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Old School is New Again – The BlackBerry® Classic

It’s a nostalgic time for BlackBerry® loyalists.  A blast from the past, a throwback, and just in time for that last minute holiday gift idea, the BlackBerry® Classic launched today at Rogers (quantity is limited so reserve online – or call ahead to avoid disappointment).

The BlackBerry® Classic is a mixture of all the good things we remember about our older BlackBerry® smartphones, like the look of the BlackBerry® Bold™ and BlackBerry® Curve™ combined with the new speed and performance of the BlackBerry® 10 operating system. Like the recently released BlackBerry® Passport, the Classic also comes loaded with Blackberry® 10.3 software including Blackberry® Blend Technology (brings documents, emails etc. from your device to your laptop or tablet) & BlackBerry® Assistant (lets you do a whole bunch of great stuff using voice and text commands).

In addition, the device comes ready for both work and play:

  • The track pad, classic QWERTY keyboard, menu and back buttons let you be a smooth navigator as you move between documents, emails, call, etc. Not to be forgotten, you can also rely on the touch screen to get you around!
  • The BlackBerry® Classic packs some serious punch, with a 3.5-inch screen, a fast processor with 2GB of RAM making multitasking even easier. It also has a 2,515-mAh battery for all-day battery life and a microSD card slot to expand your storage if need be.
  • There’s no shortage of apps at your fingertips for work or play with access to BlackBerry® apps on BlackBerry® World™ and Android apps through the Amazon Appstore.

And my personal favourite – the BlackBerry® Classic is bringing back the Brick Breaker, a game that so many of us have spent countless hours playing – cancel your plans, a new high score awaits!

Is this device on your holiday wish list?

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Welcome to great video streaming: 700 MHz spectrum launches in communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

700 spectrumI want to be constantly connected, wherever I go – I even sleep beside my phone. And I get really frustrated when I’m late responding to an email because I’m stuck in an underground parking lot or if I lose my mobile internet connection while streaming NHL hockey highlights.

Today, at Rogers we turned on our 700 MHz spectrum in communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. This means that if you live or work in these areas you can now experience more consistent LTE internet access from Rogers, in locations where you previously couldn’t, like in many parking garages and elevators.

The 700 MHz spectrum carries fast signals across longer distances and better penetrates structures such as buildings.  This means you can access LTE more regularly in places like basements and building interiors. So you’ll see more LTE signal bars on your phones and tablets and you’ll be less likely to drop down to lower speeds. With the Rogers 700 MHz spectrum, you’ll be able to stream NHL games and YouTube videos in your office building or send emails at the local arena during the intermission of your kid’s hockey game – all with minimal delays.

The 700 MHz spectrum will ultimately be rolled out coast to coast, so stay tuned for when it will be available in your community.

Tell us: what videos do you stream on your tablet or smartphone?

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Weekend Reading: Connecting, sharing and awesome Androids

Weekend readingWe’re all about staying connected in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading. In addition to launching our Connected for Success initiative and checking out the latest stats on mobile internet access, we’re also reaching out to customers to hear their great ideas. Plus, we take a look at some awesome Android phones.

Mobile moves

When it comes to surfing, more and more people are taking it on the road. Web traffic via smartphones has increased by more than 6 per cent since 2012, rising from 11.1 per cent to 17.4 per cent worldwide. The chart from Statista breaks it down by continent, showing that in North America, 15.2 per cent of us are using our smartphones to get online, up from 9.4 per cent a year ago. South America saw the biggest gains in mobile internet use, more than doubling from 3.2 per cent to 6. 8 per cent.

While I expected North Americans to be leading the mobile charge — when was the last time you were in line at a coffee shop and didn’t see everyone on their device? — Asia and Africa actually earn that title. In Asia, 26.6 per cent of web traffic comes from mobile devices, while in Africa, that number is 23.7.

I’m forever double checking facts, movie times and locations on the go – and have been known to haul out the smartphone to settle an argument at the dinner table. Do you surf on your smartphone?

