United States

Canada spends more time online than any other country. And we know you want to be just as connected while travelling outside of Canada. But you’ve also told us that the cost and complexity of roaming rates get in the way of using your phone on the road the same way you do at home.

We’ve heard you. And that’s why we’re launching a new wireless data roaming rate for customers travelling to the United States.

Our new roaming rate, which launches this spring, is designed to be an easy and worry-free roaming solution. Here’s how it works:

  • For a rate of $7.99, customers will get access to 50 megabytes of data over a 24 hour period while travelling in the U.S.
  • The new rate will provide customers nearly twice the data that they would typically use domestically
  • Customers will be alerted before reaching 50 MB which means they will be able to control their roaming costs.
  • It will be available to all Rogers wireless consumers and business customers

Why 50MB per day? The roaming rate was designed to give customers the maximum amount of data for the lowest price. Currently, more than 99% of our customers use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming. Here are some examples of what 50 MB will allow you to do on your trip in the U.S.:

  • Browse 50 maps or
  • Browse 200 web pages or
  • Send 1,000 emails or
  • Send 5,000 Tweets or
  • Send 128 photos

Do you use your phone differently while travelling than you do at home? Will this new rate help you to roam worry free?

Michelle is a regular Redboard contributor.

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What to expect this Lunar New Year: Year of the Snake

February 10th marks the Lunar New Year. This holiday is narrated by powerful mythology and traditions which are centuries old, and continue to carry significance in this day and age. I happen to be very passionate about all things astrological, evidenced by the fact that I often frequent a handful of horoscope apps on my phone.

I recently downloaded the free Chinese Horoscope app and I’ve been uncovering the background of my animal zodiac, the Ox, particularly how its forecast relates to the 2013 Year of the Snake. Speaking of apps, a quick search on my phone reveals a wide selection of cool apps you can download for free to digitally bring in the New Year. Categories range from  ringtones, wallpapers, greeting cards to my favourite find-  the Chinese New Year Photo Booth app, you can insert frames, images, lanterns and stamps onto your photos.

Many people will be celebrating the Lunar festivities in various ways, here’s what you can expect from Rogers:

You can also tune into the free previews that are currently on your TV. I’ve outlined the channel names and numbers below.

Free previews on your TV:

Channel Name

End Date



New Tang Dynasty

February 11


LS Times

February 11


Channel V Taiwan

February 11


Star Chinese Channel

February 18


Star Chinese Movies 2

February 18




Available to Ontario Rogers Digital TV subscribers

Unlimited long distance calling to landlines in over 25 countries for $20, including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan with Rogers One Number

  • Purchase the Rogers One Number International Long Distance Add on to catch up with loved ones overseas
  • The main reason I love Rogers One Number is unlimited talking and texting to any Canadian wireless number   no matter where you are, at no additional cost from your computer or tablet

Free Lai See packs at select Rogers retail locations across Canada

Request to receive a free Lai See pack from a rep in the store, the picture included in this post depicts what it looks like. Typically these packs come in the form of a small envelope with brightly coloured designs, like red and gold variations.

As one of the most ancient creatures, the snake embodies great wisdom and is both feared and venerated. I like the analogy of the snake shedding its skin; this year will be characterized by peeling away old habits and starting fresh with new goals and ambitions. In other words, a time for reflection and thoughtful resolutions.

What is your favourite aspect of the Lunar New Year?

 Kaili is a regular contributor to the Redboard blog.

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