How to keep your smartphone current

If you’re like me, you want to have the latest update ASAP for each of your devices; I always try to keep track of upcoming OS updates for my family’s tablets and various smartphones.  With over 80 per cent of Canadian households having one or more cellphones, and roughly half owning a tablet, it can be hard to remember when your device is expecting an update. To be sure you’re updating to maximize your smartphone’s capabilities and features check out Rogers Community Forums.

We’ve taken the Rogers collection of devices and put together an easy to follow chart both in English and French, including your type of smartphone, the software version and the expected release date of each new update. Even if your device’s update is not ready yet, we’ll list it as ‘Coming Soon’ until we can confirm a release date. Check out the OS Upgrade Schedule here.

Once an update is listed on our chart as ‘Now Available’, remember is that ‘OTA: Over the Air’ updates may not show up on your device right away. Updates are generally staggered out to minimize server issues and to easily identify any bugs where the update may need to be rolled back. For those who don’t wish to wait, you can always connect your device to your computer and evoke the update via the device’s proprietary software (iTunes, Kies, BB Link etc.) Remember, always complete a backup first before beginning any OS update or reinstall.

Tell us, how do you remember to update your device?

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Lost, Stolen, Damaged – a refresher on tips to keep your phone safe

Have you lost your device before? Or perhaps it’s been stolen? Or (oops!) you damaged it? Believe me, you aren’t the only one – more than 17,000 devices are stolen, lost or damaged in Canada every day.  Whether it’s your iPhone, Android or Blackberry®, it’s important to take any steps you can to make sure it’s well protected:

Report it Missing!

You can report your phone as lost or stolen online through your MyRogers™ account at Once you’ve logged in, at the top of the screen click on MyRogers then Products & Services.



Then, click on the “Suspend Your Usage” link and follow the prompts to halt usage of the phone.


What happens next? Rogers will temporarily suspend the phone and block it from any further use. This will prevent you from being liable for any minutes or data used while the phone is missing.

You can also deactivate your phone by calling Rogers at 1-888-ROGERS1 (764-3771) and speaking directly with a representative.

Rogers Device Protection – New & Improved!

Now, let’s say your phone is accidentally damaged. Or it’s out of warranty, meaning it’s no longer covered by the device manufacturer. If you have Rogers Device Protection, you can file a service request, pay a replacement fee (varies depending on what device you have), and get a replacement delivered – in most cases, the next day. The same is true if you lose your phone or it’s stolen (not available to customers in Saskatchewan, Quebec and Newfoundland).

There are few feelings worse than losing or having your device stolen –it’s often our lifeline. Rogers Device Protection comes with something new, the Soluto™ digital app that helps find and secure your lost phone, and lock it remotely (available on iPhone and Android devices) so any personal information isn’t compromised or accessible.

Here are just a few of the great features that can help you when you’re device falls into the wrong hands:

  • Locate: Easily locate your lost device on a map
  • Alarm: Make your device ring loudly, even if set to silent or vibrate
  • Lock: Lock a missing phone to keep your important info safe
  • Erase: Remotely erase the content from your device to keep it away from wandering eyes
  • Backup: Automatically backup your contacts, photos and videos so they’ll be available if something happens to your device

Visit Rogers Device Protection to learn more!

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Near or far: Keeping in touch with family and friends

mags_postWe’re all busy with things to do and places to go but the holidays always remind me to slow down and get in touch with family and friends to let them know I’m thinking about them. One of my goals for 2015 is to do this more consistently so I got to thinking about unique ways to stay connected with those who matter. Facebook is great but I wanted more meaningful connections. Here are a few ideas I came up with that may work for you too.

  • Have fun with it! My dad was an entrepreneur so he travelled a lot while we were growing up. On each trip, he would bring a cut-out of Flat Stanley, a character from one of my favorite books.  He’d take photos of himself and Flat Stanley at meetings, outside his hotel and on the plane. Later, we’d print the photos and write stories about all of the places Flat Stanley and my dad had been. It’s a tradition I’d love to continue with my own family someday. This time, of course, the pictures could be shared in real-time via text or email.
  • Voicemail – it’s not dead after all! My sister often travels to Europe and the time difference makes it hard to stay in touch with her little ones. When she goes to bed, she sets her phone to silent. Her kids call after dinner and leave her voicemails while she is sleeping. She loves waking up to them and saves them in a separate folder for safekeeping.
  • Skype, FaceTime, you name it! Video chat apps are a no-brainer so we couldn’t make this list without including them. What about taking them to the next level? My best friend is in a long distance relationship. Since her and her boyfriend both love to cook, they find a recipe and make it all while chatting on FaceTime. They chop, dice, boil and fry and then enjoy a meal together even though they’re miles apart. It’s almost too cute/cheesy and she might be upset that I shared this story with all of you but consider it an idea starter.
  • Create a digital trip journal: If my mom had her way, she would have implanted a GPS in my arm when I was travelling across the southern U.S. My Trip Journal app (available for iOS and Android) was the next best thing. It allowed me to share my location, pictures and updates with friends and family. And it gave my mom peace of mind that I was okay. When I start to miss my nomad days, I can see my past trips on Trip Journal so the memories are always stored for safekeeping.

