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Weekend Reading: a BlackBerry, selfies and hockey access

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday all!  Check out the Weekend Reading below to meet the latest BB, learn about new form of selfie and more.

 Will you carry a Passport?

 BlackBerry made a splash this week, introducing its latest device – the BlackBerry® Passport. As explored in our post, the BlackBerry® Passport is a smartphone designed with the busy business person in mind. The device rocks a 4.5 inch screen great for reviewing documents on-the-go, an amazing battery life that can keep up with a busy schedule and features like the BlackBerry Assistant that lets you manage emails, contacts and more using voice and text commands.

If you’re ready for a new device, the BlackBerry® Passport is now available with Rogers reservation system and will be in retail stores and at starting on Wednesday, October 1.

What feature has you talking?

Introducing Time-Lapse Selfies

 Attention all selfie-lovers, a new type of selfie has entered the playing field. As reported by Mashable, Hyperlapse,  Instagram’s newest  app for time-lapse videos, has updated to allow for iPhone users to shoot videos with front-facing cameras. Hyperlapse now comes with a small button that toggles between the front- and rear-facing cameras and alerts you when you are switching to “selfielapse” mode. To ensure your selfielapse doesn’t make your friends selfie-sick, the final video is put through the app’s stabilization process.

Tell us, will you be sharing a selfielapse?

Use MyRogers to watch more hockey this season

 12 days until the 2014/15 NHL® season begins and we’re gearing up for the show. This week we shared how to get MyRogers account to access Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™, which lets you watch over 1,000 hockey games this season right from your tablet or smartphone. MyRogers is the fastest gateway to your hockey action and you can sign up today by clicking here. A reminder that Rogers customers with internet or wireless data plans get a free subscription to Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™ until December 31, 2014.

How are you gearing up for the season?

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Weekend Reading: Rewards, Rogers NHL news, and Hyperlapse

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday all! Check out the Weekend Reading below, as we reward you for an old device, introduce an exciting way to catch the hockey game and explore Hyperlapse.

Get rewarded for your old device
If you’re upgrading your phone you might be asking yourself: what do I do with my outdated old device? Well, you can take advantage of the Rogers Trade-Up Program! To see the value of your phone, check out Your quote is valid for 30 days so you can be certain that the quote won’t change. Starting today for a limited time; if the value of your device is worth $0 you’ll be eligible to receive 800 Rogers First Rewards points.  Your points can be used towards the purchase of your next smartphone, or any product or service in the Rogers First Rewards catalogue.

Tell us, how are you using your Rogers First Rewards?

Introducing Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™
We’re gearing up for the NHL hockey season! This week we unveiled Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™– an online destination for catching the hockey game from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ lets you watch over 1,000 live regular season NHL games–over 50 per cent more online regular season and playoff games than last year.  A free subscription is available for Rogers wireless data and Hi-speed Internet customers until December 31, 2014, but non-Rogers customers can still get in on the action. Check out pricing and availability here. We will continue to share news about the upcoming season, along with our Rogers NHL ambassador, Mark Messier.

We’re excited, and so is the blogger community, check out their thoughts:

  • “Rogers announced Wednesday that Canadian NHL fans will have pretty incredible access to games during the 2014-15 NHL season through their Rogers NHL GameCentre Live” – SB Nation
  • “It’s a pretty incredible improvement” – Habs Eyes on the Prize
  • “I can see this appealing to those who are out and about and find out that a really great game is on, or those who want a second screen to watch a second game” IT Nerd

Tell us, will you be watching the game with Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™?

We’re smiling for Hyperlapse
The recently launched Hyperlapse, Instagram’s latest standalone app is receiving positive reviews. Hyperlapse is a new app used to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion, that features built-in stabilization technology that results in a cinematic look and feel. You don’t need an account to create a Hyperlapse, so it’s simple and easy to access. Care to learn more? Check out the video here to learn how you can create your own video that will have your social communities talking!

Have you used Hyperlapse yet? Share you experience below.

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How to take Instagram-ready pictures with your iPhone 5s

iPhoneConnected Rogers shares everything you need to take your photos to the next level.

Apple’s new iOS 7 has revamped its Camera app so that it now lets you capture shots with the popular social photo-network in mind. Here’s how to take your photos to the next level:

1. Open the Camera app by tapping it on your homescreen, swiping the camera icon up on the lock screen or selecting the app in Control Centre. Or just ask Siri to open it.

