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We won’t stop giving hockey fans more

Bell and Telus don’t like that we’re giving you a really cool interactive online experience called GamePlus to supplement your hockey watching. And now they’re saying it violates CRTC rules, claiming it was produced primarily for TV and that we shouldn’t be able to offer it just to you. The complaint makes no sense, especially when this is exactly what the CRTC rules allow – unique features that take advantage of the power of the internet and the latest technologies.

They’re claiming fewer fans have access to games, but the facts are clear: fans can watch more games than ever before, both on air and on Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE, no matter who their service provider is. All consumers have access to this programming, which is produced primarily for conventional TV. Everyone sees the same camera angles and the same replays, chosen by the production crew.

GamePlus is different. Within Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE, you and other Rogers customers can access GamePlus to control your viewing experience with different camera angles and replays, like ref cam. It’s a different experience than what everyone else is watching – but it’s not exclusive access to games.

What’s really telling here is that given the chance, our competitors would do exactly the same thing: Bell bid for the same exclusive NHL rights and lost, and Telus has proposed changes to the rules that would let them  offer exclusive features to their customers, but not us.

We’ll continue to follow the rules set by the CRTC and won’t stop giving hockey fans more.

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Find the best Internet for your household

imagerbHappy November everyone! With the first weeks of November in the bag, which means two big topics on our Community Forums.

Firstly – the NHL season is in full swing. Teams are starting to gel, winning (or losing) streaks are taking hold and if you’re like me, you’re using Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™ on a nightly basis.

Secondly, as we shared last week shomi™ has now launched! And that means some serious binge watching; discovering new shows and catching old favourites.

If you and your family are using both of these awesome products across multiple devices; you should take the time to think about your home Internet usage:

Understand how many devices are online at the same time in your home.

You can watch your shomi picks on up to 2 devices at once, plus through your cable set top box on as many TVs as you like. You can also use your RGCL account on up to 5 devices simultaneously. This flexibility means everyone can stay entertained to the max but will need the support of fast download speeds and strong Wi-Fi for the best experience.

  • Does every member of your family have a laptop or tablet?
  • Are you using your smartphones to connect to the home Wi-Fi?
  • Do you also have other devices or apps connecting online in the background?

 Determine how often your family will be using their devices.

  • Are you just catching highlights or watching the game nightly and checking out GamePlus™ camera angles?
  • Are you spending your lazy afternoon catching up on the latest episodes with shomi or reliving the whole season?

Asking these types of questions should assist you in deciding the right type of internet for you. For example, Hybrid Fibre 60 with download speeds up to 60 Mbps, is ideal for 2-3devices streaming at the same time –great for that ‘second screen’ experience. Or for the always connected household, Hybrid Fibre 150 is a perfect for 3-5 devices online at once. With an eligible 3-product bundle you also get an extra 200 GB per month added to the usage allowances of these packages at no additional cost!

Check out the ‘Internet Plan & Comparison’ thread in the Rogers Community Forums to learn more about what package suits you. Post your questions and don’t forget to include your location, how you want to use your internet and what devices you plan to connect. Our Community members will happily help you find the best internet solution for you and your family so you can catch as many action-packed games and shomi episodes, as you’d like.

Tell us, who watches the most Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ in your family?


Whether your issue or question is related to your products/services or affecting someone you know. The Rogers Community Forums is the place to come for in-depth and well informed peer to peer support.

If you feel like lurking; no worries you can anonymously browse thousands of threads until you scrounge up the courage to join the fun. Once a member you’ll have access to and be supported by over 300, 000 members and our 11 Resident Experts “super users” who are there to help you!

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a question, concern or are just curious, I know of a place where 300,000 people would love to meet you.

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Better service for you, one step at a time

Maureen_Selects_Rogers_Dec_27_2014-12The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) said today that Rogers has seen a 40-per-cent reduction in the number of customer complaints since last year and our overall share has decreased 7%. We’ve gone from about equal to Bell last year to having about 35% fewer complaints than that company. We’re glad to see our renewed focus on providing you with good service is starting to pay off, but this is a journey and we have a long way to go. The number of complaints is still too high and we’re working hard to do better. Back in May our President and CEO Guy Laurence unveiled Rogers 3.0, a multi-year plan that includes radically improving the customer experience. These early results are promising and tell us we’re headed in the right direction. We’ve been listening to you, our customers, about the common issues and problems you have, and trying to address them. For example, last year we:

  • Made roaming simpler with new, lower priced U.S. and international roaming packages.
  • Made device unlocking available earlier.
  • Eliminated the mail-in coupon for a Hardware Upgrade Rebate, including the discount in the price instead.
  • Created a Tech Concierge Team to provide dedicated customer support for tricky technical issues and expanded Rogers TechXpert, which helps customers keep their computers and other devices running like they should with 24/7 personal support.

