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How to watch your favourite shows with Rogers Anyplace TV

Rogers Anyplace TVFrom the drama of Lena Dunham’s Girls to the zombie hijinks of The Walking Dead, you can watch all your favourites – new and old – from your desktop with our newly refreshed Rogers Anyplace TV website. Even better news? You can start watching right now – Rogers Anyplace TV gives you access to all the great shows you already enjoy with your digital TV subscription.

Here’s how to start watching:

First, you need to register:

  • Go to
  • Click “Register” in the top right corner
  • Sign in with your My Rogers account
  • OR complete the necessary fields and verify you’re a Rogers customer by doing one of the following:
    • Enter your postal code if you’re currently using Rogers internet
    • Send a verification code to your Rogers wireless phone
    • Enter your Rogers account number

Then you can start watching!

If you have a specific show in mind:

  • Type the show name in the search bar on the type right of your screen
  • As you type more letters, your results will narrow down to a match
  • Click your desired title from the drop down menu
  • Enjoy!

To browse what’s available:

  • Click the “On Demand” button on the top navigation bar
  • Click “TV Shows” in the sub-navigation bar
  • Click the “A-Z” button to sort the shows in alphabetical order and find your show

Or, to see what’s on your favourite channels:

  • Click the “On Demand” button on the top navigation bar
  • Click “Channels” in the sub-navigation bar
  • Click the “A-Z” button to sort the channels in alphabetical order
  • Click on your desired channel and find your show

What TV shows will you be watching this winter?

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Weekend reading: Speed, Santa and photo messaging

Weekend readingWith the holiday – and related vacations – right around the corner, we’re getting into the spirit of the season, looking at Santa trackers and karaoke hits. Plus, we share details of our new Internet packages and look at this week’s photo-sharing announcements. Learn more in this week’s edition of the weekend reading.

Tech-savvy Santa Trackers

‘Tis the season for keeping tabs on the Jolly Old Elf, and this year both Google and Microsoft are joining the holiday fun. Google’s Santa Tracker includes a countdown ticker, while his animated village includes an advent calendar with games, a phone call function and videos. Meanwhile Microsoft has partnered with NORAD to create a tracker and countdown ticker that also includes games, movies, music and a library sharing news about Santa and holiday traditions around the world. Plus, be sure to head on over to our Rogers Facebook page to help Santa deliver presents!

Will you be tracking Santa on Christmas Eve?

Hitting high-speed

We’ve upped our internet speeds again with the roll-out of a new Ultimate internet package. We’re ramping up our download speeds from 150Mpbs up to 250Mbps, doubling upload speeds from 10Mbps to 20Mbps and quadrupling the usage allowance up to 1TB! If you have the Advanced Wi-Fi Modem on the Ultimate (150Mbps) package, you can call Rogers to upgrade to the new 250Mbps package for free. You will need our fastest, furthest reaching modem in order to upgrade. It’s currently available in the GTA and will soon be available to most customers in Ontario.

Private pics

Twitter’s been busy making upgrades this year, and this week, the micro-blogging service announced changes to its mobile apps, including the ability to send private photos. Direct messages also became easier to find in the navigation. The upgrade also ramps up the “discovery” feature that pinpoints popular accounts, tweets and trending topics.

Instagram, meanwhile, announced Instagram Direct on Thursday, which lets users send private photos to friends and groups. The update, which only allows people you follow to send direct photos and videos, is now available for iOS and Android.

Will you try either of these new photo-sharing features?

Sweet sounds

Last week we shared our holiday wishlist, but we’ve still got more seasonal tips up our sleeves. We hosted a live holiday movie trivia chat where we shared our favourite flicks and traditions and  got some great tips from the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Team on how to keep your home safe over the holidays. For everyone hosting house parties, we rounded up our favourite karaoke tunes to help inspire your soundtrack. Of course, there’s no guest required – you can also just grab a hairbrush and put your skills to use with Rogers On Demand. Find the karaoke channel by visiting Channel 100, navigating to Music, then choosing Karaoke on Demand.

What’s your go-to song?

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We want to hear your thoughts about cable TV in Canada

Cable consultationThere has been a lot of discussion around the future of television in Canada.

In last month’s Speech from the Throne, the federal government came out in favour of more flexibility for Canadians when it comes to choosing their cable package. Just after that, the CRTC launched a consultation into the future of television in Canada. 

