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The future of television has arrived: Rogers introduces NextBox 2.0

Rogers NextBox 2.0Do you still rush home to catch your favourite show live or hope that no one else has called “shot-gun” on the good couch…or the remote control?

Those days are a thing of the past. Today, we’re introducing the next big thing in TV from Rogers: NextBox 2.0, a suite of new features for Rogers cable customers in Ontario that delivers a TV without borders experience, any time, in any room of your home.

What’s new?

  • Whole Home PVR: Now with a single PVR, you can watch your recorded shows from any TV in your home with a NextBox HD Terminal. Why it’s cool? Let’s pretend I’m a huge fan of The Bachelor (who’s pretending? I love it!). I’ve recorded it and can’t wait to see the most dramatic rose ceremony yet, but I’m dozing off on the couch. Now I can seamlessly switch the show to the bedroom and watch the big reveal in the comfort of my bed. You can even watch the same recorded programs in up to 4 rooms at once.
  • Rogers Live TV: Stream 22 live TV channels on your iPad or Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet using your home Wi-Fi connection. Why this is a life changer? Say I’m watching a cooking show and instantly get inspired to whip up a dish along with the TV host; I can switch the live show to my tablet into the kitchen and live stream the show while I embark on my culinary adventure.
  • An enhanced interactive TV guide: A sleek and intuitive new HD interface, with advanced search capabilities. Why do I love this? Because I can customize and build personalized channel guides and easily search for that show everyone is buzzing about, while never losing sight of the current episode. The new on demand portal makes it easier to check out what’s new on Rogers On Demand Channel 100.
  • More tailored cable and internet packages: Usage-based packaging options. What does this mean? It means I can choose the services best suited to my TV and internet needs. All packages come with a discounted monthly TV service, NextBox 2.0 free for 6 months and a PVR Extender that allows you to record and store even more of your favourite shows! Whether you watch a little TV or a lot, there’s a variety of packages available to suit your needs.

With NextBox 2.0 home entertainment is now on your schedule and on the screen of your choice. Speaking of entertainment on any screen of your choice, Rogers On Demand Online has a new name: Rogers Anyplace TV.

It’s still your online entertainment destination or your favourite on-demand primetime TV shows, kids programming, specialty channels, movie rentals, and live streaming sports action – just with a different name. The new name captures the next step in TV entertainment. It’s about streaming sports action while you’re commuting or enjoying the latest episode of 30 Rock on your mobile when you’re waiting in line. It’s entertainment right at your fingertips.

In addition to watching your favourite programming online on your PC, you can also watch on your smartphone, tablet and Xbox 360.

Got a special place in your heart for Rogers On Demand? Your favourite On Demand hotspot on channel 100 will be keeping the Rogers On Demand name alive.

You’ll be able to see the new name starting now at and over the next couple months, you’ll start to see the name changing for the mobile app and Xbox platforms.

Which room do you think is the best for TV viewing? Join the discussion on Twitter by using or following #NextBox.

UPDATE (February 27, 2012, 6:43 a.m): Looking for more information on NextBox 2.0? Take a look at this video to see it in action:

UPDATE (February 29, 2012, 4:18 p.m): If you are an existing Rogers Digital TV customer with a NextBox HD Terminal (Cisco 4642) and/or NextBox HDPVR (Cisco 8642) and wish to get the new guide, just complete the form here: to upgrade to the Rogers Enhanced Guide, at no additional cost.

Just click on the “Can I Get It” tab and fill out all the necessary boxes on the form and press ORDER NOW. It will take up to 72hrs to process. Once you’ve filled it out, it will update all of your compatible digital set-top boxes in your home.

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Feast your eyes on TMN’s free preview on Rogers on Demand Online

TMN free preview on Rogers on Demand OnlineLots of big happenings at Rogers On Demand Online! We’re all buzzing about the fact that we’ve got a fantastic TMN Free Preview for Rogers cable customers happening right now. If you watch television, or if you don’t, I’m sure you’re familiar with a whole bunch of the titles that you can check out here with just a click of a button.  Here’s a rundown of just a few of the shows you could check out for free right now.


