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Coming soon: Rogers LTE brings fastest BlackBerry Q10 experience to Canadians

BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone Exciting news BlackBerry® 10 fans! When the new smartphone launches this spring, Rogers will be the first Canadian carrier to bring its customers the BlackBerry Q10 device that supports the blazing fast  2600 MHz LTE spectrum band. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be available in both black and white, but Rogers customers will be the first to have access to the white model.

The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone includes the physical QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen combined with the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform – perfect for people who love to communicate and collaborate on-the-go.

What makes this BlackBerry so fast? 

The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is built to run on the 2600 MHz LTE spectrum band with Rogers LTE, Canada’s fastest wireless internet. Rogers has more 2600 MHz spectrum band deployed than any other carrier in Canada, so if you’re looking for speed, this is the place to get your device.

With the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone on the Rogers LTE network, you’ll be able to do more with your device, such as live stream HD sports with no buffering, download large files quickly and stream music at faster speeds. And we announced last month we will expand our 2600 MHz LTE spectrum  to 44 new markets this spring.

Want your smartphone in white?

Device colour can be very important, maybe to add a little personality or match your handbag. Whatever the reason, Rogers customers will be the first to get the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone in white.

How do I get one?

The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be arriving at Rogers retail locations across Canada in the coming weeks starting at $199.99 with select three year plans. Current Rogers wireless customers can reserve this device now on the Rogers Reservation System and pre-orders for new customers are now available at

Update, April 23, 2 p.m.: We’re happy to announce the BlackBerry Q10 will be available in-store at Rogers retail locations on May 1.

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Getting the most out of your BlackBerry Z10

You’ve got your Z10 — now what?

Fear not! We’ve got a great list of resources on where you can get help if you need it, and learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your BlackBerry 10 experience.

Rogers know-how

Rogers was the first to sell BlackBerry products more than 10 years ago, which means our staff knows BlackBerry inside and out. Pop in to a store near you to talk to one of our in-store reps who have been trained on BlackBerry 10 with your questions. We also offer in-store learning sessions. Stay tuned for BlackBerry 10 dates.

Looking for some quick tips and tricks? You can find them here.

Rogers TechXpert for Wireless

Rogers TechXpert for wireless is an exclusive service for Rogers customers which offers extended wireless device support live online or by phone whenever you need it. Rogers customers who bought their Z10 on select 3-year plans get 1 month free of Rogers TechXpert for wireless service.

How-tos from Connected Rogers

From setting up your Z10 to using the browser on BlackBerry 10 to using BlackBerry10 Time Shift Mode to get the perfect shot, Connected Rogers has you covered on BlackBerry 10 with all kinds of how-tos.

Ask the Rogers Community

Did you know Rogers has community forums where Rogers customers can chat with other customers to get answers to common questions, problems and issues? On our BlackBerry specific forum, users have been discussing the type of media card needed for a Z10.

The BlackBerry blogger community

There are many BlackBerry blogs and communities on the web where you can find information on the new operating system, and also a community of BlackBerry fans, just like you! Over at, they’ve posted a number of how-tos since launch day last week. BlackBerry OS also has a 101 section that’s full of BlackBerry 10 information.

BlackBerry on the web, Twitter and YouTube

Of course, BlackBerry has a support tab on their website, where you can get all help with your new device. BlackBerry also has a wide variety of videos available on their YouTube channel with tips and tricks, and even BlackBerry’s commercial from this year’s Super Bowl.

On Twitter? You’ll want to follow @BlackBerryHelp. Not only do they answer customers’ questions via this account, they also regularly post great tips on how to get the most out of your BlackBerry 10. You can also visit BlackBerry’s blog, Inside BlackBerry.

And of course, you can always share your tips and tricks here. What’s the best thing you’ve learned on BlackBerry 10 so far? 

Super Bowl is a registered trademark of The National Football League and is in no way affiliated with Blackberry or Rogers Communications. is in no way affiliated with BlackBerry. 

Sarah is regular Redboard contributor.

