Welcome to great video streaming: 700 MHz spectrum launches in communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

I want to be constantly connected, wherever I go – I even sleep beside my phone. And I get really frustrated when I’m late responding to an email because I’m stuck in an underground parking lot or if I lose my mobile internet connection while streaming NHL hockey highlights.

Today, at Rogers we turned on our 700 MHz spectrum in communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. This means that if you live or work in these areas you can now experience more consistent LTE internet access from Rogers, in locations where you previously couldn’t, like in many parking garages and elevators.

The 700 MHz spectrum carries fast signals across longer distances and better penetrates structures such as buildings.  This means you can access LTE more regularly in places like basements and building interiors. So you’ll see more LTE signal bars on your phones and tablets and you’ll be less likely to drop down to lower speeds. With the Rogers 700 MHz spectrum, you’ll be able to stream NHL games and YouTube videos in your office building or send emails at the local arena during the intermission of your kid’s hockey game – all with minimal delays.

The 700 MHz spectrum will ultimately be rolled out coast to coast, so stay tuned for when it will be available in your community.

Tell us: what videos do you stream on your tablet or smartphone?

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7 comments on “Welcome to great video streaming: 700 MHz spectrum launches in communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

  1. dan

    Is there a map to show where these areas are?

  2. Don

    Wow that’s great news, now areas that have fast Internet have even faster and more reliable Internet. So much for the rest of us which in rural areas were suppose benefit from the 700 mhz auction.

  3. I hope that this will help with my connection issues. As both my mobiles keep prompting me with the message that my connection is Unstable.

  4. Bryce Campbell

    I personally use my slingbox to stream anything from my cable box, love watching the blue jays baseball!

    I am assuming there is no way to determine if we are in the 700 MHz spectrum just by looking at our phones signal… Would have to go in advanced settings or get an app (I’m using Nokia Lumia 920).

  5. Michael

    Yes it shows 2 bars of signal and the LTE sign inside the ACC yesterday, but there was no connection to the internet. I had to go outside near the concessions to get connected again. That’s terrible.