Some of us will always think of Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin in The Graduate or maybe for his Oscar-winning role in Rain Man. However, I’m guessing that his starring role in HBO’s brand new series Luck will introduce him to a whole new audience.  The shows deals with horseracing and gambling and has a knockout cast that not only includes Dustin Hoffman, but Nick Nolte and Dennis Farina as well. Throw in the fact that it was created by David Milch, who also came up with classic shows like NYPD Blue and Deadwood and it gets even better. But wait, we’re not done yet. The pilot episode, which you can check out right now in our free preview, was directed by the amazing Michael Mann. Take a look at Luck and let us know what you think.


Speaking of Deadwood, that’s another show you can check out in our TMN Free Preview. This is the western to end all western, featuring a star making performance by the great Ian McShane. You can sample the first two episodes from the first season of Deadwood right now for the low cost of free.

Game of Thrones

One of the most anticipated returns this television season is that of Game of Thrones, which was a huge success when it first aired last year. I didn’t watch it right away, but I did play catch up not long ago and have to say I was suitably impressed. Great set pieces, great acting – you don’t have to be a hugh fan of fantasy to get into all of the intrigue. In our TMN Free Preview, you can check out the first episode of Game of Thrones season one, which really sets the stage for all that’s to come.

Those are just a few of the shows you can check out in TMN’s Free Preview. But really, there are so many more shows for you to sample  – Showtimes Nurse Jackie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood and many, many more. Definitely head over to Rogers On Demand Online and take a look at all of these stellar, award winning shows. I’m pretty sure you’ll find at least one you like. And to read more TMN Free Preview related info, be sure to check Rogers Beyond The Guide blog. The TMN Free Preview is on now until February 26th.

What’s your favourite show in the free preview? We want to know!

Andrew is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers on Demand Online: what’s new for 2012

Alcatraz on Rogers on Demand OnlineIt’s hard to believe that we’re near the end of January already. How are you feeling? Resolved? Tired? Ready to take on a brand new year? A new year also means brand new tv shows all vying for your time and eyes. To bring you up to speed on what’s out there, we’ve put together a list of some of the new prime time shows we’ve got on Rogers On Demand Online. Take a look – I bet there’s something you’ll love to watch.


What do you get when you combine the most ominous prison in American history with one of the most acclaimed creators currently working in television? The answer is J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz, which is free to watch to everyone. The show stars Sam Neil, Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) and Sarah Jones. The series combines the supernatural mystery of Lost with a police procedural style case of the week, which makes it an entertaining show.  The big question of the series – how are long supposed dead former Alcatraz prisoners alive in contemporary San Francisco having not aged a day? Hopefully, we’ll get answers sooner than later.

Arctic Air

Take a look at the new CBC show Arctic Air, free to watch for all Rogers Customers, and you may notice a familiar face. Adam Beach has been seen in all sorts of mainstream fair, including the film Cowboys and Aliens, Flags Of Our Fathers and as a regular on Law and Order: SVU. In Arctic Air, Beach stars as Bobby, who returns home to Yellowknife and the family business, a maverick airline run by an eclectic group of people.  The show is already a huge hit, with more than 1 million people watching the premiere episode. Catch up on the series and see what Canada’s been talking about, right here.

My Babysitter’s A Vampire

If you’re looking for something for the kids, you should definitely check out Teletoon’s My Babysitter’s A Vampire. What began as a made for television film is now a full on series about a trio with some cool powers – Ehtan is a Seer, his best pal Benny is a spellmaster and his babysitter Sarah just happens to be a vampire. Together, they take on all sorts of things that go bump in the night – from zombies and ghosts to demons and witches. My Babysitter’s A Vampire is free to watch to Rogers cable customers, so catch up on the first three episodes right now.

That’s just a taste of some of the new shows available to watch on Rogers On Demand Online. There are also brand new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Glee and many more available as well.

Of all the new shows that have premiered in 2012, which are you most excited about?

