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Holiday Wish List For The Tech Lover

SamsungNote4I guess we aren’t exactly in the “last-minute” stage of the holidays quite yet, but if you’re anything like me, it seems like there is never enough time to finish all of your shopping. Fear not – I’ve got some great new gadgets that will be sure to put a smile on the face of that techie on your list!  There’s no doubt we saw exciting new devices launch this year, so here are a few of my favourites this holiday season:

Samsung GALAXY Note 4: This device has a little bit for everybody. If you’re looking for clear picture, it’s hard to think of a device with a more vibrant screen.  Or if it’s the camera you’re after, this smartphone doesn’t disappoint with a class-lead
ing 3.7MP front-facing camera offers a 90-degree shooting angle, perfect for selfie taking. Did I mention it also comes with a pen?  The new S Pen feels as close to writing on paper as possible, letting you take notes, edit documents, draw and much more. Last but not least, the Fast Charging feature allows you to recharge up to 50 per cent of your battery in just 30 minutes, good for those long holiday dinners or full-day meetings.

BlackBerry Passport: For the business person of the bunch, the BlackBerry Passport will answer all of their wishes.  For instance, it’s got a 4.5 inch high definition screen that lets you review documents, stream meetings and conferences with ease, in addition to an awesome keyboard that doubles as a mouse to let you easily navigate a long list of unread emails. And, since staying organized can be challenging, take advantage of BlackBerry Assistant to manage your busy days through simple voice and text commands.

Nokia Lumia 830: When I think of the Lumia 830, I think of fun – this device is built for life on the move!You can download new Nokia imaging apps like Nokia Camera, Lumia Storyteller and Nokia Creative Studio to share those beautifully edited holiday pictures taken with the 10MP PureView camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). Those long road trips to grandmas over the holidays can also be a little bit more entertaining with access to over 350,000 apps from the Microsoft and Nokia experience as well as third-party app stores that you can play for hours on the crisp 5′ inch screen.

Samsung Gear S: This wearable is a personal favourite!Not only is it stylish but you it’s armed with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity meaning you can still stay connected, even when you’re away from your phone. You can order it online.

Still can’t decide? Luckily time is still on your side and there are tons of other device options that you can check out at

Happy shopping!

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Weekend Reading: Facebook news, latest smartphones and charitable stats

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday is Friday which means it’s time for our Weekend Reading. Check out below to learn about Facebook’s News Feed updates, the newest devices from Samsung and the generosity of social media users.

Facebook updates its…updates

Yesterday, Facebook shared news that they’re working to update their News Feed in response to consumers’ feedback about getting old posts. These updates will include placing priority on posts that complement conversations and topics trending on Facebook.  It will also be taking into account the rate at which people are liking or commenting on a post to determine how high up it will be placed in a user’s News Feed. The social media platform says it will be rolling out these changes gradually so stay tuned.

What type of content are you looking for in your News Feed?

Exploring the galaxy

 September has been quite the month so far for new phone launches – and I’m excited. For example, Samsung launched the GALAXY S5 Active and GALAXY Core LTE – two completely different devices, catering to totally different groups of customers. If you spend your time outside, on a job site, or are the next Les Stroud, the S5 Active’s rugged design is built to survive the harsh elements and extreme temperatures. On the flip side, the Core LTE is a premium smartphone at an affordable price – great for watching movies and playing games. A little bit of something for everyone from Samsung this week. Learn more about these smartphones, and our latest devices at

Have you checked out these smartphones yet?

 Social media for a good cause

There has certainly been a lot of conversation lately around how social media is being used to garner charitable donations and awareness. As reported by Mashable, a recent SurveyMonkey Audience revealed that in fact, social media users are more charitable than we think. 51 per cent of survey respondents hear about new social good initiatives through social first, and 45 per cent said they hear about social initiatives most often through social media. But it’s not all talk, the survey also found that almost  64 per cent of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Google+ users said they’ve donated $100 or more to charitable causes in the last year.

How do you feel about using social media to support a good cause?

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Weekend Reading: Gear-ing up, finding faves and welcoming spring

Weekend readingThis week, we said adios to winter (at least according to the calendar), tested out a new Twitter feature and got all the details on Samsung’s new GALAXY S5 and wearables. Want in on our newfound knowledge? Here’s some Weekend Reading.

