Hello, Manitoba: Rogers brings blazing fast LTE network to Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach and Grand Beach

LTE in ManitobaWe’re thrilled to announce that Rogers LTE Max network, Canada’s fastest wireless internet, will go live in Manitoba this weekend.

We know our customers in Manitoba have been looking forward to this news. Starting June 17, customers in Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach and Grand Beach will be able to access the blazing fast speeds of the LTE Max network. And we will continue to expand our offerings in the province. Rogers, through a network sharing agreement with MTS, will deploy LTE to more than 90 per cent of Manitoba’s population over the next five years.

Rogers will roll out LTE to additional markets in Manitoba this summer, including Selkirk, Steinbach and Ste. Anne

Rogers LTE Max is a premium wireless network that enables theoretical device speeds of up to 150 Mbps – the fastest available speeds for Canadian smartphone users.

The LTE Max network allows customers to do more on their smartphones, even faster. Armed with the latest LTE-enabled device, such as the new BlackBerry Q10 and the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can quickly download large files, live stream HD programming, stream YouTube clips and music or enjoy the latest game from the app store.

We know our customers are hungry for fast data connections. Since Rogers launched Canada’s first LTE network in July 2011, the company has seen an 80 per cent increase in wireless internet usage year over year.

For more on our LTE offerings and the latest lineup of LTE-enabled devices, visit RedBoard or www.rogers.com/LTE.

Jennifer is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Hello, Manitoba: Rogers brings blazing fast LTE network to Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach and Grand Beach, 3.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Wow, Excellent I am thrilled to have LTE in manitoba finally.

  2. Holy sweet bleep, finally LTE in Manitoba. I just picked up my Q10 last night and was debating on the SQN100-1 or 100-3 not knowing which LTE would come to manitoba, and well I chose correctly :DDDDD

  3. So if I have an LTE enabled phone (mine’s an iphone 5), will it automatically start up with LTE once it’s available? Or do I have to change my plan or anything?

  4. From what I’ve read, LTE Max does not support the iPhone 5. Will Manitoba (Winnipeg, specifically) get LTE that does support the iPhone 5?

    • Rogers_Chris says: June 13th, 2013 a 4:11pm

      Hi Chris, customers can use any LTE-enabled phone on their version of the LTE MAX network – including the iPhone 5.

      • the iPhone 5 has LTE bands 4 and 17 which are 1700 and 1900MHz, if the LTE Max is 2600Mhz, how can a i5, Z10, and other non 2600MHz equipped devices connect?

        • RogersNicolas says: June 14th, 2013 a 8:27am

          Our LTE MAX Network can run on both the 2,100 MHz and 2,600 MHz spectrum bands. I can confirm you that the iPhone 5 (just like any other LTE-ready devices) will work on our network.

          • Are you confirming that the my i5 is going to work on LTE or LTE Max? Because my i5 doesn’t have 2600Mhz…

  5. A year behine about time

  6. A year late, but better now than ever.

  7. I have seen a number of posts about Rogers launching LTE on 2600 MHz (including on Rogers.ca) and little mention of the AWS spectrum. Many people have purchased phones from Rogers that were described as LTE-ready, but don’t support 2600 MHz. Do you know if the LTE that is coming to Manitoba is on AWS, and the phones that were released that have this band support will work? I’m assuming that in areas with both AWS and 2600 MHz, the AWS is used for the primary LTE connection, and 2600 MHz is used to expand the speeds to LTE Max, but I base that off of absolutely nothing.


    • since their lte is up to 75mbps and the max is up to 100mbps id assume the aws band is the up to 75mbps portion while the 2600mhz is up to 100mbps. they already said iphone 5 will work

      • “already said”… after the original question was asked.
        Rogers website also says that the LTE Max is up to 150 Mbps, not 100.

  8. Does this include Fido smartphones as well???

    • most likely, fido IS rogers and so far they have followed rogers coverage 100% (the maps havent been updated yet & id believe a posting here than a map anyway), same towers same bands, several fido phones work with a rogers sim & vice versa without an unlock.

      clearly the delay in this launch was from the tower sharing with mts, i knew it even with reps saying im wrong, they tower shared with mts for hspa/hspa+ why wouldnt do so again for lte? same towers just new servers/racks/wires/radios/amps..

  9. So I am assuming that all iPhone 5 users that purchased their devices 8 months ago will be able to connect to this network? Sorry had to get a jab in there :)

  10. Great news. Not so great that it’s collaborative with MTSSucks :(

  11. why say this weekend when the 17th is monday?

  12. Now if you could only sign a similar network sharing agreement in Sask and Atlantic Canada for both HSPA+ and LTE, you guys would have the largest network in the country – period! Wouldn’t that be something to brag about ;)

  13. So only the newest lte handsets will work, and thus I assume the older handsets that were sold as lte ready in winnipeg, like the gs3, will not work, yet were sold as lte handsets.

    I’ll be calling in to get a credit for a new s4 put on my account, as I have been fooled by false advertising.

    • RogersNicolas says: June 14th, 2013 a 8:30am

      Hi bd,

      All LTE-ready devices will work on our LTE Max network. Rest assured of that.

      • except for the lg optimus G as the manitoba lte is 2100mhz and the lg doesnt support that kind of lte , only the 2600mhz ;)

  14. I just looked at Rogers’ price list again after not seeing it for a couple of years, and chocked on my pickle! People willingly pay that? Mother of god…

  15. I was told iphone would work just wont show on phone it will show 3 g. Instead. So what is the truth about iphones 4,4s,5 ?????

    • RogersNicolas says: June 14th, 2013 a 10:32am

      Hi Debbie, only the iPhone 5 is LTE-capable so only this device would be able to connect on LTE.

  16. So maybe Rogers should stop advertising LTE Max as “2600MHz” if it runs on the “2100MHz” as well. The question is though are both those bands 150mbps (theoretical) capable, or is the 2100MHz band going to be only 75mbps (theoretical)

  17. Will it reach south of Winnipeg?

  18. we will have 40mhz right? & if so is that only for 2600mhz or 1700/2100mhz gets the 40mhz advantage as well?

  19. Is it launching this weekend or Monday? I’ve heard both.

  20. Zwinterpegger says: June 15th, 2013 a 10:29pm

    Wow. Finally! I guess it was an agreement with MTS issue!

    Look forward to using it 0n IPhone 5. Wonder how fast I can burn thru my allotted 3 GB.