Connected families and bright ideas

This week, Rogers celebrated two exciting launches: the official start of our Connected for Success initiative and our brand new ROGERS Idea Box platform.

Connected for Success is a new affordable broadband internet program geared toward getting more families and youth online. As we announced earlier this summer, the program will provide qualifying families with broadband internet for $9.99 per month with a usage allowance up to 30 GB, plus access to a $150 computer loaded with software. On Thursday, we launched the program at the Cooper Mills Toronto Community Housing residence in Toronto. To celebrate, we hosted an event and chatted with educator Neil Price, who shared with RedBoard what Connected for Success could mean for students.

Rogers Idea Box is a place where you can contribute to improving the customer experience by posting new ideas and voting on ideas from other customers. It’s easy to join – sign in and post your great idea. Then share it with friends and family and encourage them to vote on your idea with the “like” button. The most popular ideas, based on votes, will be reviewed by our team and used to help us improve. Start sharing your ideas on Service and Support, Rogers Stores, and the MyAccount App now!

Awesome Androids

It’s been a good year for Android. Not only have we seen some super cool devices come out for the operating system, but the Google Play store also reached the one million available apps milestone. This week, Mashable shared a slideshow of their top five Android phones –  four of which are available at Rogers.  The roundup praises the touchless controls of the Moto X, the awesome camera on the HTC One, the super-fast LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4’s improved sensors. The Nexus 4 rounds out the list, getting props for its super battery life.  For more on the latest devices, check out

What phones are you looking forward to this year?

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Coming soon: Rogers LTE brings fastest BlackBerry Q10 experience to Canadians

BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone Exciting news BlackBerry® 10 fans! When the new smartphone launches this spring, Rogers will be the first Canadian carrier to bring its customers the BlackBerry Q10 device that supports the blazing fast  2600 MHz LTE spectrum band. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be available in both black and white, but Rogers customers will be the first to have access to the white model.

The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone includes the physical QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen combined with the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform – perfect for people who love to communicate and collaborate on-the-go.

What makes this BlackBerry so fast? 

The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is built to run on the 2600 MHz LTE spectrum band with Rogers LTE, Canada’s fastest wireless internet. Rogers has more 2600 MHz spectrum band deployed than any other carrier in Canada, so if you’re looking for speed, this is the place to get your device.

With the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone on the Rogers LTE network, you’ll be able to do more with your device, such as live stream HD sports with no buffering, download large files quickly and stream music at faster speeds. And we announced last month we will expand our 2600 MHz LTE spectrum  to 44 new markets this spring.

Want your smartphone in white?

Device colour can be very important, maybe to add a little personality or match your handbag. Whatever the reason, Rogers customers will be the first to get the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone in white.

How do I get one?

The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be arriving at Rogers retail locations across Canada in the coming weeks starting at $199.99 with select three year plans. Current Rogers wireless customers can reserve this device now on the Rogers Reservation System and pre-orders for new customers are now available at

Update, April 23, 2 p.m.: We’re happy to announce the BlackBerry Q10 will be available in-store at Rogers retail locations on May 1.

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Weekend Reading: Happy birthday to the cellphone and more mobile moves

This week was all about communicating on the go. As we wished Happy 40th Birthday to the mobile phone on Wednesday, we couldn’t help but marvel at how phones have evolved from being “bricks” to the kinds of devices that 79 per cent of people keep on hand 22 hours a day. And we’re just going to keep getting even more connected, whether we’re loading our summer reading lists on an ereader or tablet or coveting the latest cutting-edge technology we can wear.

The mobile phone turns 40

Forty years ago, Motorola employee Martin Cooper launched the age of covertly checking your bags and pockets at every ring, ping and buzz.

On April 3, 1973, Cooper made what is widely viewed as the first public mobile phone call, using a 9-inch tall Motorola DynaTAC to call a rival colleague.

