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Weekend Reading: Internet consumption, smartphone or car, and the HTC One

If there’s one thing I love writing about, it’s the endless stats that pop up online surrounding how important technology has become in our daily lives. This week we found some great articles that opened our eyes to how much we rely on the internet on a daily basis and what age group is more likely to give up their car before their smartphone. As well, we tell you about a new HTC Cash Back Offer for customers. Catch up with us in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading. 


How much internet do we consume daily?

Ever wonder just how much data you really consume in a single day? If like me, you’re in for a surprise.

Internet Service Providers posted an infographic this week that’s pretty mind blowing, considering there are only 24 hours, 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds in one day.

So what did they find? For starters, there are 2.4 billion internet users worldwide. Of them, there are 2.8 million emails sent every second, 320 new Twitter accounts made every minute, and 780,000 apps downloaded every hour! This translates to about 133,333 years online, can you believe it?!

More crazy stats in the full infographic here.

What do you value more – your car, or smartphone?

This answer could likely vary depending on your age group, as showcased by a recent survey from The Huffington Post. According to the survey, “Millennials” (ages 18-34) were the only group to put their mobile device needs before that of transportation.

That being said, they were also the more conscious of the groups to make an effort to utilize things such as public transit, carpooling, and walking or biking. With so many alternatives, it’s easier to see why 30% were more willing to give up their car before their smartphone.

How do you feel about the results? Are you a “millennial” who passionately stands by your device? Or in another age bracket who defies the stats and would sacrifice your vehicle for your smartphone? I think no matter what demographic you fall into, it’s a tough decision. As one of our previous Rogers Innovation Reports indicated, 4% of Canadians would be willing to sacrifice bathing to keep their internet – maybe it’s not such a difficult choice after all! What do you think?

HTC One awards and promo offers

Those of you looking to upgrade to the new HTC One couldn’t have picked a better time! After winning “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet” at the Mobile World Congress, HTC decided to supply a $100 (CDN) credit to HTC customers who trade in their older HTC model to purchase the HTC One.

For a limited time, customers can register for the HTC Cash Back Offer, purchase and activate a new HTC One before March 31, 2013 then send in their old phone with proof of purchase of their new phone. HTC will then send a Prepaid VISA card worth minimum $100 (CDN) in value! Full details on the phone and HTC Cash Back Offer available here. A fantastic offer for a fantastic device!

Kelly is a regular Redboard contributor.

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Weekend Reading: HTC One, 31 years of cell phones, smartphones vs. PC’s, and business mobile trends

It’s been another exciting week for mobile tech with the announcement and preview of the upcoming HTC One, plus we take a visual look at the last three decades of cell phones, speculation on smartphones overtaking traditional PC hardware, and mobile’s effect on business. All ahead in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading. 

Hands on with the HTC One

This week HTC unveiled what is being hailed as one of the must-have devices for 2013 – the HTC One.

Earlier this week the device was showcased at an HTC event in New York City, where our friends at Connected Rogers were lucky enough to get a sneak peek. You can get all the details on the design, camera, and specs in their post here, plus a few other top industry sources including CNET, Network World, and iClarified (with video).

The HTC One will be available at Rogers this spring – stay tuned for more details! 

Infographic: 3 decades of cell phones

Can you believe cell phones have been around for a whopping three decades already? It’s true! The Next Web posted a fantastic cell phone timeline infographic this week showcasing just how far cell phones have come over the last 31 years. A few personal faves from the infographic include the Dynatac 8000x (aka Zack Morris’ phone on Saved by the Bell), and my very own first cell phone, the Nokia 5110.

Which blast from the past makes you most appreciative of today’s tech? Alternately, is there anything you miss about them or see a comeback for?

Smartphones to replace PC’s?

After seeing how far smartphones have come, how long do you think it will be until they fulfill all our tech needs and take over completely?

Writer Eliot Van Buskirk provided some insight in his latest article for The Huffington Post. After accurately predicting the success of the iPod before others saw its value, he’s fairly certain that his hunch on hardware peripherals will be next. His article outlines six things that point to smartphones becoming “the center of our digital lives,” including tablet keyboards, and The Cloud. Check out the full post and let us know your own predictions in the comments below.

