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How to turn off tracking in iOS 7

iOS 7Connected Rogers shares how to control whether your Apple device knows your location.

Your iPhone always has your back. Think of it as a loyal companion that wants to better understand how it can help. Thanks to iOS 7 (learn how to upgrade to iOS 7 here), it deduces where you work, the places you frequent and where on the map you call home. It then uses this data – which is stored on your device and isn’t sent anywhere without your permission – to preemptively provide traffic updates and if need be, an alternate route. Super-helpful!

If, however, you simply don’t like the idea of your phone being location-aware, you can easily turn location tracking off in iOS 7. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app. Swipe down to Privacy and tap.

2. Tap the slider switch to turn Location Services off.

3. A message about Location Services appears. Tap Turn Off to acknowledge.

Find more quick tech tips at Connected Rogers.

Personally, I rely on location tracking to help me find the nearest coffee shop and to compensate for my terrible sense of direction. How do you take advantage of your device’s location tracking features?

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How to watch your favourite shows with Rogers Anyplace TV

Rogers Anyplace TVFrom the drama of Lena Dunham’s Girls to the zombie hijinks of The Walking Dead, you can watch all your favourites – new and old – from your desktop with our newly refreshed Rogers Anyplace TV website. Even better news? You can start watching right now – Rogers Anyplace TV gives you access to all the great shows you already enjoy with your digital TV subscription.

Here’s how to start watching:

First, you need to register:

  • Go to
  • Click “Register” in the top right corner
  • Sign in with your My Rogers account
  • OR complete the necessary fields and verify you’re a Rogers customer by doing one of the following:
    • Enter your postal code if you’re currently using Rogers internet
    • Send a verification code to your Rogers wireless phone
    • Enter your Rogers account number

Then you can start watching!

If you have a specific show in mind:

  • Type the show name in the search bar on the type right of your screen
  • As you type more letters, your results will narrow down to a match
  • Click your desired title from the drop down menu
  • Enjoy!

To browse what’s available:

  • Click the “On Demand” button on the top navigation bar
  • Click “TV Shows” in the sub-navigation bar
  • Click the “A-Z” button to sort the shows in alphabetical order and find your show

Or, to see what’s on your favourite channels:

  • Click the “On Demand” button on the top navigation bar
  • Click “Channels” in the sub-navigation bar
  • Click the “A-Z” button to sort the channels in alphabetical order
  • Click on your desired channel and find your show

What TV shows will you be watching this winter?

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Understanding partial charges on your Rogers bill

Partial chargesYou’ve received your Rogers bill and noticed something called “partial charges.” But what does that mean?

To help decode partial charges and prorated usage, let’s start with the billing basics.

What’s my billing period?

Your billing period runs for one month and ends on your “Invoice Date.” Your invoice date is noted at the top of your bill. For example, if your invoice date is the twelfth of every month, day one of your billing period is the thirteenth of each month and runs through the twelfth of the next month.

How are my services billed?

The monthly service fees for most plans are billed in advance for the following month. Usage charges are billed as they’re incurred during your billing period.

OK, so what are partial charges?

You could see partial charges on your bill if you’ve activated a new service with Rogers or if you’ve made changes to your current services mid-way through your billing period. These partial charges cover your service fees for the period between the activation date of your new service and your invoice date. The minutes, wireless internet or text message amounts included in your service plan will also be prorated.

What’s my activation date?

Your activation date is the day your service is connected to the Rogers network. Your activation date isn’t usually the same as the first day of your billing period.

How are partial charges and prorated services calculated?

Billing begins the moment your service is activated. Your partial charges are calculated based on the number of days between your activation date and your invoice date. For example, if your billing period begins on the thirteenth and your activation date is the fifth, you would see partial charges for the eight days of service between your activation and invoice date.

So, if your plan’s monthly service fee is $30 and the upcoming month has 30 days, you’re charged $1 per day. With eight days between your activation and invoice dates, your partial charges are $8. With this example, your first Rogers bill (before applicable taxes and any usage charges you incur) will be $38 – your regular $30 monthly service fee plus $8 in partial charges.

Services such as voice minutes, wireless internet and text messages will also be prorated. Using the same example, if your wireless plan includes 150 minutes monthly, you would have 40 minutes to use for those eight days of service before your next billing period begins.

For more on your Rogers bill, visit

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Check out the new iOS 7 keyboard features

Last month, Apple released its latest operating system: iOS 7. The update is available for the iPhone 4 and newer, the iPad 2 and newer, the iPad mini and the fifth generation iPod Touch.

The Apple operating system gets a whole new look with iOS 7, from the lock screen right down to the keyboard.

Now that you’ve upgraded, here are a few secret tips to help you get the most out of your iPhone or iPad keyboard.

Type URLs in your mobile browser quicker








Now when you enter a URL into your mobile browser, you can add more than just the “.com” with the click of a button. Hold down the period, and a variety of top-level domains ( .com, .ca, etc.), appear above it. Simply select the TLD you need and ta-da!


