How to use the Samsung GALAXY S5 download booster     

Trying to download that massive quarterly report for review before you get on the subway? Or hoping to get those last few albums into your playlist before your flight takes off?

When you’re on a tight timeline, the download progress bar can’t move fast enough. But the new Samsung GALAXY S5 has a solution: the Download Booster feature.

Download Booster means you can download large files – over 30MB – faster using your Wi-Fi and Rogers LTE networks at the same time.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Select “Apps” on your home screen.
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Touch “Download Booster”
  • Drag the “Download Booster” switch to the right, then select “OK” in the popup window.
  • If you don’t want to see the data transfer speed via popup window, check the box that says “Do not show speed info.”

Ready to download?

  • Make sure your phone’s Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are both turned on
  • Pull down the status bar from the top of your screen
  • Choose the “Download Booster” icon
  • Press “OK”
  • Start your download

When it’s in use, the Download Booster icon – a lightning bolt – will appear in your device’s status bar.

This feature is one of many that take the Samsung GALAXY S5 beyond the basics, using integrated technology and the Rogers LTE network to improve your life and make every day better.

I download music, apps and TV shows directly to my mobile to keep me entertained on long flights or commutes. I also download reports to review on my morning subway ride to help me prepare for my work day. What large files do you use on your mobile?

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8 comments on “How to use the Samsung GALAXY S5 download booster     

  1. cute

    Thanxs a lot
    But I can’t find this download booster icon in my setting

    1. RogersMike

      Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Rogers?

  2. cute

    No.. what I have to do? ?

    1. RogersMike

      What kind of phone do you have?

  3. P.Shankarankutty Menon

    In my Samsung S5 download problem. I can’t see on settings the BOOSTER sign. Even space in SD Card and phone memory It shows no space.

    Please help me to sort out.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hello! Please reach out to us @RogersHelps or so we can assist.

  4. Eline

    So, if i turn my mobile internet, and WiFi on, do i lose my MB’s there on downloading it? .. i don’t get that part.
    I’m trying to download a 1.84GB game, i have 500mb a month, i’m on samsung s5 tho. It says the download booster won’t be able to turn on while Roaming. I.. don’t even have Roaming turned on. I’m kinda confused.

    I’m also confused by my bad english sentences, let me know haha,


    1. RogersMike

      Hey Eline! If your data plan is 500mb and you want to download a 1.84GB game, you should probably download it all over WiFi. Since Download booster uses both WiFi and LTE, we wouldn’t recommended to use it since your data plan is small.