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imagerbHappy November everyone! With the first weeks of November in the bag, which means two big topics on our Community Forums.

Firstly – the NHL season is in full swing. Teams are starting to gel, winning (or losing) streaks are taking hold and if you’re like me, you’re using Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™ on a nightly basis.

Secondly, as we shared last week shomi™ has now launched! And that means some serious binge watching; discovering new shows and catching old favourites.

If you and your family are using both of these awesome products across multiple devices; you should take the time to think about your home Internet usage:

Understand how many devices are online at the same time in your home.

You can watch your shomi picks on up to 2 devices at once, plus through your cable set top box on as many TVs as you like. You can also use your RGCL account on up to 5 devices simultaneously. This flexibility means everyone can stay entertained to the max but will need the support of fast download speeds and strong Wi-Fi for the best experience.

  • Does every member of your family have a laptop or tablet?
  • Are you using your smartphones to connect to the home Wi-Fi?
  • Do you also have other devices or apps connecting online in the background?

 Determine how often your family will be using their devices.

  • Are you just catching highlights or watching the game nightly and checking out GamePlus™ camera angles?
  • Are you spending your lazy afternoon catching up on the latest episodes with shomi or reliving the whole season?

Asking these types of questions should assist you in deciding the right type of internet for you. For example, Hybrid Fibre 60 with download speeds up to 60 Mbps, is ideal for 2-3devices streaming at the same time –great for that ‘second screen’ experience. Or for the always connected household, Hybrid Fibre 150 is a perfect for 3-5 devices online at once. With an eligible 3-product bundle you also get an extra 200 GB per month added to the usage allowances of these packages at no additional cost!

Check out the ‘Internet Plan & Comparison’ thread in the Rogers Community Forums to learn more about what package suits you. Post your questions and don’t forget to include your location, how you want to use your internet and what devices you plan to connect. Our Community members will happily help you find the best internet solution for you and your family so you can catch as many action-packed games and shomi episodes, as you’d like.

Tell us, who watches the most Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ in your family?


Whether your issue or question is related to your products/services or affecting someone you know. The Rogers Community Forums is the place to come for in-depth and well informed peer to peer support.

If you feel like lurking; no worries you can anonymously browse thousands of threads until you scrounge up the courage to join the fun. Once a member you’ll have access to and be supported by over 300, 000 members and our 11 Resident Experts “super users” who are there to help you!

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a question, concern or are just curious, I know of a place where 300,000 people would love to meet you.

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Supporting the Wireless Code and ensuring it’s applied fairly

We support the Wireless Code (“the Code” – click here for a refresher), which established standards for wireless contracts beginning in December 2013. In fact, we were a driving force in pushing for its adoption so customers had clear expectations of what to expect from their wireless providers. And you are benefiting from it, like getting shorter contracts with two year terms instead of three.

Last year we came across a kink in how it was being implemented: the CRTC said that all contracts, including those from before the Code took effect, would be covered by the Code as of June 3, 2015. The code would be changing contracts retroactively – meaning that some customers who had signed three year contracts would be able to cancel or upgrade without repaying their full device subsidy. This technicality means that some customers could effectively pay less for their devices than others.

We thought it was important for you and for us to get clarification (and hopefully to iron out this kink), so last year we started the legal process and today the case will be heard in an Ottawa court.

Regardless of the decision, the Wireless Code will remain in place, you will continue to benefit from it, and we’ll continue to support it.

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Popcorn and Magic, Art and Science…its Showtime!

ShomiPurpleCarpet[2]Calling all bikers, broke girls, headless horsemen…and lovers of all things entertainment! shomi is now playing on a screen near you. Beginning today, the made-in-Canada subscription streaming service is available in beta first to Rogers and Shaw Internet or cable customers. Great news for Rogers Hybrid Fibre 50 and 60 or Extreme Internet customers and above, shomi will automatically be included in your plan until March 31, 2015!

Viewers can expect exclusive, binge-worthy television shows and series, favourite films, and curated collections on an elegant cinematic design. In its first year, shomi will be home to more than 12,000 hours of content.

We celebrated the launch with a purple-carpet party in Toronto. The star-studded guest list also included some lucky customers. Check out the Storify below for all the inside scoop from the festivities.

Before you pop your popcorn and fire up your screen, here is what you need to know:

shomi is available in beta trial first to Rogers and Shaw Internet or TV customers, while conversations continue with other providers. Eligible Rogers customers can sign up and begin a 30-day trial and cancel anytime. After the free trial, customers can enjoy shomi for only $8.99 per month. shomi is available on select tablets and mobile devices, online, and on set top boxes. shomi will also be coming soon to Xbox 360 and Chromecast. Check eligible devices here.

shomi was created for entertainment lovers by entertainment lovers

There will always be new shows and movies to discover and binge view. shomi is home to exclusive past-seasons of current hit TV shows not available on any other streaming service in Canada – such as 2 Broke Girls, American Horror Story, The Blacklist, Davinci’s Demons, Modern Family, New Girl, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, Shameless, Sons of Anarchy, and Vikings. shomi is also home to first-window premieres, like A Young Doctor’s Notebook & Other Stories and iZombie.

