Keep an eye on your pets with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

DogOur furry friends are adorable, but they require some work. We need to walk them, feed them and, of course, they do need some adult supervision. That’s where Rogers Smart Home Monitoring comes in.

Stacey O’Handley’s family – which includes three kids, three dogs, a cat and fostered rescue dogs – likes to use their system to check on the home and allay fears “that someone left the stove on (or) a door open.” Her husband also likes to check the history to make sure their 15-year-old has left for school on time. But recently, just a few weeks after the family started to foster a five-year-old lab named Oscar, her husband checked in – then raced home.

“As soon as he logged in, Oscar walked right into view of the camera with a steak knife in his mouth!” He drove home immediately, and made sure the knife – with a few new chew marks – was safely stowed away.

The family has since adopted Oscar, and Stacey says her husband likes the peace of mind of being able to check in on his beloved dogs wherever he is. She feels she sleeps more soundly being able to check that all doors and windows are all secure. And her nine year-old boy, “just likes to look on the camera to watch [her] husband kissing all the dogs goodbye at the front door every morning.”

Sometimes, the concern isn’t just about what your pets are doing when you’re away – but also includes the people looking after them. When you work full time and have a dog sitting at home, a dog walker can help break up the long days. Jake Watson hired a walker, but started to worry that his dog wasn’t actually getting the promised exercise. Using his Rogers Smart Home Monitoring cameras, he “set the system to film the first 15 seconds after someone opened the door and  then send the clip to me via email,” he explains.  “That’s when I saw that our dog walker would come in and pick up the money from the table and then leave without having taken the dog for a walk.” Problem solved.

Want to keep an eye on Fido and Fluffy? Rogers Smart Home Monitoring is expanding to 28 additional cities and towns in New Brunswick and Newfoundland this fall for all families, with or without pets!

How do you check in on your pets while you’re out of your house?

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6 comments on “Keep an eye on your pets with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

  1. Patty

    We have had Rogers Smart home installed in our house for 2 years and I can’t wait until it is removed. We were one of the first to sign up so we paid a large setup and admin fee. We have three door monitors and two motion sensors. We were told when signing up that we would be able to have a pet up to 80lbs. So when we purchased out 45 lbs dog we weren’t expecting any issues. Boy were we wrong. We have been told false information upon signing, when dealing with customer service as well as the technician side. We have had our monitors replaced and “reset” with the same issue. Motion is picked up and false alarms are going off. We had the old screen that had zero responsiveness to touch and when the tech came out to adjust the monitors he replace the screen. So the screen is a big improvement and I have to say the only other thing I think is good would be the app. It helps me cancel the false alarms that keep going off at no fault of ours.

    We also looked into the cameras. They are useless they are only considered a peep hole. No recording and no trigger on motion happens.

    Do yourself a favour before sighing up to Roger Smart home research other alarm companies and determine what you need to feel safe in your house and the cost.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Patty,

      Sorry to hear that. I’ll send you an email to follow-up on that.

  2. Kelly

    Would like info. Not at all interested in alarm it is not needed but would like to monitor pets

    1. RogersPaul

      That’s great! Would you like to speak to someone by phone to learn more about the product? If so, I can set up a call for you over the next couple of days.

      1. Kelly nicholson

        A call would be great.

        Thank you

      2. RogersAndrewNP

        Thanks Kelly, I will see what we can do.