Adding accents and other characters








Need to add an accent to the “e” at the end of fiancé? You can do so easily by holding down the letter “e” on your device and selecting which version you need.


Split your keyboard

split keyboard

Typing on an iPad can be tough, but with a split keyboard, you can easily navigate with your thumbs. Simply hold the keyboard option on the right side of your iPad and select “split.” You can even move where your keyboard sits to make it fit your typing style!

Access an apostrophe with the flick of a button

Also on the iPad, you can access an apostrophe without having to flip over to the numerical keyboard. Hold down the comma button, and you’ll get an option above to enter an apostrophe.


Want to learn some more tips and tricks from Apple’s new operating system? We held a Google+ Hangout about iOS 7 on Nov. 6. Check it out below!

What’s your favourite feature in iOS 7?

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How do I set up Visual Voicemail?

Visual voicemailWhen you’re waiting on important news but can’t pick up your phone, spotting the little icon reminder that you’ve got mail can be agonizing.

Visual voicemail lets you learn the content of all your messages without needing to dial into your voicemail service.

How to set up Visual Voicemail on iPhone

Since this application comes pre-installed on the iPhone, setting up Visual Voicemail for the first time couldn’t be easier!

To set up Visual Voicemail and create a password right on the iPhone screen:

  1. Tap the Phone then Voicemail icon. The first time you tap the Voicemail application, your iPhone will prompt you to create a password and record a greeting.
  2. Enter your temporary pass code (the last four digits of your phone number) and then follow the prompts to create your own personalized password. Make sure to create a four to 10 digit password that only you will know.
  3. Tap Save
  4. Re-enter your password and tap Save again

How do I set up Visual Voicemail Plus on BlackBerry or Android?

BlackBerry, Android, and MMS users can now get in on the Visual Voicemail action too! Exclusive to Rogers, Visual Voicemail Plus is available to download for free from Android Market or Rogers Mobile Internet Portal. Visual Voicemail service plans are $10 a month. For more, visit

Is Visual Voicemail Plus available for Windows phones or other phones?

Visual Voicemail plus is available for any phone that supports picture/video (MMS) messages.

How much does it cost?

Visual voicemail is available in our $5 value pack or as an add-on for $10 per month.

What are the benefits of visual voicemail?

Connected Rogers magazine shares seven ways Visual Voicemail Plus can help you save time:

  1. Visual Voicemail Plus  eliminates the need to dial in to your voicemail
  2. It offers a discreet way to check messages in meetings, at work, and so on.
  3. It lets you keep a permanent record of important  messages on your wireless phone
  4. Respond to messages via SMS or MMS with Visual Voicemail Plus <
  5. Read or listen to messages discreetly and in any order
  6. Respond with a one-click call back or text/MMS/email message
  7. Voicemail messages sent to your phone synchronize with your voicemail service

What kind of news has left you watching your voicemail? For me, it was closing on my condo!

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How Rogers Smart Home Monitoring can help you save energy

Smart Home MonitoringMost people are cautious of how much energy they use and how their daily activities affect the world we live in.

As Earth Day approaches, we chatted with blogger Heather Hamilton, A.K.A. @tjzmommy on Twitter, about how her family does its part for the environment, websites that help teach her kids about energy savings and how Rogers Smart Home Monitoring (a system she’s trying out for a year) is helping her family, as well as the Earth.

 What energy savings strategies do you use at home?

We are very conscious of our energy consumption in our house and it’s great to see that our kids have also jumped on board with our strategies.  As a family, we are vigilant about turning off lights when we aren’t in the room and turning down the thermostat when we are not home.  Since we have two boys, they do like to keep the lights on at night, but we have all worked hard to limit the energy to a small nightlight in the room, rather than leaving on a full bathroom light!

How do you teach your children about energy savings? Any cool apps or games you could recommend?

My kids love anything interactive on the computer, so here are our favourite energy- and eco-focused sites for kids:

  • EcoKids has some great online games for kids to teach them about being energy efficient around the house and allows them to be part of the solution;
  • Earth Rangers is such a great site to educate kids about animals and ideas on helping to give back to the environment – lots of opportunities to earn rewards along the way for helping;
  • The US Department of Energy has a really kid-friendly site to engage kids, educate them and let them have fun while saving energy!

How is Rogers Smart Home Monitoring helping you save energy?

We left on a weekend away, shortly after the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring installation, and I totally forgot to turn down my thermostat!  I’m far too cheap and eco-conscious to allow that to happen, so I logged onto my iPhone app and adjusted the temperature to be cooler while we were away.  On the drive home, I logged back in and turned up the heat for when we got home.

Which feature(s) will be the handiest for Earth Day?

We will be using all of the features to save energy on Earth Day!  We have created a list with the kids on how they can be active this Earth Day and work with us to reduce the energy we use, turn off taps, turn off lights and be more aware of paper products that they use.

