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New to Rogers: the 6 GB Super Plan

Rogers Super PlanWe’re always looking for bigger and better. As technology continues to evolve and our smartphones get smarter, we rely on it to do more for us like download music, stream videos, or keep us connected through our social media networks.

Thanks to our new 6 GB/$60 Super Plan, now available on the Rogers LTE network, you can do all of those things and more.

Launching today and available until August 8, 2012, the 6GB Super Plan also gives you unlimited Canada-wide My10 calling, unlimited messaging, unlimited 6 pm evenings and weekends, and 200 weekday minutes.

What you can do with 6 gigs

With the launch of the Super Plan, we wanted to find out how much 6 GB of data really is, and what it can do for you. This is what we discovered:

Whether you’re an avid music listener, YouTube streamer, Facebook poster or Tweeter, the 6GB Super Plan gives you virtually endless possibilities right at your fingertips. If you love to jam to music, 6 GB gives you the freedom to download nearly 1,500 songs. Or perhaps sending and receiving e-mail is your preferred pastime? 6 GB will allow you to send or receive nearly 20,000 e-mails. If you’re the social media savvy type, you can update your status 34,460 times with 6 GB (that’s over 1,100 times a day!) Or maybe you’re a YouTube junky? In that case, you can stream nearly 100 hours of YouTube videos with the 6 GB Super Plan.

Data Sharing with the 6GB Super Plan

As you can see, 6 GB is a lot of data, especially for just one device. So why not use it to also enjoy internet on the go on your tablet, Rocket mobile hotspot, or Rocket stick? Just activate a Shared Device plan for each additional device to get the freedom of a separate SIM card and secure wireless connection. Rogers no-term Shared Device plans are now just $2/month for the first 10 months (regularly $12/month). You can activate up to 4 mobile internet devices to share your smartphone data plan and stay connected when, where, and how you choose.

With all these options available, what will you choose to do with 6 GB of data?

UPDATE (July 25, 2012, 5:47 p.m):  We’ve updated the text in the data sharing paragraph in this blog post to clarify the details of the offer.

Michelle is a new contributor to RedBoard. This is her first post. 

The information in this post is current at the date of posting and is subject to change without notice.

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Release your inner music pro with the HTC One X from Rogers in The Studio

Have you ever wanted to create your own music track? Here’s your chance. We’ve teamed up with HTC to create an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style video on YouTube where you can create your own music track like a pro.

Just like those choose-your-own adventure stories you used to read as a kid, this video will give you the chance to work with a fictional music producer to create your own custom music track.

In video, you’re mistaken for a big-time LA music producer who is asked to step into a music studio and mix a new track. Throughout the video, you get to pick what type of music genre and audio elements you want to include in your song like cowbells or triangle or even things like pygmy grunts or buzz synth. At the end, you get to listen to your masterpiece enclosed within the awesome HTC One X, Canada’s first smartphone with Beats Audio™ and share it with your friends.

How did your music track work out? Did you discover your hidden talent? To find out what other people are saying, follow #TheStudio on Twitter.

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Are you the one? Here’s your shot at a 1-on-1 with Hedley using Rogers One Number

Rogers Hedley contestIf you like Hedley, you’re going to love this! Until April 5, you’ll have a chance to win a private video chat with Hedley for you and your friends using the recently launched Rogers One Number. That’s right! We’ll come to you and set things up. Hedley will call you and you’ll have a 10 minute chat with the band, so plan those burning questions in advance! The band will then treat you to a VIP performance of the song Beautiful from their latest album, Storms. If this sounds like your kind of party, read on. Here’s how to enter:

1)      Visit our contest page at

2)      Sign up for Rogers One Number. It’s available for free for Rogers Wireless Customers. Just head to for details or check out our recent post and video for more details.

3)      Fill out the contest entry form for yourshot at the grand prize plus, you will get a free song download from Hedley’s new album, Storms.

4)      Share the contest with all your friends to help increase your chances of winning the private video chat.

In addition to the grand prize video chat, we’ll also be giving away three Motorola RAZR smartphones with copies of Hedley’s new album every week of the contest.

Not a Rogers wireless customer, but love Hedley?

Unfortunately, you aren’t eligible for a prize, but you can support your friends who are Rogers customers. Share their contest entries to help increase their chance of winning. If they win, be nice and maybe they’ll pick you to share the grand prize! And even if you are not a Rogers customer, we’ll still hook you up with a free song download from Hedley’s new album just for sharing the contest.

What is Rogers One Number?

It’s a new service exclusively from Rogers that lets you talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. By using Rogers One Number, all calls to Canadian numbers, video chats with other Rogers One Number users and outgoing wireless text messages are free. We’ve heard great feedback on the new service since it launched in February. In fact, since launch, tens of thousands of Rogers customers have already registered. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, there’s no better time than now – you get a great service AND a chance to chat with Hedley.

