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Weekend Reading: Full-season hockey, Nokia Lumia 830 and Facebook safety

Weekend readingIt’s Friday – time for your Weekend Reading. Check out below to see if you’re eligible for a full-season of hockey access, learn about a new smartphone and how Facebook is protecting you!

Hockey access across all platforms

We started the week off right – sharing exciting news with our customers. Select customers (further outlined in our post) will now get a full free-season’s pass toRogers NHL™ GameCentre LIVE™ and/or  NHL™ Centre Ice. For example if you have a Share Everything plan, you can now get a free subscription to  Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™, with GamePlus™ of course, until the end of the season, including playoffs.

Check out for more details. A reminder that Rogers wireless data and internet customers will continue to get a free subscription to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ until December 31, 2014.

How will you use Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ to complement your TV watching experience?

Get the latest Windows phone now

The Nokia Lumia 830 launched in Rogers stores and on today. While I’m still exploring the ins and outs of the device, so far I’ve seen some great features including a 10-megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization and a choice of over 350,000 apps. We’re carrying the device in black with a green back cover but if that doesn’t strike your fancy, you’ll also receive an exclusive free black cover in the box.

What have you heard about this smartphone?

Facebook keeping you safe

Facebook shared today that they’re taking steps to keep your passwords safe. As described by Business Insider – Facebook has developed a process that actively monitors news of huge security breaches and if it finds a hacked password, it will disable the password and notify the account holder. Fear not; this is a completely automated process that doesn’t require Facebook to know or store your actual Facebook password. Facebook users should already ensure their passwords are both unique and complex – however, here is added support to keep your data, pictures, conversations, etc. safe!

Tell us, what steps do you take to stay Facebook safe?

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Everyone’s talking about the new LG G3

lgg3picTo quote Mobile Syrup, “The LG G3 is real, and it’s impressive.” Now available at Rogers, the LG G3 is a slick, user-friendly and innovative device, which continues to receive applause from tech influencers and consumers, alike. Noted as “LG’s best phone yet” by Engadget, here are the top reasons we think the LG G3 is making waves and why you should check it out:

 User-friendly design
The device, available with Rogers in metallic black, is ideal for those on the go. Designed with a high quality anti-scratch metallic body, the LG G3 is lightweight for ultimate portability and even has a rear-key that lets you easily use the device with one hand.

 Record breaking display
The LG G3 boasts a 5.5-inch Quad HD touchscreen display with a leading resolution of 2560×1440. This means its display produces images that are 400 per cent sharper than traditional high definition smartphone displays! Say hello to incredible clarity and vibrant colours that will bring your mobile videos and pictures to life.

 Innovative camera
When taking a picture you don’t need to worry if your hand is steady. The 13 megapixel camera on the LG G3 has an Optical Image Stabilizer that reduces any blurring or shaking as you snap away. You will no longer miss out on capturing life’s little (and big) moments – like when birthday boy blows out his candles -since the LG G3 Laser Auto Focus takes sharp and clear pictures, even in the dark.

A very smart, Smart Keyboard
The LG Smart Keyboard lets you text, type an email, post on Facebook, and more with ease, speed and accuracy. The keyboard caters to you as you can compress and expand the keys depending on your typing preference.  The LG G3 also predicts the words you’re about to type after learning your habits, even suggesting symbols or emojis to complement your sentence.

It keeps going and going and going….
With a removable battery that delivers longer usage time, the LG G3 can keep up with your busy lifestyle. The 3000 mAh battery gives you up to 21 hours of talk time so you won’t run out of juice.

Super speedy
Activate your LG G3 on the Rogers LTE network to take advantage of super-fast speeds so you can surf, share, stream with virtually no buffering or delays. With this speed you’ll have the ultimate video experience to catch sports highlights, your favourite TV show and more right from your LG G3 display.

The LG G3 is now available in stores and on for $179.99 on select two year Share Everything plans. For more information check out

Tell us. What LG G3 feature has you talking?

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Weekend reading: Northern habits, special FXX and time-travelling

Weekend readingDid you know Canadians are more likely than Americans to send email from their mobile phones? This week, we’re looking at how we differ from our neighbours to the south, getting the scoop on the new Fargo series and going back in time with Google Maps.

