Next Issue Canada brings Rogers customers all-you-can-read digital magazine subscriptions

I love magazines. For me, they’ve always felt like a treat: Articles to be savoured, recipes to try, workouts to mimic and outfits to covet.  Whenever I get a new issue, either digitally or in good old-fashioned snail mail, I can’t resist a quick flip through. Now, I’m going to need to block off even more reading time!

On Oct. 15, Rogers will launch Next Issue Canada, an all-you-can-read subscription digital magazine service. Canadian subscribers will now have unlimited access to more than 100 Canadian and U.S. titles, including all Rogers titles, thanks to a partnership with Next Issue Media. Rogers wireless and cable customers will be the first Canadians to take advantage of this new platform, with exclusive access for an initial two-month free trial.

What is Next Issue Canada?

The Next Issue platform is a subscription digital magazine service that serves up a newsstand chock full of your favourite titles – capturing the best of print with added interactive features to bring it all to life.

How does it work?

Next Issue Canada customers will receive unlimited access to all the monthly magazines in the newsstand, starting at $9.99. For $14.99, in addition to the monthly magazines, customers will be able to access all weekly publications. Both subscriptions include all digitized back issues.

When can I get it?

Next Issue Canada launches Oct. 15 on iPads, Android tablets and Win8 devices. Rogers wireless customers will have exclusive access for an initial two-month free trial. On Dec. 15, all Canadians will be able to access the Next Issue Canada digital newsstand, with the first month free.

What magazine titles top your must-read list?

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22 comments on “Next Issue Canada brings Rogers customers all-you-can-read digital magazine subscriptions

  1. D

    Will the magazines be available for offline reading? Would be great to use on the subway, but of course no internet.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi D, once an issue is downloaded, it’s in your library and you won’t need Internet access.

  2. Randy

    You know, I know we all criticize Rogers now and then, but they really do seem to be the leader in innovation when it comes to things like this, Rogers One Number etc. As well, they have more wireless handset exclusives than any other carrier.

    It’s too bad I won’t be a customer in a few weeks time.

  3. Paul

    Where can I get a list of the periodicals included with this service?

  4. Jonathan

    Is there a list somewhere of all the magazines included?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      The list is available here, and you can sign up for more info as well:

  5. jose

    This is cool!

    I teach in an adult ESL program for new immigrants and refugees and was wondering if there might be an educational package to introduce them to some of the Rogers stable.

  6. Tom

    Hard to believe that anyone would fall for this one! I guess it is another way for Rogers to increase our bill, but when many magazines are already free online, why would anyone add another $10 per month or more to your Rogers bill?

    1. RogersSarah

      Hi Tom,

      As well as current issues, Next Issue Canada will also allow users to access back issues to magazines.

    2. Carmel

      This is factually incorrect.

      In answer to the “many magazines are already free online” … not unless you’re already a subscriber to the hard copy edition. Speaking as someone that at one point had 10 or 11 magazines delivered every month, I’ve switched over to digital for all the ones I had subscribed to (and cancelled the paper copies) and they’re not free, they’re just less expensive than the paper version.

      Having said that – I currently subscribe to 8 digital mags, each is somewhere around $1.95/month on a recurring subscription from the iTunes store … so in fact, it’s not “another $10 per month”, it’s actually a significant cost savings if you subscribe to multiple mags.

      1. Tom

        Sorry, but it is not factually incorrect. Just as an example, take a look at the following Website for one of Rogers magazines:

        As well, the $10 per month was not figure but the figure from Rogers and I quote from the article above:

        Next Issue Canada customers will receive unlimited access to all the monthly magazines in the newsstand, starting at $9.99. For $14.99, in addition to the monthly magazines, customers will be able to access all weekly publications. Both subscriptions include all digitized back issues.

  7. EddieP

    How will this work across multiple accounts ? On my android tablet my wife and I alternate our accounts but it would be nice if we could share the subscription in the same household.

    1. RogersElise

      Accounts can be shared across five devices even with different operating systems, so it’s perfect for your family or any family with multiple devices. You just need to sign in with the same MyRogers account.

  8. Rhiannon Eggleton

    Sorry to but in guys but, Tom? I think you misunderstood what
    Carmel was saying. She was not saying that you were wrong about $10 being added to your bill. She was merely pointing out that, for those of us who already shell out about $2 per sub for multiple magazine subs, the $10 /no is a significant savings. To clarify:
    8 digital subs @ $1.95/mo. each, equalling 15.90/mo. VS. $10.00/mo. for unlimited access to digital current and back issues of 100s of mags.
    Also, I clicked the link you gave as an example and it only confirmed my suspicions. If you subscribe to any magazine you will know that any magazines website is really only 2 things. The first is a teaser, providing shortened versions of articles existing in the magazine, and other tidbits to get you interested enough to hit that big Ol’ subscribe button in the side panel. Second, it is a place to provide bonus material, like updates, extra articles and a discussion are for existing subscribers. I have many subs and have been to these websites and I can assure you they provide a fraction of the content found in the magazines. Remember the golden truth of capitalism, “ain’t nuthin’ in this life free, sugar.” so, unless your pirating them, no, you can’t get these magazines online for free.

    I for one think this is fantastic. I only wish that it could be made available for Android smartphones as well. My tab is WiFi only, unfortunately.

    I for one think this is fantastic for people who love magazines.

  9. bop

    Love the idea. Please update the Android app to be compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 as the Play Store states it’s not compatible for my device.

  10. Rhiannon Eggleton

    Sorry to break it to you Bop but it’s a tablet only app and, while the note 3 is considered a “phablet”, it doesn’t always get access to apps geared towards actual tablets. You may be out of luck on this one.

  11. Jason

    Hey I think this idea is great! I have been waiting for this for awhile. Just wanted to point out that the app doesn’t come up in the App Store when doing a search and the website does not come up in search results on I am glad I found the link posted above.

    Good job Rogers!

  12. Anna

    I already have existing subscriptions to Chatelaine (until 2017) and Macleans (until 2014) that have long been paid for. Can these be cancelled and refunded so I can subscribe through this new service instead?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Anna, in order to make any changes to your current subscriptions please contact our customer service at 905-946-0084 or 1-877-558-2325 (Toll Free).
      They will be able to update your account accordingly.