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Tablets by the numbers

Tablets by the numbers

You love your tablet, and why not? It’s portable, powerful and always connected – as long as you have a wireless internet plan. Chris Powell of Connected Rogers magazine shares the latest tablet stats.

It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs once said in an interview that tablets, as a new product, would fail. He changed his mind, obviously, and look what’s happened since. Today, about one in 10 Canadians owns a tablet – an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a BlackBerry PlayBook or otherwise – and that number is on a serious upswing.  As tablets get more useful, the number of tablets on the market keeps growing rapidly. Tablets are portable and powerful – simply put, they’re awesome. However, that awesomeness plummets significantly if you’re relying on Wi-Fi alone to get your tablet online.  We’re using our tablets for everything these days, from on-the-go gaming and TV viewing to web surfing and shopping. But all this requires a wireless internet plan – one that’s super-fast, affordable, reliable and secure. Connecting your tablet to the  Rogers LTE network means you can more fully enjoy your device, wherever you are.  Still on the fence about getting a wireless internet plan for your tablet? Consider the following:

About 1/3 of tablet use occurs outside the home

Approximately 33% of all time spent with tablets happens outside the home, whether at work/school (15%), in the car/commuting (14%) or while out shopping (4%). Tablets offer a whole whack of ways to enhance those out-of-home occasions, from maps, apps and TV streaming to comparison-shopping tools. But many of these tools rely on internet connectivity, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection wherever you are, especially if you’re on the move. You don’t use a pay phone for calls while you’re out, so why be limited to Wi-Fi hotspots to get online? Don’t let your chance at a great shortcut or killer deal be compromised by spotty internet.

53% of tablet owners watch video or stream TV on their Tablet

Whether they’re being used as part of two-screen viewing or to watch full  episodes, tablets have become an  integral part of the 21st-century TV experience. What they lack in screen size, they make up for with portability, accessible controls (no more losing the remote) and, with headphones on, an immersive viewing experience. At the same time, new tools, like the Rogers Anyplace TV tablet app, allow you to catch up on full episodes  of shows or watch trailers for upcoming movies. Watching live streaming requires a reliable internet connection, however, and a wireless internet plan can ensure you don’t miss a moment of Modern Family or Seed.

For more tablet stats and support, check out the full article in Connected Rogers magazine.

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Open up the fast lane: 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook now available at Rogers

4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook from RogersEvery trip home I make to visit my parents, the first thing I grab is my tablet for the train ride. With access to the LTE network, my tablet keeps me entertained and connected to stream live Toronto Blue Jays games, upload images on the trip and quickly edit work documents as needed. For those constantly on the move like myself, the more convenient and practical 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is now available at Rogers locations.

Keeping its compact 7” size, the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook runs on the new 2.0 OS with a 1.5” GHz dual-core processor, making it more efficient to multitask between listening to music and browsing the web. Staying on-top of messages is easier with a unified inbox and a contacts app that incorporates LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter updates. BlackBerry smartphone users can also use the new BlackBerry Bridge features that let the smartphone act as a keyboard and mouse with BBM accessible right on the PlayBook.

The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook comes in a 32GB model for $349.99 with select three-year agreements. For a limited time, we’ll waive activation fee and the device can be activated on a no-term Shared Data Device plan for just $2/month for the first 10 months (regularly $12/month).

The PlayBook joins the largest lineup of LTE devices at the fastest speeds* along with Canada’s first LTE rocket hub, Sony Xperia ion and many more. By the end of 2012, Rogers will be launching LTE in 28 more cities to cover 60 per cent of the Canadian population from Moncton, NB to Victoria, BC.

Are you excited for the new 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

*Within Rogers LTE network footprint. Based on tests comparing data throughput speeds and on geographic coverage area comparison (in square kilometers) to Bell and Telus’ LTE networks.  See for full details on Rogers LTE network coverage.

The information in this post is current at the date of posting and is subject to change without notice.

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers: how-to series from Connected Magazine

How To Connected MagazineThese days, you can find a how-to article about pretty much anything online. From technical information to life advice, it’s all there. Our friends at Connected Magazine answer your questions and publish awesome how-to’s and tutorials on technology on a weekly basis – from smartphones and the latest apps, to how to setup a PVR.

Here’s three great how-to articles from their recent online archives about Rogers One Number, Android widgets and tablets.

How To: Set up Rogers One Number

By now, most of you are familiar with our Rogers One Number service that launched earlier this year. It lets you talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. In this how-to article, you’ll learn about how to register, make a call, switch devices, set up reach me rules and more. Check it out.