The contest ends April 5. To enter, you must be 13 years or older, and be an existing Rogers customer before March 15, 2012. The contest is not open to residents of Quebec. To keep up-to-date on contest activities, make sure you check out our contest page here and follow #1on1withHedley on Twitter.

Are you a Hedley fan? What do you think of their latest album?

UPDATE (April 5, 2012, 9:29 a.m):  Good news Hedley fans! The contest has been extended until April 12. Now you have even more time to enter the contest for your chance to win an exclusive one-on-one chat with Hedley using Rogers One Number.

UPDATE (May 29, 2012, 9:36 a.m): Introducing our contest winner, Emma! The boys from Hedley made her swoon with a live acoustic performance of “Beautiful.” Check out a video of Emma’s experience below:

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Music made social: BBM music now available for Rogers customers

BBM Music from RogersWhether I am listening to the latest Foo Fighters track on my daily commute home or practicing a classic No Doubt song for my weekly karaoke adventure, listening to music is an essential part of my day. Having my favourite songs on my smartphone saves me from carrying multiple devices and makes it easier to share my favourite songs with my friends.

Introducing BBM Music, a new service for BlackBerry smartphone users that makes your music collection social. What’s more, from now until the end of March, Rogers BlackBerry customers with device software v5.0 and above and BBM 6 can take advantage of a free six month trial of this service.

How does it work? 

With BBM Music, each user creates a 50-song profile which they can share with their friends from a catalog of over 10 million songs.  As you add BBM friends, you to get access to their music selection so your music selection becomes larger and larger with every friend you add. You can also create and organize playlists using your 50 profile songs and your friends profile songs or listen to a giant playlist of all the songs you have access to. If you get bored of your 50 profile songs, you can refresh your profile by swapping up to 25 profile songs per month.

Also with the timeline in BBM Music you can discover what your friends are listening to as all music activity within your BBM social circle is instantly posted to the timeline.

How much data or space do I need?

Songs are compressed so BBM Music consumes very little data. To save on data, you can also download your songs over Wi-Fi and save your 50 profile songs, plus other songs you have listened to from your friends’ profile to your SD card on your BlackBerry smartphone. Adding these songs to your SD card will allow you to listen to these songs offline. As a guide, each song is about 1Mb-1.2Mb – so 50 songs should take up about 60Mb.

New ruby red BlackBerry now available

Looking for something with a little colour? We’ve just added the new, exclusive ruby red BlackBerry Curve 9360 to our lineup. You can pick it up at Rogers retail and dealer locations.

What song are you listening to right now?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Have yourself a merry Rogers christmasWith less than 3 days to go until the big day, I’m getting more and more into the holiday spirit. I got all my holiday shopping done early this year thanks to Connected Magazine’s “Holiday Gift Guide,” which included a U.S.S. enterprise Lego kit for my dad (big Trekkie!), and the POP phone for my sister.

Personally, I’m looking forward to relaxing and hosting a few gatherings with close friends and family now that shopping’s out of the way. In the spirit of sharing, here are some ways I’m bringing holiday cheer into my home this season.

  • Rogers On Demand’s Holiday Channel: Here you’ll find the best this holiday season has to offer, including kid’s favourite’s, editor’s picks, and of course classic movies and TV specials for the whole family to enjoy. For more ideas, check out Andrew’s “HoHoHo It’s the Holiday Channel” Redboard post.
  • The Fireplace Channel: Those of us not lucky enough to have a fireplace thrive on this channel this time of year. Now I know, it’s not the real thing – but you still get the warm glow and crackle from the fire. Tune in on channels 204 for SD and 574 for HD.
  • Galaxie Channels on Rogers On Demand: This is another great one to have going in the background if you already have a fireplace. Right now on Galaxie we’ve got 9 holiday stations to suit everyone’s needs! Listen online and through select tablets and smartphones – free for all Rogers digital customers!
  • RogersurMusic: If you’re conflicted between the Fireplace Channel or Galaxie holiday music channels, fear not – you can have both! I like to entertain with the Fireplace channel going on my TV, and my special holiday mix playing in the background. urMusic has TONS of holiday tracks to download this season – everything from The Muppets to Bing Crosby!

As I type this post in front of the Fireplace Channel with eggnog in hand, and Nat King Cole’s “Merry Christmas to You” in the background, I’d like to wish all our readers a happy holiday on behalf of Rogers!

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Face lift: Rogers revamps Facebook page

Facebook Rogers

We think you’re going to like this.

We’re excited to tell you that we’ve re-launched our presence on Facebook, completely overhauling our page’s look and feel – including a new approach that doesn’t just talk about our products and services, but also the stuff they help you enjoy:  entertainment, technology and music.

The page can be found at

We know many of you are active in social media and you’ve told us you want to engage with us in places where you already participate. Now, you can add Facebook to the list of ways you can talk to us, to both learn about us as well as provide feedback on what you’d like to see as a Rogers customer.