Andrew is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Have yourself a merry Rogers christmasWith less than 3 days to go until the big day, I’m getting more and more into the holiday spirit. I got all my holiday shopping done early this year thanks to Connected Magazine’s “Holiday Gift Guide,” which included a U.S.S. enterprise Lego kit for my dad (big Trekkie!), and the POP phone for my sister.

Personally, I’m looking forward to relaxing and hosting a few gatherings with close friends and family now that shopping’s out of the way. In the spirit of sharing, here are some ways I’m bringing holiday cheer into my home this season.

  • Rogers On Demand’s Holiday Channel: Here you’ll find the best this holiday season has to offer, including kid’s favourite’s, editor’s picks, and of course classic movies and TV specials for the whole family to enjoy. For more ideas, check out Andrew’s “HoHoHo It’s the Holiday Channel” Redboard post.
  • The Fireplace Channel: Those of us not lucky enough to have a fireplace thrive on this channel this time of year. Now I know, it’s not the real thing – but you still get the warm glow and crackle from the fire. Tune in on channels 204 for SD and 574 for HD.
  • Galaxie Channels on Rogers On Demand: This is another great one to have going in the background if you already have a fireplace. Right now on Galaxie we’ve got 9 holiday stations to suit everyone’s needs! Listen online and through select tablets and smartphones – free for all Rogers digital customers!
  • RogersurMusic: If you’re conflicted between the Fireplace Channel or Galaxie holiday music channels, fear not – you can have both! I like to entertain with the Fireplace channel going on my TV, and my special holiday mix playing in the background. urMusic has TONS of holiday tracks to download this season – everything from The Muppets to Bing Crosby!

As I type this post in front of the Fireplace Channel with eggnog in hand, and Nat King Cole’s “Merry Christmas to You” in the background, I’d like to wish all our readers a happy holiday on behalf of Rogers!

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Coming to an Xbox near you: Rogers on Demand

I’m a huge Xbox fan, and have been for a very long time; I was at one of the launch parties for the first console way back in 2001! It’s the most important part of my home entertainment experience: from blockbuster releases and independent games to custom portals and behind the scenes videos, the console is the centerpiece of my home video experience. As such, I am really thrilled to be involved in one of our most anticipated new projects.

Here at Rogers, we’re always exploring opportunities to bring you the content you love in new and exciting ways. With that in mind, we are excited to announce that Rogers On Demand will be coming to the Xbox 360 in time for the holidays!

Features and Programming

Our application will be a great way to enjoy Rogers On Demand content from anywhere via your Xbox 360, and will integrate seamlessly with the new Xbox dashboard experience. Features will include:

  • A diverse assortment of TV shows like Mad Men, movies, trailers and curated channels such as the Kids & Family Collection
  • Kinect integration including voice and gesture based commands to browse and load content
  • Predictive search to quickly locate the content you’re looking for

Rogers postpaid wireless, home phone and Internet customers can catch-up on shows from Citytv, CBC and CBC News Network, watch movie trailers and more. Rogers cable TV customers have access to premium channel programming that they subscribe to through their existing cable package.

We are constantly working to add new features and content!  Stay tuned as we add more shows and movies to our ever growing library. Let us know in the comments below if there are features that you would like to see on the Rogers On Demand on Xbox 360 experience.


The application will be available to all Rogers customers who have an Xbox LIVE Gold membership and a Rogers On Demand Online account. If you are already registered at, you will be good to go! If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to set up a free account for access to a selection of great content on the Xbox 360, select Android devices, iPhone and iPad as well as on your computer.

At Rogers, we’re always working hard to provide new experiences on new platforms. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

To see the Rogers on Demand application on Xbox in action, check out this short video:

Are you excited about the Rogers On Demand experience on Xbox 360?

Edward is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers On Demand Online – Ho Ho Ho! It’s The Holiday Channel

Rogers on Demand Online Holiday channelCan you smell it in the air – fruit cake, pine trees, apple cider? I know I can. I can’t wait for the holidays to begin – it’s my favourite time of year. Spending time with the family and friends, eating too much turkey and oh yeah, the presents. I admit it, I love giving and getting presents. I’m still a kid at heart, I suppose. Over the next month I know I’ll be spending a lot of my free time checking out The Holiday Channel on Rogers On Demand Online. We’ve gone through and collected the best  tv shows, free movies, and holiday rentals for you to watch to get yourself in the festive spirit.