How To: Add a widget on your Android device

Widgets are like mini-apps that sit on your home screen. In essence, they are shortcuts to a main app. In this article, you’ll find easy, step-by-step instructions on how to add a widget to your mobile device.

How To: Master your iPad, Galaxy Tab or PlayBook

In this article, you’ll find a few quick tips for a couple of the most popular tablets available today. Learn how to attach a picture to an email from your iPad, enable Adobe Flash on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, and enable private web surfing on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

This is just a small sample of what you can find in Connected Magazine. Take a look at their how-to section for more great tips, tricks and helpful information.

If you have a technical question about a Rogers product or service, check out our Community Forums, where you can ask questions and share answers.

Kelly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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How to set up your new BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlaybookThe BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is now available for purchase at Rogers retail locations. You can pick up a device from your local Rogers store for $499 for the 16GB model, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is equipped with WiFi so you’ll be able to access the web where you have WiFi coverage. Over WiFi, email is accessible via the Web – by logging into Outlook Web Access (for corporate email), Gmail or other web mail services. If you have a BlackBerry smartphone you can securely access your BlackBerry smartphone’s e-mail, calendar, documents and other content on the PlayBook using a secure Bluetooth connection with the BlackBerry Bridge software. Here’s how:

  • Install the BlackBerry Bridge from BlackBerry App World. The BlackBerry Bridge lets you bridge PlayBook to your BlackBerry through a secure, wireless Bluetooth connection to access information already on the smartphone like your email inbox, calendar appointments, tasks, etc.
  • Ensure you’re running 5.0 OS or higher. There may be an update available for your handset, which you can check for by going here from your computer or laptop.
  • You’ll also need a Rogers data plan of 1GB and above

Don’t have a BlackBerry smartphone, but are interested in PlayBook? If you’re using an Android device or iPhone that has a mobile hotspot capability, or if you have a Rogers Rocket Mobile Hotspot, you can connect the PlayBook to these devices to get 3G Internet access.

In case you missed it the first time, check out our demo video of the PlayBook with BlackBerry expert, Jeff Gadway.

Will you be getting a BlackBerry PlayBook?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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PREVIEW: BlackBerry PlayBook

Today, RIM announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with Wi-Fi will be available in three models (16, 32 and 64 GB) at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at $499. We’re excited to confirm PlayBook will be available at Rogers retail locations.

To whet your appetite even more, my colleague RogersMiranda recently had the opportunity to speak with RIM’s Jeff Gadway who provided her with a demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook:

We wanted to provide this special glimpse into the BlackBerry PlayBook with you as soon as possible, but that also means we can’t share specific details about pricing and availability just yet. Some Rogers media properties are also developing apps that will be optimized for the BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ll be sure to update you here on RedBoard when more details become available.

For a look at some of the business benefits of the BlackBerry PlayBook, check out our post and video on RedBoardBiz.

Are you planning to get a PlayBook?

Duane MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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2010 year in review: Our favourite videos

2010 yearend redboard favourite videos

We’re big fans of online video. Our popular Rogers on Demand Online service was taken out of beta earlier this year giving you access to the hottest TV shows, movies and more via your web browser. As our CMO John Boynton said at Rogers TabLife TO earlier this month, soon we’ll be rolling out a version optimized for tablet users.

We’ve also created numerous video clips exclusively for RedBoard, allowing us to tell stories and do product demos in a new way and allowing you to quickly view and share content right on our website (or through our YouTube channel).

In part two of our series looking back at our favourite RedBoard moments, we present our five favourite RedBoard videos of the year, as well as why we’ve chosen each.

1.       Next is Now: A whirlwind of data, statistics and predictions of what’s next for technology in Canada and worldwide, we unveiled this video at our Annual General Meeting in April.

2.       Will It Blend? Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee: We sent our Miranda MacDonald down to Blendtec HQ in Utah to help spread the word on our Handset Protection Guarantee – and help prevent outoftheloopedness.

3.      BlackBerry Torch 9800 Available from Rogers September 24: We realized you were really interested in the newest BlackBerry device when this preview of the Torch broke through the 10,000 mark in views on YouTube in just a few days. And yes, we agree: touchscreen + physical qwerty keyboard + BBM = awesome.

4.       RIM’s David Neale on the New BlackBerry PlayBook and the Tablet Sector:  In what became one of the world’s very first comprehensive demos of the soon-to-launch BlackBerry PlayBook, Neale unveils a prototype device, including a hands-on with the user interface, HD video and camera functionality. He also talks about what’s next for the tablet space in 2011 and beyond.

5.       Rogers opens new Community Forums: A how-to video for our new Rogers Community Forums — a place to find solutions to technical issues, ask and reply to questions as well as discuss Rogers products and services.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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