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Weekend Reading: Charging your device on-the-go, tablet tips & digital sports fix

We’ve all been there – you’re at the cottage in the middle of nowhere, stuck in traffic, or caught in a blackout… and your battery is down to a single bar of power. These days, not only do we rely on our mobile devices for emergency phone calls, we’ve come to depend on them for their Wi-Fi capabilities too. We also rely on them for GPS to instruct the tow truck to our location and apps to find the nearest gas station – the last thing we want toworry about is our battery dying!

Luckily, Mashable has sourced out 6 Clever Ways to Charge Your Devices in a Pinch.

You’re bound to find at least one idea that works for you, even if you’re only emergency is ensuring you don’t miss the next Toronto Blue Jays game!

Once you’re powered up, check out Connected Magazine’s “Tablet Tips” (page 57 in our current issue) for a couple of handy shortcuts. Learn how to insert fancy characters, then master multi-tasking gestures on your iPad. Depending how many apps you juggle at one time on your tablet, learning how to switch between open apps can save you valuable seconds in a game!

According to eMarketer, more and more sports fans are catching the action online, both during and after the games. They recently did an article entitled Sports Fans Go Digital to Get Their Post-Game Fix, in which a study revealed that 61% of the US population considers themselves sports fans. Of that, 19% cited “reading/watching sports content” among activities they did on a daily basis.

The statistics are compiled from a Marist Poll, Deloitte study, and consumer study from Experian Simmons. Find out what else they discovered on social media and mobile aspects of sports fans’ digital behavior and which sports get the most attention in the full report available on eMarketer here.

How often do you stream your favourite sports online? And do you have backup chargers prepared? Share how you stay connected in our comments below!

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Weekend Reading: device reviews & celebrating St.Jean Baptiste Day

Report: 57% of Mobile Developers Plan To Adopt Windows Phone

This week, Tech Crunch published a study on Windows Phones, which found that 57 per cent of app developers plan to develop for the Windows Phone platform. According to a new report by market analysis and strategy firm VisionMobile, the appeal seems to be the ease of coding and prototyping apps, combined with the low cost of development and a lower learning curve.

Tablet popularity is also on the rise with developers – almost half of the mobile developers surveyed are targeting tablets, while almost 75% of iOS developers do already. Smartphones still have the lead though, dominating with 85% of the market. Check out the full study for more on platforms, territories and revenue in the full article at Tech Crunch.

Latest Device Reviews: HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note

With the Beats Audio Integration, a 4.7” HD 720p screen, 8MP camera, and LTE speeds, it’s no surprise the HTC One X is receiving kudos from some of the industry’s top bloggers.

Our new friends at Cadence Canada took the HTC One X out for a night on the town recently during the NXNE festival in Toronto. Check out some exclusive shots the HTC One X captured from various concerts: Part 1: June 13 at The Crawford and Part 2: June 14 at The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom.

This week, we also posted about a campaign Rogers and HTC have teamed up on that allows you to create your own music track on YouTube with the HTC One X. Check out the “choose-your-own-adventure” video and share your masterpiece on Twitter with #TheStudio hashtag!

And don’t forget about the Samsung Galaxy Note released earlier this year. IT Nerd went all out in a 2 part series review of the device, first analyzing the display and functionality, then testing out the camera and video capabilities at the High Park Zoo. Read up on Part 1 and beautifully shot Part 2 up now!

Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day to our Quebec readers!

This Monday, we honour one of Quebec’s favourite holidays! has a great listing of what’s open on Monday, as well as a summary of some of the best local events to check out. Brush up on some history, visit the Montreal Bonfire, or check out the Ecomuseum Zoo – all great ways to celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day!

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend Reading: The Samsung Galaxy SIII, Citytv’s fall lineup, & mobile health

Samsung Galaxy SIII reservations now up!

Last fall, Rogers was first to introduce you to the LTE enabled Samsung Galaxy SII, arguably one of the most sought after devices of the season. Now the tradition continues with the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

With its 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, fans of the SII will not be disappointed with these new advancements! India was one of the first countries lucky to get the device before North America – check out what they had to say in The Times of India about its top 5 features, and why this phone is expected to capture 60% of their smartphone market.

For more on some of the exciting new features, check out our latest Redboard post and be sure to reserve yours today on the Rogers Reservation System here! More details on preorder to come. Stay tuned!