This hefty “brick phone” offered 35 minutes of talk-time and took 10 hours to recharge. Things have come a long way since then. My first mobile, nearly a decade ago, was a chunky flip phone. I had a miniscule number of minutes, a voicemail box that held three messages, and it took ages to type out- and decipher – the limited number of texts I sent and received each month.

Now, we take pocket-sized devices – with their myriad apps and data services – for granted as we wait for the next big thing, whether it’s Google Glass or the much-rumoured Apple smartwatch.

What was your first mobile phone?

Keeping connected

Hit snooze, pick up cellphone? Last year, we learned that 55 per cent of people check their mobile before they brush their teeth in the morning. The latest report from IDC Research suggests that estimate might be low, with four out of five smartphone users checking their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. A whopping 62 per cent of 18-to 44-year-olds grab their mobiles as soon as they hear their alarm – and for 44 per cent of these people, their phone doubles as that wakeup call.

The Facebook sponsored report, which polled 7,446 Android and iPhone users aged 18 to 44 in March, also found that 70 per cent of us keep our phones nearby for 22 hours a day, while 63 per cent of us only part with them for an hour, at most. But I identify with that quarter of respondents who can’t think of a time of the day when their phone wasn’t in the same room!

As for what we’re doing with those phones in our waking hours, only 16 per cent of that time is used to make calls – the rest is spent communicating through texts, emails and social networks.

How many hours a day are you separated from your cellphone?

Carrying a phone is old-school, wear it instead

If the number of Nike+ FuelBands spotted around the office are any indication, wearable technology is taking off in 2013. And according to Reuters, Chinese search engine Baidu is following Google’s lead and working on digital eyewear similar to Google Glass. The company’s device, mounted on a headset with a small screen, will allow wearers to search by image and voice and conduct facial recognition matches. Baidu has not revealed whether it will be rolling out the product commercially.

Maybe the Rogers Tuque isn’t so far off, after all?

Get your summer reads on the go

No one wants to run out of reading materials halfway through their beach vacation. Stowing your summer reading list on an ereader or tablet is one way to ensure you always have access to a robust library. And, to help our readers get a head start on the summer fun, we’re sharing our favourite holiday book picks and giving away a Kindle PaperWhite 3G and the new Sony Xperia ZL smartphone here. Leave a comment on the summer reading post for your chance to win.

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Rogers LTE Network: Expanding to a market near you this spring

LTEWeekends and sunny weather can move at a crawl, but when it comes to streaming my favourite song on the way to work or downloading a report before a meeting, I’m thankful for the fast LTE speeds on my smartphone. So I’m excited to share that our Rogers LTE network, Canada’s fastest wireless internet, will be bringing its speed to 44 new markets in Atlantic Canada, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec this spring.

Today, we’re announcing that over the next couple months, we’ll be launching LTE in Saint John, New Brunswick; Medicine Hat, Alberta; Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; Guelph, Ontario; Muskokas, Ontario; Collingwood, Ontario; and multiple cities in Quebec. We’ll announce the other 38 markets in updates to this post over the next couple months.

We’re also excited to confirm that Rogers will be making its 2600 MHz LTE spectrum band available in all 44 markets, and 34 of the 44 new markets will offer theoretical network speeds of 150 Mbps. Rogers has more LTE network deployed in the 2600 MHz spectrum band than any other carrier in Canada.

What does 2600 MHz LTE mean to Rogers customers?

The 2600 MHz LTE spectrum band delivers higher speeds over the same distance, allowing Rogers customers to experience even faster service. It’s like how a train track allows you to commute even more quickly, but in the case of LTE, it means even faster internet for you.

How do I access it?

To take advantage of the 2600 MHz spectrum, you need to be in one of the 2600 service areas and use a 2600-enabled device such as the LG Optimus G 2600 or the LTE Rocket™ hotspot. More 2600-enabled devices will be coming to the network this spring.