The North-South divide

Americans are checking the weather and sports scores on their mobiles, while Canadians are more likely to send – but not read – emails with their smartphones. As Adweek reports, “Canadians’ smartphone habits show that they are different from Americans in more than just their abiding love of the French language, hockey and snow.” The infographic also shows that Americans tend to get directions on the go more than Canucks. However, there are some similarities: 41 per cent of North American smartphone users check Twitter on their phones, and more than half are logging on while standing in line, eating and commuting. Check out the full infographic here.

My own habits match the stats – I definitely spend a big chunk of my time on my smartphone sending emails for work and fun! How about you?

Fargo on FXX

The Canadian-shot dark comedy series Fargo premiered last week to positive reviews – the New York Times calls it “oddly winning” while Hollywood Reporter says it’s an “extremely impressive concept pulled off with surprising vigor.” The FXX Canada series, based on the Coen brothers’ Oscar-winning film, follows Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) who meets small town insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) and sets him on a path of destruction. We got a backstage pass to the making of the show and shared five facts from behind the scenes – including that during shooting, production had to shut down due to -37°C temperatures! Watch Fargo Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FXX, which is currently on free preview on channels 64 and 566 for Rogers customers. Or catch up on demand with the new FXNOW Canada video player and app (available on iOS and Android), Rogers on Demand (channel 100) or Rogers Anyplace TV.

Have you tuned in to Fargo? What did you think?

Hop through history

Next time you’re stymied trying to remember what shop was replaced by that new indie coffee house, turn to Google Maps. A new Street View feature lets users time travel back to the service’s beginnings in 2007. You can also check out regions in different seasons and at night. The archival imagery rolled out in the U.S. on Wednesday and was expected to be available worldwide within two days, according to CBC News.

To check out this new feature, which is currently only available on desktop, look for an hourglass in the upper left corner of a Street View image. Click the hourglass for a thumbnail of past images and use the timeline to move through the years. Click on the date to travel back in time. The Wall Street Journal reports major attractions will feature 20 or more time periods to check out, while most locations will have two or three options.

I can’t wait to scope out how my neighbourhood has evolved over the past few years, along with my periodic checks on my childhood haunts! Where will you travel back in time?

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Welcome to great video streaming: 700 MHz spectrum launches in communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

700 spectrumI want to be constantly connected, wherever I go – I even sleep beside my phone. And I get really frustrated when I’m late responding to an email because I’m stuck in an underground parking lot or if I lose my mobile internet connection while streaming NHL hockey highlights.

Today, at Rogers we turned on our 700 MHz spectrum in communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. This means that if you live or work in these areas you can now experience more consistent LTE internet access from Rogers, in locations where you previously couldn’t, like in many parking garages and elevators.

The 700 MHz spectrum carries fast signals across longer distances and better penetrates structures such as buildings.  This means you can access LTE more regularly in places like basements and building interiors. So you’ll see more LTE signal bars on your phones and tablets and you’ll be less likely to drop down to lower speeds. With the Rogers 700 MHz spectrum, you’ll be able to stream NHL games and YouTube videos in your office building or send emails at the local arena during the intermission of your kid’s hockey game – all with minimal delays.

The 700 MHz spectrum will ultimately be rolled out coast to coast, so stay tuned for when it will be available in your community.

Tell us: what videos do you stream on your tablet or smartphone?

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Weekend Reading: Gleaming gold, banishing bulky wallets and Twitter gets a makeover

Weekend ReadingThis week, we’ve got our eyes on some serious bling as we await the new Twitter profiles. Plus, we learn how to ditch our bulky wallets and start paying with our smartphones. Get the scoop in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading.

The grandeur of gold

We’ve already started shipping the HTC One (M8) in gunmetal grey and glacier silver to people who reserved early. And this week, we had even more exciting news: we’ll be carrying the HTC One (M8) in stunning Amber Gold. Exclusive to Rogers, this stand-out shade will be available for purchase in mid-May. No matter what hue you choose, the phone boasts top speeds on Rogers LTE, an all-metal design with edge-free finishes, the HTC Duo Camera, and dual front-facing speakers with HTC BoomSound.

What colour’s your favourite – gunmetal grey, glacier silver or amber gold?

