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Weekend Reading: Gear-ing up, finding faves and welcoming spring

Weekend readingThis week, we said adios to winter (at least according to the calendar), tested out a new Twitter feature and got all the details on Samsung’s new GALAXY S5 and wearables. Want in on our newfound knowledge? Here’s some Weekend Reading.

Get the Gear

The Samsung GALAXY S5 is coming to Rogers on April 11! The Canadian specs and launch date were revealed this week, and we’re really excited about the S. Health 3.0 app, which records steps and heart rate information and lets you record diet and exercise information. You can reserve yours now on the Rogers Reservation System.

The icing on the cake: the Samsung Gear 2 Neo will be available exclusively for Rogers customers, also on April 11. All Gear accessories display your phone’s calls, texts and emails on your wrist. The Gear 2 Neo even includes a standalone music player to power your playlists on the go. Rogers will also be carrying the Gear Fit and the Gear 2. Check out what CBC had to say about the new devices here.

Which of the new Gear wearables has caught your eye? Why?

Top tweeps

Twitter marked its eighth birthday by rolling out a tool that shows your very first tweet. Unfortunately for many, that first tweet was pretty dull but this CBC roundup did uncover some gems! Our first tweet from @RogersBuzz welcomed all our new followers. My personal account’s first tweet was a somewhat embarrassing third-person account of my morning at work. Hopefully, I’ve gotten wittier since then!

What was your first tweet?

Twitter’s testing a new timeline feature that lets you track every tweet from a selected group of people. The micro-blogging site’s “Fave People” lets you group your preferred accounts into a special timeline. You can also choose to receive notifications when they tweet.

I’ve been playing with the feature, which is currently being tested on Android, and I must admit, it’s kind of nice to have a special list of my preferred folks. Rather than my usual list functions – media, runners, sports, etc. – I’ve been using the feature to keep track of my real-life friends whose updates sometimes get lost in my main feed. One caveat – friends with locked profiles cannot be favourites.

How would you use the “Fave People” function?

Sweet springtime

OK, some parts of the country may still be seeing the odd flurry and sub-zero temperature. But the calendar assures us that spring is coming, and we spent yesterday looking for proof! @RogersBuzz followers shared a few promising signs of new growth and sunshine!

Even if we’re still waiting on the thaw, it’s a great time to start thinking about digging in the garden, or, in my case, potting a few herbs on the balcony. To help you get a head start on the growing season, we rounded up a few awesome apps to help gardening veterans and newbies alike.

What tools help your green thumb? 

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Weekend Reading: Facebook’s birthday, Canadian cheer and app stats

Weekend readingThis week, we celebrate Facebook entering its tween years, get a little patriotic and check out the latest predictions for app downloads. Read all about it in the latest edition of the weekend reading.

Facebook turns 10

A decade ago on February 4, Facebook was born. In a familiar story, immortalized in The Social Network, the site soon spread from a few university students to everyone, including your youngest sibling and your grandma. From introducing the ideas of “friending” and “defriending” to guaranteeing annual birthday wishes from loose acquaintances, Facebook has certainly made a mark in its 10 years. In fact, Mashable has curated a list of 8 ways it changed the world. Meanwhile the Guardian dives into the network’s numbers and Time shared a timeline of 10 “monumentally important twists” in the site’s history. Facebook marked the occasion by launching “A Look Back,” which is a short video highlighting your years on Facebook. You can get your own at I joined Facebook in 2006, and the first photos I shared were from a roadtrip to my hometown!

What were your Facebook firsts?

Canadian cheer

We’ll be cheering on all the Canadian athletes competing in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and look forward to seeing that pile of gold, silver and bronze grow! Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can watch complete CBC coverage of the Olympic Winter Games on Rogers on Demand on channel 100 or on Rogers Anyplace TV.

Go Canada!

What sports will you be following in the coming weeks?

Double the app-etite

Terrible pun aside, we know Canadians have on average 25 apps on their smartphones and tablets. In May 2013, the Google Play store reached the one million mark for apps and games currently available, while Apple marked the milestone in October 2013. With all these options available, app downloads are expected to double over the next four years, according to new research from eMarketer. Annual downloads are expected to soar from 82 billion in 2013 to more than 200 billion in 2017. As for how people find new apps to download, the research found that browsing the app store was the most popular (with 55 per cent), while one-third seek out apps that were recommended by friends and one-fifth found new apps through social media.

I rely heavily on app recommendations from my friends for my many, many downloads. Where do you discover new apps?

Hello, Russia!