Adopting your business to 2013 mobile trends

It may only be the second month into the New Year, but analysts are already making predictions about the effects on mobile tech on businesses. The Telecom Blog explored various reports recently suggesting that a mobile transition is happening amazingly quickly and if your business isn’t quick to adapt to mobile trends as are their customers, it could represent some challenges for them in 2013. Now, how is this this reflected on Canadian soil? A quick example could be how mobile is changing television. Canadians don’t limit their tablet or smartphone usage to browsing the Web. Turns out mobile devices are also great for watching TV, and especially for watching shows on demand.

One of our recent Rogers Innovation Reports also suggested an increase in mobile trends, with 80% believing more people will be connected to the web via mobile devices than desktop computers in 2013. I’m definitely one of the 80% using my smartphone for everything I can these days because it’s so convenient! It’s always on me, has instant LTE internet access, and a world of apps at my disposal.

Is your business ahead of the game when it comes to mobile tech? If not, are you shifting your plans for 2013 in that direction? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to know where you’re at.

Kelly is a regular Redboard contributor.

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Weekend Reading: Couch commerce, tablet publications, and 2013 predictions

Happy weekend everyone! It’s been an icy cold week with no signs of warming up unfortunately – so there’s no better time to grab some cocoa and bunker down with this week’s headlines in our latest edition of Weekend Reading!

Couch Commerce

When I think of tablets, I think of the convenience it provides while on the go with a larger screen than a smartphone. However, Mobile Commerce Daily posed a different perspective this week -

“Tablet devices are now known as “couch devices” because consumers are reaching for them while they are sitting at home.” Read the article for yourself and you’ll see its true!

Many of us use them in place of our laptops as a companion device to our televisions – and televisions host commercials. Commercials with fancy fashions, new products, and limited time offers. All of these factors come into play as reasons why online shopping from a tablet has increased by more than 300 percent in the last year alone! You can read more on their convenience and popularity in the entire article here.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have my tablet alongside my cocoa this weekend when I’m curled up inside because it’s minus 30 outside! How many of you are reading this edition of Weekend Reading on your tablet right now?

Are you reading tablet publications?

Keeping with the tablet theme, according to Tech Vibes, tablet publications are faring better in Canada than other parts of the world. In fact, publication apps account for 15% of all apps in iPad’s top 200 grossing apps! In the same category, they are also the second highest grossing apps next to games.

So who are the top publishers Canadians are reading? Do we prefer magazines to newspapers to newsstands? Find out in Tech Vibes infographic with more telling stats here.

2013 – The year of mobile?

That’s what The Mobilists are predicting in their post this week on 2013 Mobile Trends and Predictions, with a wish list that includes converting big data to actionable data, the rise of mobile payments, an increase in mobile shopping, and BYOD (bring your own device) to name a few.

But what do they think about mobile advertising, QR codes, or augmented reality? Check out their thorough article and share your thoughts on their lists in the comments below.

Personally I’m most excited to see developments in mobile use in everyday scenarios – from remote control access to household functions, to deeper control within our cars and even watches (as seen in Tech Zone 360 from this year’s CES.) I’m also eager for mobile payments to advance and become a regular form of payment now with our CIBC agreement for mobile wallets and suretap technology. 2013 is shaping up to be an innovative year already!

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard.

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Weekend Reading: Windows 8, smartphone shockers & Halloween tech

Many of you are probably focused on Halloween next week, getting last minute costumes and candy ready for the big night. It’s a fun and chaotic holiday, which makes it difficult to keep up on the latest tech news – but fear not, we’re here with another Weekend Reading edition to fill you in on Windows 8, smartphones vs. water and hydro, and some fun Halloween themed apps.

Top Windows 8 features

Last week, we announced that we teamed up with Microsoft to bring you the largest selection of Windows 8 devices from a Canadian carrier.

A week later and people are still talking Windows 8, eager to share their thoughts on the exciting new platform and what features they’re most excited about. Across all Windows 8 devices, you’ll now have a complete cross-platform experience making it easier to switch between your smartphone, your PC or your tablet.

Wired hailed the intuitive interface and ability to pin and share anything, while CNET Asia published their own Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8 including reset and refresh options. IT Business Edge highlighted some features businesses will love like faster boot-up times and enhanced architectures. If you’re looking for a more detailed analysis of the Windows 8 features, ReadWrite Enterprise is compiling a series focusing on the Top Windows 8 Features with a whole article dedicated to each feature. They are counting down the final three but if you scroll to the bottom you can read up on the rest.

