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Rogers donates paper invoice fee to youth education initiatives

Rogers Youth FundStarting today, new Rogers customers or existing customers changing price plans or adding a new line will be given the option of getting a paperless bill or paying a $2 monthly paper invoice fee to receive a paper bill. Other Canadian carriers are already charging a paper bill fee, but unlike these other companies, Rogers will not treat this fee as revenue. Instead, we’ve taken steps to ensure that proceeds are directed to where they’ll do the most good: supporting youth and basic skills education through the Rogers Youth Fund.

What’s changed for existing customers?

For many existing customers nothing will change. However, if you make a price plan change or add a new line, you will be asked to take advantage of online billing or you can choose to incur a paper invoice fee of $2 per month. Proceeds will support the Rogers Youth Fund. If you don’t make any changes to your account, you will be grandfathered and can continue to receive a paper bill at no additional charge. But of course, you’re welcome and encouraged to go paperless at any time. If you’d like to make the switch to online billing right away, you can sign up at

What are the advantages to paperless billing?

Paperless billing is an environmentally friendly option. But going paperless also offers many other benefits including an easier way to stay on top of your bills. Other advantages include:

  • Up to 18 months of invoices available at your fingertips
  • Secure access to your bill with a user ID and password via
  • Automatic e-mail notification that your invoice is available
  • Faster access to your monthly invoices because they are available as soon as 4 to 6 days after the billing cycle
  • Easily printable invoices
  • Ability to download your invoice so you can easily save or email it

What is the Rogers Youth Fund?

The Rogers Youth Fund is our national commitment to help Canada’s youth overcome barriers to education so they can succeed in the classroom and beyond. To do this, Rogers has formed strategic relationships with charities across Canadian communities that support youth and basic skills education. Our goal is to try to help all youth between the ages of 12 and 19, especially those who are at-risk due to poverty, isolation, having to adjust to a new language and culture, or who are facing challenges at home.

We believe that young Canadians deserve equal access, no matter what their background, to basic skills education so we’re giving them the tools they need for a successful future.

I’ve been using online billing for over a year. Are you ready to make the switch?

UPDATE (May 25, 2012, 1:37 p.m.): Wondering what’s new with the Rogers Youth Fund? Check out our new blog post for details on what’s new, who we’re helping and our commitment to the Rogers Youth Fund.


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