Roam for the holidays: What Canadians need to know about data use while travelling

There’s nothing more important to me than being home for the holidays. But travel during the holiday season rarely resembles the romance of Love Actually. In reality, it’s long drives in crowded carpools and delayed flights at the airport. So, when I embark on the long road home, I want my smartphone as a travel companion – but also worry about spending too much on roaming when I’m out of town. And I’m not alone, according to new research from Rogers:

  • Seventy-eight per cent of Canadians would be more likely to roam if they knew exactly how much they would be charged;
  • More than half of those who turn data off while travelling feel negative about the experience – twenty-nine per cent feel disconnected and out of touch if they can’t go online or use data and 28 per cent feel dependent on others for information;
  • Data while travelling is important to them – eighty-one per cent of respondents who never roam admitted they see a need for data connectivity while travelling;
  • Seventy-nine per cent admit to not understanding how roaming charges are incurred though most (69 per cent) know that certain activities use more data than others when roaming
  • Messaging and use of maps are the most important tasks when travelling with sixty-one and sixty per cent, respectively, of respondents ranking them above email, checking the weather and social media.

Fear not! Just in time for your next trip, we’re introducing changes to make roaming even easier and more affordable:

    • New U.S. Travel Packs. Fifty-four per cent of Canadian smartphone users consider access to voice, text and data equally important when purchasing a roaming package so we’ve added data to select packs while lowering the price points and increasing the bucket sizes.
    • Coming soon: New International Travel Packs: We’ll soon introduce new simplified International Travel Packs that offer a lower price point, larger buckets and give you access to all three services – voice, SMS and data – bundled in one accessible package. These new Travel Packs will also provide notifications as you use data, so you can better manage your usage. Talk & Text only plans will continue to be available. Plan details and pricing will be announced in the coming weeks.
    • More resources and tools available on TECH Essentials, a website packed with the information and tools you need to make informed decisions when travelling to the U.S. and overseas, including a data calculator to help estimate your usage.

Do you think you can just rely on Wi-Fi when you travel? If so, you’ll want to watch this video where we debunk some of the most common roaming myths.

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One comment on “Roam for the holidays: What Canadians need to know about data use while travelling

  1. Gordon

    The $7.99 50 MB travel pack would be far more appealing if it didn’t expire in 24 hours. I don’t want to spend $50 for 7 travel packs for a week-long trip, or even $16-24 for a 2-3 day trip just to check email.