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Weekend Reading: Full-season hockey, Nokia Lumia 830 and Facebook safety

Weekend readingIt’s Friday – time for your Weekend Reading. Check out below to see if you’re eligible for a full-season of hockey access, learn about a new smartphone and how Facebook is protecting you!

Hockey access across all platforms

We started the week off right – sharing exciting news with our customers. Select customers (further outlined in our post) will now get a full free-season’s pass toRogers NHL™ GameCentre LIVE™ and/or  NHL™ Centre Ice. For example if you have a Share Everything plan, you can now get a free subscription to  Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™, with GamePlus™ of course, until the end of the season, including playoffs.

Check out for more details. A reminder that Rogers wireless data and internet customers will continue to get a free subscription to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ until December 31, 2014.

How will you use Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ to complement your TV watching experience?

Get the latest Windows phone now

The Nokia Lumia 830 launched in Rogers stores and on today. While I’m still exploring the ins and outs of the device, so far I’ve seen some great features including a 10-megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization and a choice of over 350,000 apps. We’re carrying the device in black with a green back cover but if that doesn’t strike your fancy, you’ll also receive an exclusive free black cover in the box.

What have you heard about this smartphone?

Facebook keeping you safe

Facebook shared today that they’re taking steps to keep your passwords safe. As described by Business Insider – Facebook has developed a process that actively monitors news of huge security breaches and if it finds a hacked password, it will disable the password and notify the account holder. Fear not; this is a completely automated process that doesn’t require Facebook to know or store your actual Facebook password. Facebook users should already ensure their passwords are both unique and complex – however, here is added support to keep your data, pictures, conversations, etc. safe!

Tell us, what steps do you take to stay Facebook safe?

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Weekend Reading: Facebook news, latest smartphones and charitable stats

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday is Friday which means it’s time for our Weekend Reading. Check out below to learn about Facebook’s News Feed updates, the newest devices from Samsung and the generosity of social media users.

Facebook updates its…updates

Yesterday, Facebook shared news that they’re working to update their News Feed in response to consumers’ feedback about getting old posts. These updates will include placing priority on posts that complement conversations and topics trending on Facebook.  It will also be taking into account the rate at which people are liking or commenting on a post to determine how high up it will be placed in a user’s News Feed. The social media platform says it will be rolling out these changes gradually so stay tuned.

What type of content are you looking for in your News Feed?

Exploring the galaxy

 September has been quite the month so far for new phone launches – and I’m excited. For example, Samsung launched the GALAXY S5 Active and GALAXY Core LTE – two completely different devices, catering to totally different groups of customers. If you spend your time outside, on a job site, or are the next Les Stroud, the S5 Active’s rugged design is built to survive the harsh elements and extreme temperatures. On the flip side, the Core LTE is a premium smartphone at an affordable price – great for watching movies and playing games. A little bit of something for everyone from Samsung this week. Learn more about these smartphones, and our latest devices at

Have you checked out these smartphones yet?

 Social media for a good cause

There has certainly been a lot of conversation lately around how social media is being used to garner charitable donations and awareness. As reported by Mashable, a recent SurveyMonkey Audience revealed that in fact, social media users are more charitable than we think. 51 per cent of survey respondents hear about new social good initiatives through social first, and 45 per cent said they hear about social initiatives most often through social media. But it’s not all talk, the survey also found that almost  64 per cent of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Google+ users said they’ve donated $100 or more to charitable causes in the last year.

How do you feel about using social media to support a good cause?

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Weekend Reading: A glimpse at our Rogers Social Insiders, surprising social stats and more

Weekend readingHappy Saturday RedBoard readers. In this week’s Weekend Reading we’re checking in with our ambassadors, learning about social sharing and getting techie with TV.

A look at our Rogers Social Insiders
We’re pleased to have a great group of proud Rogers ambassadors, known as our Rogers Social Insiders. In our post this week,  we shared a Storify to showcase their exciting past six months – from testing out devices, sharing their reviews and attending exclusive events. Let us know, if you’re looking for a chance to share your passion for technology, or if you’d like to learn more about being a Rogers Social Insider.

What technology are you passionate about?

A world of social butterflies
I am an avid social media user; I love reading tweets, updating my Google+ status and sharing photos on my preferred social platform, Facebook. New research from Go Gulf, shared by, revealed what people globally are sharing with their social networks:

  • Top shared content includes:
    • 43% pictures
    • 26% opinions and status update of what and how they’re doing
    • 26% link to articles
  • Number of photos shared everyday via desktop
    • 476.59 million on Facebook
    • 206.74 million on Google+
    • 171.75 million on Twitter
  • Most shared emotions include:
    • 17% laughter
    • 15% amusement
    • 14% joy

Tell us, how do you share your social updates?

