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How to sync your email to your iPhone

iPhone emailConnected Rogers helps you get your email up and running on your iPhone in no time with this simple, four-step tutorial.

You’ve got an iPhone. You’ve got an email account that you want to sync to the device, so you can send, receive and read your messages wherever you are. No problem. Linking an existing “POP” email account – such as Gmail, Yahoo! or Outlook – is a simple process. Here’s how:

1. Tap Settings.

2. Scroll down and then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap Add Account and select the email provider you’d like to add from the provided list. (Don’t see your provider? Tap Other and then Add Mail Account.).

4. Simply follow the onscreen prompts. You’ll need your username/email address and password handy to finish the task and to configure your settings. Repeat this process to add any additional email providers.

Easy! I’ve got four email accounts currently pushing to my device – how many inboxes are you managing?

Check out more great tech tips at Connected Rogers.

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How to turn off tracking in iOS 7

iOS 7Connected Rogers shares how to control whether your Apple device knows your location.

Your iPhone always has your back. Think of it as a loyal companion that wants to better understand how it can help. Thanks to iOS 7 (learn how to upgrade to iOS 7 here), it deduces where you work, the places you frequent and where on the map you call home. It then uses this data – which is stored on your device and isn’t sent anywhere without your permission – to preemptively provide traffic updates and if need be, an alternate route. Super-helpful!

If, however, you simply don’t like the idea of your phone being location-aware, you can easily turn location tracking off in iOS 7. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app. Swipe down to Privacy and tap.

2. Tap the slider switch to turn Location Services off.

3. A message about Location Services appears. Tap Turn Off to acknowledge.

Find more quick tech tips at Connected Rogers.

Personally, I rely on location tracking to help me find the nearest coffee shop and to compensate for my terrible sense of direction. How do you take advantage of your device’s location tracking features?

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How to take Instagram-ready pictures with your iPhone 5s

iPhoneConnected Rogers shares everything you need to take your photos to the next level.

Apple’s new iOS 7 has revamped its Camera app so that it now lets you capture shots with the popular social photo-network in mind. Here’s how to take your photos to the next level:

1. Open the Camera app by tapping it on your homescreen, swiping the camera icon up on the lock screen or selecting the app in Control Centre. Or just ask Siri to open it.

2. Sift through the white labels until Square is highlighted yellow. This will frame your shot as an Instagram-style box and ensure proper cropping.

3. Tap the tri-colour icon in the bottom-right corner to bring up a selection of Instagram-like filters. These filters can be previewed live while framing your shot. Select one you like.

4. Snap your picture. The result will be an altogether Instagram-ready shot you can post from within the social photo-sharing app without any extra work.

See more great quick tips from Connected Rogers here.

What are the most popular shots on your Instagram feed?

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Ready, set, go: Handy apps for the vacation bound

Smartphones on vacationVacations are great. Getting packed and organized? Not so much. Here are some great apps to help make that process easier.

Before  you go

TripIt (free), available on iOs, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, is really helpful! Forward all your flights, train tickets and car reservation confirmation emails to TripIt and it will create your itinerary. You’ll be able to check it online and share it easily.

Checklists and more checklists

Do you ever get that nagging feeling you’re forgetting something when you pack your suitcase? I know I do. That’s where packing checklist apps come in handy. On Android, Pack the suitcase (free) is a good option with pre-populated lists and Luggage & Suitcase Checklist (free) lets you create different suitcases for every family member. Packing List is available for BlackBerry (free) and Windows Phone (free) users. On iOS, uPacking list (free) does the job as well!

You’re there  

There are plenty of GPS apps out there, starting with Google Maps (free on iOS, Android). Nokia Here (free), available on Windows Phone 8 only, lets you download maps for offline access, and not only can help you if you’re driving, cycling or walking but can also give you transit information and listings for local stores, restaurants and bars.


I am personally a big fan of the new Discovery features from Foursquare (free, available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry) and love getting recommendations from locals who know their neighbourhood, rather than guides that might be outdated by the time they’ve gone to press. In the same spirit, TripAdvisor (free, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone) is always a go-to reference to find accommodation or things to do around me. LocalEats ($0.99 on iOS, $1 on Android) will also suggest restaurants based on your criteria for a good number of U.S. and international cities.


Seated at a restaurant and want to order your steak rare? Make sure you don’t ask for well-done with Google Translate (free, available on iOS and Android). Even better, let your phone do the job with speech recognition apps such as Speak and Translate (free , Android) or SayHi Translate ($0.99 on iOS).


