A Canadian first: Rogers brings customers LTE roaming in the U.S.

RoamingHome or away, I’m always on my smartphone – mapping where to go, looking up restaurants and sharing with friends. Now, Rogers is offering customers LTE roaming in the U.S., allowing travellers to enjoy the same blazing fast speeds they’re used to at home on the Rogers network.

In partnership with AT&T Mobility, we’re excited to be the first Canadian carrier to offer LTE roaming for customers travelling in the U.S. Rogers customers can also enjoy LTE speeds while roaming in Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Korea.

We know our customers want to get the most out of their phones when they’re roaming – and to help, we:

  1. Offer fast LTE speeds with a worry-free $7.99 per day U.S. roaming internet rate
  2. Send you free data usage notifications when you text “usage” to 3330 while roaming in the U.S.
  3. Offer international roaming plans with prices as low as $1/MB and lowered our prices on default international data rates
  4. Send Data Pass customers text alerts when they reach 50 per cent, 80 per cent and 100 per cent of their data usage. To ensure you never spend more than you expect, we stop your data usage once you’ve hit the MBs included in your Data Pass.

Want to learn more about roaming? Read about how Rogers employees used the $7.99/day U.S. roaming internet rate to stay social in San Francisco and share their excitement at a Buffalo Bisons game or visit www.rogers.com/roaming.

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6 comments on “A Canadian first: Rogers brings customers LTE roaming in the U.S.

  1. wearsy

    I can appreciate that Rogers is making strides to be more competitive with US Roaming but it just can’t come close to the pocket Mifi’s you can get in the US. I travel regularly so the initial purchase of the Mifi wasn’t a big deal. They are about $100 then i have a pay as you go 30 day card. 1.5 gig for $25. 3.5 gig for $35 through tmobile. I also can connect up to 5 devices. For phone and text i use at&t go phone plane. $2/ day for unlimited US calling, text anywhere in North America and $.18/min back to Canada. Rogers is still to expensive but getting better.

  2. Gerry Breznik

    Make it simple. One price N America wide. No long distance, no roming charges. It seems all Canadian carriers just nickle and dime us. It seems to be easier to get US address and save a bundle . Thanks Gerry

  3. thraxisp

    This is basically twice the price of Bell or Telus. The daily rate means you end up paying for way more than you use. (Never mind that it costs $5 in high rate data if you don’t sign up before you leave).

  4. JP

    Rogers would show its customers it cares by doing the right thing. As mentioned by the other posters, show leadership and charge less than the competition. And if a dinky little Canadian outfit in B.C. can offer me a reasonable $2/day roaming alternative on my own cell while traipsing around Florida (or most anywhere in the US), why can’t Rogers? Gerry’s comment is the best idea – this is the 21st century – it’s enough with so many complexities and obstacles already…let’s change these old archaic roaming/L.D. “rules”. Rogers would eat everyone else’s lunch if they did.