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Suretap wallet lets you pay on the fly

CaptureIt’s summertime! Hello to backyard BBQs, beach days, parties with friends and families and spontaneous trips. Summer is a time to be carefree, to be on-the-go and carry nothing but a towel, sunscreen and a smartphone.

In early April, we announced the launch of our mobile payments app, the suretap wallet. It’s an easy, convenient way to make payments with your smartphone. While I’ve used suretap here and there, I’m taking the opportunity to use it more throughout the summer since it’s easy and convenient. Here are some of the ways I’ll be using my suretap wallet:

  • Cooling off: Whether I’m making a quick iced tea run in the middle of a workday, or on an evening ice cream walk, thanks to the suretap wallet all I need to take with me is my smartphone and I can make those simple payments with the tap of my device.
  • Beach day prep: Sunscreen, towel, snacks, music and a good read are all beach essentials. I rely on Indigo for this summer’s latest books, and with the suretap wallet, I can add an Indigo gift card to my wallet from the Card Store, and top the card up with funds to make contactless payments.
  • Party planning:  Hosting a backyard BBQ? If you need to stock up on food and drinks, the suretap wallet can be used at all LCBOs and the majority of chain grocery stores.
  • Sending thanks: You may find your social schedule gets a little busier in the summer. Dinner parties, backyard soirees and weekends visiting friends at the cottage leave little time for planning thank you gifts. The suretap wallet lets me send digital gift cards to friends and family from places like Earl’s, Milestone’s and even local spas.
  • Gas’ing up: Heading up to the cottage for a weekend away always starts with a stop at the gas station. The suretap wallet is accepted at most major gas stations across Canada, like Shell and Petro Canada, so you can make those quick payments at the pump.

Also, as an added bonus, receive a $20 credit when you download the suretap wallet and add the Rogers Prepaid MasterCard by July 31.

How will you use your suretap wallet this summer?

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Welcome ‘Generation D’: 2013 Rogers Innovation Report

InfographicDear Canadians at the dawn of 2014,

What will tech be like in the future? Many will speculate. Predictions will be made. Stock markets will rise and fall in anticipation. But, we’re here with the new Rogers Innovation Report to tell you what Canadians think is really going to go down.

Every year, we survey consumers across the country to reveal their imaginative predictions for technology and innovations for the years to come. The report shows there is a Device Generation – or what we like to call ‘Generation D’ – emerging in Canada. Gen D’ers have an optimistic POV on the future of technology, and live life through always on internet and connected devices. On average, 52 per cent have a smartphone or tablet that is loaded with 25 apps.

Some things about Gen D blew our minds: a quarter of Canadians think apps will allow people to communicate with pets in the next five years! Other findings excited us, like over half (59 per cent) expect their device to make dinner recommendations, create a grocery list and arrange delivery in the future.

Other notable discoveries included:

Looking back:

Canadian smartphone users spent practically every waking minute of 2013 using a smartphone (keeping it within reach on average for 70 per cent of the day).  What were they doing?

-          Thirty per cent viewed Mayor Rob Ford ranting on YouTube; 17 per cent watched Miley Cyrus twerk it to the top, and 15 per cent streamed entertainment on the go with smartphones and tablets.

-          Canadians are glued to their devices; a quarter admitted to tweeting or Facebooking someone while in the same room and over half (52 per cent) confessed they’ve sneaked a peek at their phones during a date.

-          TV remains at the heart of home with three quarters (75 per cent) of Canadians tuning in live in 2013.

-          Out of fear of spotting TV plot spoilers, over 40 per cent of viewers avoided the web as we said goodbye to beloved meth-cooks and serial killers in the series finales of Breaking Bad and Dexter.

Future forward:

No, you won’t be driving a flying car in 2014, however; Canadians do expect to see some major technological innovations in the years to come.

Canadians envision a world where technology will unleash a connected reality

-          Over a third (39 per cent) of Canadians believe virtual communication will replace face-to-face interactions and half (50 per cent) expect to chat exclusively through text, social media and email via smartphones in the next five years.

-          Canadians expect the smartphones of 2019 will have retina scanners (53 per cent), built-in projectors (25 per cent), augmented reality (46 per cent) and 3D screens (33 per cent).

Cards and wallets are so yesterday

-          Over half (61 per cent) of Canadians expect to throw out their physical wallets, replacing them with mobile wallets that include credit and debit cards and personal ID.

-          Next year, nearly half (41 per cent) of respondents expect to tap with a mobile payment app.

