Cool Jobs at Rogers: Nabil Hasan helps drive innovation

Nabil HasanFrom broadcast news and magazine publishing to smartphones, internet, and cable television, there’s always a lot going on at Rogers. All these products and projects also mean our employees have a wide variety of responsibilities – including some pretty cool jobs. So once a month we’re checking in with Rogers employees who love what they do. This month, Nabil Hasan talks to us about what it means to be a Platform Specialist on the Advanced Core Network Services Team.

What inspired you to join the Rogers team?

Joining the Rogers team allowed me to discover what I was looking for to start my career – the chance to work with leaders in technical innovation. I was very inspired by Rogers approach to serving millions of customers in Canada by maintaining solid network leadership and being known as the “first to market” for the most exciting products and services.  The focus on innovation as the driving paradigm within Rogers culture is the reason I feel very fortunate to be part of the Rogers success story and a great Canadian company.

What do you do at Rogers?

As a Platform Specialist on the Advanced Core Network Services (ACNS) team, I ensure all the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) servers are always performing with high efficiency and response times. This leads to a greater customer experience and satisfaction with our services. In addition, we regularly collaborate with lower tier support teams to help troubleshoot and resolve any direct customer issues with our service. Specifically, I am supporting the latest converged (or bundled) services including Rogers One Number.

What’s challenging and exciting about your job?

Performing my role within the scope of “Operational Service Owner” for communication services such as Rogers One Number requires tremendous effort and dedication from the team to troubleshoot highly complex issues to maintain our high service level targets. At the same time, it is an exciting feeling for me since I have the chance to learn about the latest core communication network technologies. I am particularly impressed in how the ACNS team functions as a family to always be accountable in solving problems as a team. And they have quickly helped bring me in as the latest member of their family.

What advice would you give to someone who wants a job like yours?

I am very pleased to be working with a winning team in Rogers and anyone who wants to be part of such a high-performing team needs to be passionate, energetic, innovative, and possess leadership qualities.

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