Holiday Movies and TV Shows - There are lots of great holiday tv shows and films that you can watch right now on Rogers On Demand Online. You can catch free prime time holiday episodes of hits like 2 Broke Girls and Mad Men. We’ll also be adding in lots of free holiday themed films throughout the month of December, including A Christmas Story and the original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory!  Rogers Customers can also check out free classic Holiday themed retro tv including episodes of Cagney and Lacey and The Addams Family. Yes, even the Addams Family had Christmas episodes.

Free Holiday Shorts – Don’t have time to commit to a tv show or film? No problem! On The Holiday Channel, we’ve got a solid collection of free holiday shorts that will give you a quick hit of yuletide joy. Check out the latest music video from Justin Bieber, hilarious Saturday Night Live shorts and lots of classic retro minisodes of The Facts of Life, Silver Spoons and Newsradio. Get your laughs or tunes in just 5 minutes!

More great primetime shows from Citytv and FX Canada will be added throughout the month of December so make sure you check back often!

Holiday Rentals – The Holiday Channel also features lots of great movies that you can rent from the comfort of your laptop and watch wherever you want in your home.  If you’re looking for brand new releases, you’ll find Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, Becoming Christmas and Holiday Engagement ready to be rented. For more recent films that have become a holiday favourite, you can check out Vince Vaughn and Resse Witherspoon in Four Christmases, or Will Farrell in Elf, which is a favourite amongst all the folks I work with at Rogers On Demand Online.  If you’ve got little ones in your family, there are also lots of Thomas & Friends and Bob The Builder movies to choose from in The Holiday Channel. And be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll be adding more holiday rentals all through December.

There’s already lots of great content to choose from in The Holiday Channel, with even more on the way. So really, there’s no reason anybody should be saying “bah hum-bug” throughout December.

On that note, I’m going to go rent Four Christmases, one of my favourite holiday films. What’s one of yours?

Andrew is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Got a sec? Here’s 3 quick TV and wireless tips from Connected Rogers Magazine

Tips on Rogers Products and servicesYou’re busy. We get it. So our friends at Connected Magazine are always putting together what they call “10 second tips:” quick and easy tips to help you get the most out of your Rogers TV and wireless experience. Here are 3 quick ones:

Create a Rogers on Demand Online Playlist

Want to set up a movie marathon? Why not add 15 minute musical interludes to the mix so you can take bathroom or snack breaks? Just set up a Rogers on Demand Online Playlist so you can play TV shows, video clips, music videos and movies without having to return to the main menu. Here’s how:

  1. Register for Rogers on Demand Online. It’s free at
  2. Sign in and find the shows, movies or clips you like. Click on the + symbol under the item to add it to your playlist
  3. Click My Playlist when you’re done. To watch your items, just click on one and your playlist will start.
  4. After your video is done, you can continue to select other videos from your playlist which will be located down the right side of your screen

Check your monthly wireless usage

Are you going to go over your monthly data? How many minutes do you have left? Here’s three ways to find out:

  1. Go to and log into your My Rogers account (or create an account for free). In the wireless section, click Load Wireless Usage and presto! There’s your usage for the month
  2. Download the free My Account app from your device’s app store. Open it and select Check Wireless Usage. Done.
  3. You can also find out your usage on your phone. Select Internet from the main menu or just text HOME to 4836 and select the My Account link from your home page. Click More under My Account.

Create a Rogers on Demand PIN Code

New release movies or sporting events on Rogers on Demand can incur rental charges. To rent anything, you must enter your own code. You probably already know that the default code is set to 0000 but if you want to change your PIN, here’s how:

  1. Press settings twice on your Rogers remote
  2. Scroll down the list and select Purchase: PIN, Press OK.
  3. Scroll through and select Enable to activate your PIN code. Follow the prompts and when complete, press Exit.