If your adventure is taking you to the U.S. ROAM LIKE HOME from Rogers can help you stay connected. For just $5 per day while roaming you get access to the data, and unlimited minutes and text included in your Share Everything plan. There’s no catch. Just text ‘travel’ to 222 to enrol or ensure you have the right plan.  You will only be charged a maximum of $50 for roaming on any given monthly bill. You only need to enrol once and then you’re all set for future trips to the U.S.

These are just a few of the unique ways you can stay in touch, over the holidays and beyond. Do you have any to add to the list?

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Old School is New Again – The BlackBerry® Classic

It’s a nostalgic time for BlackBerry® loyalists.  A blast from the past, a throwback, and just in time for that last minute holiday gift idea, the BlackBerry® Classic launched today at Rogers (quantity is limited so reserve online – or call ahead to avoid disappointment).

The BlackBerry® Classic is a mixture of all the good things we remember about our older BlackBerry® smartphones, like the look of the BlackBerry® Bold™ and BlackBerry® Curve™ combined with the new speed and performance of the BlackBerry® 10 operating system. Like the recently released BlackBerry® Passport, the Classic also comes loaded with Blackberry® 10.3 software including Blackberry® Blend Technology (brings documents, emails etc. from your device to your laptop or tablet) & BlackBerry® Assistant (lets you do a whole bunch of great stuff using voice and text commands).

In addition, the device comes ready for both work and play:

  • The track pad, classic QWERTY keyboard, menu and back buttons let you be a smooth navigator as you move between documents, emails, call, etc. Not to be forgotten, you can also rely on the touch screen to get you around!
  • The BlackBerry® Classic packs some serious punch, with a 3.5-inch screen, a fast processor with 2GB of RAM making multitasking even easier. It also has a 2,515-mAh battery for all-day battery life and a microSD card slot to expand your storage if need be.
  • There’s no shortage of apps at your fingertips for work or play with access to BlackBerry® apps on BlackBerry® World™ and Android apps through the Amazon Appstore.

And my personal favourite – the BlackBerry® Classic is bringing back the Brick Breaker, a game that so many of us have spent countless hours playing – cancel your plans, a new high score awaits!

Is this device on your holiday wish list?

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How to Upgrade to get the most out of your Internet


With the holiday season upon us, you may be looking to treat your family to a higher grade of Internet so that you can take full advantage of all your new tech toys . To make the gift of faster Internet even sweeter, a reminder that Rogers customers who upgrade to Hybrid Fibre 60 (50 in Atlantic Canada) and above internet packages will get a 2014-15 Season’s Pass subscription to Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™,  plus access to shomiuntil March 31, 2015.

Not sure if you’re already eligible?

  1. How to check MyRogers™ for your current internet package and modem
    • Sign in at scroll down to select Account Overview, then click on the PRODUCTS & SERVICES tab and select INTERNET
    • Your current internet package is displayed next to the image of the computer mouse
    • Your current internet modem model is displayed just below the monthly data usage
  2. What internet packages and modems are eligible for a free 2014-15 Season’s Pass subscription to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and access to shomi™ included until March 31, 2015?
    • Hybrid Fibre 50 or above internet packages (Hybrid Fibre 60, 150, or 250 in Ontario; Hybrid Fibre 50, 80, 175, or 250 in Atlantic Canada)
    • *Except for Hybrid Fibre 50 and 80 in Atlantic Canada, upgrades to these packages require the Advanced Wi-Fi Modem.
    • Extreme or above for our older internet packages (Extreme, Extreme Plus, or Ultimate).
  3. How to upgrade your internet package or modem
    • If you already have the Advanced Wi-Fi Modem, you can select “Change Package” to upgrade your internet package online at > Account Overview > PRODUCTS & SERVICES > INTERNET.
    • If your current modem is not compatible with the internet package you want, check to find the nearest store to exchange your modem and power cord and upgrade your package.

Once your new modem is connected in your home, within up to 24 hours you can visit or to start watching the hockey games, shows and movies you love online.                       

Tell us, will you be upgrading your Internet to get your free 2014-15 Season’s Pass subscription to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and shomi?

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving…on any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

ni_gift_mobileStill looking for the perfect holiday gift for that someone in your life who has everything? How about the gift of more than 140 magazines… all at the swipe of a fingertip?

Let me introduce you to Next Issue – it’s Canada’s only all-you-can-read, subscription digital magazine service. With an easy-to-use tablet and smartphone app, you can give your mom, boyfriend, grandma, etc. access to the world’s best weekly, bi-weekly and monthly magazines – current and back issues. With this gift they’ll also get magazine extras such as videos, bonus photography, interactive features, live web links, and more.