Citytv unveils fall lineup

Even though summer is just beginning, we were so excited about the new Citytv  fall TV schedule we couldn’t wait to share it! Among the announcements this week, Citytv revealed Tyler Harcott as the host of The Bachelor Canada, following former CFL star Brad Smith looking for love amongst 25 Canadian bachelorette hopefuls. Citytv also added two original comedies, Package Deal and Seed to the mid-season lineup, along with dramas Revolution, 666 Park Avenue, Hannibal, and The Carrie Diaries. Full summaries for all the new shows are available on the Citytv website.

Returning favourites will include the mysterious Revenge and Person of Interest, though comedy will continue to reign supreme with the renewal of New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. For a complete listing of the exciting new fall lineup, see the official press release here!

5 ways mobile tech can improve your health

Based on our most recent Innovation Report, we already knew that 51% of Canadians in technology say using tech to track vitals will help them make better health decisions, and that 57% want an online diagnosis from their doctor. This made it no surprise when Mashable decided to highlight the emerging importance of apps to the medical industry in a recent article.

What did they uncover? 13,000 consumer health apps will be available for download on the iPhone this summer! And just how many physicians are treating patients using smartphones and tablets? A surprising 30%!

Read the full article here and tell us how you see apps shaping health decisions in the comments below.

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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“So an Albertan, an Ontarian and a Quebecker were talking about the Internet…”:Rogers Innovation Report regional results

Do you hail from the Atlantic Canada? Over 2/3 of you said you’d consider leaving your job to work for a company that allows you to work from anywhere … and 10% of you said you’d give up sex for the Internet.

From Quebec? You were less likely than Canadians in any other region to say you’d give up chocolate for the Internet.

From Alberta?A majority of you feel that the Internet makes your life better. So much so, in fact, that 42% of you would give up alcohol for it, while 26% would give up coffee.


Earlier this month, we unveiled the national results of the Rogers Innovation Report, a survey that takes the pulse of Canadian tech users from coast-to-coast. Diving into results a little more deeply provides fascinating insight into regional differences. Today, we’re providing a glimpse of some of the most compelling of these findings.

Who says the Internet makes their lives better?
Canadians in British Columbia (82%) just nudge out Albertans (80%) in believing that the Internet allows them to connect to people and information in ways that make their lives better.

Who would choose the Internet over electricity and water? Over bathing?
The Atlantic region leads the pack here. In fact, 48% of Canadians from the Atlantic provincestold us they value the Internet as much as or more than basic utilities like electricity and water. This might explain why they also lead in another category: 6% of respondents from Atlantic Canada would give up daily bathing for Internet access. The national average is 4%. Only 1% of Quebeckers would be willing to make the same sacrifice.

Who are the most socially responsible shoppers?
One in 2 British Columbians told us they felt they could make better decisions about what they buy if they were able to use their mobile device to read a barcode to get information on a company’s corporate responsibility practices.

And what about S.E.X.?
Quebeckers will tell you that it’s no surprise to them that they were least likely to want to sacrifice pleasures like chocolate, alcohol and sex for the Internet. It must come down to La Belle Province’s Joie de Vivre! ;)

What do you think about how your region stacked up against the rest of Canada? Weigh in here in the comments section, or on Twitter using the #RIRExplores hashtag.

About the survey: From April 13th to April 15th 2012, an online survey was conducted among 1,010 randomly selected adult Canadians that own a smartphone and are connected to the Internet. All were Angus Reid Forum panelists. The margin of error is +/- 3.1%, nineteen times out of twenty. The results have been statistically weighted according to region and gender. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding. Complete survey results are available on Slideshare at

 Michelle is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers Youth Fund helping students succeed

Last year, we announced the Rogers Youth Fund, a national commitment to help Canada’s youth overcome barriers to education so they can succeed in the classroom and beyond. To do this, we have formed strategic relationships with charities across Canadian communities that support youth and basic skills education.

As the school year comes to an end and students gear up for summer, we wanted to give you an update .

What’s new?

The Rogers Youth Fund has been moving full steam ahead partnering with 24 Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada and 16 local charitable organizations across the country. We’ve created new programs to support after-school, basic-skills education and enhanced existing programs with additional tutors and mentors. We’re excited to see that our Fund is already making a difference in the academic lives of youth.

Where are we helping?

The Fund supports local groups across the country.  In Ottawa, Operation Go Home assists at risk and homeless youth and provides them with opportunities to become contributing members of their community.

PEACH’s School Away from School program promotes educational and social well-being of teenagers in Toronto’s Jane and Finch community. Their hands-on programs ensure that youth are engaged and getting the support they need.

In Vancouver, we’re working with the Simon Fraser University to create a dynamic mentorship program that brings together a university student and a youth to learn from each other.