-          In the future, shopping in your pyjamas will be the norm, with half of respondents (50 per cent) expecting to spend more money shopping online than in physical stores.

Canadians want their smartphones to help them work smarter, not harder, in the future

-          Over a third (39 per cent) expect apps to become their butler, to draw baths, cut the lawn, vacuum and even do their laundry.

-          Over a third (39 per cent) believe apps will put together an outfit based on what’s in someone’s wardrobe, and 40 per cent think apps will detect knock off designs.

-          A majority (84 per cent) believe that cars will anticipate accidents and provide weather alerts.

Future TV viewers expect to sit in the director’s chair 

-          Today we love Don Draper, and tomorrow we’ll look like him. The majority of Canadians (64 per cent) believe they will eventually purchase products directly from live programming.

-          In the future, almost half (49 per cent) will take to social media to alter a show’s plot by voting in real-time.

-          By 2019, over half (56 per cent) see the entire TV experience replicated on their phones. Sports fans also expect to catch the action in their hands, with 80 per cent believing any sports game will stream live on mobile.

This is just a selection of what Canadians are predicting for the future and how they used technology this past year. Check out the full report on Slideshareclick here for the full infographic or view our “Generation D is Here ” video here.

I’m looking forward to an even more connected 2014, where Gen D will continue to unleash the true potential of technology.


The Future

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Rogers is your go-to NHL destination: start off the season with perks and mobile streaming

Hockey is back, woot woot! Who is going to be tuning in when the puck drops tomorrow? There are some great free previews, deals, and ways to stay close to the ice action. Here’s an overview of what hockey fans can expect.

Free preview of NHL Centre Ice:

  • Rogers customers can enjoy a free preview of NHL Centre Ice from Jan. 19 to Jan. 31
  • Approximately 600 games available for the full season
  • NHL Centre Ice is available as part of the Rogers Super Sports Pak, which also includes OHL Action Pak, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, a subscription to Sportsnet magazine and more
  • Rogers customers can also purchase NHL Centre Ice à la carte for the reduced cost of $49.99 for a one-time fee for the full season

Get your hockey fix from Sportsnet: Sportsnet will deliver unparalleled NHL coverage across broadcast, radio, digital and print, including Sportsnet’s Hockey Central Tonight, Hockey Central @ Noon, and Sportsnet magazine

TSN HD free preview – Rogers digital TV customers who subscribe to TSN can tune into TSN HD for 3 months (until April 30) at no additional cost

Rogers wireless customers from coast to coast can catch CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada on their smartphones

  • The Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app features live CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts of all national games
  • For $5/month, the app provides 5 hours of viewing with overage charges of $1 per additional hour. Until April 30, 2013 overage charges are waived providing unlimited viewing

Follow the puck on your tablet with live streaming in the home with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app

  • Supplement your TV watching with live streaming of Sportsnet and CBC on your tablet from the comfort of your couch

Where will you be watching the game on Saturday?

UPDATE: January 30 2013, 1:27pm  On your computer (coming soon to tablet) : Rogers digital TV customers in the GTA who subscribe to Sportsnet Ontario and/or Leafs TV can log into to live stream Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts. This includes live games aired from Sportsnet Ontario and Leafs TV only .

UPDATE: February 26 2013, 9:24 am: The Sportsnet Leafs Live app is now available on iPad. See url here:

Kaili is a regular Redboard contributor


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Away over the holidays? Stay close to home with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Rogers Smart Home MonitoringHome Alone is my all-time favourite Christmas movie. Left to his own devices, young Kevin McAllister manages to fend off house burglars Harry and Marv – otherwise known as the Wet Bandits – by setting a complicated series of traps, which they manage to walk into at every turn.

Like the Wet Bandits, many burglars across the country view the holidays as prime break-in season. As many Canadian families take off on vacation, houses are left filled with new gift items like electronics, jewelry and other valuables. That’s why protecting your home has never been more important.

You may already be aware of Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, a home monitoring and automation service that lets  you control sensors, cameras, thermostats, lights and small appliances remotely through your computer or smartphone. So whether you’re visiting the in-laws for a weekend, have taken off to Florida for Christmas break, or you’re skiing with the family this holiday season, you can keep a close watch on your home and be alerted the instant a problem occurs.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring doesn’t just keep your house safe and secure from outside intruders. It is an ultimate in ‘peace of mind’ technology, monitoring everything from water seepage, carbon monoxide levels, to lighting, and now with a new feature, it allows you to tailor and personalize the system to meet your needs. So if you’re like me and manage to leave your hair straightener on every morning, you can turn it off remotely on your way to work.