Here are some of the highlights of the new page:

  • There are tabs across the top that put an emphasis on technology, entertainment and music.
  • The Loop is the page’s hub – highlighting the newest content available on the various tabs.
  • Facebook-exclusive contests for concert tickets, gadgets and more via the Promotions tab.
  • The Inside Rogers tab details ways you can engage with us and learn more about Rogers, including our most-recent RedBoard posts, YouTube videos and @RogersBuzz tweets.
  • Adam, the page’s host, has regular webisodes on The Loop and various tabs to help navigate the page, discussing his perspective on pop-culture, technology and more.

Join us by clicking “Like”

Getting full access to the tabs’ content is as easy as clicking the Like button at the top of the page. By doing so, you’ll also receive status updates from us highlighting the newest content and contests.

Have you “Liked” the page yet? What are your thoughts on our re-launched Facebook presence?

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Rock out at work or on the go with RODO Galaxie channel


If you’re a Digital Cable customer, you likely know about the Galaxie music channels that allow you to listen to commercial-free music channels through your home theatre.

Now, you can get Galaxie through Rogers On Demand Online (RODO) – giving you the ability to listen to 40 non-stop music channels at work, school, the coffee shop or in another room while the TV is being used to play video games.  Music genres include pop, rock, jazz, country and classical with numerous sub-genres for each, such as Remember the 80s, Urban Beat, Hot Country and Rock Alternative. From now until Christmas, there are also three holiday-themed options: Traditional Holiday, Franco Fete and Smooth Jazz Christmas.

The online Galaxie channel has the exact same music options as those on your TV but a different look and feel. It includes album covers, previews of what song is coming up next and what’s been played over the past 24 hours.

Log in and rock out
To access the channels you need to be a Rogers cable subscriber and log in to RODO at Next, click Channels and then the Galaxie logo . You can also bookmark (If you haven’t signed up for RODO yet, just click the join button located in the top right hand corner of the site and then follow the links to register).

Anyone streaming from a location in Canada can access RODO but being a Rogers customer has its benefits, including access to live streaming events, sneak previews of TV shows and specialty programming tied to your cable account such as these Galaxie music channels.

How do you use the Galaxie music service? What’s your favourite genre?

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard


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RedBoard video: Frank Feather on the future of the Internet

We know how important it is to have a reliable, high-speed Internet connection. In fact, odds are that you use broadband Internet so often, anything less than high-speed seems unthinkable.

We’re passionate about ensuring our network is world class – constantly investing to make it better and faster. Earlier this year, we made our DOCSIS 3.0 N gateway available to all Rogers high-speed internet customers – which, when used with our Ultimate Internet plan is capable of our fastest download speeds.

How fast? Download a song in about one second or a 700-MB full length movie in approximately two minutes – and connect multiple devices doing different things online, whether it’s playing video games, watching video or sending email.

As part of our RedBoard video series, I spoke with author and futurist Frank Feather about what you can expect from these Internet speeds today and in the future. You can read a full transcript here.

What do you think is in store for Internet connectivity?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Sweet song o’mine: Rogers launches all new ringbacks platform

RingbacksThe first time I ever heard a ringback, I was very confused. I called a coworker and instead of hearing that familiar ringing sound, I heard a U2 song. I immediately hung up thinking I called the wrong number.

Ringbacks — the ability to set music to play when someone calls you instead of them hearing that boring “ring ring” sound – are a popular way to express your musical style.

If you’re a fan of ringbacks or interested in trying them out, we recently re-launched our ringbacks platform to include some new plans and features that make them easier than ever to use.

What’s new with ringbacks?

  • Super Shuffle – Now you can set your entire library of ringbacks to play at random every time someone calls. You can entertain your callers by choosing from thousands of hot new releases in categories such as Comedy, Sports, R&B, Rock and Hip Hop.
  • Play To All Callers – Really loving that new Lady Gaga song? This setting allows you to set your song-of-the-moment to play to all of your callers.
  • Voice Greeting – A three second voice greeting is now played before the ringback tone begins letting callers know they are about to hear a ringback (This would have been especially helpful for my first ringback experience!)
  • Block List – You  can now block callers from hearing your ringback by simply adding them to the block list – especially helpful if you don’t want to startle Grandma with the latest Eminem song when she calls
  • urMusic – ringbacks are integrated into, making it a one-stop music shop.

How do I get them?

You can text “ringbacks” to 555. In seconds you’ll receive a text message containing a link to join. If you click the link, you can check out the plans and follow the steps to set it up.

You can also sign up on the web by going to Click on Membership Info, select your plan and follow the steps to set up your ringback.

How much are they?

There are two options: A $1 pack gets you the monthly ringback service and first tone free’ additional tones are $2 each. There is also a $3 bundle that gets you the ringback service and two tones every month (with this option, the first month is free). The cost is added to your voice plan. You can cancel your ringbacks membership at any time.

For more information on ringbacks, visit this site or check out the FAQs here.

Do you have a ringback?  If so, what’s your song of choice? What song would you set as your ringback?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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