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Lost, Stolen, Damaged – a refresher on tips to keep your phone safe

Have you lost your device before? Or perhaps it’s been stolen? Or (oops!) you damaged it? Believe me, you aren’t the only one – more than 17,000 devices are stolen, lost or damaged in Canada every day.  Whether it’s your iPhone, Android or Blackberry®, it’s important to take any steps you can to make sure it’s well protected:

Report it Missing!

You can report your phone as lost or stolen online through your MyRogers™ account at Once you’ve logged in, at the top of the screen click on MyRogers then Products & Services.



Then, click on the “Suspend Your Usage” link and follow the prompts to halt usage of the phone.


What happens next? Rogers will temporarily suspend the phone and block it from any further use. This will prevent you from being liable for any minutes or data used while the phone is missing.

You can also deactivate your phone by calling Rogers at 1-888-ROGERS1 (764-3771) and speaking directly with a representative.

Rogers Device Protection – New & Improved!

Now, let’s say your phone is accidentally damaged. Or it’s out of warranty, meaning it’s no longer covered by the device manufacturer. If you have Rogers Device Protection, you can file a service request, pay a replacement fee (varies depending on what device you have), and get a replacement delivered – in most cases, the next day. The same is true if you lose your phone or it’s stolen (not available to customers in Saskatchewan, Quebec and Newfoundland).

There are few feelings worse than losing or having your device stolen –it’s often our lifeline. Rogers Device Protection comes with something new, the Soluto™ digital app that helps find and secure your lost phone, and lock it remotely (available on iPhone and Android devices) so any personal information isn’t compromised or accessible.

Here are just a few of the great features that can help you when you’re device falls into the wrong hands:

  • Locate: Easily locate your lost device on a map
  • Alarm: Make your device ring loudly, even if set to silent or vibrate
  • Lock: Lock a missing phone to keep your important info safe
  • Erase: Remotely erase the content from your device to keep it away from wandering eyes
  • Backup: Automatically backup your contacts, photos and videos so they’ll be available if something happens to your device

Visit Rogers Device Protection to learn more!

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How to check your Internet usage with My Rogers

Internet usageConnected Rogers share how you can easily track how much Internet you’re using each month.

People are downloading large attachments, surfing longer and streaming movies and TV from services such as Rogers Anyplace TV more than ever before. And don’t even get us started on online gaming. Point is, as usage goes up, so does the chance that you might start creeping closer to your monthly usage limit. And whether you decide to upgrade your service to accommodate your new ferocious appetite for entertainment, or manage your usage to stay the course on your current plan, it’s always a good idea to check your usage from time to time. And it’s super easy. Here’s how.

  1. Head to and log in to your My Rogers account.
  2. Click Account Info and (from the dashboard) in your Hi-Speed Internet sub-menu box, you’ll see a Monthly Usage progress bar indicating your total available usage, your used data and your remaining usage details.
  3. For a more detailed rundown, click Usage Details located in the bottom-right corner of that progress box.

Ta-da. You’re up to date on your Internet usage. If you find you’re nearing – or passing – your limit regularly, it’s time to adjust your plan for your needs. For more details on Internet packages and pricing, visit

I’m careful to keep a close eye on my own account because I rely pretty heavily on On Demand content to keep me up to date on my favourite TV series. What tasks dominate your Internet usage?

Check out more great tech tips at Connected Rogers.

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Rogers & Roaming: Working To Make It Easier

BlackBerry Bold White roamingWith the arrival of warmer weather, you may be starting to make your Spring or Summer travel plans. If you’re like us, you’ll probably be packing a smartphone or other mobile device to keep connected with friends, family and yes, even work.

Historically this has been hard to do affordably, regardless of your carrier. You may have resorted to switching data off, or using only Wi-Fi or pay phones to keep costs down. But as part of Rogers’ efforts to make it easier for you to do business with us, we’re working with our roaming partners to bring down roaming fees and we’re also designing new offers and options to better fit your needs while roaming. Here’s a rundown of some of the new ideas we’ve introduced to make roaming more affordable.

New One Rate Plans

A few weeks ago, Rogers unveiled One Rate data roaming plans. These new plans offer frequent travellers to the U.S. the ability to draw from the same data bucket in both Canada and the U.S. For about $10 more a month than equivalent domestic plans, frequent U.S. business and leisure travellers can get cost certainty and big savings. It’s not available for all our plans, but you can find more details at

Travel Packs
Less frequent travellers should go with a travel pack, which provides significant savings over standard text messaging, voice and data roaming rates. You can add U.S. or international packs by contacting Customer Care or through the My Rogers section on Go to for travel pack info.

Some of you (particularly our iPhone customers) have told us you don’t want to switch plans to get better roaming rates. The best option for you is the U.S Data Roaming Option. A $10  recurring monthly fee allows you to roam in the States at the rate of $1/MB, the equivalent of roughly 50 text e-mails. Data usage can also vary by device – see the travel tips section of the link above for more useful info. You can also check out the data calculator at

We’re excited to provide One Rate’s pioneering low rates and convenience, along with the widest range of roaming options available to Canadians. But we recognize there’s more work to do.

Our goal is to make wireless roaming easier and more cost effective for all our customers. Here are a few things we’ve done to make that happen:

  • Since last year, our customers receive an SMS once they’re roaming in a foreign country and get directed to some of the packs above to save money.
  • Our site has a travel tips section to educate customers about roaming
  • Clearer representation on your monthly invoice to better manage and understand your roaming usage

Looking ahead, we are working with partners around the world to find other ways to bring savings to our customers. So stay tuned – and bon voyage!

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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My Rogers: Get more done, more easily, anytime

Today we’ve changed how you interact with us. The new My Rogers is a one-stop shop that allows you to quickly manage your accounts. You can go directly to the new My Rogers by clicking here.

We know that you want to be able to make changes to your account without picking up the phone. So after months of customer feedback and extensive beta testing, you’ll notice a new, cleaner design to My Rogers.  There’s simplified navigation and increased functionality, such as one-click access to usage information right on the first screen.

It’s also easier to make a payment, add a service, modify your TV channels, search our technical-support database, upgrade hardware and tweak your MY5 list – all in one place, with just a few clicks.

The changes are part of our focus on improving the Rogers customer experience – and to make it easier, faster and simpler for you to do business with us.

There’s a great video demo available here, but essentially the new My Rogers has five key sections:
•    Overview: All your information upfront with your products and services at a glance.
•    Bills and Payments: Check your balance and due date, get a detailed summary, view billing history or make a payment at any time.
•    Plans and Packages: Modify your Wireless, Home Phone, Internet and Cable TV packages.
•    Hardware: Upgrade your phone, Rocket Stick, digital box, Internet modem and get technical support answers. Here’s where you can personalize your mobile device with games, music, ringtones and more.
•    My Rogers profile: Update your account information and marketing permissions.

We encourage you to give the new My Rogers a try. And let us know what you think – either by clicking on the “Give Us Your Feedback” link at the top right of the My Rogers page, or by adding a comment below.

Update (March18, 2 pm): You can now view the video demo of the new My Rogers by clicking the play button below.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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