Rogers Idea Box: See your ideas in action!

Idea BoxRogers Idea Box is a place where you can share your ideas on how Rogers can improve your customer support experience.

Since Rogers Idea Box launched in August, we’ve received more than 130 ideas from customers.  After you post your idea, you can share it with family and friends to help vote the idea up, using the like button. The most popular ideas, based on the community’s votes, are all reviewed by our team. You can also participate by voting, commenting on or sharing other ideas.

I’m happy to share that six of your ideas have already launched!  These ideas were submitted by customers like you, voted up by the community, then reviewed and put into action by Rogers.  How’s that for teamwork?

Your changes include:

Improving the bill downloading: Thanks to your feedback, we helped clarify the process of downloading your My Rogers Bill online – making it even easier to get the information you need.

More tech support : You said you wanted more ways to give us feedback, so we added a tab on every page of where you can instantly share your thoughts.

Better reporting: Your suggestions helped us develop a process for customers wishing to flag malicious activities, for example, stealing cable. Now when a customer calls us with this kind of information, our team is able to record the complaint and take appropriate action.

Keep reported stolen and lost phones off the Rogers network: We want to help fight smartphone theft so Rogers is now participating in the GSMA International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)  database. When a customer reports a lost or stolen phone, we’ll add the device’s IMEI number to the “blacklist.” Then we’ll use this blacklist to check that the wireless device has not been reported lost or stolen by participating Canadian and U.S. carriers. If it has, the device won’t work on our network.

Update the MyAccount iPhone app for Retina display: Our app is now displaying crystal clear, thanks to your idea!

Make the Rogers MyRogers App available on Wi-Fi: Customers wanted to use their MyRogers apps on their Wi-Fi networks, so we’ve updated the app for iPhone and Android devices.

Have an idea? Share it on Rogers Idea Box and vote on other customer’s ideas to help us continue to improve.

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  1. How come my free unlimited internet option hasn’t been approved? ;)

    Glad to see stuff moving along!

  2. What about an update to my rogers app for BlackBerry 10 so we can use wifi!?

  3. Funny how RogersMargaret skip other questions and responsed to Dans question, which I am sure Rogers is working on already lol The questions that everyone wants answers to are never answered by the good folks at Rogers

  4. How about a good stand alone D3 modem? I know it has been suggested, but Rogers keeps inflicting the gateways upon us!