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Weekend reading: The boys of summer, a return to Winterfell and mobile matters

Weekend readingAfter my recent gadget obsession, I was glued to the tube this week. In addition to some notable finales, it was batter up for the Toronto Blue Jays and the final countdown to the Game of Thrones season four premiere. Plus, we learned Canadians are crazy for mobile. Check it out!

Let’s go Blue Jays!

As playoff hopes rise, and fall, across sports stadiums, the Toronto Blue Jays are just getting into the swing of it all with the home opener tonight. Of course, even when the team is at home, I can’t make it out for every ball game. Luckily, all 162 of this year’s games are available with Rogers Anyplace TV. Rogers digital television customers can live stream the games on their computer and tablet with Rogers Anyplace TV and their Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE or Sportsnet 360 subscriptions, while Rogers wireless customers can tune in on their smartphone via the Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app.

Earlier this week, Sarah shared her story of catching a game while commuting. When have you watched a game on the go?

Game on

Going from the diamond to a different kind of game entirely: Game of Thrones returns this weekend! The Rogers Your World This Week team sat down with Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) and Kristian Nairn (Hodor) to find out what season four has in store – watch the full video. In case you’ve forgotten some of the finer plot points from last year, Mashable is offering fans a little refresher on life in Winterfell, translated into emoji.

Catch the premiere on April 6 on HBO Canada, or watch it later with Rogers Anyplace TV and Rogers On Demand.

How will you celebrate the season premiere?

Making it mobile

The average Canadian spent more than 34 hours per month online in 2013, with more of those hours being logged on mobile devices than ever before, says new research from ComScore. The Globe and Mail notes that in the U.S., more than half of people’s time spent online in 2013 was mobile – a whopping 566 billion minutes! Canadians are spending that time on mobile checking the weather, social networking and searching.

Finally, getting back to that tube obsession, roughly a third of us are using a smartphone or tablet while watching TV (I was hunting Pokemon while watching TV on Monday night).

I’m definitely reading way more websites and watching more videos on my smartphone every year – how about you?

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Game Of Thrones returns April 6: Get a sneak peek

The calendar may say spring, but really, we all know that winter is coming!

We’re all anxiously awaiting the return to Winterfell when Game of Thrones premieres on April 6. To celebrate the hotly anticipated season premiere, the Rogers Your World This Week team sat down with Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran Stark, and Kristian Nairn, the man behind Hodor, to find out what season four has in store.

Catch the premiere on April 6 on HBO Canada. Forgot to block Sunday night off in your calendar? No worries – you can watch it on demand with Rogers Anyplace TV and Rogers On Demand.

What would your Game of Thrones name be?

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Kick off the Toronto Blue Jays season with Rogers Anyplace TV

Blue JaysI’m a die-hard Toronto Blue Jays fan.

How much of a fan, you ask? Well, for our honeymoon last summer, my husband and I took a road trip to Buffalo to catch a game of the Blue Jays triple-A team, the Buffalo Bisons.

One night later, we were sitting right behind home plate to watch as the Blue Jays took on the Tampa Bay Rays.

Today marks the start of the Blue Jays 2014 season. And while I’d rather be in Tampa Bay catching the game in person (and soaking up some sun), I’ll be able to watch the first Blue Jays game of the season while I’m on the go in Toronto with Rogers Anyplace TV.

Here’s how Rogers customers can watch all 162 Blue Jays games this year:

  • Rogers digital television customers can live stream the games on their computer and tablet with Rogers Anyplace TV and their Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE or Sportsnet 360 subscriptions;
  • Rogers wireless customers can tune in on their smartphone via the Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app.

Sportsnet will also be following the Blue Jays with real-time alerts from the free Sportsnet Mobile app, available for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android. Plus fans can join a live chat with Sportsnet’s team of writers on during key games and find all the latest news and updates for their favourite team.

Last summer, when the Blue Jays were about to win their 11th straight game, my husband and I were on the move.