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A nation of Nomophobes : 83% of Canadians smartphone users take their devices to the bathroom, 51% to bed

Our annual survey of Canadian technology trends and predictions, is back! We surveyed Canadian smartphone and tablet users like you to find out what you’ve been up to in 2012, and to get a sense of where you think we’re heading in 2013 and beyond. Check out our Rogers Innovation Report infographic below to how you compare to other Canadians when it comes to some of the more common “Day in the life” statistics. From taking your smartphones to bed (51%) and to the bathroom with you (83%), to enjoying your erotica on e-readers and tablets (10%) to streaming Gangnam Style on your devices (43%), 2012 clearly showed that technology has become an integral part of our lives. Why, some might even say we’re a nation of Nomophobes! *

* Nomophobia : noun. A state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one’s mobile phone.

Other interesting stats that emerged from the Rogers Innovation Report:

  • 67% believe that mobile payment will be the payment method of choice within 2 years;
  • 59% predict that within the next 2 years more Canadians will work from home thanks to developments in cloud technology and faster mobile speeds;
  • 82% believe that integrated technology systems that seamlessly connect 2 or more devices will increase in popularity in 2013;
  • 78% believe e-book sales will increase significantly in 2013. In 2011, that stat was 37%.

You can access the complete Rogers Innovation Report on Slideshare at

Join us on Twitter to discuss this year’s results using the #RIRExplores hashtag.

Michelle is a regular RedBoard contributor.


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Rogers device subsidies 101: Choose the option that’s right for you

Our friends in legal have asked us to make some edits to this post. In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to let you know that the following text has been changed from when it was originally published. The primary fix is that we’ve re-written to clarify that all customers have a contract with Rogers, even when they choose a no-term, no cancellation fee option.

We know that some of you have had questions about fixed term wireless contracts and why they exist.  What you may not know is that Rogers offers you choices, even when it comes to contracts. You can always be without a fixed term contract with Rogers if you choose to pay full price for your device upfront and pay for your services month-to-month.

Why do I need a fixed term contract?

When you enter into a contract, you receive a device or service at a reduced cost. The benefit of signing up for a 1, 2 or 3-year term is the upfront savings you get on the wireless device you want.

Wireless devices can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the model.   You can choose to skip the fixed term contract and buy your device at full price, but sometimes, getting a break on the cost of that new quick messaging device, smartphone, tablet or RocketStick makes more sense and is easier on your wallet than paying for it outright.

What if I want out of my fixed term contract? What fees apply

We often get questions about cancellation fees and why they exist.  As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we’ve implemented a new policy around what happens when customers with a fixed term choose to end their fixed term early.

Here’s the new policy:

  • If you received a device subsidy when you signed up, and you want to cancel your service before the end of your fixed term, you will need to pay the Device Savings Recovery Fee (DSRF), which is based on your device subsidy.
  • You can find the amount of your device subsidy (economic inducement) in your agreement. To calculate the DSRF, just divide the subsidy you received on your device by the length of your contract in months , multiply that number by the months left in your fixed term contract and of course, add applicable taxes.
  • Did you get a bigger subsidy when you signed up because you have a data plan? Rogers offers additional subsidies to customers who sign up for both voice and data plans.
  • The Additional Device Savings Recovery Fee (ADSRF) is charged to subscribers with data plans who cancel prior to the end of their term. You can also find the amount of your data plan subsidy (additional economic inducement) in your agreement.
  • This is calculated the same way as the DSRF, taking into account the months left in your fixed term contract and the initial subsidy provided to you.
  • The one-time service deactivation fee is $12.50 per line and charged to all term customers in provinces other than Quebec and Manitoba if they choose to cancel their services before the end of their fixed term. This fee helps to cover the administrative costs and charges associated with your cancellation.

It’s always important to understand what you’re paying for, which is why we’re trying to make it easier for customers to understand our device subsidies.

Heather is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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It’s back! And thinner than ever…the Motorola RAZR

Motorola Razor 2011 from Rogers

Whether you owned the hot pink or the silver one, the original Motorola RAZR was the thinnest and hottest mobile fashion accessory of the 2000s.

Just this afternoon, Motorola announced their newest, most impossibly thin device called the Motorola RAZR, which is coming exclusively to Rogers in time for the holidays!

With diamond-cut aluminum accents, the Motorola RAZR can display your photos in amazing quality on its 4.3” Super AMOLED advanced display.

As tough as nails

With its heavy-duty Kevlar fiber coating and tough Corning Gorilla Glass screen with splash-guard coating, you can drop it, scratch it, and toss it in your bag without any fear of damage.  Perfect for someone like me – I don’t know how many times a week I drop my phone!

