How to watch the FIFA World Cup starting June 12

Sixty-four matches. Thirty-two teams. One champion.

Soccer fans have been waiting four years for June 12, the kickoff to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

Spain claimed first place in the 2010 soccer (or football, depending on your part of the world) championship matches, and this year, Brazil will be chasing their sixth title with a home field advantage.

Rogers customers will be able to catch every goal, pass and yellow card on their computer, tablet or smartphone throughout the tournament.  To watch live:

  • on your computer visit;
  • on your tablet visit your Apple or Android app store and download the Rogers Anyplace TV app;
  • on your smartphone visit your Apple, Android, Windows, or Blackberry app store and download the Rogers Anyplace TV app

You’ll need to register by visiting on your computer then enter your MyRogers username and password.

Can’t catch the 2014 FIFA World Cup™  live? Watch the replay on Rogers On Demand, channel 100, or with Rogers Anyplace TV on your computer, smartphone, tablet, Xbox, or LG Smart TV.

Which team will you be cheering on in Brazil?

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23 comments on “How to watch the FIFA World Cup starting June 12

  1. Sam

    Is it necessary to subscribe to the $5/month plan to use this service on my mobile device or is that option just there so that I use the data allotment from my regular data plan? Basically, I want to know if I can just watch this service for free on my mobile phone if I am okay with using data from my regular data plan (and pay overage charges if there are any).


    1. RogersMike

      Hey Sam, it’s not necessary to subscribe to the $5/month plan (although the plan provides you with unlimited viewing). :)

  2. Sam

    Further to my previous comment, I have a family member who wants to subscribe to this service but does not have a data plan…is a data plan required to use this or will the $5 fee allow this app to be accessed without a data plan as it includes 10 hours of usage. Thanks.

    1. RogersMike

      Hey again. :) You would need a data plan to use the app.

  3. Sam

    Hi mike…thanks for the clarification…so basically if I don’t subscribe I am using the data from my regular allotment whereas if I do, then I’m not using any data from my data plan correct?

    Also, for the situation with my family member who doesn’t have a data plan but has an iPhone, I’m a bit confused as to why a data plan is required as if they pay the $5 fee which allows unlimited usage of anyplace tv without using a regular data plan, they should be able to just pay the $5 fee and get unlimited viewing right?

    1. RogersMike

      For the first question, you’re correct. :)

      For the second one, some sort of data plan is required, as the $5 fee isn’t considered a ‘data plan’. It doesn’t provide a data connection to our network so it can’t be used as a standalone product.

  4. Linda

    What channel is it on

    1. RogersMike

      Channel 100. :)

  5. Robin Persaud

    This article says that match replays are available on channel 100, but I am looking at that channel now…nothing there.

    Am I missing something, or have the matches not been added yet?

    1. RogersMike

      They’re definitely there now!

  6. Dan

    The way I understand the messages above, it seems that the advantage of subscribing to the $5 / month plan is that it allows you to watch unlimited videos within the app without that data consumption counting towards your regular data plan. By not subscribing, any videos watched within the app are deducted from your regular data plan limits. Is this correct?

    Basically, if I want to watch every world cup game, I would be wise to buy the $5 add on to avoid any large data overage bills on my monthly account.

    1. RogersMike

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

  7. leo

    so, there is only $5 per month in order to watch world cup in my computer, right ?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Leo, good news, it’s free on your computer :)

    2. RogersElise

      Hi Leo – good news. On your computer, it’s free, for all Rogers customers.

  8. Dan

    Thanks for the clarification!

    Do you guys have a similar $5 package for the iPad? I have an iPad with a SIM card slot so that I can use it over 3G/LTE. If I download the anyplace tv app and subscribe to the flex rate data plan ($5 for 10MB), can I pay the $5 anyplace tv fee to get unlimited streaming or is this for mobile phones only?


    1. RogersElise

      Hey Dan, for World Cup content, you’d use the same account whether you’re on your smartphone or your tablet, so it’s only $5 for both.

  9. Rick

    It says connection error every time I try to load it. I tried both Internet Explorer and Firefox

    1. RogersMike

      Could you please reach out to our team on Twitter (@RogersHelps) or on We’ll be more than happy to troubleshoot there!

  10. Alan

    There seems to be really conflicting information about mobile data usage when paying $5/month for the Anyplace TV service. RogersMike’s reply on June 16 seems to suggest that using the Anyplace TV app over 3G/LTE will not use a customers mobile data if they are paying the $5/month fee (10 hrs/month of viewing with overages waived until October 31,2014 essentially meaning unlimited hours).

    The FAQ within the app states “usage over 3G/LTE is subject to a $5 charge for 10 hours of data certainty so usage will not affect your current mobile data plan.”

    Both of these suggest the $5 monthly service will cover the mobile data associated with using the Anyplace TV; however, I have spoken with multiple CSRs online and on the phone and each time I was told that the $5 charge allows me to watch 10 hours through the Anyplace TV app, but it does NOT cover the associated 3G/LTE data – it would use the data from my mobile plan and count against my monthly data limit.

    Can we please get some clarification regarding this.

    1. RogersMike

      Sorry for the confusion, Alan. Currently, as we mentioned, the $5 charge allows for unlimited viewing and does not affect your mobile data plan. However, as of August 18th, we’re simplifying how Rogers Anyplace TV works on all devices by removing the $5 monthly fee for the smartphone app and moving to standard data charges when our wireless network is used.

  11. Dan

    Hi RogersMike,

    I don’t understand how removing the $5 option makes things simpler. In my opinion, it makes things more complicated because I won’t know how much data I’m using when using my data plan to use the app (as the rogers my account app does not reflect the last 4 hours of usage). This can lead to major data charges as videos can use a lot of data. Also, currently, people who don’t want to pay the $5 can use the app and it counts towards their data plan whereas others who want to pay the $5 currently get data certainty without worrying about their data plan. Removing the option to choose which way you’d like to be billed is NOT an improvement and in my opinion is a step backwards, especially since the competition will be continuing their option to pay the $5 fee for 10 hours of video with data certainty.

    I have been using the app to watch the World Cup and see this $5 feature as a reason to be with Rogers. If rogers will be removing this option, I likely will explore my options as my 1GB data plan will not let me watch too many videos at all considering my regular usage. I can understand that $5 for unlimited viewing probably puts a lot of stress on your network however $5 for 10 hours with $1/hour overages seems reasonable to me.

    Also, your website is advertising that overage fees are being waived until October 31/14 which is false as rogers will be pulling this feature in August.

    I think that if rogers wanted to make things simpler, they should leave things the same and just explain the feature better. (Ie: state that subscribing to the $5 feature is optional but if you do subscribe, data used within the app is not counted towards your data plan limits).

    This is just my 2 cents…I’ve been a long time loyal rogers customer because of the customer service and innovation rogers brings to the table…hopefully rogers will re-consider their decision to pull the $5 feature/option.

    1. RogersMike

      Thanks for the feedback, Dan. In this case, the $5/month fee was a limited time offer and we have decided to streamline the Rogers Anyplace TV experience on all devices. To help you calculate the amount of data you use, a 30-minute show would use about 100-200 MB of data, depending on the connection speed and stream quality. And you will still be able to use Rogers Anyplace TV on a Wi-Fi network without additional charges, if that helps at all.