We’ve also reorganized internally around our customers and all our customer experience staff have been brought into one team reporting to our CEO. There is a definitely a lot more to do, but we’re serious about making changes and turning things around. It will take time, but through hard work and a relentless focus on our customers, we’ll make things better. Thank you for your business.

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How you can tech-out your Hallowe’en

Halloween_FacebookHallowe’en is my favourite holiday – zombies, candy and an excuse to wear a costume to work – what more could you want? While my traditions remain from year to year – pumpkin carving, handing out treats, watching scary movies, etc., using technology, particularly my smartphone, makes this spooky occasion even better.

A simple search of ‘Hallowe’en’ will automatically generate hundreds, if not thousands, of app results. To help you sort through, here are ones we think will help with your festivities:

Let’s Party
First thing is first – the invitation. We suggest using an app that lets you create and send invites with a Hallowe’en theme. If you’re an iOS user, check out the Hallowe’en Card Creator or take it even further with this Android app that not only sends an invite but also an ongoing spooky count-down to your invitees.

Get your zombie on
Costumes are key to a happy Hallowe’en. Go the extra mile to make your costume stand out.

  • There are many apps that provide a step-by-step guide to help execute your evening look right from your smartphone or tablet. Check out the below to learn how to create:
  • You can also incorporate your mobile device into your costume. Digital Dudz, for example,  is an app that helps turn your iOS device into a costume complete with animation. While they suggest you purchase one of their shirts to finish the look, the actual app is free and can add a blinking eye, a bleeding heart or an iron man chest to your costume.

It’s always important to stay safe when you’re trick or treating. Of course, we suggest each trick-or-treater should have smartphone, plus you can even increase your safety with apps designed to keep track of the journey:

  • With Footprints, available for iPhone, you can automatically track your kids and share locations with family and friends all privately.
  • Another option, getting lots of attention this year, is Trick or Tracker. Much like the name suggests, the app, for both Android and iOS users is a great way to keep tabs on your children as they journey through your neighbourhood.

With the 31st  right around the corner we wish you happy, safe and spooky tech-filled Hallowe’en!

Tell us, how are you using tech to celebrate this ghoulish occasion?

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Leave your notepad at home – The Note 4 has you covered

Putting pen to paper might sound as old school as using a quill pen since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, equipped with the new S Pen, hits Rogers stores today.

This “phablet” is a game-changer. It is your new:

Whether you have lots of important thoughts, like taking notes or are an obsessive list-maker, the S Pen feels more natural than ever before. The proof is in the pressure points – 2048 pressure points to be exact, makes this one of a kind writing experience the highlight of this device.

 Movie watching companion
The Quad HD Super AMOLED® screen is crisp and clear and can make watching even the most boring movie seem like you’re in a private screening of Avatar – a little bit dramatic, but you get the point.

If selfies are the name of your game, the 3.7 MP front-facing camera and Smart OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on the 16 MP rear-facing camera help you snap pictures and videos from every angle.

AM to PM companion
The Fast Charging feature allows you to recharge up to 50 per cent of your battery in just 30 minutes, so you can carry your Note 4 from your morning meeting to your night class without worry.

If this video doesn’t get you excited about the Note 4, I don’t know what will:

The Note 4 is now available online and in Rogers retail stores – check out for more details.

Are you writing with an S Pen or is writing still something you see only happening on paper?

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Full-season hockey access for Rogers customers

RGCL100What an exciting week – the NHL hockey season has begun! Fans are sporting jerseys around town, hockey pools have ramped up and Canadians are turning to their mobiles and tablets to watch our nation’s game.

Even with the puck drop behind us, we’ve got more plays on the way to keep our customers cheering.

Here are two awesome pieces of news  - so hot for fans, they may melt the ice:

1) Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE
Rogers customers with the following services can now get a free subscription to  Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™, with GamePlus™ of course, until the end of the season, including playoffs:

  • Wireless:
    •  Share Everything Plan
  • OR
  • Internet (Ontario):
    • Hybrid Fibre 60 or above
    • Grandfathered Extreme Internet or above
  • Internet (Atlantic):
    • Hybrid Fibre 50 or above
    • Grandfathered Extreme Internet or above

Past December 31, 2014 these customers can continue to use smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other devices like Roku and XBOX 360,  to watch tons of regular season games, plus big-ticket events like the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, 2015 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic®, and the 2015 NHL® All-Star Game. Don’t forget to also check out the GamePlus experience, with innovative camera angles (like the Ref Cam), on-demand replays and behind-the-scenes content, exclusive to Rogers customers.