Whether you’re visiting the Kremlin in Moscow, climbing Mount Elbrus or visiting everything in between, Rogers customers can now experience same fast LTE speeds they’re used to at home when they’re travelling across Russia. This new LTE roaming agreement means you can enjoy seamless streaming, fast mapping and easy sharing. Find out more at Happy travels!

What Russian landmark is on your must-visit bucket list?

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Weekend reading: The job hunt gets social, Rogers celebrates speed and Instagram comes to Windows

Weekend ReadingThis week, we learned more good reasons to update our LinkedIn profiles, found out that 200 terabytes of wireless data pass through the Rogers Network Operations Centre daily, and welcomed a new stream of Windows phone users to the Instagram fold. Plus we found out that Canada gets first crack at some developers’ brand new apps. Read all about it in the latest edition of the Weekend Reading.

Social seekers

We all know that technology has changed even the most basic of our daily tasks, from sharing grocery lists on our phones to tracking our workouts. My smartphone is most definitely my lifeline – I even negotiated my home sale a few years ago via text message. So it’s not surprising that social networks have also changed the ways Canadians job hunt.

A new study commissioned by a U.S. human resources firm found that 39 per cent of Canadians have been contacted through social media in the past year about a possible job opportunity. As reported in the Globe and Mail, 14 per cent of Canadians said they were hired after receiving a message on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or a similar site. It wasn’t just employers reaching out, either – a majority of people polled (60 per cent) said social networks were a good way to forward job opportunities to others.

How have you embraced social media while job-hunting?

Filtered Windows

Windows Phone users can now filter their shots to their heart’s content: the photo-sharing social network Instagram is now available for download on the Windows Phone Store. On the Instagram blog, the team notes that the new app for Windows users currently focuses only on core features and will continue to evolve.

Instagram launched on Android in March 2012 and now has more than 150 million users.

What’s your go-to filter? Why?

LTE love

At Rogers, we’re pretty proud to have been the first to launch LTE in Canada over two years ago. Our speed-seeking continues, as we’ve rolled out LTE to more than 24 million people in 120 cities – and counting. To celebrate, we created a nifty infographic featuring some of our favourite facts about the Rogers network. Did you know we service more than 9 million customers – which is twice the population of Sydney, Australia?

Check out the full story to find out how many screens our engineers use to monitor out network – and let me know which stats surprise you!

Crazy for Canada

Before an app goes mainstream, it’s probably been tested by Canadians. According to a story from Mashable, developers worldwide are using our home and native land as a testing ground for apps before launching them globally. Developers say Canada’s a good test market because its tech adoption trends and behaviours are comparable to other major markets. Plus, the article notes, Canadians are friendly and provide great feedback!

Did you know Canada is an app-testing hotbed?

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Weekend reading: Back to school shopping, screen time and smartphones

Weekend readingIt’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again already! Students are getting ready to say goodbye to summer and head back to school. Whether they’re shopping online, logging hours of screen time or using Google + to help with their study groups, technology is increasingly becoming an essential part of education. Learn more in this back-to-school themed edition of the weekend reading!

Student screen time

Graduating from high school and moving on to university brings a lot of changes – including doubling the amount of time spent working on a computer, according to a study released by Intel Canada. The majority of post-secondary students logged one to two hours of screen time – for an average total of 24 hours a week – versus 30 minutes to an hour daily, and 16 hours weekly, among high school students.

In addition to longer screen sessions, university also changes how students are spending that time. Those studying at a post-secondary institution are five times more likely than high school students to manage their finances and three times more likely to organize their schedules with online tools. Plus, the time spent doing schoolwork rises to 42 per cent, up from 20 per cent during high school.

When I was a student, my screen time was probably pretty evenly split between studying, movies and MSN Messenger (even though I was still mourning the end of ICQ). How did (or do) you balance technology and studying?

Stocking up on school supplies

Satchels are getting packed, tablets are charging and parents and students are racing around to knock those last few items off their back to school shopping lists. For many shoppers, this means turning online, according to a study from Pollara Strategic Insights.

In fact, four in five Canadians were expected to shop online, spending on average $325 in store and $163 online, as reported by Techvibes. The Visa Canada-commissioned study found that cheaper prices, 57 per cent, and better sales, 42 per cent, drew surfing shoppers. Canadians are also comparison shoppers, with 87 per cent admitting to “showrooming,” or looking at items in store before buying them online. Forty-one per cent said they do it often.

Do you scope purchases out in store before purchasing online?

