Save the zombies: Let’s keep AMC on Rogers

You love zombies as much as we do. We’ve seen it in your e-mails, your tweets, and your Facebook posts. Some of your favourite shows (and ours!) are on AMC – shows like The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

You want to keep AMC on Rogers. And so do we.

In fact, we have been negotiating with AMC so we can keep bringing you these great shows.  These types of negotiations with our programming partners are routine. Our goal is to keep costs down for you and that means negotiating to get the best possible rates on the best programming.

But last night, AMC surprised us with a campaign that alarmed our customers with allegations that AMC was about to go dark on Rogers.

Let’s be clear: We have no intention of dropping AMC. Negotiations are ongoing and we expect to reach a positive outcome. Let’s hope AMC is as committed as we are to saving the zombies on Rogers.

Update March 1: Good news! Under a multi-year deal, Rogers customers will be getting AMC in HD by the end of March. Full details are here.

Keith McArthur is VP of Social Media at Rogers

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Save the zombies: Let’s keep AMC on Rogers, 4.6 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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  1. AMC just wants to scare your customers! By doing this they will complain to the cable company…making negotiations more in AMC’s favor. Thats just DIRTY!

    • RogersNicolas says: February 28th, 2013 a 4:09pm

      Hi John,

      We were surprised that they would alarm our customers but we’ll continue negotiating in good faith and expect a positive outcome.

  2. Doreen Bradimore says: February 25th, 2013 a 5:49pm

    Thanks so much for posting this I would hate to lose AMC it is one stations I watch most

  3. Is it safe to assume Rogers wants to put AMC in some kind of specialty package along the lines of SC & HBO? Is it safe to assume AMC wants to stay in a package they’re in now?

    Anyway, Lets get AMC HD please.

  4. The fact that Rogers (and it isn’t AMC’s choice, it IS Rogers) forces you to purchase a bundle in order to receive AMC is the biggest sign that Rogers has no interest in reducing our costs. Their sole interest is to keep profits high while capitalizing on the knowledge that people WILL pay for good programming – even if forced to overpay for channels we don’t want. Make AMC an “a la carte” channel for $3-$5 per month and give the paying customers a CHOICE.

    • Looks like AMC is the one in “control”, they just want more money on top of their huge ad revenues from their extended commercials. It’s all about money. Now they are using us viewers as a bargaining chip like they did with Dish. You can’t buy their shows right from them directly. What happens when they want even more money next time?

    • I totally agree with this, Rogers is simply passing the blame on AMC so that they can come back stating the channel is only availble in a specialty Package. Knowing full well that is one of their most watched channels. They have done the same with the BET channel, giving some bull sh*t line about the network only gave us permission to show it for free in certain areas. Please. If this channel is gone, it’s bye bye Rogers hello online tv

      • Hi Hinda,

        We’d hate to lose you as a customer!

        As for BET, you can still access BET, it was not moved to another package. Rather, BET was moved from analog to digital. You’ll need a digital box or adapter in order to view it. You can find out how to get a digital adapter at no cost by visiting adapter.

  5. Yes. Shocking but make sure you do sign up again. That makes the difference as to whether your customers stay with you too…or switch to the provider that signs AMC. Make sure you sign them Rogers. Don’t play hardball too much!

  6. We want AMC and we want the HD channel. Is there any truth to the rumour that Bell controls the distribution rights. All we have ever heard from Rogers on this issue is – NO COMMENT!

    • RogersNicolas says: February 28th, 2013 a 4:08pm

      Hi Tom,

      We have been in negotiations with AMC and we expect to reach a positive outcome. These types of negotiations with our programming partners are a normal. HD is part of our negotiations.

  7. Patricia Rosendahl says: February 25th, 2013 a 9:00pm

    Please keep AMC !

  8. I enjoy watching AMC. Shows such as The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels being my particular favourites. I also enjoy watching my favourite movies. In fact I’m hunting-and-pecking my way through this message during commercial breaks while watching Highlander. They have great shows and play awesome movies that alot of people enjoy. I hope that whomever makes the final choice, they consider the people who enjoy the programming that is put out by this outstanding network. In fact I am at a loss to explain why you’re considering no longer providing this station at all. Thank you for your time.