What do you value more – your smartphone, or water and electricity?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, these kinds of stats never cease to surprise me. Our very own Rogers Innovation Report back in May revealed what kind of things people were willing to sacrifice for internet access, including coffee, chocolate, and even sex for 6% of us!

Now just this week, Business Insider revealed that More People Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity Or Drinking Water! What else do smartphones dominate over? Check out the full article to see and let us know where your priorities lie – smartphone, or relying on good old fashioned daylight?

Get into the spooky spirit with Halloween tech

Forget the candy and costumes, Mashable put together this great post summarizing some awesome Halloween themed apps. Use Pic Monkey to create a creepy zombie or vampire themed avatar, or play fun games like Pumpkin Pops or Ghost Radar. Good for kids, or the young at heart.

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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Weekend Reading: smartphone demand & tech for back-to-school

Think back to ten years ago to 2002. How big a role did technology play in your day to day life? If you were in school, did you own a smartphone or tablet? Or for business, how much could you really do outside of the office on your phone?

This week we rounded up a couple great articles on smartphone demand and technology for back- to- school.

Can the smartphone industry keep up with the demand?

Digital Trends recently uncovered some interesting facts surrounding people’s insatiable demand for smartphones by looking at inventory, expectations, and market share in their post “Smartphone market growing faster than anticipated.” The author even goes so far as to guess you may be reading this very article on your smartphone now! More on what types of smartphones continue to be highest in demand, and predictions on the cell phone market in 2016 in the full article here.

Technology & back-to-school

With the new school season just around the corner, there were a ton of great posts and articles published this week about back-to-school and technology. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • This Toronto Star article called “Back to school: technology tips for parents takes a closer look at technology for kids 10 years old and younger. How young is too young to trust them with technology? Are there tools on these devices to even benefit the younger users? Check out the full article here.
  • published this great infographic on college students and gadgets through the years. Did you know that in 1984, there was only 1 computer for every 92 students?!
  • A recent consumer survey found that back-to-school spending is expected to top $500 per shopper this year. But what are kids really looking for? Take a look at this interesting article from Shine from Yahoo! on back-to-school trends.
  • And with all that new, back-to-school technology, how do you keep it all safe and secure? Check out this article called Five Quick and Easy Must Have Back-To-School Technology Security Tips.

What technology do your kids think is a must have for back-to-school?

Kelly is a regular contributor for Redboard.

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Weekend Reading: Phones, Maps, Mobile Payments, and a blog for Canadians!

Just when you think you’ve got a grasp on your smartphone, Facebook or GPS, the tech industry swoops in and shakes things up again! This week we found out some interesting stats on youth and how different generations utilize technology, more on the future of mobile payments, and highlight Google with news about their new Canadian blog and fun facts on Google Maps.

Half of Teens Couldn’t Live Without Their Phone for a Week [STUDY]

We’ve seen these studies and infographics time and time again, yet they never cease to amaze us when we really stop and think about how dependent we are on our tech.

According to a recent study by TextPlus that was highlighted in Mashable, half the teens between the ages of 13-17 surveyed said they couldn’t go longer than a week without their cell phones. 36% ventured to say they couldn’t go 10 minutes without checking their phones even! What is it that makes them so addictive to teens – is it the apps, games or texting capabilities? Find out this and several other interesting findings in the full article here.

We also released our new infographic in our Innovation Report series earlier this week confirming much of the same information. Check out what our findings had to reveal about bridging the generation gap, and what role technology is playing in education these days.

11 Fascinating Facts About Google Maps

Google Maps is one of those tools we’ve gotten so used to having in our lives, we rarely stop to think about the advances it’s made, or what goes into maintaining it. Mashable came up with 11 Fascinating Facts About Google Maps that we have to admit are pretty cool! For instance, number 8 asks “In the history of Google Maps, how many Street View images have been taken?” Other facts include what equipment is used in hard to reach places, and where you can see museums and particular landmarks. Check out the complete list here and let us know if you can add to the list!

Google Canada launches the official Google Canada blog

As Mobile Syrup points out in their reporting on Google’s new Canadian blog, “Finding specific news about Google in Canada has been sparse.” But this week Google made millions of Canadians happy when they announced the launch of an official blog pertaining specifically to Canadian Google news.