And upgrades and enhancements are always being made to the product. Here are just a few new Rogers Smart Home Monitoring features:

  • Outdoor wireless night-vision camera: now stay alerted of activity in your own backyard
  • Appliance switch: remotely turn any appliance or lamp in your home on and off, with no extra outlet required
  • Free Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone Smart Home Monitoring Apps:  Available to all Rogers Smart Home Monitoring customers, these apps let you securely view and control your system from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet

We’ll continue to update you on news and new features of Rogers Smart Home Monitoring over the coming months. Not only that, we will keep you informed of how some of our customers are experiencing the system and how they’ve tailored Rogers Smart Home Monitoring to meet their families’ needs.

To find out more about Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, go to

How do you plan to keep your house safe this holiday season?

Michelle is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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5 reasons to love Rogers NextBox

Today we launched the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app – a new addition to the NextBox 2.0 entertainment experience. In light of today’s launch, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explore the top five reasons why I personally love Rogers NextBox.

Obviously, this new app is reason #1


1. Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app: Tablets are the perfect TV companion; with this new app you can do the following tasks on your second screen without interrupting what’s playing on your TV:

  • Use your compatible tablet or smartphone to search and navigate TV listings
  • Use your tablet or smartphone as a virtual remote control
  • Manage PVR recordings from your tablet and smartphone
  • Scroll through the interactive guide on your tablet, browser or smartphone
  • Live stream 25 channels in the home on a tablet, similar to the  Rogers Live TV experience
  • Real scenarios:  Tuesdays are my favourite TV nights; tonight I’ll make sure my PVR is set to record New Girl and the Mindy Project.   While my shows are on the TV, I can grab my tablet and browse through what else is on my TV, search other shows and set more recordings. I also enjoy the virtual remote control feature, mostly because I would like to start changing channels while I’m out and pretend my place is haunted.

Currently available for iPad and iPhone and coming soon to Android tablets and smartphones.

2. Advanced Search: I like my lazy Sundays, a.k.a. movie marathon sessions. Sometimes I feel extra picky and am in the mood for a film or series which includes a particular director or actor. With our enhanced search tools, you can click on the Guide and press * on your remote and type in what you’re seeking. This same search functionality is also available on the new app! For example, the other day I felt like watching something that featured my Swedish, True Blood mini-obsession, Alexander Skarsgard. A quick search on my TV reveals the available titles he stars in, for instance: Battle Ship, Melancholia, Straw Dogs… and Zoolander (what? I do not remember this appearance!)

3. Karaoke Playlists On Demand: My friends have come to expect some serious karaoke playlists at my place. Check out Rogers On Demand, channel 100 > Music > Karaoke On Demand and choose from a range of genres like rock or country or select by decade to begin building your personal playlist. I prefer rocking out to 90s hip-hop with hairbrushes in hand, but you can also amp up the experience by plugging in a microphone.

4. Whole Home PVR: Need to catch the last minutes of your recorded show while you’re trying not to snooze on the sofa? With NextBox whole home PVR functionality, you can benefit from follow me TV capability and seamlessly resume your program from the comfort of your bedroom.

5. Weather Application: Did you ever wonder what the purpose of the “D” button on your remote control was? For those of you who haven’t tested it out, it displays your weekly, localized weather forecast on your TV screen. When I’m watching BT, before I head out to work, pushing “D” will inform whether or not I should grab my umbrella. This little button can be a lifesaver.

How to get NextBox

If you become a Rogers Digital TV customer you automatically get the NextBox experience. If you’re an existing customer, you may already have an eligible set-top box (4642 and 8642 models). If so, in order to enjoy the benefits of the new guide and enhanced features call in or fill out an online form to get set up. If you do not have an eligible box, then call 1-888-Rogers1 or visit a retail location to purchase one.

What are your favourite NextBox features?

 Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

UPDATE: December 6th, 10:30am – Here’s where you can get your app, on your iPhone or your iPad. Enjoy!

UPDATE: January 22, 1:17pm – The Rogers Anyplace TV Application recently launched on Android. You can find the Google Market urls here: Tablet / Phone


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Rogers kicks off a multi-screen soccer experience with Rogers Anyplace TV

Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League soccer

Soccer fans, rejoice! Rogers customers can catch live matches of the best international soccer leagues on TV, online and mobile with Rogers Anyplace TV. For the first time in Canada, Rogers brings exclusive live access to non-televised or tape-delayed matches. You can catch every single UEFA Champions League match and hundreds of Barclays Premier League and UEFA Europa League matches, from anywhere.