When the game began, we were listening to Sportnet 590 the FAN broadcast in the car en route to the Burlington GO Station to catch a train back to Toronto. We sat in the car as long as we could.

When it was almost time for the train, we had to figure out another way to listen to the game. Then I remembered we could watch it on our smartphones!

We cheered every home run as the train rolled on – don’t worry, we had headphones so as not to disturb everyone.

By the time we got to Toronto, the Blue Jays were up handily. We turned off the game as we transferred from the GO Train to a streetcar, then resumed watching on the Rogers Anyplace TV app.

The Blue Jays ended up winning that game 13-5.

Here’s to a fabulous 2014 season, wherever you catch the game.

Where’s the oddest place you’ve watched a Blue Jays game using the Rogers Anyplace TV app?

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Weekend reading: Cool consoles, tablet stats and staying safe online

Weekend readingThis week, we’re looking into the potential of the new Microsoft Xbox One as an entertainment hub and digging into the latest tablet stats – can you guess who came out on top in 2013? Plus, we’re marking Fraud Prevention Month with a few reminders to help you stay safe online. Learn more in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading.

Gaga for gaming

When I was a kid, my Super Nintendo rocked my world. That admittedly outdated technology followed me through Super Mario Kart marathons in university and all the way to my first few jobs in Toronto, where a friend and I would try to complete the Donkey Kong games (to 100 per cent, natch) in one sitting.

Now, of course, gaming consoles are about so much more than just playing games. The new Xbox One is an entertainment hub – in addition to games, you can tune in to movies, music, sports, TV and even training from Jillian Michaels. You can also stream your favourite shows with Rogers Anyplace TV. For more on the future of the Xbox One, check out our chat with Greg Barber, Vice President, Consumer Channels Group at Microsoft Canada.

What do you do with your console, beyond gaming?

Android takes tablet lead

Android hit a home run in 2013, surpassing Apple’s iOS to become the leading tablet operating system. Android tablet sales made up about 62 per cent of  the global market share, according to research from Garner, as reported by CNET. That’s up from a 45.8 per cent share in 2012.

While Android was the top operating system for tablets, iPads were the top model. Sales for the Apple tablets grew to 70.4 million from 61.4 million. Samsung was the second most popular tablet manufacturer.

Tablet sales across the board soared in 2013, hitting 195.4 million. That’s a 68 per cent increase from 2012.

What kind of tablet do you own?

Protect yourself online

Just how secure is your password? The 10th annual Fraud Prevention Month is a good reminder to evaluate your online security. To mark the campaign, the Competition Bureau has released The Little Black Book of Scams as a free ebook. It outlines how scams work, how to recognize potentially fraudulent activities and how to report them.

Check out more tips to help you avoid fraud traps on RedBoard and check out TechEssentials for everything from creating strong passwords to avoiding phishing scams.

How often do you change your passwords?

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Gaming transformed: Microsoft’s Xbox One goes beyond the game

Xbox OneRemember when gaming consoles first became popular? They had just one function: to play video games. Much like how cellphones went from making calls to doing, well, just about everything, consoles have continued to evolve and today, they are much more than just games – they are entertainment hubs.

These days, gaming consoles are a staple in Canadian households, and the new Xbox One bridges the gap between dedicated gamers and average consumers. We spoke to Greg Barber, Vice President, Consumer Channels Group at Microsoft Canada about why Canadians are embracing these new consoles – and what’s coming next.

“Consumers expect much more from their consoles than they did five years ago. They don’t want one device for gaming and another for entertainment,” says Greg. “We created a state-of-the-art gaming platform and fused it with the power of Windows. It brings together the best games, multiplayer, and movies, music, sports and TV together in one place.”

Forget being glued to the couch, the most popular games cause users to break out in a sweat. Greg says that Just Dance 14 or trainers such as Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson on Xbox Fitness provide Canadians a new age workout in the comfort of their own home.