Check out what our friends at Mobile Syrup had to say about the story, then head on over to the Google blog to read up on the latest updates for yourself!

Mobile Payments to Reach $1.3 Trillion Annually by 2017, Study Says

The opening paragraph in Tech Vibes article pretty much sums things up: “According to a recent report from Juniper Research, global mobile payment transactions are expected to grow nearly fourfold over the next five years to more than $1.3 trillion.”

At Rogers, we recognized the trend and desire from the public as well, which is why in May we announced an agreement with CIBC to launch Canada’s first mobile payment solution. The technology is already there, it’s now a matter of regulation, security, and reliability for the public. Read more on the study through Tech Vibes here and let us know how you’re embracing mobile payments.

Kelly is a regular contributor for Redboard.

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APPealing apps for Father’s Day

fathers day apps from Rogers RedBoardLast month we honoured moms everywhere for Mother’s Day by dedicating a post to showcase 5 essential apps for tech-savvy moms. So with Father’s Day around the corner, we had to pay equal tribute to all the great tech-savvy dads out there too!

For starters, what’s Dad hoping for this year? We found an infographic on Silicon Republic for dads with equally revealing stats that may surprise you – for instance, according to Tech Bargains, 65% of dad’s would rather receive NO gift at all than a tie! Tech ranked high with moms in May, and it looks like dads are no different –48% want tech gadgets, but only 23% will get them. For those lucky 23% we’ve picked 5 more essential apps to deck out dad’s gadgets with – for the other 48% there’s still time,so get shopping!

iHandy Carpenter – $1.99

This app is a staple for any how-to dad for house repairs or remodeling projects. The app includes a surface level, a bubble level bar, a protractor and a ruler for all his measurement needs. For $2, you give dad a 5-in-1 surprise that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, orAndroid

Live sports on your smartphone for only $5/month

We’ve got dad covered this year with our Rogers Anyplace TV Live app for smartphones. Bonus: with this app, your dad can stream unlimited hours until October 31st! Watch live games on the go– your dad’s ticket to every Blue Jays game of the season no matter where he is! Plus we’ll be serving up the Rogers Cup soon, Canada’s premiere tennis event! For more info on this app, check out our post here.

Available on iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry.

Bonus – get the MLB Full Count app for iPhone or iPad

The Home Depot – Free

With over 100,000 products to browse and purchase, the app offers essentially everything the brick and mortar stores do right at your fingertips! Once dad finds an item he likes, he can even check his store’s inventory and scan UPC codes.

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows

Grill-It! XL – $1.99

Summer is many things, but to most men – it’s BBQ season! Featured in Maxim magazine,Grill-It has new recipes added every week. From burgers to steaks to sausages, this app is sure to satisfy dad’s primal instincts.

Available on iPad

Garage Buddy – $0.99

This app is the most basic necessity for any enthusiastic motorist. Providing users with all the tools needed to calculate, measure or convert, your dad will be ready to build cars for sport, or take on basic repairs.

Available on iPhone and iPad

If you insist on getting dad a tie this year, at least show him how to use it with this handy How To Tie a Tie app! Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend Reading: New contests, retail concepts & fatherly figures

Rogers New Retail Launches

Last week we were excited to launch our brand new retail concept at our Yonge/Bloor location, with over 20 newly redesigned stores hitting Canada throughout 2012!

In our RedBoard post, we highlighted the top 8 enhancements you can expect to see in the new stores. I always find visuals leave a lasting impression though, which is why we updated our post to include photos and videos from the Toronto launch party as well. Check out some candid shots on our Google+ album, and watch the video for all the live action, including an interview with Sian Doyle, our VP of Retail.

Upcoming Contests & Tours

Next week, the hit TV series True Blood returns for season 5, and Rogers wants to celebrate with you! First, catch up on all the action from last season on Rogers Anyplace TV before the big premiere on June 10. We’ve got season 4 in its entirety, full of vampire lust, gore, and drama – FREE for all Rogers Cable TV customers with a subscription to HBO.

If you’re still blood thirsty and can’t wait until the premiere on HBO Canada, you’ll definitely want to visit Beyond the Guide for their “Gimme 5 for True Blood” contest! Rogers customers who subscribe to The Movie Network can enter for a chance to win two tickets to an advance screening of the True Blood Season 5 premiere June 6th at the Velma Rogers Theatre in Toronto! Get treated to hors d’oeuvres and cocktails with fellow “Truebies” in our “Merlotte” and “Fangtasia” rooms, where you’ll have the chance to win some amazing prizes too!

