Welcome ‘Generation D’: 2013 Rogers Innovation Report

InfographicDear Canadians at the dawn of 2014,

What will tech be like in the future? Many will speculate. Predictions will be made. Stock markets will rise and fall in anticipation. But, we’re here with the new Rogers Innovation Report to tell you what Canadians think is really going to go down.

Every year, we survey consumers across the country to reveal their imaginative predictions for technology and innovations for the years to come. The report shows there is a Device Generation – or what we like to call ‘Generation D’ – emerging in Canada. Gen D’ers have an optimistic POV on the future of technology, and live life through always on internet and connected devices. On average, 52 per cent have a smartphone or tablet that is loaded with 25 apps.

Some things about Gen D blew our minds: a quarter of Canadians think apps will allow people to communicate with pets in the next five years! Other findings excited us, like over half (59 per cent) expect their device to make dinner recommendations, create a grocery list and arrange delivery in the future.

Other notable discoveries included:

Looking back:

Canadian smartphone users spent practically every waking minute of 2013 using a smartphone (keeping it within reach on average for 70 per cent of the day).  What were they doing?

–          Thirty per cent viewed Mayor Rob Ford ranting on YouTube; 17 per cent watched Miley Cyrus twerk it to the top, and 15 per cent streamed entertainment on the go with smartphones and tablets.

–          Canadians are glued to their devices; a quarter admitted to tweeting or Facebooking someone while in the same room and over half (52 per cent) confessed they’ve sneaked a peek at their phones during a date.

–          TV remains at the heart of home with three quarters (75 per cent) of Canadians tuning in live in 2013.

–          Out of fear of spotting TV plot spoilers, over 40 per cent of viewers avoided the web as we said goodbye to beloved meth-cooks and serial killers in the series finales of Breaking Bad and Dexter.

Future forward:

No, you won’t be driving a flying car in 2014, however; Canadians do expect to see some major technological innovations in the years to come.

Canadians envision a world where technology will unleash a connected reality

–          Over a third (39 per cent) of Canadians believe virtual communication will replace face-to-face interactions and half (50 per cent) expect to chat exclusively through text, social media and email via smartphones in the next five years.

–          Canadians expect the smartphones of 2019 will have retina scanners (53 per cent), built-in projectors (25 per cent), augmented reality (46 per cent) and 3D screens (33 per cent).

Cards and wallets are so yesterday

–          Over half (61 per cent) of Canadians expect to throw out their physical wallets, replacing them with mobile wallets that include credit and debit cards and personal ID.

–          Next year, nearly half (41 per cent) of respondents expect to tap with a mobile payment app.

–          In the future, shopping in your pyjamas will be the norm, with half of respondents (50 per cent) expecting to spend more money shopping online than in physical stores.

Canadians want their smartphones to help them work smarter, not harder, in the future

–          Over a third (39 per cent) expect apps to become their butler, to draw baths, cut the lawn, vacuum and even do their laundry.

–          Over a third (39 per cent) believe apps will put together an outfit based on what’s in someone’s wardrobe, and 40 per cent think apps will detect knock off designs.

–          A majority (84 per cent) believe that cars will anticipate accidents and provide weather alerts.

Future TV viewers expect to sit in the director’s chair 

–          Today we love Don Draper, and tomorrow we’ll look like him. The majority of Canadians (64 per cent) believe they will eventually purchase products directly from live programming.

–          In the future, almost half (49 per cent) will take to social media to alter a show’s plot by voting in real-time.

–          By 2019, over half (56 per cent) see the entire TV experience replicated on their phones. Sports fans also expect to catch the action in their hands, with 80 per cent believing any sports game will stream live on mobile.

This is just a selection of what Canadians are predicting for the future and how they used technology this past year. Check out the full report on Slideshareclick here for the full infographic or view our “Generation D is Here ” video here.

I’m looking forward to an even more connected 2014, where Gen D will continue to unleash the true potential of technology.


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