Our commitment to the Rogers Youth Fund

We’ve signed multi-year arrangements and we’ve committed to steady and stable funding that helps keep the doors open and the lights on.

Last year we announced that new Rogers customers or existing customers changing price plans or adding a new line would be given the option of getting a paperless bill or paying a $2 monthly paper invoice fee. The proceeds from customers who have chosen a paper bill, up to and including today, will continue to be directed to the Rogers Youth Fund for the course of that customer’s contract. After today, we will continue to support the programs but not from the paper bill fee.

What’s next?

Over the last year, we’ve visited every partner and every program, met with students, parents and volunteers. We’re looking forward to making a meaningful and real difference in the lives of youth. These youth organizations do amazing work and we’re proud to support them.

For more information, please visit and learn more about our partners and their programs.

Serda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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The Internet and you: Our new video Next is Now … More than Ever

Welcome to the red carpet world premiere launch of Next is Now … More than Ever. Red carpet as in RedBoard carpet, of course! Back in 2010, we released our original Next is Now video, dealing with how human connections are empowered by rapid changes in communications technology here in Canada and around the world.

This time around, in the Next is Now … More than Ever video, we’re looking at statistics that speak to how much Canadians value the Internet (more than chocolate? Coffee? Water?), smart appliances, the development of the dual-screen experience with TVs and tablets, smartphone usage, digital wallets, and the impact the Internet is having on health, government, education, and shopping.

Our Executive VP and CMO John Boynton summed up Rogers’ commitment to the Internet experience nicely last week when he presented our vision of “Creating world-leading Internet experiences”:

Creating is a great word, we think, because it means it’s a journey. One we’ve been on, and one we’ll continue to be on. There’s a lot of co-creating that goes on in our products and services now. We really are trying to build things that are responding to our customers. In a way, we’re co-creating with our customers and in many ways our customers are leading the way in showing us what they need.

Surprised by some of the stats in the Next is Now … More than Ever video? Join the conversation here on Redboard, or on Twitter using the #NextIsNow hashtag!

Next is Now … More than Ever was produced by Rogers with support from Thornley Fallis.

Theme music “Unlike the Ordinary” by The Escape Frame

Michelle is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Rogers Innovation Report: What would YOU give up for the Internet?

Canadians see the Internet as vital. But is it more important than alcohol? Chocolate? Sex? Water? Inquiring minds want to know … and we have the answer!

Back in December, we issued our first Rogers Innovation Report, a regular report we’re doing to get Canadians’ views on technology. Now, results from our third Rogers Innovation Report reveal some tantalizing insights about how much Canadian technology users value their Internet connection, as well as how they want to make technology work for them now and in the future.

Check out some of the results from our latest study in the infographic below and join the discussion on Twitter by using or following #RIRExplores.

How do you compare with Canadians we surveyed?

Rogers Innovation Report: The Future of Internet Experiences

The Rogers Innovation Report, produced by market research specialists and software developers Vision Critical, regularly explores Canadians’ habits and views on technology. You’ll find complete study results on Slideshare.

Michelle is regular contributor to our French blog, FilRouge. This is her first post on RedBoard.

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Rogers launches LTE in Calgary and Halifax

HTC One X from RogersWe’re continuing to roll out Canada’s fastest and largest LTE network* going live today in two new cities: Calgary and Halifax.

Our LTE network is available in select Canadian cities and now reaches close to 12 million or one third of the Canadian population. It will expand to nearly 60 per cent of Canadians by the end of the year. The Calgary and Halifax launch today follows the recent launch of LTE in St. John’s in the east and in the coming months we’ll be bringing LTE to Edmonton. Visit for coverage details.

Tons of LTE devices available

In addition to the fastest and largest LTE network*, we also have the largest selection of LTE devices in Canada. In fact, this will be a particularly exciting month for those who have been waiting for some of the coolest LTE smartphones to come onto the market.

Nokia Lumia 900 from Rogers

Over the next few weeks we will launch the first Windows Phone LTE smartphone the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC One X, the first smartphone in Canada designed with Beats Audio for an incredible audio experience. You can preorder or reserve the Nokia Lumia 900 today by going to And if you preorder or reserve, you are also entered for a chance to win a private screening of The Dark Knight Rises for you and your family and friends including popcorn, soft drinks, swag bags and a special edition The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 900. How cool is that?

For more information on Rogers LTE network and devices visit

Sara is a regular contributor to RedBoard

 *Within Rogers LTE network footprint. Based on tests comparing data throughput speeds and on geographic coverage area comparison (in square kilometers) to Bell and Telus’ LTE networks.  See for full details on Rogers LTE network coverage. 