2) NHL® Centre Ice
As shared in a previous post hockey fans had a freeview of NHL® Centre Ice ending today – but the action doesn’t stop. Starting today, Rogers customers with the accounts listed below will continue to get NHL® Centre Ice:

  • TV:
    • Digital VIP or higher
  • AND
  • Internet (Ontario):
    • Hybrid Fibre 60 or above
  • Internet (Atlantic):
    • Hybrid Fibre 50 or above
    • Grandfathered Extreme customers and above

Learn more about our Internet and Share Everything plans that will keep you game ready. Customers who are not eligible for the above, can still purchase Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and NHL® Centre Ice to continue to watch the remainder of 2014/2015 season. Check out for more details. A reminder that Rogers wireless data and internet customers will continue to get a free subscription to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ until December 31, 2014.

Tell us, what are your traditions in how you watch the game? What device are you using?

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Weekend Reading: Rewards, ref helmet cams, and more

Here is a Saturday edition of the Weekend Reading. Check out the below to learn about new rewards, GamePlus and record breaking views.

Weekend readingReward Yourself With A Shopping Channel Gift Card

It’s to get yourself a brand new, stink-free, jersey . Rogers customers can now redeem Rogers First Rewards points for Shopping Channel gift cards. These gift cards can be used towards all products, however, given the season I suggest checking out the NHL merchandise, including jerseys, accessories, family products and more.

How will you be using your points?

Seeing the world from the Ref’s POV

This week we announced a whole new way for you to watch the hockey game – GamePlus™. As explored further in our post, GamePlus is a part of Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and is  available exclusively to Rogers customers.  It lets you choose how you watch the hockey game with your choice of innovative camera feeds, multi-angle replays and behind-the-scenes action right from your smartphones, tablets and computers.

What camera are you most excited for?

We love our nation’s game on all platforms

As we shared in our post– this week marked the first Scotia Wednesday Night Hockey of the 2014/15 season. Canadians tuned in on multiple platforms in record numbers. The night was the most watched broadcast  in Sportsnet™ history, drawing in an average of 2.01 million viewers for the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.  Using Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™ , roughly 55,000 fellow fans streamed over 1.9 million minutes of hockey plus 80,000 minutes of on-demand video and multiple angles replays with MyReplay.

What device did you use to watch the game?

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Are you catching the hockey action? Don’t miss out!

On Wednesday night, players hit the ice for the first NHL games of the season – and what a night it was! I sat back on my couch and watched the Leafs on TV, while also pulling up awesome new GamePlus™ angles from my tablet. I was certainly not alone; Canadians watch the game in record numbers on all platforms!

Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey was the most watched broadcast in Sportsnet™ history, drawing in an average of 2.01 million viewers for the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.  Fans also took to their devices to watch the game. Roughly 55,000 fellow fans streamed over 1.9 million minutes of hockey last night with Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™. Canadians streamed more than 80,000 minutes of on-demand video and multiple angles replays with MyReplay. GamePlus also had fans cheering, with the debut of the Ref cam stirring up lots of online excitement!

If you missed out on the action not to worry – there is still time. Click here to access our Getting Started Guide to learn how to stream games based on the  device you’re using, including a desktop computer. I’ve also shared here the basic steps to get access to the app:

  • Head to
  • Click Register (top right hand corner)
  • Register for a MyRogers™ account OR if you already have one, you can skip this step
    • To note – even if you’re not a current Rogers customer, you still need to sign up for an account
  • Download the ‘NHL app’ from the Apple App Store or Google Play store
  • See the Getting Started Guide for further steps based on your device

We always love receiving your pictures and feedback. See our Storify below that showcases last night’s fan excitement for Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and GamePlus!

Share with us what camera angle had you cheering!

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Weekend Reading: a BlackBerry, selfies and hockey access

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday all!  Check out the Weekend Reading below to meet the latest BB, learn about new form of selfie and more.

 Will you carry a Passport?

