Today is Rogers Youth Education Day

Rogers Youth Education DayToday is Rogers Youth Education Day — a day to celebrate the importance of education and help give youth in our partner programs a brighter future. Tweet with the #BrighterFuture hashtag on Twitter to help. For every tweet with the hashtag, and Facebook share of this photo, we’ll donate $1 toward the purchase of a mobile tech unit (to a maximum of $250,000) for our youth education partners across the country.

Rogers Youth Education Day has made me reflect on my own experience with education.

When I was 19, I didn’t think I needed post-secondary studies. I already had experience in my chosen career field. Wasn’t that enough? So I dropped out of university, vowing never to go back.

Five years later, I registered for my undergraduate degree at York University in Toronto. This time around, I knew that getting my degree was the best choice for me. I wouldn’t trade my four years at university for anything else in the world.

Furthering my education allowed me experiences I never would have had otherwise, such as volunteering at the school paper, getting internships and making friends with whom I’m still close today. It has also given me the qualifications needed to open the door for some great professional opportunities.

Rogers Youth Education Day is an initiative of Rogers Youth Fund, which recognizes the importance of education. It’s part of Rogers commitment to help Canada’s youth overcome the barriers they face in getting the most out of their education.

Rogers Youth Fund launched in 2011. It supports various youth-focused programs led by our non-profit partners across the country, including a range of educational programs that help provide young people with the skills, tools and opportunities they need to excel inside the classroom and beyond.

More than 85,000 youth currently participate in the Rogers Youth Fund programs through 16 local partners and 36 Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada.

Rogers donates $71.4 million annually through cash and in-kind to make our communities stronger and more vibrant. Other investments go to foundations such as Jays Care Foundation and the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The goal of today is to get each one of our 52 partners across the country a mobile tech unit. A mobile tech unit will provide mobile internet technology to Rogers Youth Fund participants, giving them the ability to access information and get help with school work outside of the classroom.  Each unit contains five tablets, a Rocket™ mobile hotspot and LTE connectivity provided by Rogers.

Join the conversation, and help give our youth a #BrighterFuture.

How has education made a difference in your life?

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