Rogers is tops in speed tests


For wired internet, Rogers had an average 27.2 Mbps download speed. On the wireless side, the Rogers LTE network delivered the highest speeds in six Canadian markets including Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, London and the Niagara region. Features Editor Eric Griffith led the “Fastest ISP” project while Lead Mobile Analyst Sascha Segan ran the “Fastest Mobile Networks” search. We had a chance to ask them about the tests, fast networks and the growth of the industry.

What factors do you consider when ranking networks?

Eric: It’s helpful for both readers and providers to know how ISPs stack up against their competition. We factor the average upload and download speed into an index number (based on 20 per cent upload and 80 per cent download) to get a quantifiable measurement for all the providers.

Sascha: We measure speed and reliability. We upload and download data, surf to web pages and keep an eye on how often the connections drop or stall.

What were your findings?

Eric: After eight months of testing using our speedtest site, we found that in Canada, Rogers had the highest download speed by far. That pushed its index rating to 22.2–well above the rest of the major, national ISPs.

Sascha: Urban Canada has very fast networks, on average faster than American networks. The three major Canadian carriers have been very aggressive at rolling out LTE and advanced technologies like Category 4 LTE.

Why do network speeds matter to consumers?

Eric: The Internet is getting more and more bandwidth intensive—just look at the traffic attributed to Youtube  and other media streaming sites. The more speed a customer can eke out, the happier they’ll be.

Sascha: People get frustrated when it takes too long to get their information. And more and more people are using mobile networks for media streaming, and for uploading photos and videos. Those demand consistent, fast connections to operate properly.

What advantage does the customer get by being on the fastest network?

Eric: No delays—nothing annoys more than waiting. People expect video on the Internet to be as instant as the text they read or the shows on their TV. Only with a high-bandwidth pipe is that possible.

Sascha: The goal is seamlessness. With the fastest network, you don’t have to worry about when and whether your app will download or your movie will play. It just does.

How do you take advantage of the new network speeds available?

Eric: The best way to take advantage of the fastest network speeds: use it. You’ve got a pipe to the single greatest repository of information ever created by mankind. Use it often and constantly.

Sascha: You need a phone which supports a fast network. Right now, for instance, Rogers has three levels of LTE phones available. iPhones have LTE, but they don’t support the 2600Mhz band which supplements speeds in big cities. The sweet spot right now is with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, which have that faster 2600Mhz band. And we’re starting to see even faster phones like the LG G2, which support Category 4 for even faster speeds.

Rogers LTE network powers blazing-fast Category 4 devices

The modern smartphone is a workhorse, and goes way above and beyond simply making calls. We stream Toronto Maple Leafs games, send large files for work and keep a steady soundtrack pumping through music apps and streaming sites. And, of course, we want it all with no delays.

So what’s next?  Today, we’re excited to welcome a new lineup of smartphones that let you do even more at faster speeds. First up, is the LG G2, Canada’s first Category 4 smartphone.  The LG G2 is a powerful Android smartphone with a 5.2-inch HD screen, a quad-core processor and 13 megapixel camera. Other cool features include “Quick Remote” which remotely controls your home devices including TV, Home Theatre or air conditioner and “Slide Aside,” which pulls up the most recently used apps.

What’s Category 4 all about?

Category 4 is an industry term defined by 3gpp that means these smartphones can theoretically reach industry-first LTE maximum speeds of up to 150 Mbps. This means you can expect to take full advantage of our network with Category 4 devices on Rogers LTE – Canada’s fastest wireless internet.

What makes Category 4 smartphones even faster on the Rogers LTE network?

We’ve deployed a blazing-fast LTE network across Canada with speeds of up to 150Mbps and these devices make use of the true potential of the Rogers LTE network. Get ready for even faster downloading, smooth browsing and video streaming without buffering.

Look out for more Category 4 smartphones launching this fall including the Samsung Note 3 and the Sony Xperia Z1. To learn more about our LTE network, visit .

What category 4 smartphone are you most excited for?

Grab the hottest device with the Rogers Reservation System – coming this week to new customers

For tech fans, there’s a lot to be excited about this fall! Every week more details are unveiled about the latest gadgets and there are plenty of hot devices to consider when choosing your next smartphone.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can reserve the device of your choice on our Rogers Reservation System to ensure you’ll get the model you want. This easy-to-use system is a great option for those who want to get their hands on the latest device but don’t necessarily need it on the first day it’s available. And starting this week for the first time, new customers looking for their most coveted device on a Rogers plan can reserve a device with the Rogers Reservation System. We will be adding the latest, hottest devices regularly to the system so please continue to check back!

Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re an existing wireless customer:
    • Log in to your MyRogers account at and select the device of your choice and store where you’d like to pick it up.
    • To reserve a device, a $40 reservation fee will be charged to your Rogers account and credited back to you once the device has shipped or you cancel your reservation. 
  • If you’re a new wireless customer:
    • Starting this week, you can create a new MyRogers account at with your email and contact information. From there, select the device of your choice and the store where you’d like to pick it up.
    • To reserve a device, a $40 reservation fee will be charged to your credit card that will be credited back to you once the device has shipped or you cancel your reservation.
    • Upon pickup, new customers will be required to activate a new line. 
  • When your device is ready to ship, you’ll receive an email with a link to track your shipment until it arrives at the store of your choice. Once the device is in stock, it could take up to four days to ship to your store.
  • A store rep will call you when your device is ready to be picked up. We recommend you wait to hear from a rep before you head to the store.
  • To learn more, check out our online FAQ or track the status of your reservation at

Ready to reserve? Stay tuned for more reservation details on the latest handsets as they’re unveiled this fall.

UPDATE, Sept. 17, 2013, 12:20 p.m.: Today, we’re excited to open up reservations to new and existing customers for three of the fall’s hottest devices including the LG G2, the Nokia Lumia 1020  and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Looking for the trifecta of power, design and display – the super-fast LG G2 is packed with a 13-MP anti-shake OIS Camera, 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and is capable of theoretical LTE speeds up to 150 mbps.  If you reserve a LG G2 on the Rogers Reservation System before Sept. 27, you’ll receive a free Quick Window Cover valued at $49.99. Visit for terms and conditions.

If you love taking photos on your smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is perfect device for you! With a 41 megapixel camera sensor, the Nokia Lumia 1020 lets you shoot in super high resolution, which means you can zoom in close to your shot after you’ve taken it. If you reserve the device on the Rogers Reservation System before Oct. 3, you’ll receive a free Camera Grip Case valued at $74.99. The case comes with a rechargeable battery and attaches to any standard camera tripod. Visit for terms and conditions.

Share wireless internet across your devices with Share Everything

On a typical day, I’m switching between my smartphone and tablet to live-stream Toronto Blue Jays games, update my social channels and share files. My mom, on the other hand, uses much less data on her Android device as she checks Pinterest and uploads photos of her cat Spencer to Facebook. Now, with the new Share Everything plans, I can share data with my mom, my smartphone and my tablet — up to a total of 10 wireless internet devices.

Rogers has always been at the forefront of data sharing. Way back in 2009, we were the first service provider in Canada to announce data sharing plans. Over the past five years, there has been a surge in wireless internet consumption. By 2017, IDC forecasts there will be more than 49 million connected smartphones and tablets in Canada. To address this growing trend, we’re introducing Share Everything, a new approach to sharing data that will let you share with up to 10 wireless internet devices.

How do these plans work?

Share Everythingplans are now available to new and existing customers to share data with family and friends or use across all of your wireless gadgets.

Unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, call display and voicemail is included for every device connected to your plan. Pick the data bucket that works for you – from 1GB to 15GB – and share it on any combination of smartphones, tablets, the Rocket stick, hub and mobile hotspot– up to nine additional devices of your choice. Your sharing options are also flexible – for example, talk and text phones can be added as one of your devices, allowing someone to access plan features such as unlimited local and long distance calling without using any data.

Customers who bring their own device can save an extra up to $20 off the monthly plan price or the cost of adding a line to their plan. Wireless Home Phone may be added to a Share Everything plan in select markets. For more details, visit

How many devices do you have? Do you share data?