Don’t know what to watch? Enhanced features such as trailers, Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and factoids can help steer you in the right direction. Crowded house? You can create up to six profiles per account and personalize them with fun avatars. Plus, you can watch on two devices and your TV set top boxes at the same time.

To sign up and learn more visit  I personally can’t wait to queue up Scandal, The Originals, The White Queen, and The Americans! To join the conversation, follow @shomicanada #readysetshomi.

Which series are you looking forward to watching the most?

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Better service for you, one step at a time

Maureen_Selects_Rogers_Dec_27_2014-12The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) said today that Rogers has seen a 40-per-cent reduction in the number of customer complaints since last year and our overall share has decreased 7%. We’ve gone from about equal to Bell last year to having about 35% fewer complaints than that company. We’re glad to see our renewed focus on providing you with good service is starting to pay off, but this is a journey and we have a long way to go. The number of complaints is still too high and we’re working hard to do better. Back in May our President and CEO Guy Laurence unveiled Rogers 3.0, a multi-year plan that includes radically improving the customer experience. These early results are promising and tell us we’re headed in the right direction. We’ve been listening to you, our customers, about the common issues and problems you have, and trying to address them. For example, last year we:

  • Made roaming simpler with new, lower priced U.S. and international roaming packages.
  • Made device unlocking available earlier.
  • Eliminated the mail-in coupon for a Hardware Upgrade Rebate, including the discount in the price instead.
  • Created a Tech Concierge Team to provide dedicated customer support for tricky technical issues and expanded Rogers TechXpert, which helps customers keep their computers and other devices running like they should with 24/7 personal support.

We’ve also reorganized internally around our customers and all our customer experience staff have been brought into one team reporting to our CEO. There is a definitely a lot more to do, but we’re serious about making changes and turning things around. It will take time, but through hard work and a relentless focus on our customers, we’ll make things better. Thank you for your business.

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Weekend Reading: Hallowe’en, Sony Xperia Z3 and staying organized

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Hallowe’en! Today is a day to dress up, eat copious amounts of candy and…check out the Weekend Reading. Continue reading below for Halloween tech-talk, learn about the Sony Xperia Z3 and more.

Hallowe’en + Tech

In honour of today’s occasion, this week we shared some awesome ways to amp up Hallowe’en with your devices! Whether it’s adding a ghost to your party pics, selecting spooky tunes, or turning yourself into a zombie, check out the best apps we’ve found for this haunted eve!

Are you using tech in your costume?

Say hello to the Sony Xperia Z3

Starting today, we’re carrying the Sony Xperia Z3 in our stores and online. From its thin, lightweight design to its waterproof and dust resistant features, the Xperia Z3 is built to stand the test of time. You can take pictures with the 20.7MP camera and capture wicked video with the 4K video recording feature all while going for a swim! Not to mention it packs quiet a punch with up to 2 days of battery life. Even better – if you’re a hockey fan, for a limited time, when you buy a Sony Xperia Z3 and activate it on a 2-year Share Everything plan you get EA SPORTSTM NHL® 15 for Playstation 4 free. Learn more at

Are you a Sony device user? Let us know your experience.

Getting organized has never been easier

With Winter on its way, many of us will get super busy – with parties, events, concerts, family gatherings, shopping, vacations, etc. and it can be hard to keep track.  Lucky for us, Google has introduced several changes to its online calendar interface. For example, when creating calendar events, it will now auto-complete addresses so you can quickly add locations to your events and even access a map to help you get there. You can also search your calendar for key contacts and events, and send your invites to a single Google Group so your guest lists will automatically update as people join or leave a group.

Try out these updates and let us know your first impressions.

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CSR Report: How we’re giving back to our communities

Jay_Selects_Rogers_Dec_27_2014-19As one of Canada’s largest companies, we impact the well-being of local communities and economies. Through fairly paid jobs, paying taxes and sourcing responsibly, we’re fostering healthy, strong and sustainable communities.

The total economic value returned by Rogers to various constituencies & stakeholders [during 2013] $12 billion. Let’s take a look at what that means:

  • In 2013, we paid $1.94 billion in salaries and benefits. Employees also have access to savings plans, pension plans and discounts.
  • Maintaining a strong business ensures our customers and shareholders receive the most out of our company. In 2013, we provided $900 million to our shareholders in the form of dividends and buybacks.
  • We pay our taxes! We paid $1.022 billion in taxes and fees.  These go back into federal and provincial governments which are contributed back to Canadians.
  • In 2013, we worked with suppliers across Canada and internationally and spent $7,750 billion to acquire a range of products and services from smartphones to advertising campaigns.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report is created each year to provide a true analysis for you, our customers, of how we’re being good corporate citizens Here’s a quick look at some other areas of the report:

  • Customer Experience: In the latest report, over 92 per cent of customers were satisfied with the level of customer service they received from the Rogers Ombudsman.
  • Community Investment: In 2013,151,396 young Canadians benefited from Rogers Youth Fund through after-school homework clubs, academic tutoring and alternative schooling.
  • Environmental Responsibility: In 2013, 63 per cent of our waste, including paper products, electronics, plastics and metal, was diverted from the landfill.
  • Good Governance: 97.86 per cent of employees have been trained on Rogers Business Conduct Guidelines which outline our high standards of business conduct, integrity and ethical behaviour.
  • Employee Experience: We’re focused on creating a great environment where all of our employees feel accepted and supported. In 2013, 61 per cent of the 5,392 new employees hired were from the four designated employment equity groups.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the latest Corporate Social Responsibility report here.

What do you look for in a socially responsible company?

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How you can tech-out your Hallowe’en

Halloween_FacebookHallowe’en is my favourite holiday – zombies, candy and an excuse to wear a costume to work – what more could you want? While my traditions remain from year to year – pumpkin carving, handing out treats, watching scary movies, etc., using technology, particularly my smartphone, makes this spooky occasion even better.

A simple search of ‘Hallowe’en’ will automatically generate hundreds, if not thousands, of app results. To help you sort through, here are ones we think will help with your festivities:

Let’s Party
First thing is first – the invitation. We suggest using an app that lets you create and send invites with a Hallowe’en theme. If you’re an iOS user, check out the Hallowe’en Card Creator or take it even further with this Android app that not only sends an invite but also an ongoing spooky count-down to your invitees.

Get your zombie on
Costumes are key to a happy Hallowe’en. Go the extra mile to make your costume stand out.

  • There are many apps that provide a step-by-step guide to help execute your evening look right from your smartphone or tablet. Check out the below to learn how to create:
  • You can also incorporate your mobile device into your costume. Digital Dudz, for example,  is an app that helps turn your iOS device into a costume complete with animation. While they suggest you purchase one of their shirts to finish the look, the actual app is free and can add a blinking eye, a bleeding heart or an iron man chest to your costume.

It’s always important to stay safe when you’re trick or treating. Of course, we suggest each trick-or-treater should have smartphone, plus you can even increase your safety with apps designed to keep track of the journey:

  • With Footprints, available for iPhone, you can automatically track your kids and share locations with family and friends all privately.
  • Another option, getting lots of attention this year, is Trick or Tracker. Much like the name suggests, the app, for both Android and iOS users is a great way to keep tabs on your children as they journey through your neighbourhood.

With the 31st  right around the corner we wish you happy, safe and spooky tech-filled Hallowe’en!

Tell us, how are you using tech to celebrate this ghoulish occasion?

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Meet shomi: Coming soon to a screen near you

ShomiPurpleCarpet[2]shomi is a brand new Canadian-made video streaming service that will launch in beta in early November. At that time, the service will be exclusively available to Rogers and Shaw TV or Internet customers.

shomi, not only brings you your favourite movie and lets you binge-watch the latest TV series but it also includes movie trailers, factoids and stunning visual design. It’s powered by a team of directors, screenwriters, festival programmers and curators – created for entertainment lovers by entertainment lovers. At launch, eligible customers can enjoy a free 30 day trial and will be able to sign up for $8.99 per month afterwards (with the opportunity to cancel at any time).

Here are three great reasons you should check out shomi:


  • Access current TV series from around the world, and even past seasons of shows like Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, 2 Broke Girls, Shameless, Vikings and American Horror Story
  • Choose from 340 TV series; over 14,000 episodes and titles
  • Watch more than 11,000 hours of your favourite shows


  • Get shomi on your web, tablet (select iOS™ & Android™), mobile (select iOS & Android), select Rogers and Shaw cable boxes and Xbox 360™
    • with more devices coming soon….


  • City™, Netflix™ and shomi have teamed up to bring you Between, an original survivalist thriller series created by Michael McGowan (Still Mine, One Week, Saint Ralph) and stars Jennette McCurdy (iCarly, Sam & Cat)
    • Between is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody except those 21 years old, and will debut next summer

Connected Rogers™ wants to show you a good time; a really good time. That’s why we’re giving you a chance to win a pair of VIP passes to the exclusive purple-carpet party for shomi, on November 3rd! Fill out the contest form here. It’s your chance to feel like a star – walk the carpet like a paparazzi-dodging A-lister, rub shoulders with celebrity guests and be among the first to get an exclusive glimpse at shomi.

Contest closeson October 29th, 2014. Open to residents of the Greater Toronto Area who are 19 years or older and who are Rogers Internet or Rogers Cable customers before the start date of the contest on October 22, 2014. Prizes: 5 pairs of VIP passes to attend the shomi media event on Nov.3rd including transportation via taxi (up to $150). One entry per person per day. Limit of one prize per person. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Mathematical skill-testing question must be correctly answered to win. No purchase necessary. Full rules at

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