    Yours, Robert Cameron

    • Hi Rob. Thank you for your comment. As mentioned in the blog post, we are committed keeping AMC on Rogers and are in negotiations with them. We want to keep the zombies alive and the mad advertisers on our network too :)

  9. I have tolerated SD AMC for years. Dropping AMC completely would drive me to another TC provider. Keep AMC, make it HD, and make it a-lacarte.

    • “tolerated”

      Seriously, SD is not that bad, maybe you don’t have the right TV or maybe check your TV setting.

  10. I’ve spoken to people at other cable companies and they’ve said that channels (e.g. AMC, HGTV, A&E, etc, can specify what channels they have to be bundled with and which they can’t. Thus, assuming this applies to Rogers as well, Rogers has limited control over bundles and pricing within the bounds of their contract.

  11. Please negotiate for the HD service too!!! this is a must as much of a must of being able to offer AMC

  12. If AMC is removed from the programming choices at Rogers, I will seek another television services provider, even at additional cost to myself. In truth, I bundle all my services with Rogers, and would likely move everything to another bundled program.

    • RogersNicolas says: February 28th, 2013 a 4:06pm

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your feedback. We have been in negotiations with AMC and we expect to reach a positive outcome.

  13. I love this station and always have, even before the new shows. Please keep it available to your cable customers.

  14. If you guys are negotiating, you should get AMC HD!! Very disappointing that Rogers doesn’t have the HD version. Walking Dead is just not the same in SD!

    • RogersNicolas says: February 28th, 2013 a 4:05pm

      Hi Anne,

      As mentioned to others, we can confirm you that we have no intentions of dropping that channel and are negotiating in good faith. Also, HD is part of the negotiations.

  15. I also enjoy the programing on AMC. The picture quality of the feed on Rogers however, is very poor. Could this be delt with as well.

  16. Yea, but you are doing this at an increased cost to subscribers by putting AMC and TCM – the only 2 good channels- on to digital. Removing them from basic analogue service!
    The extra cost of moving up from analogue to digital for the only few channels I originally got cable for, is the last straw. Time to turn it all off- save money- and go with broadcast digital off the air ( with an antennae) quality of HD signal is even better anyway… Oh and listening to radio again.
    Holding customers ransom by moving AMC and TBS to digital and then trying to look like hero’s doesn’t help. Those already with digital will now need another digital box rental for extra TVs in other rooms if they want to watch from say the bedroom etc.
    Again, the crap on analog basic cable package at Rogers is hardly worth the fee as it is- without TBC and AMC makes it even worse.
    Get rid of some of the awful and offensive specialty channels on basic and replace them with better programming and overlooking losing TBS and AMC to digital fees may make staying with Rogers ppossible- but I don’t this will happen. So well be stuck watching shows about how five guys have given their most discussing blow job to other gays, or a weekend of second rate sitcoms or infomercials!

  17. If this is true it is a waste. Why would any provider let its clients get hooked on programs and then allow those programs to be pulled out from under us?

    • We have no intention of pulling the signal. We are still negotiating in good faith and expect a positive outcome.

  18. I don’t know what with everyone’s obsession with AMC. I don’t watch that channel, I’m not even subscribe to it and have definitely no interest of having that channel, non of there shows are interesting.

    And seriously people, STOP begging for HD. SD is not bad at all, SD actually look good. HD is so over-rated (at least for now).

    • You must have the worst TV ever if you can’t see the huge difference between SD and HD, even on Roger’s highly compressed HD feed…

    • Whether you watch AMC or not is irrelevant here. Lots of people do and they have the right to express their opinion that they want Rogers to keep the channel. As for HD being over-rated, it must be that you are watching HD from Rogers. Having just spent a month in Florida watching HD from Comcast, I was astonished at how good it was – nothing at all like we get from Rogers.

    • Sd looks good?Hd is overrated? Sounds like you need a new TV

  19. Not only should you keep AMC but get a HD feed of it too please. I subscribe to AMC (and the package it is in) but I have to go out and download HD versions of Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Mad Men because you SD feed of AMC looks like crap on HD tvs! What year are we in here?

  20. I love AMC shows. They’re top quality. My solution?
    Let it go dark.
    AMC is counting on customer pressure to force your hand. What you should do is tell AMC advertisers that a whole country full of their customers is going away. Let’s see who blinks first.