Rogers agrees that there should be more flexibility in packages for Canadian consumers. It is something we have supported because we know it’s important to our customers.

We’re interested in hearing from you about what you want as a cable customer. To that end, we’re launching a number of different ways you can reach us, beginning with a CRTC Consultation Board.

This board will house three topics where we encourage you to join in the conversation: Flash Conference, Let’s Talk TV and More Information on Cable TV.

Here’s a bit more information about each topic:

  • Flash Conference: This will be a virtual flash conference, which is a current initiative from the CRTC’s consultation. All of the posts here will be collected and sent to the CRTC as part of the consultation process;
  • Let’s Talk TV: This will be a place where you can ask us your questions about the cable TV system. As your community manager in the CRTC Consultation community, I’ll be sure to get you an answer;
  • More Information on Cable TV: This is where you can post links to related reading around cable TV in Canada and have discussions around what you’re learning.

The community is open to all Canadians to help them read and understand the choices ahead. To join the CRTC Consultation Board, you’ll need a My Rogers username and password. You don’t need to be a Rogers customer to sign up for a My Rogers account.

Additionally, we’ll be holding a special Google+ Hangout flash conference for anyone who is interested in taking part. Please leave a comment on this post if you’re interested in joining, and we’ll be in touch in the near future.

Are you interested in more flexible TV packages?

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Become BFFs with your PVR: Record up to 8 HD shows at once with Rogers NextBox 3.0

Nextbox 3.0Does this sound familiar? You’re cozied up on your couch and notice a show that you‘ve been meaning to check out airing on your TV. Naturally, you click to record the series and then *bam* — a recording conflict window appears on your screen. It’s a moment of sheer panic as you need to make a split-second decision on which show is more important to record.

It’s time to say goodbye to recording conflicts and storage woes with the newly launched NextBox ™ 3.0. The latest TV experience from Rogers is available in Ontario today and it’s tailor-made for the PVR enthusiast. You can now record up to eight HD programs at once and store up to 240 hours of HD shows and movies.

Based on my experience, if you relate to the following three traits, chances are you are your PVR are pretty tight and NextBox 3.0 might be right up your alley:

1.       The recording conflict pop-up – as described above

  • If other people are present to witness the dramatic ordeal, they’ll probably find your reaction hilarious. I know, because it happens to me all the time. Cut to me yelling “Nooo, nooooooo!” when it’s True Blood versus Long Island Medium on Sunday night.

 2.       You record entire seasons of TV shows or movie marathons:

  • As an avid TV marathoner, I consume my shows back-to-back-to-back. A colleague told me about Ray Donovan and now I’m hooked and in the process of saving the entire season. If a channel is airing all John Hughes movies one night, then my PVR is going to surge with my favourite brat pack flicks.

3.       You are a time zone expert:

  • With so many favourite shows to record, particularly in prime-time slots, you’re bound to face a recording conflict. You’ve mastered the art of finding your favourite series when they air in other time zones.

Bonus criteria: Without interrupting what’s airing on your TV, you swiftly pull out a second screen (tablet or smartphone) to view and manage your TV recordings. This is where the Rogers Anyplace TV™ Home Edition app comes to the rescue.

NextBox 3.0 opens up a world of possibilities for the ultimate TV viewer. It even lets you skip past commercials. When it comes to your TV, which features are the most important to you?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Should your fireplace star on the Rogers Fireplace Channel next winter?

The Fireplace ChannelWhile we’re hoping the spring weather is here to stay, we haven’t forgotten the chilly nights of curling up in front of a fireplace. As the many fans of the Fireplace Channel (channel 204) have learned, you don’t need a home with a chimney and mantle to relax by the fire. The virtual orange glow and sound of crackling logs is surprisingly satisfying!

But, for those of you lucky enough to have the real thing, we’ve got a great chance for you to showcase how you keep your home fires burning. One lucky winner will get to see – and hear– their roaring flames on the Fireplace Channel for a full year, and win a Rogers Nextbox to boot.

The winning entry will hit the airwaves in November 2013. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some entertainment with a more springtime bent, try tuning into the Sunset Channel (find it on your dial at 206) or the Aquarium Channel (205).

How it works

Starting April 8, 2013, send a photo of your current fireplace setup to with the subject “Fireplace contest” and tell us in 100 characters or less why your fireplace should take the starring role on the Fireplace Channel. Make sure to include your full name, email address, phone number and location. We’ll be accepting entries until May 1. The contest is open to anyone living in an area where Rogers cable services are available. Read the full rules here.