Direct route to your favourite channel
With help from our friends at Rogers Community Forums, this week we learned how to program our TV to start on any channel we want. Following the simple steps provided in our post, Rogers NextBox 3.0 customers can turn on the tube directly to sports, movies, music, and more.

What channel did you choose?

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Weekend Reading: Twiplomacy, a nerd, new Facebook app and more

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThis week we’re celebrating our Canadian presence on Twitter, welcoming a new customer, looking at a new messaging app and seeing gold. Here’s your Weekend Reading.

World leaders hashtag too

While you may think of Twitter as a platform used mostly by consumers and brands, PR firm Burson Marsteller’s annual study ‘Twiplomacy’ revealed that international leaders and governments are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon.

Call me nerdy but I think this is pretty cool! The study showed that more than 83 per cent of all United Nations governments have a Twitter presence. More than 3,100 international embassies and ambassadors are now active on Twitter, with a 28 per cent rise in accounts this year among government users.

The survey placed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Twitter account in 44th spot among 50 world leaders. But fear not – the survey also revealed Ottawa is getting digitized! As reported by the Toronto Star, Canada was actually identified as one of a small group of countries that have Twitter accounts for most embassies and missions.

What world leader are you following or would like to follow? I bet you’ll be able to find them in the Twittersphere!

Welcome IT Nerd!

We are excited to welcome our friend the IT Nerd to the Rogers family. In a recent blog post, he wrote about customer recommendations that led him to switch to Rogers. He said that since switching, his life has become “much, much better.” He shared his positive installation experience, painless migration and gave kudos to our customer service – music to our ears!

IT Nerd: Thanks for choosing Rogers for your Internet, phone and cable services.  We welcome you with open arms and fast internet speeds, and wish you the happiest of surfing, chatting, and PVRing!

New messaging app ‘Slingshots’ its way into Canada

 As of Wednesday, Facebook’s new messaging app, Slingshot is ready for Canadians to download – so… shoot away! Available for Android and iOS devices, Slingshot lets you send photos and videos that self-destruct. As explained by the Financial Post, photos and videos on Slingshot disappear shortly after people swipe them away. Viewed messages which can only be seen once by each member of the conversation, are wiped from servers in a week, and messages that are never opened are deleted within 30 days.

As explored by Mashable, users are required to respond with an image or video in order to unlock the messages they receive. While some may see this as a ‘catch’, I think it adds a little more excitement to opening up a new message.

Do you think you’ll be ‘Slingshotting’ any time soon?

A golden device

The HTC One (M8) in the stunning shade of amber gold is now available in Rogers retail locations and online at This fashion-forward colour is exclusive to Rogers and complements the device’s innovative, sleek and award-winning design. Check out our previous posts to learn more about the HTC One (M8)’s  specs and user-friendly features.

Do you think smartphones are becoming the latest fashion accessory?

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Weekend Reading: Remote tips, social stats and GIFs come to Twitter

Weekend readingWe’re solving your remote reprogramming woes, discovering just how many Canadians are on Facebook and celebrating the arrival of GIFs on Twitter.

Get it all in this week’s edition of the Weekend Reading.

Canadians “like” it

In addition to the usual suspects of acquaintances and colleagues, my Facebook friends list includes my brother, cousin, aunt, college roommates and, yes, even my mom. So it’s really no surprise that, according to eMarketer, 68 per cent of internet users in Canada will use a social network this year, with Facebook being tops.

Canadians and Americans are on par when it comes to social network usage, but north of the border more of us are logging on to Facebook– 92.6 per cent versus 87.9 per cent.  Those five percentage points are “a small but persistent difference in Facebook’s popularity across the border,” the research says.

Why do you think Facebook is more popular in Canada than the States?

Remote control

I love my technology to be set it and forget it. Once everything’s plugged in and working, the manuals often mysteriously disappear, which is fine until something changes. The second I upgrade my tech or (the horror) move, I’m starting from scratch. Luckily, the Community Forums users  have my back. This week, they shared two methods for re-programming your Rogers remote so that it works with all your home theatre devices.

What tech tasks could you use a refresher on?