Your back to school tech survival guide

Heading back to school means juggling lectures, assignments, group projects and your part-time job. It may sound overwhelming, but it’s all manageable with the right tools and an organized schedule. The right gadgets can help you finish your projects faster, better collaborate with group members and keep you on deadline. If you’re classroom-bound this fall, we’ve come up with five ways to help you get the most out of your gadgets this school year:

  1. Set up a connected study space at home with a fast and far-reaching Wi-Fi connection and schedule time to review notes and complete assignments free from distractions. If you’re sharing home internet with roommates, it might be best to get an unlimited internet package so you can download course materials, upload assignments and stream lectures from home without ever worrying about going over your data limit.
  1. To stay organized and on time, load your class schedule and your assignment deadlines into a calendar application on your smartphone. Many of these apps, such as Jorte (Android, free), include task lists, reminders and colour coding to distinguish between classes and assignments.
  1. Take good notes and keep them organized. Type them on a laptop or tablet or use a digital pen to capture both handwritten and digital copies of your notes — like with the Samsung Note 8.0 LTE tablet‘s S Pen. Capture an audio or video recording of the lecture with your smartphone or tablet and review it later to catch anything you might have missed.
  1. Instead of making flashcards all night, try some of the great applications that turn your digital study materials into a quiz to help you prepare for exams. We like Evernote Peek (iPad, free). You can even study with your Moto X by using its Touchless Controls to quiz you on test questions by asking the device questions, such as “OK Google Now, what year did Newfoundland join Confederation?”
  1. Stay away from campus junk food, energy drinks and all-night study sessions. Eight hours of sleep and a good diet will keep your mind focused – and the “freshman 15” at bay. Gadgets like the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband track how many steps you take, the number of calories you burn and your sleep quality to help you stay healthy and avoid burning out.

What are your back to school survival tips?

Introducing the Rogers Trade-Up program


How do I get started?

To find out the value of your phone or tablet, bring it to your local participating Rogers store or search directly on your smartphone by visiting  What’s great about getting a Rogers Trade-Up quote is that we’ll honour it for 30 days, so you can lock-in a great buy-back price for your old device before a newer model is unveiled or hits the stores.  Additionally, to get full trade-in value, your device must be able to power up and have a working touchscreen with no cracks.

How can I use the trade-in credit?

If you’re a new Rogers customer, this trade-in credit will be used towards the purchase a new device or accessories. If you’re an existing Rogers wireless customer, you’ll receive this credit on the second or third bill after your upgrade. Based on today’s value, your old Samsung Galaxy Note could earn you a credit of up to $80 towards your upgrade.

Will my personal data be protected and removed from my device?

Some Rogers locations will be able to transfer your data to your new device. However, it is recommended that you back up any pictures or videos before you make the swap. Performing a factory reset before you trade will make sure all of your data will be wiped from the device. The store will also perform this task again to confirm all of your data is removed.

For more information, visit

What new smartphone has you considering making a trade?

Moto X now available for reservation exclusively from Rogers

or talking to my mother while cleaning the apartment. Multitasking just got easier, with the new Moto X smartphone introduced today by Motorola. The Moto X is designed to be more responsive, more alert and provide the best of Google’s mobile services. Expanding our large selection of LTE-enabled Android smartphones, the Moto X will be exclusively available from Rogers this month.

Here are three Moto X features that will help make your life easier:

  1. You can control the Moto X with only your voice. No kidding. With Touchless Control, start by saying “OK Google Now.” Then, you can get directions, set an alarm or even ask it if you need to bring an umbrella with you and it will give you up-to-the-minute weather for your location. Did I mention you can do this without touching it at all? Awesome.
  2. Love taking pictures? Another great feature I would definitely use is the quick capture camera. Twist your wrist twice to open the camera application and take great action shots from the Toronto Blue Jays game. You can also touch the screen anywhere to get the shot you need.
  3. Minimize your “must check phone” cravings with Moto X’s Active Notifications feature, which showcases useful info as it comes in – right on the screen (even while it’s asleep!). No more staring at a blinking light that doesn’t actually tell you anything.

What about the blazing fast LTE speeds?

The Moto X is built to run on Rogers 2600 MHz LTE spectrum, the fastest wireless internet band available in Canada. Capable of delivering higher speeds than other LTE bands, customers with the Moto X will be able to download large files quickly or stream music with no buffering. Rogers has more LTE network deployed in the 2600 MHz spectrum band than any other carrier.

How do I get one?

Moto X will be available in black or white exclusively to Rogers Wireless customers this August for $189.99 on select two-year plans. Existing Rogers wireless customers can reserve theirs now on the Rogers Reservation System and new customers can sign up for updates on availability at

What do you think of the new Moto X? What would you ask Google Now?

UPDATE Aug. 23, 2013, 1:30 p.m.: You can now get your Moto X for $189.99 on select two-year agreements at your local Rogers retail location. Visit for more details on the device.