Good luck!

UPDATE, May 1: Thanks to everyone who participated in our Fireplace Channel contest! The prize has been drawn and we’ll be contacting the winner by email soon. Keep an eye on your inbox!

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AMC coming to Rogers customers in HD

Some of us at Rogers were so excited about getting AMC in HD, our inner zombies came out!

Zombies look better in HD. So do meth chefs and sixties-era ad execs.

Under a new agreement with AMC, Rogers digital customers will be able to watch shows like The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad in HD by the end of March. That’s in time for the season finale of The Walking Dead and ahead of the two hour season premiere of Mad Men on April 7.

The multi-year deal also allows you to access on-demand versions of your favourite shows soon after the TV debut. In addition, AMC content will be available to Rogers customers across multiple platforms.

Over the last few days, we’ve been clear that – despite reports to the contrary – we had no absolutely no intention of dropping AMC. It’s unfortunate that some of you were worried by rumours about the channel going dark. In our business, contract negotiations with content partners are routine. Our goal is to get the best programming while keeping costs down for you. We believe we’ve accomplished that in these negotiations.

So, with that out of the way a more important question: Which character from an AMC program would you most want by your side in an HD zombie apocalypse: Michonne or Darryl from The Walking Dead? How about Don or Joan from Mad Men? Or maybe Walter or Gus from Breaking Bad?

Update March, 20, 2013: AMC HD is now available to Rogers Digital TV customers in Ontario on channel 482.

Keith McArthur is VP of Social Media at Rogers

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Save the zombies: Let’s keep AMC on Rogers

You love zombies as much as we do. We’ve seen it in your e-mails, your tweets, and your Facebook posts. Some of your favourite shows (and ours!) are on AMC – shows like The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

You want to keep AMC on Rogers. And so do we.

In fact, we have been negotiating with AMC so we can keep bringing you these great shows.  These types of negotiations with our programming partners are routine. Our goal is to keep costs down for you and that means negotiating to get the best possible rates on the best programming.

But last night, AMC surprised us with a campaign that alarmed our customers with allegations that AMC was about to go dark on Rogers.

Let’s be clear: We have no intention of dropping AMC. Negotiations are ongoing and we expect to reach a positive outcome. Let’s hope AMC is as committed as we are to saving the zombies on Rogers.

Update March 1: Good news! Under a multi-year deal, Rogers customers will be getting AMC in HD by the end of March. Full details are here.

Keith McArthur is VP of Social Media at Rogers

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Feast your eyes on TMN’s free preview on Rogers on Demand Online

TMN free preview on Rogers on Demand OnlineLots of big happenings at Rogers On Demand Online! We’re all buzzing about the fact that we’ve got a fantastic TMN Free Preview for Rogers cable customers happening right now. If you watch television, or if you don’t, I’m sure you’re familiar with a whole bunch of the titles that you can check out here with just a click of a button.  Here’s a rundown of just a few of the shows you could check out for free right now.


Some of us will always think of Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin in The Graduate or maybe for his Oscar-winning role in Rain Man. However, I’m guessing that his starring role in HBO’s brand new series Luck will introduce him to a whole new audience.  The shows deals with horseracing and gambling and has a knockout cast that not only includes Dustin Hoffman, but Nick Nolte and Dennis Farina as well. Throw in the fact that it was created by David Milch, who also came up with classic shows like NYPD Blue and Deadwood and it gets even better. But wait, we’re not done yet. The pilot episode, which you can check out right now in our free preview, was directed by the amazing Michael Mann. Take a look at Luck and let us know what you think.


Speaking of Deadwood, that’s another show you can check out in our TMN Free Preview. This is the western to end all western, featuring a star making performance by the great Ian McShane. You can sample the first two episodes from the first season of Deadwood right now for the low cost of free.

Game of Thrones

One of the most anticipated returns this television season is that of Game of Thrones, which was a huge success when it first aired last year. I didn’t watch it right away, but I did play catch up not long ago and have to say I was suitably impressed. Great set pieces, great acting – you don’t have to be a hugh fan of fantasy to get into all of the intrigue. In our TMN Free Preview, you can check out the first episode of Game of Thrones season one, which really sets the stage for all that’s to come.