Twitter transforms

Bigger profile photos are coming to Twitter, plus the service will now be showcasing your best tweets when you visit your profile page. The new design is just beginning to roll out – First Lady Michelle Obama was among the first to get the makeover. As the Next Web explains, the changes also include a customizable header, a new photo/video tab and the ability to pin a tweet to the top of your page. users will spot another change in the coming weeks too: real-time notifications. You’ll now be alerted if someone replies, favourites or RTs one of your posts. There will also be notifications for direct messages and new followers, which the company says will be “interactive” – meaning you can respond right from the popup window. Mashable notes this should make conversations via DM a lot easier. And, lest it all get to be a bit too much, users can customize which notifications they receive.

I haven’t been among the lucky few in the first wave of rollouts, but I look forward to testing the changes as soon as I can! Keep an eye out for the makeover coming to @RogersBuzz. What feature are you eager to try?

Tap it

My bright pink clutch has seen better days. Scuffs aside, it eats up a lot of real estate in my purse and tends to be a collector for receipts and change from the places I’ve travelled. So I can’t wait to download the suretap wallet and start paying with my smartphone. This mobile payment app, which launched yesterday in the Google Play store, works with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology at contactless payment terminals – so basically, just like tapping to pay with your credit card. All you need to get started is an NFC-enabled device, a compatible SIM-card and the suretap wallet app – you can learn more by watching this video.

Would you ditch your wallet for smartphone payments?

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Weekend reading: The boys of summer, a return to Winterfell and mobile matters

Weekend readingAfter my recent gadget obsession, I was glued to the tube this week. In addition to some notable finales, it was batter up for the Toronto Blue Jays and the final countdown to the Game of Thrones season four premiere. Plus, we learned Canadians are crazy for mobile. Check it out!

Let’s go Blue Jays!

As playoff hopes rise, and fall, across sports stadiums, the Toronto Blue Jays are just getting into the swing of it all with the home opener tonight. Of course, even when the team is at home, I can’t make it out for every ball game. Luckily, all 162 of this year’s games are available with Rogers Anyplace TV. Rogers digital television customers can live stream the games on their computer and tablet with Rogers Anyplace TV and their Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE or Sportsnet 360 subscriptions, while Rogers wireless customers can tune in on their smartphone via the Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app.

Earlier this week, Sarah shared her story of catching a game while commuting. When have you watched a game on the go?

Game on

Going from the diamond to a different kind of game entirely: Game of Thrones returns this weekend! The Rogers Your World This Week team sat down with Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) and Kristian Nairn (Hodor) to find out what season four has in store – watch the full video. In case you’ve forgotten some of the finer plot points from last year, Mashable is offering fans a little refresher on life in Winterfell, translated into emoji.

Catch the premiere on April 6 on HBO Canada, or watch it later with Rogers Anyplace TV and Rogers On Demand.

How will you celebrate the season premiere?

Making it mobile

The average Canadian spent more than 34 hours per month online in 2013, with more of those hours being logged on mobile devices than ever before, says new research from ComScore. The Globe and Mail notes that in the U.S., more than half of people’s time spent online in 2013 was mobile – a whopping 566 billion minutes! Canadians are spending that time on mobile checking the weather, social networking and searching.

Finally, getting back to that tube obsession, roughly a third of us are using a smartphone or tablet while watching TV (I was hunting Pokemon while watching TV on Monday night).

I’m definitely reading way more websites and watching more videos on my smartphone every year – how about you?

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Get a new smartphone every year for $0 with Rogers Next

Rogers NextWant to get your hands on one of the newest smartphones even faster? Coming soon, Rogers Next subscribers will get the latest smartphones for $0 down every year, with no early upgrade or connection fees.

The $0 down offer applies to smartphones worth up to $250 based on subsidized two-year term pricing. Over 95 per cent of phones we offer are priced below $250. However, if the two-year term price exceeds $250, you simply pay the difference in the hardware price. As an example, if you wanted to upgrade to a device that costs $329.99 on a two-year term today, you would pay an additional $79.99 at the time of upgrade with Rogers Next.

Who’s this program for?

Do you want hassle-free smartphone upgrades without the lump sum payments against your FLEXtab balance and hardware price? Rogers Next helps ensure you get the most out of the latest and greatest technology by giving you access to the coolest new smartphones every year for $0 down without any early upgrade or connection fees.

How does Rogers Next work?