Did you find these tips helpful? You can download and print this How-To here which includes the above 3 tips and more. You can also find more handy how-to’s here.

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Get creeped out with Rogers On Demand Online

Halloween movies on Rogers on Demand OnlineWith the dog days of October closing in on us, that spooky feeling that comes with the month just gets stronger and stronger. Works for me – I’m a huge horror film fan. From ghosts and goblins to vampires (ones that don’t shimmer and go out during the daylight), werewolves and creepy things with tentacles, I’ll watch them all. On that note, I’m really pleased that Rogers On Demand Online has the Spooky Cinema & TV Collection on our site.  Basically, all the great, creepy content available on the site can be found on one, easy to manage page.  Here’s a look at just some of the movies, television shows and rentals you can find.

Free Movies: there’s nothing scary about watching some classic horror flicks for the low cost of free. In the Spooky Cinema & TV Collection, you’ll find some essential Halloween films, guaranteed to make you leave the lights on.

There’s I Know What You Did Last Summer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillippe Freddy Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar, as a group of teenagers who accidently kill a man and swear to never anybody. Not really a great idea, especially when the foursome starts getting picked off one by one.

Also available to watch for free is the first film in the Saw franchise. Go back to the beginning where we meet the maniacal Jigsaw for the first time. If you haven’t seen Saw before, bear in mind it is pretty gory at certain points throughout the film. However, it’s also clever and well made, with a spectacularly unpredictable ending.

Spooky TV Shows:  One of the scariest shows to have hit television over the last few years was Masters of Horror. The idea was simple – get some of the best horror filmmakers in the world to create hour long episodes of their choosing. It’s an anthology series that lasted two seasons and featured work from directors like John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon and Dario Argento. You can watch both seasons of Masters of Horror for free at Rogers On Demand Online, but you will have to sign in first.

Spooky Rentals:  There are lots great new release and classic scary films available to rent from Rogers On Demand Online right now. Scream 4 reunites the original cast from the beloved film franchise – including Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell and whoever it is behind the Ghostface mask this time.  There’s also The Ward, the latest film from Halloween director John Carpenter, about a young institutionalized woman terrorized by a ghost. As for classics, you can take a trip to the Overlook Hotel (if you dare) by renting The Shining (still one of the greatest films ever made, horror or otherwise, in my humble opinion). What about The Exorcist – often hailed as thee scariest film every created?

As you can see, Rogers On Demand Online offers countless hours of great Spooky Cinema & TV for you to choose from in our collection. All you have to do is decide whether or not you’re brave enough to watch.

What’s your favourite scary to movie to watch at Halloween?

Andrew is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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You click, you score: Rogers On Demand Online launches Leafs live streaming

Leafs live streaming on Rogers on Demand OnlineBeginning today, Rogers On Demand Online will be live streaming Sportsnet and Leafs TV games at, free, for customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Leafs TV with their cable package. With all of the regular season games broadcasted on Sportsnet and Leafs TV, plus additional on-demand programming such as Game In Six Minutes or Game In One Hour, is the place to be for the best Leafs content.

All Rogers Cable TV customers within the Leafs broadcast territory will be able to receive 29 online streaming Leafs games as part of their cable package by simply registering and completing their Rogers account profile at  Subscribers to Rogers DigitalVIP package will be able to stream an additional 12 games for a total of 41 games.

Rogers On Demand Online has become one of the top spots for sports viewing with live streaming of Toronto Blue Jays games and Rogers Cup matches this year, as well as the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Combined, all live streamed sports events have resulted in over half a million live streams to the site. We know Canadians love hockey and the Leafs live streaming is just one of the ways we’re helping to enhance your hockey viewing experience.

We’re celebrating everything Leafs this week with a Rogers On Demand Online Leafs live streaming giveaway! Just tell us in the comments section of this post, in 100 words or less, about the most memorable Leafs game you’ve ever watched and you could win one of 10 Dion Phaneuf or Phil Kessel autographed Toronto Maple Leafs replica jerseys.