In the coming months we’ll be expanding our network to these 44 new markets and growing our lineup of LTE and 2600-enabled devices. Bookmark this page for updates as we expand our LTE and 2600 coverage, or visit

Update, April 22, 9 a.m.: We’re happy to announce we are rolling out our LTE network in seven new markets today, including Airdrie, Alberta; Langley, B.C.; and the following regions of Ontario: Keswick; Hamilton, including Grimsby; Orillia; Stratford; and Ottawa, including Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, Stittsville and Cumberland.

Update, May 1, 9 a.m.: We’re excited to announce we have rolled out our LTE network to a number of new markets in Ontario, including Chatham; Milton; Sarnia; Woodstock; Orangeville; Brantford; Collingwood; St. Catharines Greater Area markets including Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Welland and Pelham; and Greater Toronto Area markets including King City, Bradford, Whitchurch-Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, Georgetown and Halton Hills. Our LTE network has also expanded to cover Kentville, N.S., and Lloydminster, Alta.

Update, May 17, 9 a.m.: This week we launched our LTE network to a number of new markets including Brooks, Cochrane and Canmore, Alta. and Sault Ste. Marie and Muskoka, Ont. We also expanded our LTE network to Saint-Georges, Que.; Sydney, N.S.; Bathurst, N.B and expanded our coverage in the Moncton, N.B., area.

Update, June 3, 9 a.m.: Today, we’re rolling out our LTE spectrum to La Baie, Que.; Victoiraville, Que.; Saint John, N.B.; Parksville, B.C.; and expanding our coverage in Halifax, N.S.; Trois-Rivieres, Que.; and Victoria, B.C.

Update, June 17, 12 p.m.: We’re happy to share today that we’ve rolled out our LTE  network in Quebec, to Baie-Comeau and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and expanded our coverage in Hull; in Medicine Hat, Alberta; and in Manitoba to Winnipeg, Brandon, Grand Beach and Victoria Beach. We have also expanded our LTE network to Grande Prairie, Alta.

Update, July 3, 9 a.m.: Today we’re lighting up our LTE network in six new regions, including Truro, N.S., Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., Chilliwack, B.C., Joliette, Que. Lennoxville, Que., and Spruce Grove/Stony Plain, Alta. We also expanded our coverage in the Greater Montreal Area.

UPDATE, Aug. 9, 2013, 9 a.m.: We’re happy to share today that our LTE network is now available in Red Deer and Fort McMurray, Alta.; Prince George, Vernon, Campbell River, Nanaimo, Kamloops and Penticton, B.C.; Steinbach and Selkirk, MB.; and Trenton and Belleville, Ont.

UPDATE, Sept. 11, 9 a.m.: Today we’re happy to announce our LTE network is now available in Courtney-Comox, B.C.; Wolfville, N.S.; and Lethbridge, Okotoks and Strathmore, Alta.

UPDATE, Oct. 8, 9:30 a.m.: We’re pleased to announce we are rolling out our LTE network in fifteen markets today, including Caledon, Midland, North Bay, Peterborough and St. Thomas, Ont.; Fort St. John and Shawnigan, B.C.; Chestermere and Leduc, Alta.; Charlottetown, P.E.I.; and Fredericton and Miramichi, N.B. Today, Rogers is also the first to bring LTE coverage to Antigonish, Fox Harbour and New Glasgow, N.S.

Update, Jan. 6, 10:45 a.m.: Today, we’re bringing LTE speeds to customers in various regions of Quebec, including the Greater Montreal Area (East), Granby, Lachute, Saguenay, Saint-Hyacinthe and Bromont. We’re also proud to announce we’ve achieved our goal of launching 95 new LTE markets in 2013. More to come in 2014!

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Roaming questions? Our Rogers expert has the answers: “Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert” event March 7th

When you have a question, isn’t it great to be able to turn to an expert? We think so. That’s why we’re launching Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert events through our community forum. Spring break’s fast approaching, so we’ve decided to kick off this forum chat series tomorrow with roaming.