Here’s how to keep your eye on the ball:

On your TV: Rogers digital TV customers can tune into 12 channels for all the action: Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE and Sportsnet World. Sportsnet World subscribers also have access to the new Sportsnet World Plus channels.

On your computer: Rogers digital television customers who subscribe to Sportsnet World can live stream the matches on their computers via

On your smartphone: Rogers wireless customers can live stream the games on their smartphones with the Rogers Anyplace TV Live mobile app, available through the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry App World. For $5/month, the app provides unlimited hours of viewing until April 30, 2013, after which time users can stream 5 hours per month at $1 per each additional hour.

What does this mean for soccer fanatics like me?

It means that fans of the Barclays Premier League will get to enjoy a large selection of the best English soccer on Saturdays and Sundays, as 20 teams battle it out for championship glory and to avoid relegation. Watch as the 1st and 2nd top goal scorers from last season as Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney team up on a star studded Manchester United roster. David Silva leads Manchester City in a spirited defense of their Premier League championship and Fernando Torres powers Chelsea in their charge for their first BPL title since 2009-2010.

For followers of the UEFA Champions League, we will have every single match, featuring the very best clubs from England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France and more.  Most matches air on weekdays during business hours – but no need to worry about missing out! Rogers Anyplace TV has you covered so you can check in on your favourite team via your computer or smartphone. Tune in as Chelsea attempts to repeat as champions against fierce competition, including a powerhouse FC Barcelona squad featuring the dynamic Lionel Messi.

How to sign up:

Rogers Digital TV customers with a subscription to Sportsnet World can create a free account at to get access to hours of European soccer online.

Nationwide, Rogers wireless customers can watch soccer matches in the palm of their hand by downloading the Rogers Anyplace TV Live app to their smartphone from the Apple, Android or BlackBerry app store.

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below, and also engage with us on Facebook and Twitter.

In your opinion, who is the best soccer player of all time?

Edward is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers Youth Fund answers Allô prof’s call

The success of Canada’s students is important to us as a company. It’s why we’re kicking off a monthly series of blog posts that will shine a light upon the fantastic work being done by our signature national community giving initiative, the Rogers Youth Fund™ and the organizations we’re working with across the country.

Up first, Allô prof, a Quebec-based non-profit that provides homework support by telephone and online to Quebec’s elementary and high-school students, as well as their parents. A team of qualified educators joins a virtual team of student assistants, parents and others from the educational sector to bring this service to life.

Rogers Youth Fund is supporting the essential work being done by Allô prof along with a number of its initiatives, including video tutorials and online interactive games. Now, Allô prof is gearing up to launch a new application that will allow students to chat with Allô prof educators on their smartphones. They’ll be able to submit questions by text message and archive their conversations.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc-Antoine Tanguay, director of marketing and communications for Allô prof to get the scoop:

Q : Why an application? What are your hopes for this new tool?

A : Allô prof’s philosophy is the key to its success: be where youth are. They’re the ones who ask us to meet them in these technological spaces that offer such immense possibilities when it comes to helping kids out with their studies. That’s why, thanks to Rogers, we’re developing a mobile version of the Allô prof website, as well as a text-messaging-based application. Students will not only be able to send us questions by text message, they’ll be able to forward photos too. Given that more and more content is adapted for mobile devices, the potential is enormous. For an Allô prof educator, it’ll be easy and quick to direct a student with a question to an online video or to a fact sheet in our virtual library. We’ll be able to engage with students more quickly, which will allow us to help even more students, or simply help the ones who already call on us, more often. The new application will be available for iPhone and Android devices by January.

Q : What other projects have you been able to launch with support from the Rogers Youth Fund?
A : We develop our entire technological and mobile offering with the support of Rogers. Besides the text messaging application, we’ll be launching an online interactive game called Magimot, which will help elementary school students improve their vocabulary and spelling skills. Magimot joins Fin Lapin, another online game that teaches basic math. Over 1 million Fin Lapin games were played in just under 4 months, so we’re very pleased with its success. In January, we’ll launch the mobile version of our current website, which includes, among other things, 21 new video tutorials which have been viewed more than 15 000 times since they launched last May. What’s more, support from the Rogers Youth Fund has contributed to the hiring of 50% more educators this year. And of course these teachers are at the centre of everything we do.