  1. When you upgrade to a new device or join Rogers as a new customer, you have the option to subscribe to the Rogers Next program for a monthly fee of $24.99. Or choose the $29.99 option which includes Rogers Device Protection Premium. This service, which helps protect you from device damage (and loss and theft in some provinces), retails for up to $11.99 per month;
  2. After 12 months, you trade in your current device in good working order for a new smartphone of your choice that has a subsidized price of up to $250;
  3. You pay $0 down for the new device on select new two-year plans, and your remaining FLEXtab balance and connection fees are waived;
  4. You then have the option to continue your enrolment in Rogers Next to get another new device in 12 months.

How does this compare to a two-year term plan?

Let’s break it down for you. This chart compares a Rogers Next subscriber upgrading after 12 months of enrolment versus a customer choosing to upgrade early (after one year of a two-year term).

Both are upgrading to one of the latest devices valued at $250 based on a two-year term subsidy.

Rogers Next

Keep in mind, Rogers Next subscribers must trade in their device at the time of their upgrade. If you upgrade early on a two year-term without Rogers Next you get to keep your device. You can then choose to trade it in using Rogers Trade-Up, hand it down to a family member or friend – it’s up to you.

What if I’m not ready to upgrade after 12 months?

You can choose to upgrade any time after 12 consecutive months of subscribing to Rogers Next as long as you continue to participate in the program. We encourage you to upgrade at time of eligibility to get the most value out of the program.

Can I choose any phone I want for my new device?

Rogers Next subscribers can choose any smartphone worth up to $250 based on two-year term subsidized pricing. The vast majority of our phones are under $250 when activated on a two-year term. This includes some of our most popular devices such as the iPhone 5s 16GB and Samsung Galaxy S4. If the two-year term subsidized price for your chosen device exceeds $250, you can simply pay the difference in the hardware price. As an example, if you wanted to upgrade to an iPhone 5s 32GB today, you would pay an additional $79.99.

Are there any fees when I upgrade?

There are no additional fees when you upgrade to a smartphone up to $250 based on two-year term pricing after 12 months of consecutive enrolment in Rogers Next. Rogers will waive any early upgrade and connection fees.

When is the program going to be available to Rogers wireless customers?

We’re just putting the finishing touches on Rogers Next. Follow @RogersBuzz on Twitter and visit RedBoard for program updates and availability.

UPDATE March 4, 2014, 9:45 a.m.: Rogers Next is now available for new and existing customers. For full details, visit

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Weekend Reading: FOMO, perfect pics and a mobile milestone

Weekend readingDo you, like Mindy Kaling, worry that everyone is hanging out without you? According to new research, that fear may be the motivation to check your cellphone alerts up to 100 times a day. Plus, smartphone shipments hit a major milestone, Twitter updates its app to include photo sharing and we teach you how to use carrier billing. Learn all about it in this week’s edition of the weekend reading.

FOMO on screen

Fear of missing out (FOMO) means we’re checking our phones nearly 100 times a day, according to research from Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing International. The October research found that U.S. smartphone users spend more time (26 per cent of the total) checking alerts on their home and lock screens than with any other mobile activity. More than half of those surveyed said the notifications were the first thing they checked when they picked up their phone – fuelling the researcher’s belief that this was due to their alternative phrase for FOMO, which they called “Fear of missing something” (FOMS).  Thirty per cent of smartphone users also looked at their phone immediately after getting an alert – and on average they were signed up for notifications from at least eight categories, including missed calls, text, email, social, news, weather, games and more.

How often do you check your phone’s alerts?

Mobile milestone

We’re always sharing stats that mobile use is on the rise in Canada, but last year smartphone shipments hit a new record: for the first time one billion smartphones were shipped in a single year. According to IDC, that’s an increase of 38.4 per cent from the 725.3 million devices shipped in 2012. “Only two years ago, we had half a billion units, so it’s a testament to how popular smartphones are and how competitive the market is right now,” Ramon T. Llamas, of IDC, told Mashable. He does expect growth to slow down eventually, predicting that a plateau is likely in the next five or six years.

Did you purchase a new cellphone in 2013? Which model?

Apps made easy

The average smartphone or tablet in Canada is loaded with 25 apps – but I suspect RedBoard readers are carrying even more games, productivity and educational tools in the palm of their hand! To help Android-toting Rogers customers keep up with the latest downloads, all in one convenient bill, we recently started offering carrier billing at the Google Play store. That means instead of charging your app downloads to your credit card bill, you can add them to your monthly Rogers statement, making it easier to track your wireless spending. Check out the step-by-step how to here.