What: Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert roaming online forum chat event
When: Thursday March 7th, 1pm to 3pm (ET)
Where: the Rogers Community Forums
Who: Donavan Beth, Director Roaming & Long distance

Tech Essentials is a new program that provides Canadians with a deeper understanding of how to safely and properly use today’s technology. The Tech Essentials website does a great job of answering some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about roaming, but at tomorrow’s Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert event you’ll be able to chat directly with our guest expert, Donavan Beth, Director Roaming & Long distance at Rogers about the specific questions you’d like answered.

Looking for inspiration?
How about asking Donavan for tips to help you maximize your data usage while travelling? Or about the ways we’ve simplified our roaming offerings? If you’re getting ready to roam with your Rogers phone, Donavan’s the perfect person to chat with to make sure you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to for a smooth travelling experience.

Donavan’s looking forward to share his insight and knowledge on these and other roaming-related topics with you, so come check out our first Tech Essentials: Ask an Expert event tomorrow.

About our roaming expert:
Donavan Beth is a 13-year veteran of the telecom and high-tech industries.  Since 2007, he’s worked at Rogers Communication in the Roaming and Long Distance department, where he manages Rogers and Fido retail pricing and travels the world to negotiate roaming wholesale contracts with wireless operators and partners.

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Getting the most out of your BlackBerry Z10

You’ve got your Z10 — now what?

Fear not! We’ve got a great list of resources on where you can get help if you need it, and learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your BlackBerry 10 experience.

Rogers know-how

Rogers was the first to sell BlackBerry products more than 10 years ago, which means our staff knows BlackBerry inside and out. Pop in to a store near you to talk to one of our in-store reps who have been trained on BlackBerry 10 with your questions. We also offer in-store learning sessions. Stay tuned for BlackBerry 10 dates.

Looking for some quick tips and tricks? You can find them here.

Rogers TechXpert for Wireless

Rogers TechXpert for wireless is an exclusive service for Rogers customers which offers extended wireless device support live online or by phone whenever you need it. Rogers customers who bought their Z10 on select 3-year plans get 1 month free of Rogers TechXpert for wireless service.

How-tos from Connected Rogers

From setting up your Z10 to using the browser on BlackBerry 10 to using BlackBerry10 Time Shift Mode to get the perfect shot, Connected Rogers has you covered on BlackBerry 10 with all kinds of how-tos.

Ask the Rogers Community

Did you know Rogers has community forums where Rogers customers can chat with other customers to get answers to common questions, problems and issues? On our BlackBerry specific forum, users have been discussing the type of media card needed for a Z10.

The BlackBerry blogger community

There are many BlackBerry blogs and communities on the web where you can find information on the new operating system, and also a community of BlackBerry fans, just like you! Over at, they’ve posted a number of how-tos since launch day last week. BlackBerry OS also has a 101 section that’s full of BlackBerry 10 information.

BlackBerry on the web, Twitter and YouTube

Of course, BlackBerry has a support tab on their website, where you can get all help with your new device. BlackBerry also has a wide variety of videos available on their YouTube channel with tips and tricks, and even BlackBerry’s commercial from this year’s Super Bowl.

On Twitter? You’ll want to follow @BlackBerryHelp. Not only do they answer customers’ questions via this account, they also regularly post great tips on how to get the most out of your BlackBerry 10. You can also visit BlackBerry’s blog, Inside BlackBerry.

And of course, you can always share your tips and tricks here. What’s the best thing you’ve learned on BlackBerry 10 so far? 

Super Bowl is a registered trademark of The National Football League and is in no way affiliated with Blackberry or Rogers Communications. is in no way affiliated with BlackBerry. 

Sarah is regular Redboard contributor.

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Weekend Reading: Couch commerce, tablet publications, and 2013 predictions

Happy weekend everyone! It’s been an icy cold week with no signs of warming up unfortunately – so there’s no better time to grab some cocoa and bunker down with this week’s headlines in our latest edition of Weekend Reading!