2. Sift through the white labels until Square is highlighted yellow. This will frame your shot as an Instagram-style box and ensure proper cropping.

3. Tap the tri-colour icon in the bottom-right corner to bring up a selection of Instagram-like filters. These filters can be previewed live while framing your shot. Select one you like.

4. Snap your picture. The result will be an altogether Instagram-ready shot you can post from within the social photo-sharing app without any extra work.

See more great quick tips from Connected Rogers here.

What are the most popular shots on your Instagram feed?

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Weekend reading: Pedal, download, surf and snap your way through the weekend

Weekend Reading: LTE to launch in Manitoba, the wallet versus smartphone battle and a live chat about TV viewing habitsThis week we’re cycling with the pros in the Tour de France, celebrating a download milestone and recognizing moms as the most socially engaged group. We’re also buzzing about Instagram video, which can now be embedded in posts! All that and more in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading.

Pedal the Tour de France

My Facebook stream is filled with friends posting finish line selfies and Endomodo bike commute updates, so I feel it’s pretty safe to say that fitness and technology go hand in hand. And now Google has made the Tour de France accessible to armchair athletes. In honour of the 100th edition of the race, the search engine giant has launched a tool called Your Tour, which lets you “cycle” through the course by scrolling with your mouse or trackpad. Race stages are added as the pack arrives, and include video from a bike and a map of the course.

While I may be a weekend warrior, I’m far from Tour-worthy, so I loved getting a peek into this world that could previously only be experienced by elite athletes.

Google has also mapped the Grand Canyon, the Musee D’Orsay and even Rogers retail locations. What sporting event or location would you like to click your way through?

Magazine milestone

This week, Rogers magazine titles celebrated one million tablet app downloads, a milestone recognized by Masthead and the Canadian Magazines blog. We’re proud to be the first major magazine publisher to offer readers tablet versions of every one of our consumer publications, including Chatelaine, Sportsnet and HELLO! Canada. Rogers Media currently offers 22 publications  on iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices. Starting with the launch of the Maclean’s app in 2010, our “replica apps” offer enhanced versions of the print editions, adding photo galleries, audio tips, behind the scenes videos and more.

We should note that our one-million mark doesn’t include the more than 60 ebooks we’ve published or our standalone apps, like Chatelaine’s 10-Minute Fitness App for iPad, which reached the top spot in the health and fitness category in 31 countries.

Do you read magazines on your tablet?

Moms mad about social media

There’s tonnes of online buzz around the tech-savvy millennial generation, but according to a new eMarketer report, moms are actually the most socially engaged demographic in Canada. Overall, in March 2013, moms spent 18 per cent more time on social media – that’s more than 10 hours a month – than the average Canadian female social media user. A full 86 per cent of internet-using mothers go online every  single day, with visiting social networking sites the most common activity. Other top daily online habits include commenting on social networking activities, profile updates, reading forums or discussion groups and watching videos. Moms also dedicate more time to the internet than to watching television. And be sure to check out Clare Kumar’s tips on how technology can help moms.

Are you a social-savvy mom? How often are you online?

Ready, set, filter

A few weeks ago, Instagram announced it would be adding video capabilities to its photo-sharing social network. Users uploaded 5 million 15 second-videos, complete with carefully chosen filters, in the 24 hours following the app upgrade. Celebs are also hopping on board with the service, as James Franco used an Instagram video this week to announce he’ll be the lucky recipient of a Comedy Central roast.

Not even a month old, the service is already rolling out some changes, announcing this week that content would now be embeddable. And, if you want to share your photos in a more tangible way, be sure to check out these 10 gifts from your Instagram pics from Mashable.

What have you captured with Instagram video?

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Toronto Blue Jays Brett Lawrie shares his social media style

Toronto Blue Jays Brett LawrieWe recently chatted with Toronto Blue Jays™ third baseman Brett Lawrie. He’s a fan favourite on and off the field, having gained an impressive number of followers (175K) on Twitter alone – follow him @blawrie13. After games, he swaps his glove for a device to stay connected with his online community and never misses a moment of the action.

While fans can expect Lawrie to return to the swing of things a little later this season, they can catch all the Blue Jays games on the device of their choice with Rogers Anyplace TV. You can watch the Blue Jays at 1 p.m. (ET) on Thursday as they go head to head with the Detroit Tigers.

