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A Little Bit of Momsense blogger loves her Rogers Smart Home Monitoring system

Smart Home Monitoring

Rebecca’s kids like using the system to see who’s at the door.

Ottawa blogger Rebecca Stanisic has been test-driving our Rogers Smart Home Monitoring system for six months and recently blogged about her experience. The good news? She loves her Ultimate Home setup, which includes all the bells and whistles: an outdoor camera, glass breaks, a water alarm, carbon monoxide detector, temperature control, motion detectors and door/window alarms, as well as the central control hub.

Or, in her own words:

“Most of my friends and family when they ask me about the system want to know one simple answer: Do we like it? I can summarize this post with this easy statement and spoiler alert: We are extremely happy with the system (I’ve been known to use the word love) AND will likely be purchasing a plan when my year of review is done.  (Stay tuned in December for a final post to see what our final decision is!).

So what are we liking about it? I’ll start with the monitoring set up. It’s very similar to our old system – there’s a station that is monitoring our alarms, and when needed will send police to the home, if we don’t request otherwise.  That for us hasn’t changed.  However, here’s a big difference. Our false alarms are handled much more efficiently.  When we forget to turn off the alarm and open up the patio door, setting it off, we can disarm instantly and rather than having to wait for the monitoring station to call and for us to report a false alarm, if we disarm it within a short amount of time, the monitoring station isn’t notified.  Perfect.”

Check out her blog for her full review, including a breakdown of the individual features and where she’s hit some snags with the service.

What safety features give you peace of mind when you’re away from home?

Jennifer is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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