Couch Commerce

When I think of tablets, I think of the convenience it provides while on the go with a larger screen than a smartphone. However, Mobile Commerce Daily posed a different perspective this week -

“Tablet devices are now known as “couch devices” because consumers are reaching for them while they are sitting at home.” Read the article for yourself and you’ll see its true!

Many of us use them in place of our laptops as a companion device to our televisions – and televisions host commercials. Commercials with fancy fashions, new products, and limited time offers. All of these factors come into play as reasons why online shopping from a tablet has increased by more than 300 percent in the last year alone! You can read more on their convenience and popularity in the entire article here.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have my tablet alongside my cocoa this weekend when I’m curled up inside because it’s minus 30 outside! How many of you are reading this edition of Weekend Reading on your tablet right now?

Are you reading tablet publications?

Keeping with the tablet theme, according to Tech Vibes, tablet publications are faring better in Canada than other parts of the world. In fact, publication apps account for 15% of all apps in iPad’s top 200 grossing apps! In the same category, they are also the second highest grossing apps next to games.

So who are the top publishers Canadians are reading? Do we prefer magazines to newspapers to newsstands? Find out in Tech Vibes infographic with more telling stats here.

2013 – The year of mobile?

That’s what The Mobilists are predicting in their post this week on 2013 Mobile Trends and Predictions, with a wish list that includes converting big data to actionable data, the rise of mobile payments, an increase in mobile shopping, and BYOD (bring your own device) to name a few.

But what do they think about mobile advertising, QR codes, or augmented reality? Check out their thorough article and share your thoughts on their lists in the comments below.

Personally I’m most excited to see developments in mobile use in everyday scenarios – from remote control access to household functions, to deeper control within our cars and even watches (as seen in Tech Zone 360 from this year’s CES.) I’m also eager for mobile payments to advance and become a regular form of payment now with our CIBC agreement for mobile wallets and suretap technology. 2013 is shaping up to be an innovative year already!

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard.

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Rogers is your go-to NHL destination: start off the season with perks and mobile streaming

Hockey is back, woot woot! Who is going to be tuning in when the puck drops tomorrow? There are some great free previews, deals, and ways to stay close to the ice action. Here’s an overview of what hockey fans can expect.

Free preview of NHL Centre Ice:

  • Rogers customers can enjoy a free preview of NHL Centre Ice from Jan. 19 to Jan. 31
  • Approximately 600 games available for the full season
  • NHL Centre Ice is available as part of the Rogers Super Sports Pak, which also includes OHL Action Pak, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, a subscription to Sportsnet magazine and more
  • Rogers customers can also purchase NHL Centre Ice à la carte for the reduced cost of $49.99 for a one-time fee for the full season

Get your hockey fix from Sportsnet: Sportsnet will deliver unparalleled NHL coverage across broadcast, radio, digital and print, including Sportsnet’s Hockey Central Tonight, Hockey Central @ Noon, and Sportsnet magazine

TSN HD free preview – Rogers digital TV customers who subscribe to TSN can tune into TSN HD for 3 months (until April 30) at no additional cost

Rogers wireless customers from coast to coast can catch CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada on their smartphones

  • The Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app features live CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts of all national games
  • For $5/month, the app provides 5 hours of viewing with overage charges of $1 per additional hour. Until April 30, 2013 overage charges are waived providing unlimited viewing

Follow the puck on your tablet with live streaming in the home with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app

  • Supplement your TV watching with live streaming of Sportsnet and CBC on your tablet from the comfort of your couch

Where will you be watching the game on Saturday?

UPDATE: January 30 2013, 1:27pm  On your computer (coming soon to tablet) : Rogers digital TV customers in the GTA who subscribe to Sportsnet Ontario and/or Leafs TV can log into to live stream Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts. This includes live games aired from Sportsnet Ontario and Leafs TV only .

UPDATE: February 26 2013, 9:24 am: The Sportsnet Leafs Live app is now available on iPad. See url here:

Kaili is a regular Redboard contributor


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