Pics and files at your fingertips

Another really cool feature is that the RAZR can stream your music, pictures and files directly from your home or work computer – anytime, from anywhere!  So say you’ve just come back from that amazing European vacation and you’ve downloaded your pics from your camera onto your computer at home, but forgot to add them to your phone.  Have no fear!  With MotoCast, a free app from Motorola that’s already built in to the RAZR, you can stream content from your PC directly to your phone, wherever you happen to be.  Those vacation pics are now never left at home.

Be your own Spielberg

With the new RAZR, you can also watch movies on a screen that sports a wider range of colours than most LCD HD TVs. While on that European vacation, when you want to capture video of the Eiffel Tower, use the front-facing video camera and 8MP rear-facing camera with cinematic-quality 1080p HD video capture to create your own movies—and turn your life into art without breaking a sweat.

Did you have the original RAZR?  What do you think of the new Motorola RAZR?

Annemarie is a regular contributor to RedBoard 

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What you want when you want it: upgrade early with Rogers

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY? Marking off the calendar days until you can upgrade to a new BlackBerry Torch?

That day could be today.

Rogers upgrade options have offered you the advantage of being able to upgrade your device before your contract ends. Our new “early upgrade” promotion allows you the added freedom and flexibility to upgrade your device as early as six months into your existing contract term.

How Does this Work?

An early upgrade fee is a one-time fee based on the device type you currently own and how many months you have until you’re eligible for new customer pricing under the current standard upgrade offer. Customers who do not want to upgrade early are still entitled to upgrade their hardware at the discounted device price before the end of their 3-year term, depending on eligibility under the current standard upgrade offers.

Under this new early upgrade promotion, the following fees will be used to determine the one-time early upgrade fee and refer to a customer’s current device (the one from which they’re upgrading):

  • $10 per month for voice or quick messaging devices
  • $15 per month for select smartphones, tablets and other eligible devices (i.e sticks, hubs)
  • $20 per month for premium devices (I.e  iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Torch)

Let’s Break That Down

Here is an example of an early upgrade offer: Jack is 20 months into a 3-year term on his Acer Liquid E and he really wants a new Samsung Nexus S. Instead of waiting 10 months until he is eligible to upgrade his device at a discounted price ($99.99), Jack can add $150 to the new customer price ($15 per month based on his current device x 10 months) to upgrade to the device at $249.99 on a new 3-year term (compared with $549.99 for the no-term price).

Pricing, eligibility and offers are subject to change so it’s always best to visit a local Rogers retail location where a customer service representative can check your eligibility. This new early upgrade offer applies to our entire lineup and replaces special device specific hardware upgrade offers we’ve had in the past, such as the iPhone 4 early upgrade offer.

Will you consider an early upgrade? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below but please note that we cannot answer individual upgrade eligibility questions. Customers who are interested in an upgrade to a new device should visit a local Rogers retail location.

Mary Pretotto is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Get ready Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver: LTE is coming this year

Rogers LTEWe’re excited to announce that Rogers will launch our Long Term Evolution (LTE) network this year in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. And it gets better – we also plan to deploy LTE in an additional 21 markets by the end of 2012. What this means is that Rogers customers will be among the first in the world to experience LTE.


Live, work and play better with LTE

LTE is the gold standard of wireless technology and the future of mobile experience. Rogers LTE will fundamentally change our concept of entertainment, communications and productivity, delivering a true high-speed Internet experience through handsets, tablets and Rocket Sticks:

  • Stream movies instantly on a tablet with virtually no delays or buffering
  • Experience a revolution in wireless multiplayer real-time online gaming
  • Conduct wireless group video conferences in real-time, with virtually no lag time
  • Access data-intensive business applications while on the go


Get updates and enter to win at

To us, LTE is all about being more connected, that’s why we created, a website where you can learn about Rogers LTE network and share your excitement for LTE.  Starting today, you can log on to the site and let us know if you’re excited to get LTE in your city.

And if you’re a Rogers customer you can enter to win a trip to Toronto in July for an exclusive “Future of Fast” experience, including passes to the 2011 Honda Toronto Indy and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get behind the wheel of a professional race car and experience fast for yourself!

Are you ready for Rogers LTE? If you are, let us know where you would like to experience the Future of Fast at

UPDATE (April 29, 2011 3:51 pm): At the Annual General Meeting on April 27,  Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers Communications said that Rogers customers will be among the first in the world to experience LTE. Check out the full video of his announcement from the meeting below:

Duane MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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