Social smartphones

Updating, emailing and sharing on the go has become second nature for most millenials – and a new survey from media buying firm Kinetic confirms the habit has gone mainstream.

In fact, smartphones are the social networking workhorses for more than half of young adults in the U.K. The July 2013 survey found 54 per cent of those aged 18 to 34 accessed social networks primarily from their smartphones, while computers came second at 38 per cent and tablets trailed with eight per cent.

Older users were a different story, with 60 per cent of those aged 35 to 54 primarily using their computers for liking, tweeting and updating. Nearly a third of this age group use their smartphones for social networking, while 12 per cent choose tablets. A mere four per cent of those over 55 years old use their smartphone for social, with the bulk, 86 per cent, choosing the computer.

In terms of what people were sharing from their smartphones – Instagram was the most popular, with 74 per cent of those with accounts posting when they were not at home. Facebook and Twitter were the other leading networks on the go, with 59 per cent and 58 per cent respectively.

I regularly tweet, like and Instagram on the go – but reserve Pinterest for my larger computer monitor at home. Do you access social networks differently based on the platform?

Hello, Moto

We celebrated the launch of the Moto X this week (check out Mobilesyrup’s review) with a panel discussion about the rapidly changing mobile industry. Guy Kawasaki, advisor at Motorola Mobility; Raj Doshi, SVP Products, Rogers; Kevin Restivo, IDC; Odile Guinot, Motorola and Daniel Bader, Mobile Syrup, shared their thoughts on what’s next for Canadian smartphone users. This included increased video viewing on mobile, more video calling and a healthy debate on location services.

Read the full panel discussion on RedBoard and let us know how you see the mobile industry changing.

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Weekend Reading: Moms, Canadians and travelers can’t get enough of social media

Weekend Reading: Moms, Canadians and travelers can’t get enough of social mediaWith any luck we’ll have another beautiful weekend in time for Mother’s Day! Hopefully many of our digital moms got what they really wanted this year, because we’ve found more proof of their love for everything digital and social. Plus, we take a look at Canadian dependence on social media and how our new U.S. roaming rates can help you stay social across the border. Read all about it in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading.

Mobile tech helps moms be more social

It’s no secret that moms are some of the most digitally savvy people on the internet these days – but what makes them so social? It could be because 28 per cent of them are more likely to use a tablet, while 38 per cent own a smartphone. With such easy access, they are also more likely to follow at least one brand on social media and have made a purchase on their tablet in the past month.

These are just a few of the impressive stats Social Media Today uncovered in their latest blog post, which jibe with eMarketer’s findings. According to their reports, the top reasons moms participate in social media are to connect with other moms and friends and family, share milestones and get advice.

I definitely kept these stats in mind when I did my Mother’s Day shopping this year! Did you?

Canadians need a daily dose of social media

Are you among the one in three Canadians who check their social feeds at least once a day? Being someone who works with social media for a living it’s hard to imagine there are still two others out of those three who DON’T check their feeds! Work aside, I’d still be one of the seven per cent who check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn daily thanks to their accessibility on mobile devices.

Check out more in a new study from TechVibes this week – I’d be curious to know if there are other social networks people are using more than the three listed in this article. Perhaps YouTube, Pinterest or Google+ occupy more of your time?

New Rogers Roaming Rates

Chances are if you’re addicted to checking your social feeds, you won’t want to travel far without your smartphone. In a recent national survey conducted by Head Research for Rogers, 70 per cent of Canadians say they want to keep using their smartphones across the border because it comes in handy when checking out places to eat, seeing what the weather has in store or keeping tabs on your flight status.

That’s why this week Rogers launched a new worry-free U.S. roaming internet rate. For $7.99 per 24 hour period, you get up to 50 MB of data – enough to load 200 web pages, post 5,000 tweets, or upload 128 photos from your vacation! ! More than 99 per cent of our customers use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming. For more information, visit

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Worry-free U.S. Roaming Internet Rate now available from Rogers


Whether you’re sharing an Instagram photo of a culinary treat, updating your status on Facebook or checking in with your pet, you love to stay connected when travelling.

The majority of Canadians – 70 per cent, according to a national survey conducted by Head Research for Rogers – want to keep using their smartphones after they cross the border. Whether you’re sharing an Instagram photo of a culinary treat, updating your status on Facebook or checking in with your pet, you love to stay connected when travelling.

They’re using maps (71 per cent), researching places to eat and things to do (61 per cent) and checking the weather (57 per cent) and their flight status (58 per cent).