Did you know that with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring you can get your lights and small appliances to turn on and off according to your schedule? You can read all about the system’s easy home automation features here.

Today, residents of New Brunswick – in Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton – and residents of St. John’s, Newfoundland, can book a FREE in-home assessment by visiting

What do you do to save energy? Share your tips in the comments below.

Sarah is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Learn about your Rogers bill with our new online guide

Rogers Bill explainerI’m going to guess that most people dislike reading bills. Sure, you know they’re important, but there’s a lot of information to take in. That said, you probably know it’s important to understand exactly how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for. We totally agree.  So, to assist you, we now have Rogers Bill Explainer dedicated to helping you understand your Rogers bill.

What is it?

Rogers Bill Explainer helps you understand how to read your bill, page-by-page with simple explanations and examples of details and charges you would typically find on your bill.

You can view information by service like Rogers wireless, cable or internet and then look at specific topics like long distance, savings or pay-per-use charges. Ever wondered what those partial charges are all about? What about the Savings box? The Bill Explainer will clear that right up.

How to find it?

Just head over to and click around. No login required.

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Making a big move? With Rogers Concierge you now have a free personal move agent

Moving is always a bit of a chaotic time. According to Canada Post, 14 per cent of Canadians move each year, so many of us can relate to all the planning that’s involved and know that staying organized can be a challenge.

Introducing Rogers Concierge -   a free service that gives existing Rogers customers a dedicated contact during the moving process to make sure all your Rogers services are up and running in your new home. Your Rogers Concierge is your go-to throughout the moving process – no waiting on hold or repeating your concerns to multiple people. You’ll be set up with a dedicated agent and will have access to a direct email and phone number so you can chat with them 1 on 1 whenever you have questions.

After setting up your bed, the next thing most people set up is the cable TV service, Hi-Speed Internet and home phone. From the time you decide to pick up and move to when you’re settled at your new pad, your personal Rogers Concierge agent is there to help you every step of the way.

In addition to being available for questions whenever you need answers, your dedicated Rogers Concierge agent will also proactively connect with you throughout the process to make sure your move is seamless. A Rogers Concierge will help you:

  • Review your order details
  • With technical troubleshooting
  • Change your account information
  • Answer your billing questions
  • Set up new products and services

What’s more, all Rogers Concierge customers get a free, no commitment, month trial of Rogers TechXpert service so once you’re settled in, you’ll have a personal technology expert at your disposal on a 24/7 basis by phone or online chat. Check out our recent blog post for more information on Rogers TechXpert service.

What about packing for a big move? My colleague Miranda recently caught up with Dustin from Rent-a-Son, a Toronto moving company that provides movers and moving services. We asked Dustin to share some tips on how to properly package up your electronics to ensure nothing is damaged during your move. Check it out:

For more info on Rogers Concierge check out or call 1 877 MY MOVE9 (696-6839)

What do you think is the most important item to have set up first once you arrive at your new place?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Introducing Rogers TechXpert: 24/7 immediate extended tech support for a stress-free home

Rogers TechXpertSome of us are more tech savvy than others and in today’s world of evolving electronics and increasingly complex connected devices, it can be confusing trying to maintain a healthy digital life. Even if you pride yourself on being your family’s resident tech person, sometimes the issue may just be beyond your realm of expertise.

Imagine if you had your own personal technology expert whom you could reach any minute of the day by phone or online chat– no appointments needed.

Technophobes breathe a collective sigh of relief

The recently launched Rogers TechXpert service provides 24/7 extended technology support for your computers and other connected devices. You can focus on your life and have a specialized technology expert handle your tech. Assistance goes above and beyond your traditional Rogers services. Rogers TechXpert agents help with the products or software that are built and sold by other manufacturers or retailers.

Over the past year, the service has been offered on a trial period and the problem resolution rate has been 95 to 97 percent. Currently available to Rogers Hi-Speed Internet customers, you can sign up for one-time support or for a month-to-month subscription for up to three computers with Rogers TechXpert for Computers ($9.99/per month) or a subscription that also  includes your other devices with Rogers TechXpert Whole Home ($14.99 per month).

Here’s a possible scenario: Your daughter is staying up late putting the finishing touches on her project and she discovers she is unable to print it for school the next day. You try to fix it for her, but you’re stumped. Instead of painstakingly troubleshooting all night, you can instantly connect with a Rogers TechXpert agent for help via online chat or phone. With your permission, an agent can securely remote into your computer and troubleshoot your printer connectivity. If you’re using a PC, agents can also install a dashboard on your computer which initiates scans and health checks in order to monitor the continued wellbeing of your computer.

Recently my colleague Miranda caught up with Rogers TechXpert Advisors, Tim and Andjelko. Check out this video for an overview of how a Rogers TechXpert agent can help simplify the tech in your life:

You can sign up for a free one month trial to test it out. Visit or call 1-855-885-0178.

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

The information in this post is current at the date of posting and is subject to change without notice.

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