Tech on the street: How do you travel with your smartphone?

We’ve been a little travel-crazy this summer, talking about everything from the best apps to get you through your vacation to how to manage your data when you’re on the road. So, we figured, why stop now? We hit the streets to find out how travellers are using their smartphones this summer.

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How do you use your smartphone when you’re on holiday?

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2 comments on “Tech on the street: How do you travel with your smartphone?

  1. Chris

    I get a sim card from a local carrier with unlimited data and go crazy posting pics to facebook and carrying on with my regular use + extra vacation uses such as mapping and social networking and streaming video in the evenings etc.. Great times to have an unlocked smart phone :)

  2. Craig

    I agree Chris. 56 dollars a week plus tax is a lot of things but not that great of a deal. I applaud Rogers for trying, but the cost has to be about half before I would consider this a viable way to travel with my smartphones.