Get the Gear

The Samsung GALAXY S5 is coming to Rogers on April 11! The Canadian specs and launch date were revealed this week, and we’re really excited about the S. Health 3.0 app, which records steps and heart rate information and lets you record diet and exercise information. You can reserve yours now on the Rogers Reservation System.

The icing on the cake: the Samsung Gear 2 Neo will be available exclusively for Rogers customers, also on April 11. All Gear accessories display your phone’s calls, texts and emails on your wrist. The Gear 2 Neo even includes a standalone music player to power your playlists on the go. Rogers will also be carrying the Gear Fit and the Gear 2. Check out what CBC had to say about the new devices here.

Which of the new Gear wearables has caught your eye? Why?

Top tweeps

Twitter marked its eighth birthday by rolling out a tool that shows your very first tweet. Unfortunately for many, that first tweet was pretty dull but this CBC roundup did uncover some gems! Our first tweet from @RogersBuzz welcomed all our new followers. My personal account’s first tweet was a somewhat embarrassing third-person account of my morning at work. Hopefully, I’ve gotten wittier since then!

What was your first tweet?

Twitter’s testing a new timeline feature that lets you track every tweet from a selected group of people. The micro-blogging site’s “Fave People” lets you group your preferred accounts into a special timeline. You can also choose to receive notifications when they tweet.

I’ve been playing with the feature, which is currently being tested on Android, and I must admit, it’s kind of nice to have a special list of my preferred folks. Rather than my usual list functions – media, runners, sports, etc. – I’ve been using the feature to keep track of my real-life friends whose updates sometimes get lost in my main feed. One caveat – friends with locked profiles cannot be favourites.

How would you use the “Fave People” function?

Sweet springtime

OK, some parts of the country may still be seeing the odd flurry and sub-zero temperature. But the calendar assures us that spring is coming, and we spent yesterday looking for proof! @RogersBuzz followers shared a few promising signs of new growth and sunshine!

Even if we’re still waiting on the thaw, it’s a great time to start thinking about digging in the garden, or, in my case, potting a few herbs on the balcony. To help you get a head start on the growing season, we rounded up a few awesome apps to help gardening veterans and newbies alike.

What tools help your green thumb? 

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Weekend reading: Cool consoles, tablet stats and staying safe online

Weekend readingThis week, we’re looking into the potential of the new Microsoft Xbox One as an entertainment hub and digging into the latest tablet stats – can you guess who came out on top in 2013? Plus, we’re marking Fraud Prevention Month with a few reminders to help you stay safe online. Learn more in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading.

Gaga for gaming

When I was a kid, my Super Nintendo rocked my world. That admittedly outdated technology followed me through Super Mario Kart marathons in university and all the way to my first few jobs in Toronto, where a friend and I would try to complete the Donkey Kong games (to 100 per cent, natch) in one sitting.

Now, of course, gaming consoles are about so much more than just playing games. The new Xbox One is an entertainment hub – in addition to games, you can tune in to movies, music, sports, TV and even training from Jillian Michaels. You can also stream your favourite shows with Rogers Anyplace TV. For more on the future of the Xbox One, check out our chat with Greg Barber, Vice President, Consumer Channels Group at Microsoft Canada.

What do you do with your console, beyond gaming?

Android takes tablet lead

Android hit a home run in 2013, surpassing Apple’s iOS to become the leading tablet operating system. Android tablet sales made up about 62 per cent of  the global market share, according to research from Garner, as reported by CNET. That’s up from a 45.8 per cent share in 2012.

While Android was the top operating system for tablets, iPads were the top model. Sales for the Apple tablets grew to 70.4 million from 61.4 million. Samsung was the second most popular tablet manufacturer.

Tablet sales across the board soared in 2013, hitting 195.4 million. That’s a 68 per cent increase from 2012.

What kind of tablet do you own?

Protect yourself online

Just how secure is your password? The 10th annual Fraud Prevention Month is a good reminder to evaluate your online security. To mark the campaign, the Competition Bureau has released The Little Black Book of Scams as a free ebook. It outlines how scams work, how to recognize potentially fraudulent activities and how to report them.

Check out more tips to help you avoid fraud traps on RedBoard and check out TechEssentials for everything from creating strong passwords to avoiding phishing scams.