Next Issue has something for everyone on your list – with magazines including Chatelaine, Esquire, FLARE, Fortune, Glamour, GQ, Maclean’s, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, PEOPLE, HELLO! Canada, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, Time, Today’s Parent, US Weekly, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Wired… just to name a few.

Here are some more reasons why Next Issue should be on top of your wish/purchase list:

  • Convenience: With Next Issue you can read as many magazines as you like anytime, anywhere, on any device. On your commute, before bed, at lunch – your favourite articles are only a swipe away.
  • A consistent experience: All titles in your personalized Next Issue library can be read with a common navigation method and consistent user interface throughout, so you can focus on the content and not how to use the app.
  • Carousel: You can experience the visuals of each magazine; and rapidly navigate through each page like you would a ‘real’ magazine.
  • Background download: You can always save your favourite articles, images, etc. from Next Issue; tap the cloud icon of any magazine issue in the library to download it and keep it locally stored on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • Enhanced reading experience: Experience more of your favourite magazines with access to complementary video audio, slideshows, tap-to-reveal active elements, in-article scrolling, quizzes, and embedded web content.

You can now gift a Next Issue subscription to your friends and loved ones for three, six or twelve months at a time – just in time for the holiday season! And when you sign up for Next Issue, enjoy a 30-day free trial – on us!

This holiday season, with Next Issue’s digital magazine rack at your fingertips, you and your family can enjoy all of the favorites you know and love, while discovering new content that fits your passions and interests. To find out how to get or gift a subscription, please visit

Tell us, who in your family is getting Next Issue this year?

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Holiday Wish List For The Tech Lover

SamsungNote4I guess we aren’t exactly in the “last-minute” stage of the holidays quite yet, but if you’re anything like me, it seems like there is never enough time to finish all of your shopping. Fear not – I’ve got some great new gadgets that will be sure to put a smile on the face of that techie on your list!  There’s no doubt we saw exciting new devices launch this year, so here are a few of my favourites this holiday season:

Samsung GALAXY Note 4: This device has a little bit for everybody. If you’re looking for clear picture, it’s hard to think of a device with a more vibrant screen.  Or if it’s the camera you’re after, this smartphone doesn’t disappoint with a class-lead
ing 3.7MP front-facing camera offers a 90-degree shooting angle, perfect for selfie taking. Did I mention it also comes with a pen?  The new S Pen feels as close to writing on paper as possible, letting you take notes, edit documents, draw and much more. Last but not least, the Fast Charging feature allows you to recharge up to 50 per cent of your battery in just 30 minutes, good for those long holiday dinners or full-day meetings.

BlackBerry Passport: For the business person of the bunch, the BlackBerry Passport will answer all of their wishes.  For instance, it’s got a 4.5 inch high definition screen that lets you review documents, stream meetings and conferences with ease, in addition to an awesome keyboard that doubles as a mouse to let you easily navigate a long list of unread emails. And, since staying organized can be challenging, take advantage of BlackBerry Assistant to manage your busy days through simple voice and text commands.

Nokia Lumia 830: When I think of the Lumia 830, I think of fun – this device is built for life on the move!You can download new Nokia imaging apps like Nokia Camera, Lumia Storyteller and Nokia Creative Studio to share those beautifully edited holiday pictures taken with the 10MP PureView camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). Those long road trips to grandmas over the holidays can also be a little bit more entertaining with access to over 350,000 apps from the Microsoft and Nokia experience as well as third-party app stores that you can play for hours on the crisp 5′ inch screen.

Samsung Gear S: This wearable is a personal favourite!Not only is it stylish but you it’s armed with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity meaning you can still stay connected, even when you’re away from your phone. You can order it online.

Still can’t decide? Luckily time is still on your side and there are tons of other device options that you can check out at

Happy shopping!

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Learning about Rogers Frequencies

frequenciesWhere your device is from, its make and model may play a large factor in whether it will function with its full potential on our Rogers wireless network. We have customers that bring in an array devices –old devices from friends and family, international devices from students studying in Canada, tourists visiting during the winter, etc.

Depending on the country and provider, a device may only function on certain bands or frequencies; this means you may not be able to access top downloading and uploading speeds.  For example, in Greece, the largest mobile operator, Cosmote, operates their 3G on 900Mhz and 1800Mhz. This means if you’re visiting from Greece with an unlocked device you would miss out on our fast LTE and 3G speeds in some locations.

So, before you bid on that new Samsung device from Seoul or order that new Aquos from Tokyo check with the Community first here.

Simply login/register and post the specs of the device you’re eyeing. Our knowledgeable members and 11 Resident Experts will be there to help you make sure you make the right decision.

Tell us, do you have an international device?


Whether your issue or question is related to your products/services or affecting someone you know, the Rogers Community Forums is the place to come for in-depth and well informed peer to peer support.

If you feel like lurking; no worries you can anonymously browse thousands of threads until you scrounge up the courage to join the fun. Once a member you’ll have access to and be supported by over 300, 000 members and our 11 Resident Experts “super users” who are there to help you!

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a question, concern or are just curious, I know of a place where 300,000 people would love to meet you

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