UPDATE (October 24, 2011, 12:00 pm): The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for your sharing your favourite Leafs memories with us! We’ll be announcing the winners of the jerseys both here on our blog and on our Twitter account, @RogersBuzz. The post will remain open for comments, so you can continue sharing your Leafs memories, however, any comments received after 12:00pm on October 24 will be ineligible for the draw for the jerseys.

UPDATE (October 26, 2011, 11:18): Congratulations to Jeff, Justin, Alex, Shaun, Stephen, David, Katelyn, Aline, Isabella and Mike S – the winners of the signed Phaneuf and Kessel replica jerseys. Your prizes are in the mail and should arrive soon. Thanks again to everyone who participated and shared their favourite Leafs memories!

Sharon is a regular contributor to RedBoard

Contest closes at 12:00 p.m. ET on October 24, 2011. Open to residents of Canada who are 18 years or older, excluding residents of Quebec. To enter, tell us in 100 words or less, on the RedBoard blog, about the most memorable Leafs game you’ve ever watched.  Prize: Participants are eligible to win one (1) of ten (10) Toronto Maple Leafs autographed jersey valued at approximately $250.00 each—only one Jersey per winner. One entry/person. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries. Mathematical skill-testing question to be correctly answered to win. No Purchase Necessary. Full rules here.

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Let’s go to the movies: Rogers On Demand Online celebrates film festivals

Rogers on Demand Online Festival FlicksOver the years, I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few big movie premiers. Back in 1994, I was in the same room with Robert Englund, the horror legend you may know better as Freddie Krueger, for the debut of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which was pretty cool for a horror fan like me.

While there’s nothing quite like the glitz and glamour of a big time movie premiere, there’s also a lot to be said about watching movies in the comfort of your own home. Not only is Rogers On Demand Online a great place to catch up on any of your favourite tv shows you may have missed, it’s also your one stop destination for movie streaming on the web with the Rogers On Demand Rentals Store. Along with new titles on the day they’re released (typically Tuesday if you’re looking for them), we also have special themes that we run to tie in with everything from holidays to movie stars to special events.

In the case of September, we’re featuring some critically acclaimed festival flicks that we know you’ll want to check out.

Some consider Apocalypse Now to be one of the greatest war films of all time, while others simply site it as one of greatest films, period. Starring Martin Sheen, Marlon Brandon, Robert Duvall and Dennis Hopper (along with a blink and you’ll miss it appearance by Harrison Ford), the film debuted at Cannes back in 1979 and received a huge reaction. Some twenty years later, director Francis Ford Coppola added footage that was originally edited out for various reasons and created Apocalypse Now Redux, making a great movie even better. If you’ve never seen either version, get comfortable and check it out now.

Bill Murray is often regarded as simply a comedic actor, but the man is incredibly versatile. For proof, look no further than Lost In Translation, co-starring a then 18-year old Scarlett Johansson as a woman who meets an aging movie star when both wind up in Tokyo. When Lost In Translation debuted at the Telluride Film Festival back in 2003, it immediately created a buzz, thanks to the poignant performances from Murray and Johansson and the subtle direction of Sophia Coppola (daughter of Francis). Made for just $4 million, Lost In Translation wound up grossing nearly $120 million worldwide, an amazing accomplishment for a small but gorgeous film.

Another solid and interesting rental on Rogers On Demand Online is Blindness, which was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008. The film, about a sudden epidemic of blindness that effects society, features a knockout cast, including Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Danny Glover and beloved Canadian actor Maury Chaykin. The film is fairly dark, but it’s also an intriguing concept anchored by a strong script by Canadian Don McKellar (who adapted Blindness from the book of the same name).

If none of the above appeal to you, there are a lot more festival flicks for you to peruse on Rogers On Demand Online, or choose from our huge selection of New Releases for some of the biggest Hollywood hits from the last few months.  Next time, I’ll let you know all about the free films we have on the site as well.

What one film can you watch over and over without ever getting bored?

Andrew Burns is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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