Those are just a few of the shows you can check out in TMN’s Free Preview. But really, there are so many more shows for you to sample  – Showtimes Nurse Jackie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood and many, many more. Definitely head over to Rogers On Demand Online and take a look at all of these stellar, award winning shows. I’m pretty sure you’ll find at least one you like. And to read more TMN Free Preview related info, be sure to check Rogers Beyond The Guide blog. The TMN Free Preview is on now until February 26th.

What’s your favourite show in the free preview? We want to know!

Andrew is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Sports fans rejoice: Rogers launches 24/7 ‘Sportsnews’

Sportsnews from RogersHere at Rogers, we are passionate about sports. When we announced the recent acquisition of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment,you could feel the excitement all around the office and whether I’m in the elevator or walking past colleagues’ desks, people always seem to be buzzing about what’s happening on the field, on the ice, on the court, and so on.

That’s why we’re pretty excited to tell you about today’s launch of Sportsnews, a new sports cable service at no additional cost for Rogers digital cable customers. It’s the channel you flip to for your real-time sports fix. It’s the first cable service of its kind in Canada. Head over to channel 999 to check it out (available in SD or HD).

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to see on Sportsnews:

  • Large scoreboard (one-third of the screen) with scores, including pre and post-game notes and in play scores and stats.
  • Twitter feed streaming from your favourite Sportsnet personalities.
  • The headline zone featuring breaking news and fun trivia facts.

Pulling in real-time scores, stats, breaking news and fantasy info, means there’s always something interesting for avid sports enthusiasts. Especially with the NHL All-Star Weekend around the corner, can’t wait to see how my favourite players stack up in the skills competition and how they’ll perform in the All-Star Game. Pretty sweet I can get those updates while I’m channel surfing or working out.

Will you be tuning into Sportsnews?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers Remote TV Manager: schedule TV recordings from anywhere, anytime

Rogers Remote TV ManagerWe’ve all been there. Tied up in a long lineup or stuck in a meeting that’s running longer than expected when you suddenly realize that you forgot to set your PVR to record the latest episode of True Blood. Now, you can keep your cool knowing that you won’t miss a second of your favourite show thanks to Rogers Remote TV Manager.

The new service offers you the freedom and flexibility to manage your 8300 HD PVR through a web portal or free mobile app. Right now, the web portal and iPhone app are available for customers in Ontario, and in the coming months, apps for Blackberry and Android will be available.

What does it do?

From the web portal or the app, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily manage and schedule your recordings without being in front of your TV
  • Review scheduled and recorded programs
  • Delivers advanced search capabilities for TV shows and PVR Program content (actor, director, keyword, and channel name)
  • Browse the on-screen guide to find your favourite shows
  • Quickly see how much space is available for recordings

How can I get it?

First, you need to ensure you have an eligible HD PVR box and a Rogers digital television service subscription. Currently, Rogers Remote TV Manager is only available to customers in Ontario with the Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD PVR.

To use the Remote TV Manager online, you need to sign in, or register with MyRogers. Under “Cable Television,” you’ll see Remote TV Manager. You will be notified here if you do not have the eligible hardware or if you need to register your TV account to your MyRogers ID using your account number.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can download the app from iTunes. You need to have iOS 4 on your iPhone for the app to work.

Not a Rogers wireless customer? No problem. Rogers Remote TV Manager can be downloaded and used on any compatible mobile device on any wireless carrier.

Currently the service is only available in Ontario. We’ll let you know when we have information to share about availability for customers in other provinces.

How do I use it?

You can find detailed instructions on how to use the app on here.

You can also check out a detailed How-To guide on both the web portal and the app from Connected Magazine.

What about Android and BlackBerry customers?

A Rogers Remote TV Manager app will be available for Android from the Android Market this summer. We’ll let BlackBerry customers know when they can expect the app as soon as we have more details to share.

Have you tried Rogers Remote TV Manager? What do you think?

UPDATE (August 9, 2011, 10:23 am): As promised, Rogers Remote TV Manager app is now available for Android. To download the app, just search “Rogers Remote TV Manager” in the Android Market.

UPDATE: (October 20, 2011, 4:41pm): The Rogers Remote TV Manager is now available for BlackBerry smartphones! With the new app, Rogers customers with Black Berry OS 4.6 or higher, can manage their HD PVR from anywhere.  It’s easy, convenient and free! Check out the details at BlackBerry App World.

Sarah Daly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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