How often do you change your passwords?

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Weekend Reading: A sweet new Samsung, four-star flicks and Arctic animals

Weekend readingThis week, we watched Samsung announce some serious upgrades to its Galaxy phone and tried to embrace the winter weather with Google’s latest maps of polar bear country. Plus, we’re getting ready for an award season marathon with some A-list talent. Learn more in this week’s edition of the weekend reading.

A phone for fitness

A fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor and lightning-quick autofocus are just a few of the headline-grabbing features of the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung announced its latest flagship phone Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, continuing, according to the Toronto Star, “Samsung’s strategy of building in ever more capabilities into its phone.” The Star touted the fitness features, bigger screen – a move from 5-inches to 5.1, better battery life and “what the company is claiming is the fastest-ever autofocus for a smartphone.” Techcrunch also highlighted the bigger screen – saying it’s “pushing into phablet territory” – and delves into the 4K video capabilities. Mobilesyrup, meanwhile, celebrated the announcement with an infographic outlining how the Galaxy S line has evolved, including the details on size, camera, weight, display and battery life.

Canadian specs have yet to be released, but new and existing customers can reserve their Samsung Galaxy S5 now on the Rogers Reservation System.

What’s your first impression of the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Polar paws

Snow squalls, the polar vortex – this whole winter thing is starting to wear a little thin. But Google is making it all a little more bearable with its latest trek through the tundra. For International Polar Bear Day on Thursday, Google Street View launched maps of Cape Churchill and Wapusk National Park in Northern Manitoba. As reported by the CBC, the initiative is intended to show polar bears in their natural habitat and highlight the effect of climate change on the Arctic.

The new footage was shot during the fall using Google’s Street View Trekker, a backpack with 15 mounted cameras, from onboard tundra buggies.

Of course, Google has mapped many locations over the years, including the Grand Canyon, the White House, and even Rogers retail locations!

What building or region would you like to see on Google Maps?

Win your awards pools

Before you place your bets on Sunday night’s winners and losers, make sure you brush up on the nominated flicks. Hollywood all-stars including George Clooney and Tom Hanks are waiting for you in the Awards Season collection on Rogers On Demand Channel 100. You can catch up on buzz-worthy movies like Gravity and Captain Philips or, if you’re feeling nostalgic for past hits, you can find previous critic favourites like American Beauty, Slumdog Millionaire, Million Dollar Baby, and The Hurt Locker all in the same place. Check out for more info.

What movie gets your vote for the best of 2013?

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Reserve your Samsung Galaxy S5 now with Rogers

Samsung Galaxy S5This just in: Samsung announced its latest Android device, the brand-new Samsung GALAXY S5, today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Don’t wait to get yours!  New and existing Rogers customers can reserve theirs now on the Rogers Reservation System.

Reserving a device on the Rogers Reservation System means you don’t need to call around to stores looking for stock. You know where you are in line, and can choose which Rogers store will receive your device. Plus, you’ll always know where your device is: You get an email notification when it ships, and the store will call you when it arrives.

Here’s what Samsung announced about the device today: The Samsung GALAXY S5 is a LTE Category 4 Standard device, and includes a Finger Scanner for a secure, biometric screen locking feature as well as enhanced S Health 3.0 to help you stay fit. The personal fitness tracker includes a pedometer, diet and exercise records and a new built-in heart rate monitor.

The Samsung GALAXY S5 also has a 16MP camera with the world’s fastest autofocus speed of 0.3 seconds. Canadian specs will be revealed soon. Click here for more information on the S5.

Rogers customers who purchase the Samsung GALAXY S5 will also have the choice to subscribe to the Rogers Next Program, which allows customers to upgrade their device every 12 months with no early upgrade or connection fees. Conditions apply; visit here for full details.

We’ll have more details to share regarding exclusive offers, pricing and release date soon. Stay tuned to @RogersBuzz on Twitter and RedBoard for the latest.

What feature from the Samsung GALAXY S5 excites you?

