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Next Issue Canada: Rogers customers can try it first, for free

The ability to read more than 100 of the world’s top magazine titles with a swipe on my tablet? Sign me up! Next Issue Canada is an all-you-can-read digital magazine service that launched exclusively for Rogers customers this week. We sat down with Ken Whyte, President of Next Issue Canada, to talk about what this Canadian first-of-its-kind platform means for readers.

“Rogers is all about delivering great experiences to consumers, whether it’s Smart Home Monitoring or cable or wireless service. Next Issue Canada is another world-class offering that’s entirely compatible with people’s digital lifestyles today,” says Ken. “We want to be first with bringing new experiences and new ways of enjoying your device and the content on your device.”

One in four Canadians currently owns a tablet, and they expect their media to keep up with them on the go, whether that’s catching breaking news via Twitter, streaming the latest game on Rogers Anyplace TV or flipping through their favourite magazines.

“I’ve always loved magazines and magazine content, and this makes both far more accessible and available than they’ve ever been before,” says Ken. “You can go as deep as you want into one issue of Vogue, just flip through the latest issue of Time, look at the cartoons in The New Yorker or just check out the latest recipes in Chatelaine. To have all that content at your fingertips for one low price is an incredible leap forward for the magazine industry and for people who love magazines.”

In addition to current issues, the Next Issue Canada newsstand also includes digitized back issues, and some titles that may not be on your regular reading list. “It’s an opportunity to expand your horizons and find related content and titles that would lead to a richer experience,” he says.

It’s also about accessing your favourite features as quickly as you would a breaking news story. “The great advantage of the tablet is instant access to the content that you most desire,” says Ken, noting that before digitized publishing, readers needed to make a special trip to the newsstand or subscribe, with a waiting period of a few weeks before the first issue arrived.

“Now, if you’ve got an urge to do some cooking, you decide you want a new hairstyle, you decide that you want to look for a new car, or you want to figure out exactly what’s going on in Syria, you can do it right now on a tablet – and it looks beautiful. It’s a great reading experience.”

The move to tablets has also caused a shift in the kind of content magazines are publishing. “This is a really exciting time to be in the magazine industry, because the tablet has enabled us to move beyond paper, and add interactive features like video, commentary and reader feedback, that simply didn’t exist before. Magazines are becoming a much richer experience.”

Ken gives the example of Wired, which while, “still based in words and pictures, is bringing that reading experience to life in whole new ways” with innovative interactive graphics and additional video content. “It’s a truly multimedia experience.”

How can I get it?

Rogers wireless and cable customers will be the first Canadians to check out Next Issue Canada, with exclusive access for an initial two-month free trial.  On Dec. 15, all Canadians will be able to access the Next Issue Canada newsstand, with the first month free.

Available on iPads, Android tablets and Win8 devices, Next Issue Canada offers unlimited access to all of the newsstand’s monthly magazines, including all digitized back issues, for $9.99. For $14.99, in addition to the monthly titles, customers will also be able to read all the weekly publications (and their digitized back issues). After the free trial ends, if the service is not cancelled, customers will start getting charged a monthly fee based on the billing information provided during the trial period.

Sign up today by visiting and logging on with your My Rogers username and password. If you don’t already have a login, you can create one now.

Has digital access changed the way you read magazines?

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Next Issue Canada brings Rogers customers all-you-can-read digital magazine subscriptions

Next Issue CanadaI love magazines. For me, they’ve always felt like a treat: Articles to be savoured, recipes to try, workouts to mimic and outfits to covet.  Whenever I get a new issue, either digitally or in good old-fashioned snail mail, I can’t resist a quick flip through. Now, I’m going to need to block off even more reading time!

On Oct. 15, Rogers will launch Next Issue Canada, an all-you-can-read subscription digital magazine service. Canadian subscribers will now have unlimited access to more than 100 Canadian and U.S. titles, including all Rogers titles, thanks to a partnership with Next Issue Media. Rogers wireless and cable customers will be the first Canadians to take advantage of this new platform, with exclusive access for an initial two-month free trial.

What is Next Issue Canada?

The Next Issue platform is a subscription digital magazine service that serves up a newsstand chock full of your favourite titles – capturing the best of print with added interactive features to bring it all to life.

How does it work?