Get animated

Regardless of whether you pronounce it GIF or JIF, be prepared to see a little more action in your Twitter feed as the micro-blogging service now supports the inline animations. The update rolled out on Wednesday afternoon, prompting many celebratory GIF shares. Previously, users could share some GIFs using a third-party platform, but the capability has now, as the Wall Street Journal says “finally,” arrived on as well as the iPhone and Android apps

The clips don’t automatically play, but like watching Vine videos, users will need to click play or “view photo” to see them in action.

Want to give it a try? Search for a little inspiration.

Will you share GIFs on Twitter?



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Weekend Reading: Facebook’s birthday, Canadian cheer and app stats

Weekend readingThis week, we celebrate Facebook entering its tween years, get a little patriotic and check out the latest predictions for app downloads. Read all about it in the latest edition of the weekend reading.

Facebook turns 10

A decade ago on February 4, Facebook was born. In a familiar story, immortalized in The Social Network, the site soon spread from a few university students to everyone, including your youngest sibling and your grandma. From introducing the ideas of “friending” and “defriending” to guaranteeing annual birthday wishes from loose acquaintances, Facebook has certainly made a mark in its 10 years. In fact, Mashable has curated a list of 8 ways it changed the world. Meanwhile the Guardian dives into the network’s numbers and Time shared a timeline of 10 “monumentally important twists” in the site’s history. Facebook marked the occasion by launching “A Look Back,” which is a short video highlighting your years on Facebook. You can get your own at I joined Facebook in 2006, and the first photos I shared were from a roadtrip to my hometown!

What were your Facebook firsts?

Canadian cheer

We’ll be cheering on all the Canadian athletes competing in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and look forward to seeing that pile of gold, silver and bronze grow! Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can watch complete CBC coverage of the Olympic Winter Games on Rogers on Demand on channel 100 or on Rogers Anyplace TV.

Go Canada!

What sports will you be following in the coming weeks?

Double the app-etite

Terrible pun aside, we know Canadians have on average 25 apps on their smartphones and tablets. In May 2013, the Google Play store reached the one million mark for apps and games currently available, while Apple marked the milestone in October 2013. With all these options available, app downloads are expected to double over the next four years, according to new research from eMarketer. Annual downloads are expected to soar from 82 billion in 2013 to more than 200 billion in 2017. As for how people find new apps to download, the research found that browsing the app store was the most popular (with 55 per cent), while one-third seek out apps that were recommended by friends and one-fifth found new apps through social media.

I rely heavily on app recommendations from my friends for my many, many downloads. Where do you discover new apps?

Hello, Russia!

Whether you’re visiting the Kremlin in Moscow, climbing Mount Elbrus or visiting everything in between, Rogers customers can now experience same fast LTE speeds they’re used to at home when they’re travelling across Russia. This new LTE roaming agreement means you can enjoy seamless streaming, fast mapping and easy sharing. Find out more at Happy travels!

What Russian landmark is on your must-visit bucket list?

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Weekend reading: Smart homes, ideas in action and the year’s highlights

Weekend readingWhat celebrity duo ruled Instagram this year? And how do you program your Christmas lights with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring system?  We’ve got answers to all that and more in this week’s edition of the weekend reading.

2013 highlights

The New Year is right around the corner, but everyone is already starting to share their year in review lists. Twitter rolled out its #YearOnTwitter, with highlights in news, entertainment, sports and a showcase of the “hand-picked” best tweets of the year. You can also browse previous years’ selections.

Google, meanwhile, released the Google Zeitgeist for 2013, offering up a year in review video as well as the top 100 searches of 2013 – everything from the most searched Canadians (including a certain mayor) to our favourite cocktails. Over on Facebook, the most talked about topic was Pope Francis.

The BBC also pulled out some online highlights of 2013. While the list is a little bit UK-centric –be prepared for lots of One Direction – we learned that Justin Bieber and Will Smith starred in the top photo on Instagram and the most popular place to upload an Instagram photo was the Siam Paragon shopping complex in Bangkok. Runners up included Times Square and Disneyland.

Don’t feel left out –you too can create a photo highlight of your year on Facebook. Logging in with your personal account, you can have Facebook curate your top 20 moments of 2013. The “Year in Review” feature includes life events and popular posts – check it out at:

We’ll soon be revealing our tops hits of the year that was– so stay tuned! What was memorable for you in 2013?

Your ideas in action!

Since Rogers Idea Box launched in August, our customers have submitted more than 130 ideas about how Rogers can improve your customer support experience. After ideas are posted, they’re shared and voted on, with the most popular ideas reviewed by our team. And this week we shared that six of your ideas have already launched! From changing the process of downloading your My Rogers bill online and additional tech support to better reporting of malicious activities and making the MyRogers App available on WiFi, customers are already seeing Idea Box posts in action. Have an idea? Share it today!

