How to unlock your phone with Rogers

We get a lot of questions here on RedBoard about device unlocking. How does it work? What are the restrictions? What does unlocking even mean?

Here’s a quick guide.

So what is unlocking anyway?

By unlocking your phone, you can use your wireless device with a SIM card from another mobile carrier. This is a great benefit to customers spending extended time away in other countries that need to stay connected.

What are the restrictions?

When you purchase a wireless device on a new or existing Rogers account at full price, you are eligible to unlock it immediately.

For those customers who are under a term commitment, we have made some changes to our device unlocking policy to give you more flexibility in the way you use your wireless device. In March 2013, we’ll be changing our policy so that you no longer have to wait until you complete your full term commitment – you can unlock 90 days after activating your device on the Rogers network. We’re also making it even easier for you to have your phone unlocked by bringing it to any of our Rogers retail stores.

How much will it cost?

You can unlock your device for $50 plus applicable taxes.

Update March 6th, 6pm: Hi everybody. We’re happy to announce that our new unlocking policy will be implemented effective March 28th.


Patricia is a regular Redboard contributor.

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  1. So there’s no other way to unlock iPhone 5 until 28th not even a thrid party?

    How long does it take to unlock is it instant? What happend to the companies flaming they can for 100-130etc

  2. What about Bill C-343?

    “If a consumer purchases a cellular telephone from a provider at a discounted price as a condition of entering into a service contract for the telephone with the provider, the provider must, on the request of the consumer at any time after the service contract has expired, remove free of charge any network lock that has been applied to the telephone.”

    • RogersElise says: March 6th, 2013 a 10:20pm

      Hi Dave. This bill has not been passed.

      • I though Rogers would be more greedier than this. You would think they will jump at the chance to charge the $50 to unlock those iPhones because once Bill C-343 is passed, they would be required to unlock them as long as the contract has been fulfilled (3 years finished or early renewed or cancelled contract and paid Flex-tab out)

        Rogers would lose a huge revenue stream. All the people who would pay $50 to unlock their devices wouldn’t be paying a penny (nickel now since the penny isn’t being used anymore).

        Perhaps Rogers knows that Bill C-343 wouldn’t be passed for a long long time so they are not anxious to start collecting these unlocking fees.

        • Bill C-343 is a private member’s bill, which by all reports are the kinds of legislation that have a very uncertain (and sometimes unlikely) road to passage – don’t hold your breath. I suspect companys like Rogers and their main competition would rather collect your money for the specious “value-added benefit” rationale they use than to do the right thing – which is to unlock your phone for free once your obligation is complete. I can accept a smaller charge for an early unlock – but the $50 unlock is the same that they were charging after you completed your obligation – so all’s they’re happy to do is get your money sooner than later!

  3. Why make us wait until the 28th?
    We’ve been through 4 service reps today giving us differing stories on current unlock policy.
    Still on the phone right now! (4hrs later..)
    They want 48$ + $50 to unlock mine, and over 350$ + 50$ to unlock my second user,
    We started our contracts at the same time, paid the same.. kind of silly…

    Rgrs customer for 6 yrs. 250$ in bills roughly.. usually more.. between two phones on account.
    3 handset upgrades each (6 handsets!)

    And getting an unlock from Rogers is the most convoluted phone dance in the history of phonefail.

    • RogersElise says: March 7th, 2013 a 8:54pm

      Hi there. We’re working to ensure all our internal channels are prepared to support the new policy. We are working aggressively towards the March 28th implementation date.

  4. Hi! Rogers Rep

    I just sign up with Roger (prepaid sim-card) 3 days ago. My question are:

    1/ Can I use my Roger acct to unlock an iphone 5 (I bought with full price !! )… 1 month ago ?
    2/ Also Can I use my Roger acct to unlock another IPhone 4s which I bought long time ago ?


    • RogersElise says: March 7th, 2013 a 8:53pm

      Starting March 28th, you will be able to unlock any device that has been activated for at least 90 days if these devices are Rogers devices and if you have an existing account with us. However, if you have purchased a device for full price, then you can unlock it immediately, as of March 28th.

  5. Just got off the phone with Rogers. They seem to have no idea this unlocking option is happening. When pressed to check about it, I was told, “potentially” March 25th.

    • RogersElise says: March 7th, 2013 a 8:46pm

      Hi Ana. We’re working to ensure all of our channels are ready for this new policy for March 28th. I can assure you it will launch on March 28th.

  6. What about hardware upgrades… And if someone took over your account can you still unlock the phone?

    • RogersElise says: March 12th, 2013 a 9:24am

      Hi Ali. I am not sure I understand your question about hardware upgrades. Could you give me more details?

  7. Hi I’m just curious, will rogers unlock my phone if i bought it from another person for a back up phone? considering I am currently a rogers costumer on a 3 year contract. thanks in advance

    • RogersElise says: March 12th, 2013 a 9:27am

      Hi Harols. If the device is from another carrier, you’d have to ask other carriers to unlock it.

  8. Hey, if I bought an iPhone from bestbuy mobile under a Rogers upgrade, can I still get the phone unlocked?

  9. Hi
    1. Would this new unlock policy apply to Fido customers too?
    2. If so, can a fido customer unlock the phone via Fido customer service on the phone ?

  10. Glad to see Rogers making this move already. A question though, I was a gifted a Rogers iPhone from a friend (who is also Rogers customer) during Christmas, will that be eligible for unlocking as it is a Rogers phone but not under my name but has been activated with Rogers?


  11. What about the ppl who by Rogers iPhone on eBay and they want it unlocked no help ?