Next Issue Canada customers will receive unlimited access to all the monthly magazines in the newsstand, starting at $9.99. For $14.99, in addition to the monthly magazines, customers will be able to access all weekly publications. Both subscriptions include all digitized back issues.

When can I get it?

Next Issue Canada launches Oct. 15 on iPads, Android tablets and Win8 devices. Rogers wireless customers will have exclusive access for an initial two-month free trial. On Dec. 15, all Canadians will be able to access the Next Issue Canada digital newsstand, with the first month free.

What magazine titles top your must-read list?

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Weekend Reading: Moms, Canadians and travelers can’t get enough of social media

Weekend Reading: Moms, Canadians and travelers can’t get enough of social mediaWith any luck we’ll have another beautiful weekend in time for Mother’s Day! Hopefully many of our digital moms got what they really wanted this year, because we’ve found more proof of their love for everything digital and social. Plus, we take a look at Canadian dependence on social media and how our new U.S. roaming rates can help you stay social across the border. Read all about it in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading.

Mobile tech helps moms be more social

It’s no secret that moms are some of the most digitally savvy people on the internet these days – but what makes them so social? It could be because 28 per cent of them are more likely to use a tablet, while 38 per cent own a smartphone. With such easy access, they are also more likely to follow at least one brand on social media and have made a purchase on their tablet in the past month.

These are just a few of the impressive stats Social Media Today uncovered in their latest blog post, which jibe with eMarketer’s findings. According to their reports, the top reasons moms participate in social media are to connect with other moms and friends and family, share milestones and get advice.

I definitely kept these stats in mind when I did my Mother’s Day shopping this year! Did you?

Canadians need a daily dose of social media

Are you among the one in three Canadians who check their social feeds at least once a day? Being someone who works with social media for a living it’s hard to imagine there are still two others out of those three who DON’T check their feeds! Work aside, I’d still be one of the seven per cent who check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn daily thanks to their accessibility on mobile devices.

Check out more in a new study from TechVibes this week – I’d be curious to know if there are other social networks people are using more than the three listed in this article. Perhaps YouTube, Pinterest or Google+ occupy more of your time?

New Rogers Roaming Rates

Chances are if you’re addicted to checking your social feeds, you won’t want to travel far without your smartphone. In a recent national survey conducted by Head Research for Rogers, 70 per cent of Canadians say they want to keep using their smartphones across the border because it comes in handy when checking out places to eat, seeing what the weather has in store or keeping tabs on your flight status.

That’s why this week Rogers launched a new worry-free U.S. roaming internet rate. For $7.99 per 24 hour period, you get up to 50 MB of data – enough to load 200 web pages, post 5,000 tweets, or upload 128 photos from your vacation! ! More than 99 per cent of our customers use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming. For more information, visit

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Weekend Reading: A suretap update and all things digital

Digital, digital, digital! It’s the word of the week for sure with news headlines focused on digital behaviour between generations, what happens in a digital minute and how much floor space you can save with a digital lifestyle. Plus, we fill you in on some updates to our suretap mobile payments solution. All in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading.

Suretap expands to Android and BlackBerry 10

Last year, we were excited to announce our partnership with CIBC to bring mobile payments to Canada. Since then, we have partnered with suretap to essentially turn your smartphone into a digital wallet. This week, we expanded suretap’s services to work on even more devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note II for Android, plus the new Blackberry Z10.

Check out what’s being said online in some great posts this week from Tech Vibes, NFC News, IT NerdThe Cellular Guru, Mobile Syrup and IT Business. Have you made a purchase with suretap yet? What developments are you looking forward to in 2013? 

Digital habits differ between millennials, Gen Xers and boomers

Last week, we told you what millennials (ages 18 to 34) value at work, and the week before that we learned they value their smartphones over their vehicles. This week, eMarketer dug a little deeper to learn how they’re spending their time online.

While watching digital videos ranks highest amongst Gen Xers, millennials consume more social media than the other generations, with more than half of them Tweeting. Don’t count out the baby boomers though – almost 60 million were regular internet users in 2012, but they’re spending more time with video than social media.

These insights into millennials certainly ring true personally! Social media by far uses most of my time every month. Does the same hold true for you? Or are you into other smartphone features entirely?

A digital minute

By the time you finish reading this section, 277,000 people will have logged into Facebook, 204 million emails will have been sent and six new Wikipedia articles will have been published.