But it’s not just for trip planning purposes that smartphone users are staying plugged in. According to the survey, 40 per cent want to post updates on social media and/or share their travel photos. The majority, 58 per cent, want to be able to post to Facebook while in the U.S. and nearly three-quarters of Instagram users want to share their photos when travelling for personal reasons.

Women (62 per cent) are more likely than men (55 per cent) to share tales from their travels with their friends on Facebook, the survey found. The gender divide is less apparent for Instagram (31 per cent women, 27 per cent men), Twitter (26 per cent and 27 per cent) and Pinterest (14 per cent and 12 per cent).

And being on vacation is no excuse to go incommunicado. Eight out of 10 travellers want to use email to keep in touch with family, friends and work, while three-quarters of pet-owners would like to be able to check in on fluffy via email updates while they’re away.

Want to stay connected on your next trip? Rogers has launched a new worry-free U.S. roaming internet rate. For $7.99 per 24 hour period, customers travelling in the U.S. can access up to 50 MB of data, nearly twice the data Rogers customers typically use per day while in Canada. That’s enough data to load about 50 maps, 200 web pages, 1,000 emails, 128 photos or 5,000 tweets. While in the U.S., customers can text the word “usage” to 3330 to get updates on their roaming internet usage when they are using the $7.99 rate. For more information, visit

How do you use your smartphone when you’re on the road?

Jennifer is a regular contributor to RedBoard.
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Weekend Reading: Canadians social media score, digital detox camp and summer’s hottest devices

Weekend Reading: Canadians social media score, digital detox camp and summer’s hottest devicesSome weeks provide more interesting digital news than others. This week, amid the BlackBerry Q10 and Samsung Galaxy S4 releases, what caught my eye were two stories geared towards social media use among Canadians and a camp for digital detox. Catch up on all this and more in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading. 

How active are Canadians with social media?

Being an avid social media user both personally and professionally, I’m always eager to see new stats revealing its popularly, particularly how Canadians compare to the rest of the world.

Maclean’s published an article this week looking at social media usage in Canada, revolving around popular social sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Among the 4,001 Anglophone Canadians surveyed, seven out of 10 were regular social media users. What defines regular? About 63 per cent of them admitted to checking updates on these sites every day.

What surprised me most was Twitter’s results – less than one in five users claimed they were on Twitter last month, the second largest social network next to Facebook! Why is this, and how does LinkedIn measure up? Check out the article for a full analysis and trends and let us know where you fit in. Of the three mentioned, I definitely use Facebook the most as well, but I see the benefits of the other networks, too..  What about you?

Camp Grounded – a digital detox summer camp for adults

Obviously, Canadians depend on social media, but have you ever wanted to just turn it all off for a few days? Surprisingly, many of you have – enough to warrant the creation of a camp designed to help people disconnect from the digital world for four whole days!

Mashable recently uncovered the retreat in California, which has over 200 participants already signed up and eager for a “digital detox.” While at Camp Grounded, there is no technology use or talk whatsoever. Campers get to participate in old-school activities such as archery, capture the flag, arts and crafts workshops, pillow fights and yoga.

The first session, taking place in June, is already sold out, so if you’re interested in giving it a try, you’d better sign up for the waiting list now! It definitely sounds like a cool experience that I could handle … for a day … or maybe an hour. Forget it, I miss my iPhone and apps already!

Summer’s hottest devices are here!

If you’re thinking Camp Grounded looks like a walk in the park, then you haven’t seen what you’d be missing with the new BlackBerry Q10 and Samsung Galaxy S4, which both launched this week.

Those of you reluctant to take on a touchscreen will appreciate the Blackberry Q10. Designed with the BlackBerry keyboard fans have come to know and love, the Q10 also features touch screen capabilities, time shift mode and the BlackBerry 10 interface. The BlackBerry Q10 is available now in black, and exclusive to Rogers, white models. See why Mobile Syrup has hailed it the “best BlackBerry ever” and Crackberry calls it the “BlackBerry you’ve been waiting for.” Let us know if you’ve got your hands on one yet!

If Android is more your style, Samsung fans will be delighted to know the Galaxy S4 was also released this week with some fantastic offers. For a limited time, you can get a free Kindle Paperwhite when you activate a new smartphone (including both the Samsung Galaxy S4 AND the Blackberry Q10) on select three-year plans. If e-readers aren’t your thing, check out our $35 Google Play voucher available with select three-year plans when you activate a Samsung Galaxy S4 between now and June 30, 2013.

