Weekend reading: Lego news, decoding Download Booster and a LinkedIn update

because you can now watch THE LEGO® MOVIE on Rogers on Demand. Plus, we learn to use the Samsung GALAXY GS5 Download Booster feature and try out the latest LinkedIn update.  Get all the details in your Weekend Reading.

Family flicks

Awesome news: It’s time to bring all your favourite minifigs home. Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and more of your favourite celebrities star in THE LEGO MOVIE, which is now available to order on Rogers on Demand! You can also order THE LEGO MOVIE Pack today to get the DVD delivered to your home when it’s released on June 17, plus own the movie on Channel 100 so you can watch it over and over again – even before it’s released on DVD. Order your THE LEGO MOVIE Pack on Channel 100.

What’s your favourite family film?

Get boosted

Around T-minus five minutes to hitting the road, I’m always inspired to download a new album or movie to my smartphone. Of course, completing that massive download normally either delays departure or distracts me from my navigational duties. The new Samsung GALAXY GS5 can fix that problem with its Download Booster feature, which lets you use both your Wi-Fi and Rogers LTE network connections at the same time to download files larger than 30MB even faster. Already have a GS5? Learn how to turn on Download Booster here. Still on the fence? Check out the review on CBC.ca.

What large files do you download on your mobile?

Compare your profile

For me, the most addictive part of LinkedIn is seeing who’s been looking at my profile, as well as how they got there. Was it a search for my name? A shared connection? The possibilities are endless, and my curiosity is always piqued. This week, the professional social network announced a new feature that lets you see how you compare to your network. You’ll find it by navigating to “profile,” then “Who’s viewed your profile” and selecting the “How you rank for profile views” tab. The feature ranks your connections by profile views and also offers customized tips for how you can boost your own page. For me, this meant updating my summary description, joining a few new groups and adding some new keywords.

How do you optimize your LinkedIn profile?

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4 comments on “Weekend reading: Lego news, decoding Download Booster and a LinkedIn update

  1. Bhupinder D

    Family flicks:

    One of my favourite family flicks would have to be The Burbs! One of Tom Hanks’ earlier films. Too hilarious! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!

    Get boosted:

    That’s a really good idea! I think Download Booster makes a lot of sense especially for those on the go. Movies would be the largest mobile downloads for me.


    1. RogersJennifer

      I’ll have to check out The Burbs! Thanks Bhupinder

  2. Josh

    Is there a reason that The Lego Movie is buy-only on ROD? I’m really excited to see it, but there’s no option to rent it at all.

    1. RogersMike

      On June 17th, you can rent The LEGO Movie on Rogers On Demand for $5.99 (SD) or $6.99 (HD).