RB: If you had to pick just one: Twitter or Instagram? Why?

BL: Definitely Twitter.  I love being able to touch base with my fans online and have the chance to share what I’m up to in real-time.  I really love the support I get on Twitter.

RB: You’re an active Twitter user. What made you decide to start tweeting?

BL: We’ve got lot of Blue Jays fans on Twitter so I thought, “Why not?” Now, I’m hooked. People are also really entertaining on Twitter; it’s a great way to unwind.

RB: You recently joined Instagram, are you enjoying connecting with your fans on a different platform?

BL: I’m having fun sharing my pics and getting to see everyone sporting their Blue Jays gear, especially now that we’re ramping up for a great season ahead. It’s a unique way to connect with the Blue Jays community.

RB: Your family is on the West Coast. How do they watch your Blue Jays games? Does the time difference ever get in their way?

BL: I think my family are my biggest fans; they’re always cheering me on, even if they’re not in the same stadium as me. When it’s game time, they log onto Rogers Anyplace TV on their smartphones to follow along live, wherever they are. Time difference actually isn’t an issue, because I know some of them sneak into the app while they’re at work. Out in the west coast, a lot of the games happen in the morning.

RB: When you’re travelling during the season, how do you keep connected to other live games and scores? Which device do you prefer to watch games on?

BL: I like the ease of watching sports on my phone while I’m on the road. The tablet is also useful because of the bigger screen.

RB: What devices or gadgets can’t you live without? Why?

BL: Without my phone I wouldn’t be able to tweet, share updates with friends and call back home. I also check my email on my phone a million times a day.

RB: Do you have any favourite apps you’d like to share with fans?

BL: I like to keep tabs on the scores of different games, that’s when the Sportsnet app comes in handy.

RB: A recent Rogers survey found more than half of smartphone owners sleep with their phones. Do you think you could go a day without your smartphone?

BL: No way. Probably not. It would be like a day without wearing my glove.

RB: What do you wish your smartphone could do to make your life easier?

BL: In a perfect world, I wish my smartphone could somehow make me meals. Now, that would be cool.

How do you keep up with your favourite Toronto Blue Jays player?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Valentine’s Day slip your mind? We’ve got you covered with these five last-minute gift ideas

Were you forgetting tomorrow is Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

While it may be cutting it a little close to order a bouquet of flowers to send to your sweetheart, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to let your Valentine know you’re thinking of them. Here are five (from the heart) ideas:

A gift from the heart of the kitchen

Whether it’s cooking or a heartfelt craft, our friends at Chatelaine have some great last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas. Cook a special dinner or breakfast. Don’t have a significant other? No worries! Chatelaine has a great dinner party idea for you to throw with your friends.

Curl up with a romantic movie

After your meal, why not curl up on the couch with your sweetheart and throw on a romantic movie? Rogers Anyplace TV has a whole romance section to find the movie that’s perfect for the two of you. You can also check out our special Valentine’s Day movie listing on Rogers on Demand (Channel 100).

Make your love into a meme

Meme generator machines, such as can help you create a unique Valentine to email to your partner. Instead of a mushy drug store card, why not send them something like this?

After all, nothing says I love you like Grumpy Cat or Ikea Monkey.

Make a mixed tape

Sure, cassette tapes don’t really exist anymore, but you can take the teenage tradition of making a mixed tape full of songs expressing your love for your significant other into the 21st century by making a playlist. Use streaming sites such as Rdio, GrooveShark or Songza, or simply create one in iTunes with music you already own. Want to step this one up? Ask your Valentine to dance with you after your dinner.

Send a special photo album

Are you both on Instagram? Why not check out Lovestagram? The site was created by for an Instagram co-founder by his girlfriend a couple of years ago as a special Valentine. for his Valentine. The site uses the Instagram API to connect two people. After plugging in your username, and your partner’s username, photos that feature the two of you will appear. You can choose to send you partner all the photos or just one on one of three special Valentine’s Day themed backgrounds.

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Sarah is a regular Redboard contributor.

Update: Ooops! We got it wrong! It was Kaitlyn Trigger who developed Lovestagram FOR her boyfriend Instagram creator Mike Krieger, and not the other way around. According to TechCrunch, the marketing director learned to program in order to surprise Krieger with this special Valentine. Now if that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is!

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