How many apps have you downloaded to your devices?

Tweak your tweets

Twitter continues to roll out new updates to its mobile apps, and the latest change adds a photo editor. Now, users of the microblogging platform on Android can crop and rotate the images that accompany their tweets. Plus, Twitter now prompts you to @mention the friends in the photo.  According to Engadget, the changes will soon roll out for iOS users too.

Do you share photos on Twitter? Will you edit your shots before hitting send?

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How to charge Google Play purchases to your Rogers bill

Google PlayThe recent Rogers Innovation Report found that Canadians had quite the ‘app-etite’ in 2013; their smartphones and tablets included a buffet of twenty-five apps on average. Not surprisingly, Facebook was the most popular app overall, appearing on 74 per cent of Canadian smartphones.

I consider myself a bit of a techie so I have almost 90 apps on my phone and use about a third of them regularly. I’m a fan of keeping things simple, so I have my Google Play purchases billed to my monthly Rogers statement. This way, I see all of my wireless costs in one place.

If you’re an Android user, you too can skip the credit card and charge your Google Play purchases directly to your Rogers account. The purchase will show up on your monthly statement as “Google Play.”

To take advantage of Google Play carrier billing, simply choose “carrier billing” when making a purchase.

If you’ve already linked a credit card to your Google Wallet, you’ll need to remove it before you can see the option for carrier billing:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in
  3. Go to “Payment Methods” and select the credit card
  4. Tap “Remove” and tap again to confirm

Next time you’re making a Google Play purchase, select carrier billing and voila, you’re all set!

So tell us: How many apps do you have on your smartphone or tablet?

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Weekend Reading: Connected students, YouTube hits, GIFs, and banking on the go

Weekend readingThis week, things got moving on Pinterest as the social network opened up to GIFs and Rogers celebrated getting rated for HD by YouTube. Plus, we learned more about mobile habits, including insight into plugged-in students and how Canadians are managing their money on the go. Learn all about it in the latest edition of the Weekend Reading!

Pinterest gets animated

Playable gifs can now be found across boards on Pinterest. The photo-sharing social network rolled out the new functionality to all users on Thursday. When users come across a GIF, they’ll see a small “play” button in the lower left-hand corner to start and pause the GIF.

“The well-timed GIF may be the greatest thing to have happened to the internet since emoticons, and lots of people have said they’d love to see playable GIFs on Pinterest,” says the company blog, noting there are “tens of millions of GIFs” already pinned.

According to Mashable, Pinterest says the play functionality will be available on mobile “soon.”

Have you pinned a GIF yet?

Smartphone-savvy students

Kids across the country are almost constantly connected and taking it mobile, according to Mediasmarts, which surveyed 5,436 Canadian students in grades 4 through 11. Ninety-nine per cent of students in the survey had Internet access outside of school on a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones and MP3 players.  More than one-third of students with cellphone sleep with their devices nearby in case they get calls or messages during the night.

When online, these students are looking for information – focusing on news, sports and entertainment, playing online games (two-thirds) and social networking, with almost half of Grade 6 students surveyed having a Facebook account.

How do the students in your life use their devices?

Streaming video at high speed – and high def

This past year, we were all glued to some eccentric videos on YouTube. In Norway, people dressed up as animals in a forest to guess What the Fox Says – and that viral hit has already accumulated over 340 million views! John Mayer recognized the power of YouTube talent when he hired the bubbly prancercise lady to be the paper doll in his music video. There’s nothing like watching your favourite YouTube vids in crisp high-definition. This week, Google launched a Video Quality Report for ISPs. This marks the first time that YouTube has tested and rated internet providers’ ability to deliver high resolution HD videos. And Rogers received the top rating: HD Verified. PC Tech magazine helps explain what this means to you in this article.  Check out the video Google posted on their blog which explains how video streaming quality varies across internet service providers.

What was your favourite YouTube hit in 2013?

Mobile money

Canadians are tackling their finances on the go, according to recently released research conducted by Pollara for Bank of Montreal. Seventy per cent of mobile users in the country have banking apps – including nearly three-quarters of men and more than two-thirds of women. Money management goes way beyond checking account balances, which 55 per cent of Canadians do on mobile. More than four in 10 managed their bill payments on a mobile app, while more than one-third used them for money transfers.

How does your device help with your banking?

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