It’s absolutely staggering to see consumption by the minute and realize just how much is happening on the internet in a mere minute, let alone a day, month or year! Can you imagine what it will be like two years from now? ReadWriteWeb breaks it down in their infographic featuring how much internet data we go through in a minute, plus where we’re headed by 2015.

Are you surprised by any of these figures? Can you believe more than 320 Twitter accounts were just created?!

Smartphones free up your floor space

Living in a condo approximately 500 square feet by myself, space has been a constant sore point in an otherwise lovely dwelling. So when I saw Mashable’s headline Your Phone Can Replace 62 Cubic Feet of Furniture, I knew it was a must-read!

One of the main conveniences of mobile devices has become the cloud, and its ability to store tangible items virtually. But how many people stop to think of the space they could be saving in their home as a result? By transferring music and books to online libraries you can eliminate furniture such as bookcases, shelving and CD racks. Mashable actually demonstrates the space you could save by transferring storage in a fun graphic.

Is this the way of the future? How will this affect home decor? Guess I know how I’ll be spending my weekend – transferring everything online!

Kelly is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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Keep your eye on the ball this season with Rogers Anyplace TV and the Rogers Live Mobile App

Blue Jays live streaming on Rogers Anyplace TV and the Rogers Live Mobile app

We wanted to let you know that we updated this post on April 13 to help clarify the difference between streaming on Rogers Anyplace TV on your computer and the Rogers Live Mobile app on your smartphone. We also added some new information about a great new promotion offering unlimited hours of viewing on the Rogers Live Mobile app until October 31, 2012.

This year everyone has their eyes on the Blue Jays—with a fantastic pre-season record and optimism that only Spring can bring, fans across the country are gearing up for this year’s baseball season.

And now, if you’re a Rogers Digital VIP TV customer with a Sportsnet subscription, you can stream all 162 Jays games at home, at work and on the go, with Rogers Anyplace on your computer

Rogers Wireless customers coast to coast can download the Rogers Live Mobile app to stream Blue Jays games on their smartphones.

Just picture it: a beautiful Sunday afternoon. You’re watching the Jays game at home, getting ready to head over to a family picnic. Game goes into extra innings. All of a sudden bases are loaded, and Jays are down by 2…but you have to leave! Mom is calling—you were supposed to bring the cutlery! This year there’s no reason to stress. You can walk down to the park, streaming the last few innings live on your smartphone with ease.

Did you know that west coast fans have the added benefit of catching the game, how shall I say it—at work? With over half of the Jays regular season games starting between 9am and 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) it’s never been easier for Blue Jays fans across the country to catch all the action.

How it works:

Rogers Live Mobile app:

  • The app is available on Rogers smartphones through iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry App World.
  • For $5/month, Rogers wireless customers can enjoy unlimited hours of viewing until October 31st, after which, users can stream 5 hours per month, with $1 per each additional hour.

Rogers on your computer:

  • Rogers Digital VIP TV customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE can stream live from their computer at
  • (Streaming on tablets coming soon later this month)

Visit for more information

For the truly die-hard Jays fans, here’s how to add their schedule to your Google calendar:

  • First, you’ll want to sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  • Once logged in, you’ll see “Calendar” as one of your options to view in the top left hand corner. Select it, and scroll to the bottom left hand menu where you will see “Other Calendars.”
  • Click “Add,” then “Browse Interesting Calendars.” Here you’ll find calendars for hundreds of teams in dozens of sports leagues, including the Blue Jays.
  • Simply “subscribe” to your teams of choice and you’re done!

Where do you think you’ll find yourself watching the Jays this season?

UPDATE: (May 4, 2012, 5:30 p.m): If you’re interested in live-streaming Sportsnet coverage of the Toronto Blue Jays on your iPad, now you can with the Full Count app – now available on iTunes.   Rogers TV customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE can watch live games using their Rogers Anyplace TV log-in.  And the best part…the app is free!  Now you can catch the Blue Jays live all-season long on your iPad.  And don’t forget you can also catch the Jays on your smartphone and computer.  Visit for more details. 

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers Innovation Report: technology and relationships

According to our research, Canadians think staying connected with family and friends is as vital as eating and sleeping!