Upgraded graphics and functionality enhance the gaming, fitness or entertainment experience: “Xbox One games look and feel incredibly real, with cinematic gameplay that rivals Hollywood. With Xbox One, I can snap two things side-by-side on my TV, and switch from one to another instantly, all controlled by my voice through the Kinect Sensor.

What can users expect for the future from Xbox?

“Xbox One is built for the future; it is built for the digital age using the latest technology and the power of the cloud and it just keeps getting better, the possibilities are almost endless,” says Greg. “Thanks to this, Xbox One grows with you over time. The advanced voice and motion control of the new Kinect Sensor are unprecedented; Kinect responds to your commands and gestures like never before, making new game and entertainment experiences possible.”

Canadians can stream their favourite TV on Xbox One with Rogers Anyplace TV. While tuned in, viewers can play around with their next-gen multitasking apps and use their voice or simple hand motions to make their viewing experience highly interactive. If you have an Xbox One at home, create a Rogers Anyplace TV account for free and log in.

What’s your favourite non-gaming feature of the Xbox One?

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How to watch your favourite shows with Rogers Anyplace TV

Rogers Anyplace TVFrom the drama of Lena Dunham’s Girls to the zombie hijinks of The Walking Dead, you can watch all your favourites – new and old – from your desktop with our newly refreshed Rogers Anyplace TV website. Even better news? You can start watching right now – Rogers Anyplace TV gives you access to all the great shows you already enjoy with your digital TV subscription.

Here’s how to start watching:

First, you need to register:

  • Go to
  • Click “Register” in the top right corner
  • Sign in with your My Rogers account
  • OR complete the necessary fields and verify you’re a Rogers customer by doing one of the following:
    • Enter your postal code if you’re currently using Rogers internet
    • Send a verification code to your Rogers wireless phone
    • Enter your Rogers account number

Then you can start watching!

If you have a specific show in mind:

  • Type the show name in the search bar on the type right of your screen
  • As you type more letters, your results will narrow down to a match
  • Click your desired title from the drop down menu
  • Enjoy!

To browse what’s available:

  • Click the “On Demand” button on the top navigation bar
  • Click “TV Shows” in the sub-navigation bar
  • Click the “A-Z” button to sort the shows in alphabetical order and find your show

Or, to see what’s on your favourite channels:

  • Click the “On Demand” button on the top navigation bar
  • Click “Channels” in the sub-navigation bar
  • Click the “A-Z” button to sort the channels in alphabetical order
  • Click on your desired channel and find your show

What TV shows will you be watching this winter?

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13 highlights of 2013

Year endFrom major NHL and magazine announcements to speedy LTE expansion, travel and tablets,  2013 was a busy year at Rogers! I had the pleasure of joining the RedBoard team in 2013 – but I’m told I’m not allowed to call that a highlight of our year! So, in no particular order, here are 13 highlights of the year that was:

  1. Hitting high speed: We expanded our LTE network to new cities in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia and hit our goal of launching in 95 new markets in 2013 (you can see the full list here). Deploying more 2600 Mhz spectrum than any other provider also meant bringing our blazing fast speeds to more Rogers customers in Manitoba, Ontario, B.C. and Quebec. For us on RedBoard, it was a chance to share our favourite speedy apps, a new infographic and quiz people on the street about what, exactly, LTE means.
  2. Tablet talk: We were all about the portable devices this year. We learned a bunch of fun stats as a result – about one in 10 Canadians currently own a tablet and 33 per cent of all time spent with tablets happens outside the home. Neil Shuart shared how tablets are all about speed, Bob Stein focussed on the content and Duncan Stewart looked forward to hybrid devices. We even polled regular Canadians about how they were using their tablets – watch the video with their answers here
  3. Wanderlust: We gave into the travel bug this year, sharing blog posts from San Francisco, California, Buffalo and even Prague. We also shared all things roaming related, from debunking myths, finding out just how many of you want to keep tabs on your pets, and sharing our favourite apps and how to control your data use to explaining our new worry-free $7.99 rate.
  4. Great gigs: We also celebrated our employees this year, starting a new series featuring Cool Jobs at Rogers – from Shelagh Barrett’s work with the Rogers Youth Fund initiative and Elana Schachter’s role in the digital magazine space to Hitesh Lad’s contributions in customer service. LinkedIn also recognized Rogers employees as among the top five in the world for volunteering – measured by those who added “Volunteer and Causes” information to their profiles on the professional social networking site.
  5. Office perks: Rogers was also named one of Canada’s top 100 employers for 2014. The Mediacorp list recognized Rogers for great office amenities, the employee bonus program and parental top-up payments, among other things.
  6. Get inside Rogers retail locations: Google Street View has mapped New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the White House, France’s Musee D’Orsay, and even Parliament Hill. And, in 2013, we were able to add Rogers retail locations across the country to that list. To check it out, browse on over to your store’s Google + page (click the “See Inside” option) or visit the website for your local Rogers retail location on your computer or mobile device to load the virtual tour.
  7. Tackling TV: Would you skimp on sleep to catch just one more episode? If the answer is yes, your TV viewing habits are in line with 80 per cent of Canadians, according to our Rogers Innovation Report. We learned the longest viewing sessions average more than five hours on a weekday and almost seven hours on a weekend, and we took the opportunity to create a nifty interactive infographic to help you decode your TV persona, from “Marathon TV Viewer” to “Multiscreen Tasker.”
  8. Connected in the community: In June, Rogers announced a new initiative to help provide broadband Internet for youth and low-income Canadian families. Connected for Success, which launched with Toronto Community Housing, offers broadband internet for $9.99 a month, plus the option to purchase a computer loaded with software for $150, thanks to Microsoft Canada and Compugen. We also spoke with educator Neil Price about the importance of digital literacy and what the program could mean for students.
  9. Magazine buffet: Rogers launched the all-you-can-read digital magazine Next Issue Canada in October. Offering unlimited access to more than 100 Canadian and U.S. titles, we were excited to take it for a test-drive and chat with Next Issue Canada President Ken Whyte about what it means for readers and publishers.
  10. Rogers Youth Education Day: We took to Twitter and Facebook in September to ask  you to share your #BrighterFuture stories about how education made a difference in your life. As part of Rogers Youth Education Day, we were able to donate mobile tech units to each of our 52 non-profit partners across the country – a $250,000 commitment! Thanks for joining the conversation and helping us give back!
  11. Digital shopping: Bulky wallets, be gone? In November, Rogers announced the launch of the suretap wallet, which lets shoppers make payments with a simple tap of their smartphone. Using the secure SIM card inside an NFC-enabled smartphone, suretap can be used at contactless payment terminals – the same kind that let you tap to pay with your credit card. For even more smartphone shopping power, we also launched Rogers Alerts, which, if you opt in, sends you location-based mobile offers via SMS.
  12. Tube talk: We hosted parenting expert Kathy Buckworth for a Twitter chat about how she manages screen time at home. She shared her top tips, and love of popcorn, in a noon-time chat that trended in Canada! It was also a chance to share details of the new Rogers Kids Zone, a secure children’s entertainment destination where families can enjoy kid’s TV shows and movies at home, on channel 200, or on the go with on computers, and on the Rogers Anyplace TV application for smartphones, tablets, Xbox 360 gaming systems and LG Smart TVs.
  13. He shoots, he scores! We do love hockey at Rogers, and one of the most exciting bits of news we shared this year on RedBoard was announcing the NHL broadcast deal.  The 12-year agreement, which starts with the 2014/15 season, includes national rights in all languages across TV broadcasts, internet and mobile streaming, as well as all linear and digital highlights including condensed games and video archives. The deal also includes a partnership with CBC for Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts and TVA for French-language coverage. We also started sponsoring the Edmonton Oilers and are excited to start construction on their new home, Rogers Place!

Happy New Year! What will you remember from 2013?

