Poll shows Canadians want more flexible TV options (and we agree!)

Happy with the variety of channels you get in your TV package, but want more control over what you’re surfing? You’re not alone.

While more than 70 per cent of Canadians are happy with the number and range of channels they get in their cable packages, more than 86 per cent want more flexibility and choice in the channels they receive, according to new poll by Harris/Decima, on behalf of Rogers.

The poll also found:

  • 78 per cent of respondents subscribe to a cable or satellite service;
  • 60 per cent would pay extra per channel, but 64 per cent say they like having access to TV packages that offer multiple channels and programs in one bundle.

We know our customers want more choice. In 2011, Rogers rolled out a flexible TV packaging trial in London, Ont. More than 1,000 customers were offered the trial’s basic cable package, with the option to add individual channels of their choice in increments of 15, 20 and 30 from more than 100 options. The majority subscribed to these incremental packages, while 8 per cent of customers chose not to subscribe to additional channels beyond their basic package.

Sounds good right? So why haven’t we rolled this out more broadly? Chief Marketing Officer John Boynton told us there are structural barriers preventing us from giving customers what they want.

“The results from our London trial clearly show our TV customers embrace more choice when it comes to their TV packaging and we want to offer it,” said Boynton. “We’ve been advocating change for several years and believe a thorough review of the entire broadcasting system is necessary so we can deliver for our customers.”

While we continue to push for more flexible TV packages, we also want to hear from you. We’re continuing our dialogue with the public around the future of television on our Future of TV forum.  To participate in the forum, log in with your My Rogers username and password. You don’t need to be a Rogers customer to get a My Rogers profile.

We asked people on the street what they would change about their cable TV experience. Watch the video to find out their answers:

Update: Feb. 25, 2014: Last week, the CRTC launched an interactive questionnaire, called Choicebook, as the second phase of its consultation. It’s based on the submissions made to the CRTC during phase one last fall. You can make your voice heard by filling out Choicebook before March 14.

What changes would you make to the current television landscape?

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2 comments on “Poll shows Canadians want more flexible TV options (and we agree!)

  1. Peter Cabral

    I just hope you’re working with Microsoft to have Rogers cable boxes with seamlessly with the Xbox One.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      You’d have to mention that to Microsoft, Peter, they haven’t made that feature available in Canada yet.