Q : Why do you believe so strongly in the importance of a service like Allô prof?
A : There’s something touching about what we do at Allô prof in that we speak directly to young people. Just to give you an example, we recently received a thank-you note from a high school student who was the victim of bullying. He told us that he was able to get through his situation and build up his self-confidence thanks to the support he’d received from our educators. You have to keep in mind that in order to get our help in the first place, the student has work to do: at the very least, he has a telephone number to call or a website to visit. Young people are often the target of a lot of criticism from society. With the school reform here in Quebec, the media was constantly sending the message that a whole generation of students would suffer. The message they hear from Allô prof is that we believe in our youth and we’re here to support them. It’s this confidence that we give to young people.

The Rogers Youth Fund supports non-profit organizations near you. Join us for the next blog post in this new series, for a featured interview with Ian Edward, Executive Director of the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs.

Michelle is a regular contributor to Redboard.


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The evolution of Rogers One Number: introducing exciting new innovations

Last February, we announced Rogers One Number, a new service exclusively from Rogers that lets you talk, text and send picture messages and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. Your feedback was positive and several of you told us that Rogers One Number really helped to simplify your life. So what’s next for Rogers One Number? Well, we’re thrilled to tell you that the service now works with your home phone and tablet, and we’re rolling out a solution for small business customers as well.

Get even more from your one Rogers wireless number. With an Internet connection, you can now extend your Rogers wireless number to make or transfer calls using a computer, tablet, and regular phone with an adapter.

  • On iPad: With the Rogers One Number app, you can talk on the go, and even video chat with other Rogers One Number users. The app is expected to launch soon for Android tablets as well.
  • On Your Regular Phone: With the add-on service, you can connect your regular phone to a telephone adapter and use your wireless number to make calls using the Internet. You’ll enjoy unlimited Canadian long distance and not use your daytime wireless minutes while using your regular phone. The adapter is $24.99, the add-on service is $9.95 per month (plus applicable taxes). Visit your local Rogers retail store to purchase the adapter.
  • Check out this video for more information about how you can extend your wireless number to your regular phone.

If you’re a small business customer, we’ll post updates about the business solution on RedBoard Biz closer to launch.

To refresh your memory about the original features of Rogers One Number, check out this video of Miranda chatting with Winston when it first launched.

What do you think is the most useful feature of Rogers One Number?

UPDATE (November 1, 2012, 12:23 p.m):  As promised, the Rogers One Number app for Android tablets is now available! Download it right here.

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Summer vacation agenda: road trips, travel & Rogers Anyplace TV Live app

The arrival of warmer temperatures also means many families are starting to plan their summer vacations. Whether its road trips or just a day at home, we know that keeping kids entertained all summer long can sometimes be a challenge.

When it comes to travelling with kids this summer, we’ve got just the thing: Treehouse and YTV are now available on Rogers Anyplace TV Live app on your Rogers smartphone. If you’re a busy, always on the go kind of family, this app will come in handy. Whether you’re driving the kids to camp, up north or back and forth to all their summer activities and hobbies, you can keep the kids entertained and occupied with their favourite TV shows.

If you’re an avid sports fan, you’re probably already familiar with our live app for smartphones for live streaming sports. From hockey playoffs andRaptors, to the Blue Jays – you’ve had it all in the palm of your hands.

The app, formerly known as the “Rogers Live Mobile app,” is now referred to as Rogers Anyplace TV Live app.  The Rogers Anyplace TV  brand is the ultimate cross platform experience in Canada: across computer, tablet, smartphone, and Xbox. Entertainment, news, sports on the screen of your choice, anytime you want it.

What you need to know about the Rogers Anyplace TV Live app for smartphones:

  • The app is available on Rogers smartphones through iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry App World.
  • For $5/month, fans can enjoy unlimited hours of viewing until October 31st, after which, users can stream 5 hours per month, with $1 per each additional hour.
  • The live and on demand smartphone apps for Rogers Anyplace TV are also included in $12.79 and $16.79 value packs

When I reminisce on my rambunctious childhood, specifically times when my little sister and I would belt out the same song over and over on family road trips, I really commend my parents for their patience with us.If this app would have existed during our loud and energetic outbursts, I’m positive my parents would have taken full advantage of it.

With the Rogers Anyplace TV Live app you get live games like the Blue Jays, basketball, hockey, tennis and music concerts, news such as CityNews, and kids programming like YTV and Treehouse. With Rogers Anyplace TV On Demand on your smartphone, you get up to 60 On Demand channels, including Citytv, CBC, W Network, TMN, Teletoon, TVO Kids, HGTV Canada and movie trailers.

We’re curious to hear from you, as we continue to add more content to our Rogers Anyplace TV lineup, what genre of entertainment is your favourite to take on the go, i.e. sports, news, primetime TV, etc.?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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