Update: March 18, 2014: Today, Samsung officially announced Canadian specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5, hitting Rogers this April. Being a Rogers customer has its advantages with this launch:

  • Light up your Samsung Galaxy S5, with its quad-core processor, on Rogers LTE, Canada’s fastest LTE network, and you can expect smooth HD video streaming and blazing fast downloads with virtually no buffering or lags;
  • Be gone the days of carrying a bulky wallet! All Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones from Rogers will come with the suretap wallet, an app that lets you securely store your credit and debit card information and make payments using your smartphone;
  • Rogers will carry Samsung’s full line-up of next-generation Gear wearables – Gear Fit, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo – starting on April 11. Only with Rogers will you have access to the Gear 2 Neo, which comes with a standalone music player for your favourite tunes on the go. These wearables extend the smartphone to your wrist with real-time notifications, and help keep fitness goals on track with a built in pedometer and a heart rate sensor.

A few weeks ago, we let new and existing customers reserve their spot in line for the device and today, we’re announcing exclusive offers for the first 10,000 who purchase through the Rogers Reservation System:

  • A $50 credit on a virtual Rogers Prepaid MasterCard in their suretap wallet, ready to spend however they want;
  • Customers already enrolled in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program when they reserve will receive 2,000 bonus points with their purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S5.  Instantly redeem these points for a discount in-store or save to redeem for Rogers products and services, including bonus wireless data, roaming travel packs and more.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available on April 11 at Rogers for $249.99 on select two-year plans. The Samsung Gear 2 Neo, only available with Rogers, will be available for $219.99; the Gear Fit for $219.99; and the Gear 2 for $329.99.

For updates on more exclusive offers coming soon, check back here or visit For complete offer details and Samsung Galaxy S5 specs, head over to

Reserve your S5 today using the online Rogers Reservation System. The exclusive offers for the first 10,000 to reserve end April 10 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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Weekend reading: Love poems, the tablet debate and social media Valentines

ValentineThis week, we’re celebrating our sweethearts with a Samsung contest, questioning whether tablets are headed for a boom or bust and finding ways to spread the love on social media. Read all about it in the latest Weekend Reading.

Spread the love

Chocolate, flowers and a heart-shaped card are so passé. In this world gone mad on social media, will your love really believe you’re true without at least a status update? Mashable suggests it’s time to think outside the box, offering nine ways to say ‘I love you’ on the Internet. Whether you coordinate profile photos, send off a flurry of RTs or create a Tumblr-worthy GIF, you can leverage social media to make the day special for your sweetheart.

How will you share the love this weekend?

Tablet trend

A little over three years ago, the tech-savvy swarmed for tablets. Sales soared, competitors spurred improvements and app developers rushed to embrace the larger screens. Today, the devices are still popular, but sales are slowing. A guest article on Re/Code suggests our love affair with the tablet is over. Writer Zal Bilimoria says that people expected too much from the device – can it possibly be a constant companion while also replacing your laptop and your phone? Zal says no. In fact, he says, tablets have been hurt by the improvement in smartphones and their apps. With faster handsets, people don’t need a device to bridge their desk and pocket.

But, don’t count the tablet out just yet! Over on Gigaom, writer Kevin C. Tofel counters Zal’s post, offering up his four reasons the tablet market is far from dead. It’s worth reading both their arguments in full, but, for the sake of brevity, Kevin says that we can’t yet pass judgement on the tablet because a) we’re still early in the product life-cycle, b) mobile broadband improvements will put more tablets online c) the app market is still growing and d) phablets and tablets overlap. Essentially, Kevin says that tablets are evolving, and will grow to meet our needs, including, potentially even handling our phone calls one day.

What do you think? Are tablets headed for a boom or a bust?

Sweet sonnets

We had an overwhelming response to this week’s Valentine’s Day poetry contest. Who knew so many RedBoard readers were poets, too? More than 700 poems were submitted, many of them very creative and fun to read. If you need some inspiration while filling out a card for your Valentine today, you might want to give our readers’ poems a glance to help you out. We’re still confirming the winner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3s, but here’s one of our favourite submissions from Todd Greencorn:

Roses are red
Leaves grow on a tree
This Valentine’s day I will ask
Will you Marry me.

Let us know if she says yes, Todd!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sharing is caring: Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for you and your Valentine

ValentineTechnology plays a big role in relationships – whether romantic or platonic in nature.

My single girlfriends use their smartphones for online dating, browsing Facebook for eligible bachelors and sending Snapchats of their gym crush to their BFFs. They’re even among the fifty-two per cent of Canadians who check their phones while on a date, according to the Rogers Innovation Report.