What’s a trip without souvenirs? Convert clothes (free, iOS) will help you figure out clothing sizes, and XE currency conversion apps (free, on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) will help keep you on budget.

Staying safe

It’s important to be prepared for emergencies. For health issues, you can consult the American Red Cross First Aid app (free), available for iOS and Android, to get step by step instructions for coping with common issues. Before you leave, make sure you have downloaded the mobile app for your bank and the Rogers My Account app, available on all mobile platforms. Finally, make sure to store a list of your insurance, bank and other important phone numbers somewhere on your phone, either in your Contacts or within an app like EverNote (free, available across all platforms).

Smartphones make travelling so much smoother. Having an international roaming plan so you can access to all your information at all times? That’s the key for peace of mind for the vacation-bound. With our new worry-free roaming internet rate, customers can access to up to 50 MB of data for $7.99 per 24 hour period while in the U.S. For more on your roaming options, check out our tips for choosing between roaming rates and prepaid SIMs.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your favourite app when you’re travelling?

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Weekend Reading: Your iPhone case personality, more Rogers LTE Max expansions and socially savvy parenting

Weekend Reading: Your iPhone case personality, more Rogers LTE Max expansions and socially savvy parentingWe’ve got a great mix of articles that stood out to us this week, including what your iPhone case says about you, more Rogers LTE Max updates and  how to be as socially savvy as your kids. Basically we’ve got you covered for light, exciting and educational reading all in one post! So kick back and catch up with this week’s edition of Weekend Reading.

What your iPhone case reveals about you

We thought we’d get things off to a lighter start this week by highlighting a graphic from Mashable on What Your iPhone Case Says About You. Are you a nerd? A diva? Perhaps a klutz? Check out their fun graphic of examples and see how accurate it is for you.

The description of the minimalist definitely fits my personality to a tee – but every now and then a girl needs some sparkle too, which lands me in the Diva category! How about you – are you toting a Rick Moranis heavy duty case or resorting to socks for phone protection? 

More Rogers LTE Max expansions

Just last week we were pleased to announce our agreement with Videotron to bring LTE to even more residents in Quebec and Ottawa. This week we’re happy to let our customers know even MORE LTE Max expansions are underway for cities in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and British Columbia!

The news was shared on some of our favourite tech sites including CrackBerry, Brief Mobile and iPhone in Canada. Catch up on the latest developments and let us know if you’ve experienced the new LTE Max network yet.

Are you as socially savvy as your children?

Most parents nowadays have a fairly good understanding of the online world. In fact, one of our recent Rogers Innovation reports highlighted how the generation gap was decreasing, with 40 per cent of Canadians ages 18 to 24 using technology as a means to stay in touch with their parents.

But how confident are you that you really know what your kids are up to online? A new report from All Facebook revealed many parents are still in the dark when it comes to their children’s online activity, with a whopping 80 per cent of parents admitting they have no idea how to monitor their kids’ online behaviour. This may be why 85 per cent of kids aged 10 to 12 already have Facebook profiles even though the minimum age requirement is 13.

Have you had the chat with your kids about online safety? If not, check out our handy Tech Essentials section on online safety and get informed on passwords, social networks and more. As great as technology is for online exploring and connections, it’s important to educate yourself and your family on how to do it responsibly.

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor. 

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Weekend Reading: Smartphones, lifestyle apps and Videotron and Rogers expand LTE network

Weekend Reading: Smartphones, lifestyle apps and Videotron and Rogers expand LTE networkHow much time do you spend on your smartphone daily? What are your favourite types of apps to use? And if you live in Quebec or Ottawa, we’ve got great news for you! All that and more in this week’s Weekend Reading!

Android vs. iPhone: Which users spend the most time on their devices?

According to a new study from CNET this week, iPhone users are logging the most minutes on their handsets.

iPhone users spend an average of 75 minutes a day on their devices, with 22 per cent of that time spent talking. Android users, however, only spend 49 minutes on their devices, with nearly a third of that time (28 per cent) spent talking.

What surprised me most in this article though were the two least-used features – GPS and device cameras. Having zero sense of direction, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled out my smartphone to get me on track! And I find having a camera on your device makes it so much easier to capture moments, because we tend to always have our smartphones on us. It sounds like I’m not in the majority though – does the same hold true for you? Do you rarely use your GPS or smartphone camera?