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Family TV viewing tips: Tweet chat recap with Kathy Buckworth

This week, we announced the launch of Rogers Kids Zone: a one-stop, family-friendly entertainment destination where Rogers customers can enjoy children’s’ TV shows and movies at home or on the go. Families can access Rogers Kids Zone on televisions via Rogers On Demand channel 200, on computers, and on the Rogers Anyplace TV application for smartphones, tablets, Xbox 360 gaming systems and LG Smart TVs.

To celebrate our new kids’ space, we hosted a tweet chat with parenting expert Kathy Buckworth. Buckworth shared her family’s TV-watching traditions – and rules around screen time – with our @RogersBuzz followers. Read on for some highlights from Thursday’s conversation.

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Video: Milos Raonic talks tennis and Twitter

The Rogers Cup kicks off with the men in Montreal on August 2, and the women hit the court in Toronto on August 3. Canadian superstar Milos Raonic will be competing in Montreal, but took some time out of his busy training schedule to answer a few questions about technology, Twitter and tennis for RedBoard.

Catch all the action from the men’s and women’s tournaments live on your smartphone, computer or tablet with Rogers Anyplace TV. For more, visit

Jennifer is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Stream the playoffs live on your smartphone with Rogers Anyplace TV and CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada

HTC One streaming hockeyAs a hockey nation, many of us are getting ready for the start of the playoffs tonight. One of the biggest stories north of the border has been the long anticipated return of the Toronto Maple Leafs to the hockey post-season. The Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators also clinched spots, which means fans across the country are gearing up for an adrenaline-charged series of games ahead.

The Maple Leafs haven’t had playoff presence for nine years. At that time, Canadians would have never watched the team fight for the cup in high definition – much less on a smartphone.

Much has changed

Now you can watch the on ice action unfold in the palm of your hand. You can catch the first round right through to the finals via CBC’s live broadcast coverage of Hockey Night in Canada on Rogers Anyplace TV on your smartphone.

How else has technology changed since these teams made cup runs?

  •  In 2004, when the Leafs last played in the post-season, Apple had just introduced the iPod Mini, which would eventually be replaced by the iPod Nano. The iPhone wouldn’t exist for another three years. Now we’re on the iPhone 5.
  • Leafs nation has never embraced the playoff experience on the major social networks. Facebook  - then still known as “The Facebook” – was open exclusively to university students in 2004, starting with Harvard and expanding in March  to include MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia and Yale. Twitter, meanwhile, was still two years away from launching its micro-blogging platform. And YouTube was still one year away from entertaining us with endless cat videos and introducing us to memes such as Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake.
  • Virtual playoff runs were still on the Xbox and the PS2 for Maple Leafs fans. The Xbox 360 would launch in 2005 and the PS3 would roll out in 2006. Nintendo, meanwhile, wouldn’t introduce motion controlled gaming to the masses with the Wii for two more years – in 2006. Now, gamers have gotten their hands on the Wii U and are eagerly awaiting news of the “Xbox 720” and the next-generation Sony console.
  • Montreal fans watching the Habs’ last playoff run in 2011 couldn’t have been posting about the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge from the Samsung Galaxy SIII – the popular handset was not announced until 2012. For this years’ playoffs, some lucky fans will have the newest Galaxy –the S4 – in hand.

After digesting that list, I’m starting to feel much older.

Here’s what you need to know about the Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app

  • In most cases it comes pre-loaded on your Rogers smartphone. In addition to live sports programming, you can also access news, kids and entertainment content while you’re on the go.
  • It’s available from the iTunes App store, Google Play and BlackBerry App World.

Take advantage of current promo offers:

  • Normally, for $5 per month, you can catch 10 hours of viewing, with overage fees of $1 per additional hour of streaming. But we’ve got good news: overage charges are waived until October 31, 2013.
  • If you are activating an eligible Talk, Text and Internet plan (on one, two or three year terms) you will receive free access to the app for the duration of the term. That’s pretty sweet. This offer is available for a limited time.

What technology will you use to tune in to hockey’s post-season?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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