Weekend Reading: Sharing, shopping and a hot new device

It was a busy week at Rogers. We launched our new data sharing plans, opened up the Rogers Reservation System to help new customers get the hottest devices and announced our new CEO. We learned that Canadian holiday shoppers are a little cyber-shopping shy. Plus, Apple finally announced the hotly anticipated 5c and 5s devices. Learn more in this edition of the weekend reading!

Share it

Whether I’m navigating with my smartphone, sending an email from my tablet or grabbing my boyfriend’s phone to quickly Google a fact, I always have multiple devices within reach. With the new Share Everything plans, I can share data with my family and all my gadgets – up to a total of 10 – along with unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, call display and voicemail.  For more details, visit www.rogers.com/shareeverything and check out what Digital Home had to say about the new plan.

Get it

With so many great devices launching this fall, it’s hard to resist upgrading. Once you make that tough decision of which totally covetable device will be yours, you can reserve it on the Rogers Reservation System. Now available to new customers for the first time, both new and existing customers can log in with a MyRogers account to select their device and the store where they would like to pick it up. There is a $40 reservation fee, which will be credited back once the device ships or the reservation is cancelled. When your device ships, you’ll receive an email with tracking info, and then you’ll get a call when it arrives in store and is ready for pickup. For more on the latest handsets and how to get them, check out www.rogers.com/reserve. What new phone would you want to reserve?

Want it

Apple fans were glued to their computers Tuesday afternoon to catch the company’s expected new product announcements (miss it? Check out Mashable’s liveblog recap). The previously announced new operating system, iOS 7, got a launch date of Sept. 18, and Apple unveiled not one, but two new iPhones. The iPhone 5s, available in silver, gold and space grey, is faster, has an improved camera and also features a fingerprint scanner that can be used instead of the traditional unlock passcode. The 5c, meanwhile, comes in five colours: green, blue, pink, yellow and white. You can read more about the new devices from Canadian Business. What do you think of the new iPhones?

Lead it

On Thursday, Rogers announced that Guy Laurence would be taking over as Rogers Communications President and CEO. The Vodafone UK CEO will take over from retiring CEO Nadir Mohamed on Dec. 2. Laurence said in a statement that he plans “to build on the strong foundation established under Nadir’s leadership to compete and win in the market.”  Read more from Maclean’s.

Buy it

When it comes to holiday shopping, nearly a third, 27 per cent, of Canadians have no plans for online shopping while a full 54 per cent said 10 per cent or less of their holiday haul would be purchased on the web. A slim 1 per cent of shoppers intend to finish all of their shopping virtually, according to the June 2013 research from RetailMeNot.com. Meanwhile, emarketer notes that just over half the total population in Canada will make a digital purchase this year, and 15.2 million people are expected to make at least one purchase online via mobile.

For birthdays and other events, online is always my go-to for gift purchases, but when it comes to the holidays, a peppermint hot chocolate and a crowded mall in December is my happy place. Do you do your holiday shopping online?

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4 comments on “Weekend Reading: Sharing, shopping and a hot new device

  1. Bhupinder D

    To continue with the theme of this post…I loved IT!

    I will try my best to participate in Tuesday’s movie chat. And I will be seeing you in the malls in December as long as you buy me a peppermint hot chocolate too! ;-)

    1. RogersJennifer

      I look forward to chatting movies on Tuesday! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. Emcee

    Great news! Question about the reservation system for iPhone 5S – do you know what the turnaround time is likely to be? Thanks!

    1. RogersNicolas


      The iPhone 5s will become available in our reservation system tomorrow and you’ll be able to register.