Lifestyle apps becoming more popular

Did you know it’s already possible to control your washing machines, refrigerators or lights right from an app on your smartphone?

Lifestyle apps go beyond household electronics though. Take for instance Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service and app, which allow you to monitor, protect and control various parts of your home, including adjusting your thermostat on the go. There are also numerous car apps that can now lock and unlock doors, start your engine remotely and even gauge your battery life.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) predicts these kinds of apps will be in most households by 2022.

So what’s next for these apps? Making them business friendly. Midsize Insider recently looked at how businesses can use these apps to streamline their business by using them for conference calls and collaboration between employees, customers and partners. This article has some great tips and food for thought if you’re looking to improve your own business processes.

Rogers and Videotron build-out expanded LTE network

This week Rogers was happy to announce an agreement with Videotron to bring LTE to even more residents in Quebec and Ottawa.

The network and spectrum sharing agreement will help bring the blazing fast speeds of the LTE network to both businesses and consumers, and provide better mobile coverage in rural Quebec.

We also continue to roll out our LTE network to even more areas as part of our commitment to expand in 44 new markets this spring, so stay tuned.

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor. 

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Weekend Reading: Smartphone user dating habits, coding for kids and LTE in seven new markets this week

Ever wonder what your smartphone reveals about dating frequency? Or what apps are available to teach your kids about coding? We cover these plus unveil more exciting LTE news – all in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading.

Who has more first dates? iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows users?

If you’re single and wondering which device will score you better odds of a first date, Mashable has the answer in a survey uncovered by this week.

Of 5,000 people surveyed in the U.S., 49 per cent of single iPhone users went on at least one date in 2012. In a close second was Windows with 46 per cent, then Android at 44 per cent and Blackberry at 42 per cent.

So what does this say about smartphone owners and their dating styles? Check out the full article and survey on Mashable here. Has your smartphone affected your dating life? If so, how?

Coding apps for kids

When I was in school, elective courses included things like music and art. While these are still considered optional, much of today’s curriculum is changing to reflect the needs of our current economy. Coding may not be a widely offered course yet, but you can give your kid a head start on learning one of the most in-demand skills for today’s job market.

This week, Read Write Web highlighted some great apps to teach your kids coding for programming. The six apps are designed for a variety of ages, starting as young as 5 years old. As Read Write Web points out, if you start them off young enough, you could end up raising the next Mark Zuckerberg!

Rogers LTE lights up in seven new markets this week

On Monday, Rogers was proud to announce that only four months into 2013, we have launched LTE in an additional seven markets. As part of our commitment to roll out LTE in 44 new markets this spring, Monday’s new markets include:

  • Airdrie, Alberta
  • Langley, B.C
  • Keswick, Ont.
  • Hamilton, including Grimsby, Ont.
  • Orillia, Ont.
  • Stratford, Ont.
  • Ottawa, including Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, Stittsville and Cumberland, Ont.

Bonus: both the upcoming Blackberry Q10 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are compatible on the LTE network! Learn more about the LTE network and what devices are currently on the market here.

For more details on our latest LTE expansion, check out some great coverage from our friends at The Cellular Guru, iPhone in Canada, Android Central, Android in Canada, IT Nerd, and Brief Mobile.

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Weekend reading: Sweet thoughts of passwords, holidays and BlackBerry Q10 news

Could daydreaming about your vacation double as your password? Researchers have found a way to use brainwaves to authenticate your identity, and all you need to make it work is a $100 headset. Meanwhile, three-quarters of high income travellers are taking their smartphones on vacation, teens are coveting the iPhone and the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone (yes, the one with the keyboard) will be rolling out from Rogers in the coming weeks.

Secure thoughts

One uppercase letter. One symbol. Don’t forget the number! Typing passwords could be on the way out, we learned this week from TechCrunch. Researchers at UC Berkeley School of Information have developed a way to think your password, using a $100 headset and brainwaves to authenticate users. Researchers say the so-called “pass-thoughts” could work by simply concentrating on breathing.

Other pass-thoughts included imagining moving a finger up and down, focusing on a dot on a piece of paper in response to a sound, imagining a repetitive motion from a sport, imagining singing a song, counting (silently) objects or focussing on a single thought for 10 seconds.

All these pass-thoughts worked to identify users, and researchers say the brainwave-based passwords could end up being an accessible, cheap and secure alternative to the pricier biometrics, such as fingerprint and retina scans, that are also being tested.

Would you try protecting your email with a “pass-thought?”

