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It’s better to give and receive: Rogers launches Refer Your Friends program

When I really love a restaurant, movie or service, I tell all of my friends and family about the great experience I had.  Sometimes that includes sharing it on my social profiles like – Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. But what if sharing with your friends and family actually rewarded you beyond a few likes?

With our new Refer Your Friends program, when you refer someone to Rogers and they sign up for a wireless plan with minimum 2 year FLEXtab agreement, you both get up to a $25 bill credit. The more friends you refer the more you can earn.  You could receive up to $300 a year.

Here’s how to start giving and receiving:

  1. As a Rogers wireless customer go to to register for the program and read the terms and conditions
  2. Share the offer with your contacts via email, social media or word-of-mouth
  3. When your friend receives the offer, they simply go to to register
  4. Friends can check out Rogers devices and plans online or go to their nearest store location to purchase their new wireless plan with a minimum 2-year FLEXtab agreement
  5. The friend you referred must go back to to enter in their profile, their mobile telephone number on their new plan
  6. Both you and your friend will now get up to $25 in savings

The holidays are coming and who couldn’t use a little extra cash in their pocket? Start encouraging your friends to pick up one of the great new LTE superphones available at Rogers like the Nokia Lumia 920, Motorola RAZR HD LTE or the LG Optimus G 2600.

What device will you recommend to your friends and family?

Katie is a regular contributor to Redboard


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Are you a commitment phobe? We’ve got just the thing for you!

You’re too young to settle down. Sure, you’ve had some great times with good old reliable, but you miss the thrill and excitement that comes with something totally new.

We get it.  With the amazing selection of devices available today and the next wave of cool smartphones always around the corner, we know you want to get your hands on the latest and greatest when YOU want it, without waiting until the end of your term.

We agree.  That’s why as of today, customers who sign up with Rogers have a new way to get the coolest smartphones without having to wait until the end of their term.  So, what is it? It’s called FLEXtab.  Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a smartphone with an eligible term plan and make a low payment on the device – the price will depend on the device you choose, but we’ll spot you the majority of the upfront full device cost. The remaining amount is your FLEXtab balance.
  • Every month into your term, your remaining FLEXtab balance goes down.
  • Want to get a new smartphone?  Just pay off your FLEXtab balance and you’ll be eligible to upgrade to the device you want.

It really is that simple.   Super easy, all done on your terms, not ours, and is part of our commitment to giving you even greater flexibility and choice.  Find out more at

So tell us, what do you think of FLEXtab?

Carly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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