These offers are exclusive to Rogers, and of course, both are compatible on our newly branded LTE Max network.

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Make the HTC One part of your summer music festival survival kit

HTC OneThe Lumineers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs entertained the sunglass-wearing crowds at Coachella last weekend, kicking off the summer music festival season. And music lovers can look forward to a solid four months of events, including NXNE in Toronto in June and Osheaga in Montreal in August, not to mention the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME), B.C.’s Live at Squamish, Nova Scotia’s Evolve, Prince Edward Island’s Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Saskatchewan’s Craven County Jamboree, the Ottawa Bluesfest 2013 and the Calgary and Edmonton folk festivals.

Here are our tips for packing your summer music festival survival kit:

A great phone

A great smartphone with the right data plan is essential. How else will you find your friends, map your route, snap some photos and share them on Instagram, post updates on Facebook and Twitter and listen to tunes on the go?

The HTC One, available today for $149.99 with select three year plans, boasts some impressive audio quality. “HTC BoomSound” and dual front stereo speakers powered by Beats Audio amplifiers play your favourite albums loud and clear. You can even use the HTC One as a mini boombox to share your summer soundtrack.

The HTC One also has an ultrapixel camera and a feature called “HTC Zoe,” which automatically creates 30-second videos from your photos, so you can share the backstage photos instantly with all of your networks.

And, to keep track of your friends’ festival experiences, the HTC One offers real-time social media streaming updates on your home screen with “HTC Blink-Feed,” all powered by the blazing fast speeds of the Rogers LTE network.

The HTC One has already received rave reviews, with MobileSyrup calling it “currently the best smartphone on the market” and the CellularGuru describing it as “Superb. Gorgeous. Stunning.”


This should be a no-brainer, but it’s so easy to forget. Stash some sunscreen in your bag, slather it on 20 minutes before heading outside and don’t forget to reapply.

Water bottle

Baking in the hot sun while dancing to your favourite band can lead to some serious dehydration. Stay at the top of your game with a refillable bottle of H20.

Heavy duty footwear

Yes, summer is sandal season. But by about the fifth time your newly pedicured toes get tromped on, you’re going to be wishing you brought some solid sneakers or boots.


Canadian weather can change on a dime. While umbrellas are generally no-nos in crowds, a poncho or waterproof jacket and hat, along with a change of clothes packed in a waterproof bag, can transform your weekend from soggy to stellar.

Something toasty

You can’t rely on your fellow concert-goers to keep you warm. Whether you’d rather pull on a hoodie or sport your blanket like a cape, make sure you pack a few layers to help generate heat.

Something tasty

Long lineups can make it impossible to grab a meal between sets, so be sure to stash a few granola bars and pieces of fruit in your backpack to keep you fueled until the act has taken its final bow.

How does your smartphone power your summer plans?

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Toronto Blue Jays Brett Lawrie shares his social media style

Toronto Blue Jays Brett LawrieWe recently chatted with Toronto Blue Jays™ third baseman Brett Lawrie. He’s a fan favourite on and off the field, having gained an impressive number of followers (175K) on Twitter alone – follow him @blawrie13. After games, he swaps his glove for a device to stay connected with his online community and never misses a moment of the action.

While fans can expect Lawrie to return to the swing of things a little later this season, they can catch all the Blue Jays games on the device of their choice with Rogers Anyplace TV. You can watch the Blue Jays at 1 p.m. (ET) on Thursday as they go head to head with the Detroit Tigers.

RB: If you had to pick just one: Twitter or Instagram? Why?

BL: Definitely Twitter.  I love being able to touch base with my fans online and have the chance to share what I’m up to in real-time.  I really love the support I get on Twitter.

RB: You’re an active Twitter user. What made you decide to start tweeting?

BL: We’ve got lot of Blue Jays fans on Twitter so I thought, “Why not?” Now, I’m hooked. People are also really entertaining on Twitter; it’s a great way to unwind.

RB: You recently joined Instagram, are you enjoying connecting with your fans on a different platform?

BL: I’m having fun sharing my pics and getting to see everyone sporting their Blue Jays gear, especially now that we’re ramping up for a great season ahead. It’s a unique way to connect with the Blue Jays community.

RB: Your family is on the West Coast. How do they watch your Blue Jays games? Does the time difference ever get in their way?

BL: I think my family are my biggest fans; they’re always cheering me on, even if they’re not in the same stadium as me. When it’s game time, they log onto Rogers Anyplace TV on their smartphones to follow along live, wherever they are. Time difference actually isn’t an issue, because I know some of them sneak into the app while they’re at work. Out in the west coast, a lot of the games happen in the morning.