It’s true. In fact, the most recent data from the second Rogers Innovation Report shows some pretty interesting stats about Canadians and their use of technology to manage their personal relationships. We know technology helps keep people close, but did you know Canadians don’t really worry about family due to technology advances helping to keep us connected?

Back in December, we issued our first Rogers Innovation Report, a regular report we’re doing to get Canadians views on technology. We know Canadians are passionate about technology so this time, we’re taking a look into how Canadian technology users connect to family and friends. Check it out below and join the discussion on Twitter by using or following #RIRExplores

Rogers Innovation Report: Technology and Personal Relationships


Do you relate to any of these stats? Were there any that surprised you?

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Digital TV transition: what it means for you

You’ve likely started to see public service announcements (PSAs) about the upcoming Digital TV (DTV) transition taking place on August 31, 2011. Rogers TV customers will not be impacted by the DTV transition.

What is the DTV transition?

The Digital TV (DTV) transition is when over-the-air (OTA) television broadcasters in most Canadian cities will make the change from analog broadcast signals to digital signals. OTA television are those stations that viewers can watch via antenna (like Citytv, OMNI and CBC).

How will this impact me?

If you are a Rogers TV customer – whether analog or digital – the DTV transition will not affect you. You will retain your current channels and you will not require any new hardware due to the transition.

The only situation where you might be impacted is if you have multiple TVs and not all are connected to cable. For instance, if you are using an antenna or rabbit ears to receive TV programming on one of your televisions, you could lose the ability to watch TV the way you are used to on that one television set.   One easy option is to add extra outlets on the set that was previously using antenna. This feature is available with your Rogers cable TV service.

Alternatively, to continue to receive OTA programming, you can purchase a digital-to-analog (DTA) converter box and combined VHF/UHF antenna or you can purchase a TV with a digital tuner and combined VHF/UHF antenna.

If all your TV’s are on antennas or rabbit ears, you can either purchase a DTA converter box or subscribe to a TV service provider like Rogers in order to receive analog or digital cable TV.

Why the switch?

The transition is a government mandate. The government’s DTV transition site states: “Digital signals provide better picture and sound and take up less airwave space. The freed up space will be used for other purposes like advanced wireless and public safety services, such as those used by police and fire departments.”

You will be hearing more from us over the coming months about the DTV transition. For more information please see our DTV Transition information page or take a look at the public service announcement below:

Sarah Daly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Nadir Mohamed: ‘It’s a whole new world’

In the first of an ongoing series of RedBoard video posts, I speak with Nadir Mohamed, Rogers President and CEO, about what’s in store for the communications industry in 2010 and Rogers’ commitment to the customer experience.

This is the first of many videos we’ll be doing with executives and employees, and we’d love your feedback. Who do you want to see us interview – and what questions would you ask?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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We listened: How to customize the order of the Quick Start menu

In January, we introduced the Quick Start menu for our Digital Cable subscribers in Ontario. Our goal was to provide an easier way for you to navigate programming, such as On Demand channels and those in free preview. We also added some cool new features, including TV mix channels, local weather and games.

We thought you’d love it. And while many do, some of you told us you didn’t like having to press “guide” twice to get to TV listings. We appreciate your feedback; we listened and we acted.

Starting today, we’ve made a change so you can now switch the order in which the Quick Start menu appears on your digital TV box. You can choose if you want the new menu or TV listings first.

Here’s how to modify the settings:

1.    On remote, click the guide button
2.    Select “Self-Service”
3.    Click “Change GUIDE Order” option
4.    A screen that looks like this will appear:


5.    Select one of the following options: “Quick Start menu first” or “TV Listings first.” (Your option appears in red)
6.    Repeat for each digital box in your home.

Later this year, we’ll be rolling out further enhancements as well as several technology upgrades.

What do you think about the Quick Start menu and the ability to now change the order in which it appears? Let us know by taking our survey here or by submitting a comment below.

Update (March 4, 1:32 pm): In other blogs that have picked up on this post, there’s been some confusion about whether this change reduces the number of clicks or just changes the order of a double-click. To clarify, the changes implemented today mean that we’ve reduced the number of clicks if you don’t want to view the Quick Start menu. If you’ve made the change outlined above, pressing guide once goes straight to the TV Listings screen. From there, you can choose your channel and start watching as you did in the past. If you don’t choose a channel, pressing guide a second time will bring up the Quick Start menu.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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