Weekend reading: Reading, roaming and rad gear

Weekend readingEducation was a key theme this week as we celebrated Rogers Youth Education Day. Also worth celebrating? We’re the first Canadian carrier to bring our customers LTE roaming while travelling in the U.S.  In October we’ll be launching the all-you-can read magazine subscription platform Next Issue Canada. Plus we’ll be carrying the Sony Xperia Z1! Finally, we learned that ladies love their devices – and spend more time connected on the go than their male counterparts. Learn more in this week’s edition of the weekend reading.

Essential education

Growing up, I was fortunate to have parents who believed in the importance of education and supportive teachers. That meant afterschool pickups, mentorship sessions and a lot of late nights struggling over French homework. But the result was learning a new language and the necessary skills for a career that, while it’s just getting started, has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. Rogers recognizes the value of education, and this week, we celebrated Rogers Youth Education Day. Not only did kids from our community partners get to spend a day with the Rogers Media Crew, but with help from our great community we were able to get #brighterfuture trending and donate mobile tech units to our 52 partners across the country!

What does education mean to you?

Rapid roaming

Rogers customers can now access the same blazing fast speeds at home and across the border. We’re excited to be the first Canadian carrier to offer LTE roaming in the United States, in partnership with AT&T. That means seamless streaming, fast mapping and easy sharing when you’re on the go.

How do you use your smartphone when you travel?

Purple power

I’ve dropped two of my devices in bathtubs, and a third in a puddle. Turns out, water and electronics are not a match made in heaven. So I was excited when Rogers announced the Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone is coming in October. Not only is this phone waterproof, but it even comes in my favourite colour: purple, available exclusively from Rogers! It also boasts a high-tech camera that can stream live broadcasts to Facebook, killer displays and access to the Sony entertainment library. Pretty sweet!

Tech trends

While the average tech consumer painted in the media fits most of my guy friends – 20-something hipster types with glasses, a couple of portable devices and a wee social media addiction – new research finds that it’s actually ladies who spend the most time on smartphones and tablets. While mobile internet access has passed time spent browsing on personal computers for both genders, the Jumptap and comScore study found that women aged 25 to 49 are spending above 60 per cent of their time on smartphones and tablets, compared to 45 per cent for men in that age group.

While the majority of people are still opting to check out auto, business, TV and sports news on their computers, two-thirds of social media use happens on mobile devices. Games, radio and visual content – such as food, entertainment and retail – are also becoming increasingly mobile. In fact, women spent on average more than five hours a month checking out lifestyle content on their tablets, while men viewing sports topped out at about two hours on each device.

Personally, the smartphone is king – I rely on it for reading, working, social networking, communication, organizing … the list goes on and on. What’s your go-to device for browsing the web?

All-you-can read

Magazine lovers, rejoice: On Oct. 15, we’re launching the Next Issue Canada digital magazine subscription service. In partnership with Next Media, customers will have unlimited access to more than 100 Canadian and U.S. titles, including digitized back issues and interactive features. The platform launches exclusively for Rogers wireless and cable customers on Oct. 15 with a two-month free trial. Available on on iPads, Android tablets and Win8 devices, unlimited access to all monthly magazine titles starts at $9.99, while for $14.99 customers will be able to access all weekly publications in addition to the monthly titles. Next Issue Canada launches for all Canadians on Dec. 15, with the first month free.

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5 comments on “Weekend reading: Reading, roaming and rad gear

  1. Bhupinder D


    Essential education:

    I was happy to see that Rogers Youth Education Day was a huge success! Congrats!

    Purple power:

    Sounds like the Sony Xperia Z1is the perfect phone for you! Not many phones come in purple. It might have to check it out too!

    Tech trends:

    I think I spend an equal amount of time between my laptop and smartphone.

    All-you-can read:

    This is a cool idea! I just may need to get myself a tablet now! It’s like an all you can eat buffet for reading magazines!!! Unlimited access is always good!


    1. RogersElise

      Agreed, I am looking forward to trying out Next Issue too :)

  2. John Dahl

    I got to thank myself that I never buy any locked devices and enjoy the great freedom of travel with my phone anywhere in the world with lowest local rates!

    1. RogersElise

      Hi John, it’s great if this solution works for you! But I think that using a local SIM is not the best solution for everybody – you need to take the time out of your vacation time to visit a store, compare prices, then you have an unknown phone number for your friends and family that you’re calling or trying to reach you.
      I think that local SIM can work for some people, but roaming, especially with the $7.99 US data roaming rate, is an easy and worry-free solution also for our customers.

      1. Tom

        If you away for an extended period of time, $8 a day is extremely expensive. A local SIM card is a much better deal.