RB: When you’re travelling during the season, how do you keep connected to other live games and scores? Which device do you prefer to watch games on?

BL: I like the ease of watching sports on my phone while I’m on the road. The tablet is also useful because of the bigger screen.

RB: What devices or gadgets can’t you live without? Why?

BL: Without my phone I wouldn’t be able to tweet, share updates with friends and call back home. I also check my email on my phone a million times a day.

RB: Do you have any favourite apps you’d like to share with fans?

BL: I like to keep tabs on the scores of different games, that’s when the Sportsnet app comes in handy.

RB: A recent Rogers survey found more than half of smartphone owners sleep with their phones. Do you think you could go a day without your smartphone?

BL: No way. Probably not. It would be like a day without wearing my glove.

RB: What do you wish your smartphone could do to make your life easier?

BL: In a perfect world, I wish my smartphone could somehow make me meals. Now, that would be cool.

How do you keep up with your favourite Toronto Blue Jays player?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers Game Day Social Media Insider gets behind the scenes with the Toronto Maple Leafs

Chase HaddenLong-time Toronto Maple Leafs fan Chase Hadden was our first lucky winner for the Rogers Game Day Social Media Insider experience, getting a behind the scenes look inside the Air Canada Centre on March 28 when the Leafs played the Carolina Hurricanes. To help him shadow the Leafs social media team and share his experience with his friends and followers, Rogers set him up with exclusive media access, an LG Optimus G and four tickets to the game. (Rogers customers still have one more chance to win an experience – visit for details).

We caught up with Chase, who you can follow on Twitter @ChaseHadden or on his blog at, to hear about his night of rinkside sharing.

Q: What was it like to be at the Rogers Social Media Insider?

A: Being able to sit in the press box with other media and scouts was amazing. Getting behind the scenes access was outstanding. I got to watch the Leafs walk out of their dressing room and make their way to the ice at the beginning of the game. We went into the “truck” to see what it is like to see the producers work during a televised game. That experience cannot be put into words. They work very hard and deserve a ton of credit.

Maple Leafs social insider

Jon Sinden and Matt Laboni from the Maple Leafs social media team showed me the ropes on how they use their social media platforms during a game and get their content to the fans at a very fast pace. It was great being shown on Leafs TV as Jon and I were discussing how many “Likes” a particular photo that was uploaded from their Facebook account would get by the end of the night. They got me to pick a filter for one of their Instagram photos and picking a fan’s tweet for an update after a period. Under the official Maple Leafs Twitter account, they retweeted some of my goal updates, uploaded a video of the players walking to the ice and asked me to explain how I became the social media insider for the game.

Q: How long have you been a Leafs fan?

A: I have been a Leafs fan for as long as I can remember. My dad and I watched Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday. I remember trips to Maple Leaf Gardens to watch Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark and how bright the ice looked when you came out of the tunnel to the stands.

Q: How does technology help you follow the team?

A:  I use a laptop and phone during the games. On non-game days, I log onto for post-game interviews and read game recaps.

I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to follow the team. It is the easiest way to get instant information if I happen to be away from a TV to watch the game and is a great way to interact with other fans. Because of these platforms, I have interacted and met with Leaf fans from across the pond Ian White, from Scotland, and Mark Rackham, from England. These two stay up late at night with the five-hour time difference and watch their favourite team until the final horn. Leafs Nation is truly global.

Jon Sinden & Chase Hadden on Leafs TV

Q: What’s the best part about connecting with the team and other fans online?

I think it is great (to see) teams connecting with their fans. The fans are the reason for the success of merchandise and ticket sales. When I first started using Twitter I started following my favourite team. When I got an e-mail saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs were following me (that) was pretty cool. And then when they first re-tweeted one of my goal updates to over 200,000 of their followers, that was the ultimate thrill and I still get that feeling when it happens.

I think all teams in every sport should do everything they can to connect with their fans and build relationships with them. The Maple Leafs I feel are leaders in not just the NHL, but all of professional sports in engaging with their fans.

There’s still one more chance for Rogers customers to become our Rogers Social Media Insider with Maple Leafs Game on April 18. Click here to learn more.

How do you keep up with your favourite team?

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

UPDATE, May 8, 4:45 p.m.: What does exclusive media access to the ACC look like? Only Rogers Social Media Insiders Chase, Andrea and Mark know for sure! See their photos on our Pinterest board.

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