Weekend Reading: Silence spoilers, celebrate mom and stream some video

This week, we’re trying to keep our favourite shows spoiler-free, celebrating the moms in our lives and looking at the latest stats on online video. Here’s your Weekend Reading.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Public service announcement: Sunday is Mother’s Day. Hopefully you’ve already made dinner reservations, mailed your card or otherwise done something special for your mom. If not, we can wait five minutes. Seriously. This post will still be here.

OK, now that’s been handled, why not set aside some time to help mom discover some great new apps for her mobile device? This week, busy mom Gina shared the apps that help keep her and her family organized, including Google Now, Pinterest and the photo-backup feature of Dropbox. Technology can also play a role in family time, from bonding to planning, as we learned from Clare Kumar.

What apps help the mothers in your life?

TV show secrets

Last week, I was killing time at the airport by idly scrolling through my Twitter feed, only to accidentally find out who had been sent home on my favourite cooking competition. While I still watched it, the spoiler definitely took some of the fun out of the episode.

So, to save you from the same fate, I’ve shared my favourite ways to skip the spoilers for your favourite series. Modify your settings on Twitter to filter out “Spoiler alert” warnings or install a browser app that lets you mute people, hashtags, terms and phrases across your social networks. Learn more here.

How do you avoid plot spoilers?

Video views

If you add up all those YouTube clips, news hits and TV shows you watch daily, how much time do you spend watching videos? It likely adds up to about one-third of your time spent online, according to a new report from Media Technology Monitor. About 75 per cent of English-speaking Canadians said they watch some videos online every month. That includes YouTube videos, streamed TV content, movies, news and sports.  As reported by the Canadian Press, most video views (83 per cent) are still happening on laptops and desktops, with the rest coming from smartphones, tablets and Internet-connected TVs.

The research also found that more TV watching was happening on mobile. Personally, I tend to watch YouTube videos and news or sports clips on my mobile, while full-length TV and movie viewing happens on my desktop. What screen do you use for videos?

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One comment on “Weekend Reading: Silence spoilers, celebrate mom and stream some video

  1. Bhupinder D

    Happy Mother’s Day!:

    No apps as of yet! My Mom has been hinting at wanting a smartphone. I did enter the #HTCmom contest, in hopes of winning her one! You can even get a look at the horrible shirt I wore to my Junior High graduation.

    TV show secrets:

    I haven’t been following many shows as of late. Having said that, one of my favourite TV shows came back last week, 24! So exciting! Dammit Chloe! FYI, I am a big fan of cooking competitions too!

    Video views:

    For shorter videos I use my smartphone and laptop. For TV shows and movies, I like to watch them on my TV.