Smart homes

Home has been top of mind this week. Not only am I headed home for the holidays, my bags are all packed and I’m ready to go! But like many travellers, I worry about my home while I’m away, so I brushed up on home safety tips from our Rogers Smart Home Monitoring team.

We also caught up with three Canadian bloggers who have been testing the Smart Home Monitoring system for the past year. During our Google + Hangout, we learned about keeping an eye on loved ones, family fun and games and hunky firefighters. Watch the full conversation here.

Finally, Connected taught us how to control our Christmas tree lights with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring in five easy steps.

How do you keep your home safe when you’re on the road?

Weekend Reading will return in 2014.

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Weekend reading: Smartphone love, top tablets and more

Weekend ReadingAs if there was really ever any doubt, new research from Google proves that Canadians really love their smartphones. Plus, Facebook continues to dominate as the world’s most popular social network, Android comes out on top for tablet operating systems and we chat with Canadian tennis superstar Milos Raonic. Get all the details in this week’s edition of the weekend reading!

Smartphones to go

The old “Keys, wallet, watch” check on the way out the door is most definitely in need of an update to include the smartphone, according to a new report from Google. The online survey found that not only are 56 per cent of Canadians using a smartphone, up from 33 per cent in 2012, but eight in 10 of those smartphone owners say they won’t leave home without their devices.

The second screen trend also keeps on trucking, as reported by iPhone in Canada and the Globe and Mail. About 75 per cent of smartphone users streamed video, with one in five doing so daily. And about 35 per cent said they’d get rid of their television before parting with their smartphones.

Another interesting fact: most people have 30 apps installed on their device, and, on average, used 12 of them in the past month.

I certainly would never leave home without my smartphone – and would definitely keep it over any of the other electronics in my condo, including my TV, desktop and microwave! What devices would you give up in favour of your smartphone? How many apps are installed on your device?

Facebook stays on top

Facebook continues its reign as a social networking behemoth, claiming the top spot for most dominant social network in 127 countries, out of 137 analyzed for the Vincos Blog’s June 2013 edition of the World Map of Social Networks (See the full graphic here). The ranking is based on Alexa traffic data, with the U.S. and Canada accounting for 198 million of Facebook’s 1.115 billion monthly active users. Some of the competing networks may not feel familiar – Draguiem is number one in Latvia, while the runner up in South Korea is QZone, which still dominates in China and has 611 million users in Asia. To compare the latest results to June 2009, the map from four years ago shows that there were a lot more players in the social network space, and Facebook had not yet taken hold in Central and South America.

I’ve certainly logged on to new social networks since 2009 – but still visit Facebook every single day. What social networks do you use?

Tweeting tennis star

The Rogers Cup kicks off this weekend in Toronto and Montreal, and Milos Raonic will be among the tennis superstars hitting the courts. Before the action started, Milos stopped by Rogers in Toronto to answer a few questions about the tournament, his favourite gadgets and why he loves Twitter. Check out the video on RedBoard. Can’t make it courtside? You can catch the action live on your smartphone, computer or tablet with Rogers Anyplace TV. For more details, visit

All about Android

Tablets are great on-the-go technology, and we’ve been celebrating their perks with our Talking Tablet series on RedBoard and RedBoard Biz. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, too, and this week we learned from Talk Android that the Google-backed operating system came out on top in tablet shipments and marketshare in the second quarter. According to data from Strategy Analytics, Android tablets grew to 67 per cent of the global market, shipping 51.7 million units. Tablets as a whole also saw a boost, with shipments up 47 per cent over the second quarter last year. Rogers retail locations recently started carrying two new Android tablets: the ZTE Lite tablet (starting at $199.99 with no term) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (starting at $499.99 no term). For more, visit

Do you use a tablet? If so, what operating system do you prefer and why?

Jennifer is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend reading: Android milestones and more

Weekend ReadingThis week we’re all over the tech space, from celebrating an app milestone and a Facebook infographic to staying connected when you’re on the road. Read all about it in this week’s edition of the weekend reading!

Android app milestone

The Google Play store celebrated a milestone this week, reaching one million apps in its catalogue. The Android app repository has doubled its offerings from last year, announcing the growth during Google’s live event in San Francisco on Wednesday. Downloads are also on the rise, growing from 20 billion in 2012 to more than 50 billion. Apple, meanwhile, most recently announced in June that it had more than 900,000 apps in the App Store.