 BlackBerry made a splash this week, introducing its latest device – the BlackBerry® Passport. As explored in our post, the BlackBerry® Passport is a smartphone designed with the busy business person in mind. The device rocks a 4.5 inch screen great for reviewing documents on-the-go, an amazing battery life that can keep up with a busy schedule and features like the BlackBerry Assistant that lets you manage emails, contacts and more using voice and text commands.

If you’re ready for a new device, the BlackBerry® Passport is now available with Rogers reservation system and will be in retail stores and at starting on Wednesday, October 1.

What feature has you talking?

Introducing Time-Lapse Selfies

 Attention all selfie-lovers, a new type of selfie has entered the playing field. As reported by Mashable, Hyperlapse,  Instagram’s newest  app for time-lapse videos, has updated to allow for iPhone users to shoot videos with front-facing cameras. Hyperlapse now comes with a small button that toggles between the front- and rear-facing cameras and alerts you when you are switching to “selfielapse” mode. To ensure your selfielapse doesn’t make your friends selfie-sick, the final video is put through the app’s stabilization process.

Tell us, will you be sharing a selfielapse?

Use MyRogers to watch more hockey this season

 12 days until the 2014/15 NHL® season begins and we’re gearing up for the show. This week we shared how to get MyRogers account to access Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™, which lets you watch over 1,000 hockey games this season right from your tablet or smartphone. MyRogers is the fastest gateway to your hockey action and you can sign up today by clicking here. A reminder that Rogers customers with internet or wireless data plans get a free subscription to Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™ until December 31, 2014.

How are you gearing up for the season?

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Enjoy Even More Hockey Action via MyRogers

MyRogers_RGCL15 days until the 2014/15 NHL® season begins, which means it’s time for you to get ready to watch the game by getting a MyRogers account. Read the Connected Rogers article below to learn how your account can help you catch this season’s hockey action.

If you don’t already know about MyRogers, here’s the scoop: it makes managing your Rogers products and services a snap. Just log in to your account – and, if you don’t have an account yet, signing up for one is as fast as an Alexander Ovechkin slap shot – to do things like check your internet bandwidth, change or add products, review and pay your bills, check your usage, change your password, sign up for pre-authorized payments and more.

The MyRogers sign-in is also all you need to access Rogers Anyplace TV™, Next Issue™ and Rogers First Rewards™.

“Sure,” you say, “that’s all pretty cool, but what about my profound hockey-loving needs?”

Well, NHL superfans, rejoice! (Cue: the heavenly chorus.) Now, the MyRogers sign-in is also your gateway to Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™, which lets you watch all the hockey your eyeballs can manage, anywhere and any time you’d like.

Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ lets you live stream over 1,000 English NHL® games to your computer, smartphone and/or tablet*. Standing in line for coffee? Stream a game. Waiting for the bus after work? Stream a game. Sneaking out of dinner with your in-laws because you want to find out whether your favourite team is winning? Do you even need to be told what to do at this point? Grab your device, stream the game and get the score, thanks to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™.

And what’s the easiest, quickest route to NHL awesomeness? A MyRogers login, through which you can access Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™. (See how this all just got very circle-of-life-y?)

As if all of the above weren’t reason enough to get yourself a MyRogers account, you can also enter the MyRogers Sign In to Win contest for a chance to receive one of 200 $150 The Shopping Channel™ gift Cards. (Click here for full contest details, rules and regulations.)

So, get MyRogers to spend less time managing your account, and more time savouring all things NHL.

Sign in to, or sign up for, MyRogers by clicking here.

NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and the word mark NHL Winter Classic are registered trademarks and NHL GameCenter LIVE, GameCenter LIVE, the NHL Winter Classic logo, the NHL All-Star Game logo and NHL Face-Off name and logo are trademarks of the National Hockey League. NHL and NHL team marks are the property of the NHL and its teams. © NHL 2014. Rogers, Rogers & Design, Rogers Anyplace TV, Next Issue, Rogers First Rewards and MyRogers are trademarks of Rogers Communications Inc. or an affiliate. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

*Includes subscription only. Standard data overage/roaming charges apply. MyRogers account registration required. Some blackouts and other restrictions apply based on your location at time of viewing. Other conditions apply. Visit for full terms and conditions. Data consumption is approx. 1 GB/game when streamed to a smartphone and approx. 2 to 5 GB/game when streamed to a tablet, computer, gaming console or TV (varies based on length of game, stream quality, device and other factors). Data usage exceeding your plan allotment (overage) is charged in increments rounded up to the next MB or GB (as applicable based on your plan). Standard roaming charges apply when not on the Rogers wireless network.

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