Rogers is your go-to NHL destination: start off the season with perks and mobile streaming

Hockey is back, woot woot! Who is going to be tuning in when the puck drops tomorrow? There are some great free previews, deals, and ways to stay close to the ice action. Here’s an overview of what hockey fans can expect.

Free preview of NHL Centre Ice:

  • Rogers customers can enjoy a free preview of NHL Centre Ice from Jan. 19 to Jan. 31
  • Approximately 600 games available for the full season
  • NHL Centre Ice is available as part of the Rogers Super Sports Pak, which also includes OHL Action Pak, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, a subscription to Sportsnet magazine and more
  • Rogers customers can also purchase NHL Centre Ice à la carte for the reduced cost of $49.99 for a one-time fee for the full season

Get your hockey fix from Sportsnet: Sportsnet will deliver unparalleled NHL coverage across broadcast, radio, digital and print, including Sportsnet’s Hockey Central Tonight, Hockey Central @ Noon, and Sportsnet magazine

TSN HD free preview – Rogers digital TV customers who subscribe to TSN can tune into TSN HD for 3 months (until April 30) at no additional cost

Rogers wireless customers from coast to coast can catch CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada on their smartphones

  • The Rogers Anyplace TV mobile app features live CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts of all national games
  • For $5/month, the app provides 5 hours of viewing with overage charges of $1 per additional hour. Until April 30, 2013 overage charges are waived providing unlimited viewing

Follow the puck on your tablet with live streaming in the home with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app

  • Supplement your TV watching with live streaming of Sportsnet and CBC on your tablet from the comfort of your couch

Where will you be watching the game on Saturday?

UPDATE: January 30 2013, 1:27pm  On your computer (coming soon to tablet) : Rogers digital TV customers in the GTA who subscribe to Sportsnet Ontario and/or Leafs TV can log into to live stream Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts. This includes live games aired from Sportsnet Ontario and Leafs TV only .

UPDATE: February 26 2013, 9:24 am: The Sportsnet Leafs Live app is now available on iPad. See url here:

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Rogers is your go-to NHL destination: start off the season with perks and mobile streaming, 2.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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  1. On what channels can we find NHL Centre Ice and TSN HD? Currently subscribed to cable VIP package in Toronto.

  2. Any reason why I wouldn’t have access to either TSNHD or Centre Ice? Both channels tell me I need to call to order them.

  3. My family just got the Rogers HD digital PVR today but I’m wondering how come there’s no Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Sure the PlayBook isn’t as popular of a tablet when compared to Android tablets or the iPads but I’m sure there are a lot of Canadians who have the PlayBook.

  4. Why is there no BlackBerry PlayBook version of the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app available? I understand that the PlayBook may not be as popular as most Android tablets or even the iPad but it’s not fair for the PlayBook not to have a version of the app. Could you guys please create a PlayBook compatible version of the app please?

  5. Hello, I also have the issue where TSN HD is not working. Subscribe to Digital Vip in the pineridge area, says call to order. NHL Center Ice is also not working.

  6. I too cannot get this channel. I am currently om hold with customer service and they know nothing about it.

  7. Call the number on the blacked out screen. Someone will be able to send a signal to your box. Then they will unstruct u to unplug, etc then u can watch hockey!! Woo hoo!!

  8. Does it work on Blackberry?

  9. Not too sure? I think it only works thru the digital box.

  10. If I purchase the Centre Ice package for $49.99, will I be getting the entire Rogers Sports Pack for the hockey season or will it only be hockey?

  11. I would like to see anyplace tv home edition for the playbook. I went to the Google play website to download the app from there but because I can’t download the Google playstore app I am unable to get the anyplace tv app.

  12. Why can I not stream Sens games w/ the anyplace tv iPhone app? They are always blacked out.

    • Hi Gary, you need to subscribe to NHL Centre Ice or NHL Gamecentre to view most out of market games.