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Rogers March Break checklist: limit your roaming costs

Roaming tips from Rogers for March BreakWhether you’re hitting the beach or slopes outside of Canada this March break, you can stay connected with family and friends and keep it affordable by taking a few easy steps.

Once you leave Canada, you’re roaming off the Rogers network. When you “roam”, you’re accessing services through a foreign cellular network and can incur incremental charges for your usage (talking, texting, emailing, web browsing etc).

Here are a few tips from Connected Magazine, on how you can save on roaming this March Break:

1. Make sure your data roaming is on–Most devices have the data roaming set to off. If you plan on checking email or using other data services such as web browsing, BBM, MMS, Visual Voicemail & Apps while you are away, turn data roaming on. Also, remember to turn off Apps that you’re not using to help conserve data.

2. Learn more and purchase –Text TRAVEL to 7626 to view and purchase affordable and easy to use roaming options or visit

For Data:

3. Get a Roaming Data Pass – Sharing a picture, web browsing or checking email requires data. Passes start at $5 and include the following customer friendly features that help ensure a worry free roaming experience:

  • Free near real-time text alerts that let you monitor your data usage.
  • Data service cut-offs upon data-pass expiration, so you never have to worry about “overage” fees.

For Voice & Text:

4. Get a Combo Travel Pack–Need Voice and Text while you’re down in the Caribbean? The Zone 3 Combo Travel Pack is good for one month from the date of purchase and if you use up the Pack, you’ll continue to enjoy discounted rates (per minute, sent text) for your usage until the month is over.

5. Save juice by:

  • Disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (turn on Wi-Fi when looking for a hotspot).
  • Turning your screen’s brightness down.
  • Closing apps that run in the background.

For more useful tips on how to save on roaming this March Break and to download a handy travel checklist, visit Connected Magazine.

Michelle is a new contributor to RedBoard

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New RedBoard series: Talking Families with…

Rogers Ultimate Unlimited Family PlanStaying connected to the people that matter is a major part of everyday life and every family has its own way of keeping in touch. After launching our new Rogers Ultimate Unlimited Family Plans last week, we thought it would be a good time to look at how people integrate technology into their families’ circles of trust.

To kick off a new RedBoard series, Talking Families, we asked @Gingermommy of Tales of a Ranting Ginger to provide us with some insight into family life and technology. In her own words, she describes herself as a “Canadian mom of four: toddlers, tweens and teens” who uses “her blog and social media to connect, share and save with others.” We’ve set her family up with smartphones and the new family plans and asked her to answer some questions for us about how her and her family use technology. In return, we’re making a donation to a charity of her choice. Here’s what she had to say about technology and her family:

What factors should parents consider when deciding if their children are old enough for cell phones? Were these difficult decisions in your own family?

Having four kids who all range in age, I think each is separate. My 11 year old is more mature and responsible than his older sister was at the same age. He would use the phone to stay in contact with us. My older kids would want to text all the time. I think kids should be given a fair chance, but if they do not stay within their limits then they need to pay their own bill.

What do you consider to be biggest benefit/biggest disadvantage of a connected family?

Two of my kids are teens and often out and about with their friends. I like them having phones to stay connected with us. There are very few payphones and with debit there is seldom any change in their pockets. And, with one child who is learning to drive, the safety factor is huge. I do not like them being online all the time though. Some rules we have are no texting during dinner and designated family time.

What can parents do to manage their children’s cell phone usage? Should they monitor or set any guidelines? (ie: No texting at the dinner table? No phone usage in the house? Features like MMS disabled?)

We limit cell phone time during family hours. I also prefer my kids not to have data on their phones.

What do you look for when choosing a cell phone plan and provider?

Flexibility, I like to be able to add on and move it so it fits our large family’s needs. A plan that includes unlimited local calling and incoming calls is great. Also unlimited texting is great (we have had high texting bills before).

Does having access to the internet and cell phones make family life different for your current family compared with the family in which you grew up?

My kids have access to information at all times. That being said, we need to make sure they are looking at appropriate sites etc. Gone are the days of leaving a message for a caller. Now kids have instant access to their friends

What are some ways you would recommend for families to reduce their mobile device usage?

Set limits and boundaries. Communicate and respect privacy but still monitor what they are doing and for how long. We do not allow cell phones in the bedrooms when they are to be sleeping.

Stay tuned for the next Talking Families installment.

How do you stay connected with the people that matter in your life?

Melanie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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