Staying connected on holiday

When I’m travelling, my suitcase is always a tangle of cords. I rely on smartphones, cameras and tablets to keep me on track (and from getting lost!) on holiday, while ensuring that all the fun is documented in photos, tweets and more. Not to mention how handy it is to check my flight status, look up restaurant reviews and make sure I’m not missing too much at home. Turns out, I share my travel habits with some high rollers. According to a recent study from Mediapost, 77 per cent of “affluents” – people with annual household incomes above $100,000 –  vacationed with their smartphone last year, while 47 per cent toted tablets and laptops.

These high-income earners are logging on to read (40 per cent), make plans, check the weather (72 per cent) and get directions (66 per cent). Three-quarters use their devices to send personal emails, while nearly 40 per cent are posting updates to social media. And more than a third, 38 per cent, stay connected to their office by checking their work email.

Do you rely on your devices while on vacation?

American teens love their iPhones

Apple continues to win the hearts of American teenagers in the iOS vs. Android battle, according to Piper Jaffray’s 25th bi-annual teen survey. The report – which used classroom visits and electronic surveys to poll 1,600 teens from high-income families and 3,600 teens from average income families — found that nearly half (48 per cent) of teens own an iPhone, up from 40 per cent in the fall. And 62 per cent of teens plan to buy an iPhone for their next mobile device. Less than a quarter, 23 per cent, planned to buy an Android phone. That was a one per cent increase from the fall.

Teens are also choosing Apple when it comes to tablets, with 68 per cent planning to buy an iPad. The survey also found that more than half, 51 per cent, of teens owned a tablet and 17 per cent planned to buy one in the next six months.

What will your next device be? Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows?

Coming soon: The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone

Keyboard fans, rejoice! The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, with its physical QWERTY keyboard and touch screen, will be arriving at Rogers retail locations across Canada in the coming weeks.  It’s now available on the Rogers Reservation System and for new customers on Rogers is the first Canadian carrier to bring its customers the device with support for the blazing fast 2600 MHz LTE spectrum band. Rogers customers will also be the first to get the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone in white. The device is also available in black.

Touch screen or physical keyboard: which do you prefer for typing? Why?

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Weekend Reading: Holiday news roundup, AppHero, and discovering new things to do online

Happy New Year! Welcome to our first Weekend Reading edition of 2013. 

We thought we’d kick 2013 off with a blog post that will get you caught up with everything that happened online while you were distracted by the holidays, help you find the perfect apps for your new iOS device, and show you 9 cool things you can do online. Get up to speed with this week’s stories below. 

What you missed in tech news over the holidays

First things first, let’s get caught up with some of the biggest stories to emerge last week courtesy of The Next Web. In their roundup you can top tech stories you may have missed, including how many devices were activated on Christmas Day, what China made mandatory for all internet users, and Foursquare’s new privacy policy

As an added bonus, they’ve also included their picks for “Good Reads,” “Useful Guides,” and “Interesting Reads from Elsewhere.” 

Find the perfect apps for your new iOS device with AppHero

iPhone and iPads were undoubtedly one of the most in demand gifts this holiday season, and if you were lucky enough to get one, you’re probably wondering where to begin. 

One of the best things about Apple is their App Store – but with over 750,000 apps it can be a daunting task to figure out which ones you’d like to try. Our friends at The Cellular Guru found just the app to help with that though, aptly called “App Hero.” By linking this free app with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, it pulls in info about your interests and gives you a customized list of apps that might interest you. Bonus: download the apps directly from the app instead of being taken to the App Store. Try it out on iTunes now and let us know if you found it handy too. 

Betcha didn’t know you could do these 9 things online

Most of us have the hang of the internet these days – it’s become such a standard commodity we’ve even coined the phrase “Google it!” Yet Mashable still uncovered ways it can surprise us with some unlikely discoveries through their own “Googling.” 

Planning on popping the big question this year? Did you know you can figure out your girlfriend’s ring size online? Fancy yourself a bit of a sleuth? Create your own police sketches thanks to another online tool. Always wished you’d gotten into MIT? The university offers free online physics courses. Check out what else Mashable found and share it with friends – were you already aware of some of these? 

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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The Rogers Top-12-of-2012

10! 9! 8! 7! The countdown is on! As we wind down another busy year here at Rogers, here’s a look back at some of the important milestones we reached in 2012.

Do you have any to add?