I download probably more than my fair share of apps, and am currently testing out a variety of running apps to see if I can commit to just one! What are your must-have downloads?

Facebook friends

Do you prefer to like or lurk? Optify has created an infographic of the nine types of Facebook users they’ve identified. While the infographic is pretty funny – “The Gamer” is illustrated as a grandmotherly type who loves Farmville – it also has some pretty cool stats hidden in there, such as 250 million users, of 1 in 4 people on Facebook, play games on the social network. I also learned the average person logs on 14 times a day and 10 per cent of Facebook users aren’t actually people – they’re pets, brands and objects! If I had to pick a camp, I’d definitely fall a bit into the over-sharer category. I really love to share photos of my vacations, my runs, my meals … a little bit of everything.

What kind of Facebook user are you?

Staying social

It’s hard to unplug when you’re on vacation – even if you’re not constantly checking email, you want to be able to share tweets and photos of all the amazing things you’re experiencing! On a recent trip to San Francisco, Katie had a chance to try out our new worry-free U.S. roaming rate. As she shared highlights from the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and everywhere in between, she also made sure to keep an eye on her wireless internet usage. Find out how she managed her smartphone use – and check out her Instagram video – on RedBoard.

Jennifer is a regular RedBoard contributor

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Weekend Reading: Canadians social media score, digital detox camp and summer’s hottest devices

Weekend Reading: Canadians social media score, digital detox camp and summer’s hottest devicesSome weeks provide more interesting digital news than others. This week, amid the BlackBerry Q10 and Samsung Galaxy S4 releases, what caught my eye were two stories geared towards social media use among Canadians and a camp for digital detox. Catch up on all this and more in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading. 

How active are Canadians with social media?

Being an avid social media user both personally and professionally, I’m always eager to see new stats revealing its popularly, particularly how Canadians compare to the rest of the world.

Maclean’s published an article this week looking at social media usage in Canada, revolving around popular social sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Among the 4,001 Anglophone Canadians surveyed, seven out of 10 were regular social media users. What defines regular? About 63 per cent of them admitted to checking updates on these sites every day.

What surprised me most was Twitter’s results – less than one in five users claimed they were on Twitter last month, the second largest social network next to Facebook! Why is this, and how does LinkedIn measure up? Check out the article for a full analysis and trends and let us know where you fit in. Of the three mentioned, I definitely use Facebook the most as well, but I see the benefits of the other networks, too..  What about you?

Camp Grounded – a digital detox summer camp for adults

Obviously, Canadians depend on social media, but have you ever wanted to just turn it all off for a few days? Surprisingly, many of you have – enough to warrant the creation of a camp designed to help people disconnect from the digital world for four whole days!

Mashable recently uncovered the retreat in California, which has over 200 participants already signed up and eager for a “digital detox.” While at Camp Grounded, there is no technology use or talk whatsoever. Campers get to participate in old-school activities such as archery, capture the flag, arts and crafts workshops, pillow fights and yoga.

The first session, taking place in June, is already sold out, so if you’re interested in giving it a try, you’d better sign up for the waiting list now! It definitely sounds like a cool experience that I could handle … for a day … or maybe an hour. Forget it, I miss my iPhone and apps already!

Summer’s hottest devices are here!

If you’re thinking Camp Grounded looks like a walk in the park, then you haven’t seen what you’d be missing with the new BlackBerry Q10 and Samsung Galaxy S4, which both launched this week.

Those of you reluctant to take on a touchscreen will appreciate the Blackberry Q10. Designed with the BlackBerry keyboard fans have come to know and love, the Q10 also features touch screen capabilities, time shift mode and the BlackBerry 10 interface. The BlackBerry Q10 is available now in black, and exclusive to Rogers, white models. See why Mobile Syrup has hailed it the “best BlackBerry ever” and Crackberry calls it the “BlackBerry you’ve been waiting for.” Let us know if you’ve got your hands on one yet!

If Android is more your style, Samsung fans will be delighted to know the Galaxy S4 was also released this week with some fantastic offers. For a limited time, you can get a free Kindle Paperwhite when you activate a new smartphone (including both the Samsung Galaxy S4 AND the Blackberry Q10) on select three-year plans. If e-readers aren’t your thing, check out our $35 Google Play voucher available with select three-year plans when you activate a Samsung Galaxy S4 between now and June 30, 2013.

These offers are exclusive to Rogers, and of course, both are compatible on our newly branded LTE Max network.

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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