If you’re more mall-surfer than couch-surfer, you’ll want to look for our teams next month during our “Smoked by Windows” tour. Test your phone’s speed against a Windows phone, such as the Nokia Lumia 710 or 900, for a chance to win a $100 Rogers gift certificate! Check out how our friends at Mobile Syrup measured up at the Yonge/Dundas launch – hint: they are not $100 richer! You can also chat with fellow users and challengers in our Community Forums and compare results. The tour kicks off June 1st at Sherway Gardens, Eaton Centre, and Fairview Mall. Stay tuned to @RogersBuzz for more details and tour dates.

Infographic of the Week

Seems like yesterday we were celebrating Mother’s Day, and now Father’s Day is right around the corner! Mashable released another interesting infographic this week on how tech savvy today’s dad’s are, and we thought it might be a good share with our readers. One example we found interesting – when it comes to social media, what do first-time dads share online? 42% post family updates a few times a week, with 56% of those being photos and 21% being videos. Who knew dad was so shutter-happy?! More fun stats on today’s dads here.

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend Reading: Rogers Innovation Report, tech predictions and Samsung Galaxy SIII

It’s been a great week at Rogers for announcements, discoveries, and predictions! In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII, revealing some of our findings in the latest Rogers Innovation Report, and sharing another great article from ReadWriteWeb on tablets vs. laptops.

Rogers Innovation Report

In an effort to keep our customers educated on some of the latest technology trends, we’re continuing ourseries of Innovation Reports, each compiled into a creative infographic.

Our latest in the series asks: “What Would YOU give up for the Internet?” In it, we examined how Canadian tech users are spending their time on the internet, what they would give up for internet access, and what industries they’d like to see adapting to the internet more. Mobile Syrup focused on the fact that 34% of Canadian tech users claimed they would give up alcohol for the internet, while iPhone in Canada was shocked that some people would actually consider giving up things like bathing, sex and interacting with others!

Internet use and sacrifice seemed to be a hot topic this week. Sociologue also released a similar infographic after their study showed nearly 1 in 4 people would give up sex to keep their mobile phone! Think about it – what would YOU give up?!

Latest Device News

ReadWriteWeb published an interesting article discussing the future of laptops in light of the tablet evolution. In “Tablets Want to Kill Your Laptop,” Forrester Research predicts that tablets will displace laptops and notebooks in as little as 5 years, likening PC’s to “clunky trucks rather than sleek cars.”

For more stats and predictions on the future of tablets, read the full article at ReadWriteWeb. To check out Rogers latest and greatest in tablets, visit our products page here.

If you’re already on the tablet train, you may be looking to upgrade or get a new wireless device next. Another good read is the All Things Mobile in-depth review on the HTC One X after getting to demo it this month. The review examines the phone’s physical construction, user interface, and features. Read the full review here, and reserve or pre-order the device at

And last but far from least, we also announced this week that the Samsung Galaxy SIII would soon be joining our lineup! Arguably one of the most anticipated devices of 2012, you can now visit the Samsung Canada page for a complete listing of features, specs and enhancements. Or take a look at this blog post from TechVibes for more details. You can also register on to receive the latest updates on this exciting new smartphone!

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers Innovation Report: What would YOU give up for the Internet?

Canadians see the Internet as vital. But is it more important than alcohol? Chocolate? Sex? Water? Inquiring minds want to know … and we have the answer!

Back in December, we issued our first Rogers Innovation Report, a regular report we’re doing to get Canadians’ views on technology. Now, results from our third Rogers Innovation Report reveal some tantalizing insights about how much Canadian technology users value their Internet connection, as well as how they want to make technology work for them now and in the future.

Check out some of the results from our latest study in the infographic below and join the discussion on Twitter by using or following #RIRExplores.

How do you compare with Canadians we surveyed?

Rogers Innovation Report: The Future of Internet Experiences

The Rogers Innovation Report, produced by market research specialists and software developers Vision Critical, regularly explores Canadians’ habits and views on technology. You’ll find complete study results on Slideshare.

Michelle is regular contributor to our French blog, FilRouge. This is her first post on RedBoard.

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