  1. Speed: We put a lot of emphasis on the ever-increasing speed of our networks this year. Have you tried the wild-and-crazy Rogers Speed Experience yet? Santa did! From our LTE network, to increasing our internet speeds to our full range of devices, speed was definitely on everyone’s lips in 2012.
  2. Innovation: We’ve always been an innovative company. Our Rogers Innovation Reports highlight our commitment to innovation through a series of surveys highlighting mobile and Internet usage by Canadians. Did you check out our latest? It highlights 2012 trends and your tech predictions for the years ahead. If all your holiday sugar and eggnog has made you data hungry, you can check out all our Rogers Innovation Reports on Slideshare.
  3. LTE: Innovation and speed came together for us in a big way in 2012 as we built upon our success as the first Canadian wireless company to launch an LTE network, in Ottawa, in 2011, followed by Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. 2012 brought the  opening of additional markets from coast to coast, including cities like Victoria, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Kingston, Quebec City, Moncton and St. John’s.
  4. Rogers One Number: February blues? Not at Rogers! It was the month we launched Rogers One Number. “RON” as the service is known to its friends, lets you talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. By using Rogers One Number, all calls to Canadian numbers, video chats with other Rogers One Number users and outgoing wireless text messages are free. Did you catch our contest winners’ Rogers One Number chat with Canada’s very own Hedley?
  5. Mobile Payments and Rogers suretap: We teamed up with CIBC to bring mobile payment to Rogers customers earlier this year. Canadian athlete extraordinaire Simon Whitfield was on hand to make Rogers’ first mobile payment. To learn more about how mobile payments and Rogers suretap work, check out our Rogers suretap video on YouTube.
  6. Next is Now … More than Ever: this 2nd in our ongoing video series looks at statistics that speak to how much Canadians value the Internet, smart appliances, the development of the dual-screen experience with TVs and tablets, smartphone usage, digital wallets, and the impact the Internet is having on health, government, education, and shopping. Have you checked it out yet?
  7. Windows 8: How proud were we to be chosen by Microsoft as the preferred Canadian wireless partner for the launch of the highly anticipated Windows 8! We’re bringing the largest selection of Windows 8 devices to the Canadian market, releasing the Nokia 920 back in October. For all the latest details on our Windows 8 offering, visit
  8. iPhone 5: what would a Rogers year be without an iPhone launch? It sends our sales and marketing teams, our call centres and our clients into an excited frenzy every time. The iPhone 5 brought us a slimmer device with an improved camera and loads of other rich features. Which iPhone 5 feature is your favourite?
  9. BlackBerry 10: Not to be outdone, the upcoming BlackBerry 10 is causing quite a stir. So much so that we’re already taking orders for it! Head over to to reserve yours today.
  10. Exclusive devices: Whether it’s the Windows Phone 8X by HTC (8 GB), Nokia Lumia 920, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC and ATIV S Smartphone or the LG Optimus G 2600, 2012 brought Rogers customers access to an exciting range of exclusive smartphones, tablets and apps. Which is your current fave?
  11. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring: Remember the Jetsons? How cool is it that the life George, Jane, Judy and Elroy lived is (almost) here? Ok so maybe we don’t all have our own personal Rosey-the-robot-maid, and we’re not heading off to work in flying cars, but George and Jane would definitely feel at home with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring. From controlling sensors, cameras, thermostats, lights and small appliances remotely through your computer or smartphone, Rogers gives you a taste of the world Hanna Barbara could only imagine when they created the Jetson universe 50 years ago.
  12. Rogers Anyplace TV: Sports on your tablet. What more could a die-hard fan want? Sure, from Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal and everywhere in between we’re mourning our hockey season, but being able to watch the Jays or Raptors or the NBA or Sportsnet on our tablets helps ease the pain. And if sports aren’t your thing, no worries: Rogers Anyplace TV has something for you too. Ring in the New Year with any one of our new releases. Men in Black 3 maybe? Or how about Resident Evil: Retribution? Paranorman? I know! Why not enjoy the perfect merge of sports and Hollywood with Clint Eastwood’s Trouble with the Curve? So many choices! Stop me now or I’ll be recommending movies into 2014!

Wow! What a year! So … have we forgotten anything? Which one of these great innovations changed your life in 2012? Drop by one of our newly revamped concept stores to tell us all about it! (I just had to slip a 13th in there … we’re on the cusp of 2013 after all!)

Happy new year everyone! All the best to you and yours: health and happiness for 2013, from our family to yours.

Michelle is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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