On the other hand, my paired-up friends use their smartphones to keep the spark alive in long distance relationships, Instagram “so-cute-they-make-you-cringe pictures” and send instant messages to one another throughout the day.

Couples and BFFs may share a home, a meal, even the same name. So why not share mobile data, too? Rogers Share Everything plans allow you to share a bucket of data with your friends and loved ones, across up to 10 devices – from flip phones to smartphones and tablets. As well, unlimited Canada-wide talk and text is included on each Share Everything plan. Sharing helps you maximize your data usage and get the most out of your plan.

To celebrate sharing, we’re giving away two Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s – one for you and one for your Valentine.

For your chance to win, share a “roses are red” poem you’d write to your Valentine (real or imaginary) in the comments. Contest closes on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 4 p.m. EDT. We’ll draw a random winner from all qualified entrants. For complete contest rules, click here.

Tip: This type of poem usually consists of four lines. The first line should be “Roses are red” and the last word of the second line should rhyme with the last word of the fourth line. Here’s an example:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We like poems
And so do you.

Update: Feb. 13, 4:30 p.m.: Thanks everyone for your entries. We’re confirming a winner and will update this post when the winner is confirmed!

Update Feb. 14, 4:15 p.m.: Congratulations to our winner, Scott Kennedy Ground of Toronto! Enjoy your two new devices!

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How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 into a remote control

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Connected Rogers teaches you how to transform your tablet into a remote control.

Use the built-in IR blaster to run digital devices including your home-theatre equipment. And if you’re a Rogers Digital TV customer, you can also use your Note 8.0 to view the Interactive Program Guide. Here’s how to get started:

1. Open up the Smart Remote app and follow the simple setup process.

2. Tell Smart Remote the make and model of your various theatre components, and it’ll make the connections.

3.  Then, take control of all your gear with the onscreen buttons. That’s it. Sit back and enjoy.

Check out more great tech tips at Connected Rogers.

I’ve used a tablet for mapping, photo-sharing, emailing, social networking and to catch the latest TV shows – but never as a remote! What innovative uses have you found for your tablet?

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Rogers roundup: Android apps to celebrate spring

Samsung Galaxy phone taking a photo of daisies.Blooming buds, chirping birds and sweet, sweet sunshine: Canadians are already eagerly watching for the first signs of spring, which officially begins Wednesday. In honour of the start of patio and BBQ season, we’re sharing some of our favourite Android apps for spring entertaining from the Google PLAY store.

Barbequing done right

A warm evening just begs for dinner to be thrown on the grill. The iGrill helps you cook burgers and steaks to perfection. This thermometer, which costs $80, communicates via Bluetooth with a free app from the Google PLAY store (it’s also available for iOS), to help you track cooking times and even serves up recipes.

Bored with burgers? Cooking apps such as Big Oven (free), which features more than 250,000 recipes, Epicurious (free), which boasts more than 28,000 meal ideas, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s 20-minute meals app ($3.80) will help spice up your menus to take advantage of all that fresh produce.

Entertaining made easy

If you’re serving dinner for a group, you can manage your party prep and planning with Pepperplate (free). This app lets users share recipes, create menus and shopping lists and run multiple cooking timers to make sure that pot on the stove doesn’t boil over while you’re mixing mojitos.

A night in the backyard or balcony also calls for a great soundtrack. Music-streaming concierge Songza (free) lets you choose playlists based on activity or mood, while the subscription-based Rdio (free) offers more than 18 million songs on demand.

Shoot like a pro

In this “Pictures or it didn’t happen” society, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade your phone’s editing software to make sure your home-cooked meals,  hand-picked bouquets and perfect pedicures look their best on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and beyond. Adobe PhotoShop Touch ($3.99) brings Adobe’s popular photo-editing features, including layers, filters, tone and colour adjustment to your phone.

And if you’re looking for a new phone or tablet to go with your fresh spring wardrobe, you can get a $35 voucher – only available in Canada through Rogers – to spend on great apps in the Google PLAY store when you activate a Samsung Galaxy S III, Note 2 or another eligible Samsung Galaxy device with a two or three year plan before April 1.

Did we miss any of your favourite apps? Share your must-haves in the comments.

Jennifer is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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